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2010: Jeff Beck @ the JCB Hall Music » Blues » Modern electric blues » Blues-Rock
2010: Jeff Beck @ the JCB Hall
Artist: Jeff Beck
Album: JCB のホールでジェフベック
Aka: Beck's Aria in Japan
Label: Woody's Bootleg (audience recorder - A)
Year: 2010
Record Date: 10th April 2010
Local: JCB Hall, Tokyo, Japan
Format: mp3 320 kbps
Time: 01:40:47
Size: 235 MB

This is a bootleg of the show made in Tokyo in the beginning of this year. Although the recordings have been made from the audience, the sound quality is impressive and the show incredible. The self J.B. recognizes this and wrote on his web site: Tokyo was good fun as always. The people are so friendly and helpful and the shows went down really well. Well, I hope you enjoy this record as I do! ~ Woody
2007:The Sound Stylistics - Play Deep Funk Music » Soul » Funk-Jazz

2007:The Sound Stylistics - Play Deep Funk
Artist:The Sound Stylistics
Album: Play Deep Funk
Label: Freestyle Records (FSR LP018)
Year: 2007
Format: mp3 256 kbps (LP)
Time: 54:46
Size: 104 Mb

Original Library release of the album that was commercially released on 2007 by Freestyle Records.
Some tracks were also later released by Mocambo on vinyl 45RPM singles.

Jay Glover, brother Dominic Glover, and Gary Crockett have worked together as a writing and recording team since 1997, when they met whilst touring as members of the James Taylor Quartet. Recorded in 2002 as a Bruton library album, the Sound Stylistics Deep Funk album has weaved its way into funk folklore for collectors the world over, becoming a word of mouth phenomena and a collectors dream, due to its failure to ever get a proper release. Despite file-sharers, bootleggers and back-street dealers pushing illegitimate copies of the tracks, the legendary status of this lost album has not waned one bit. In May 2007 it finally received an official release on the Freestyle label. The album was the number one jazz download on iTunes Japan on its release, and has received rave reviews worldwide from all the specialist soul and funk record dealers. ~ MySpace
2006: Avishai Cohen - After The Big Rain Music » Jazz » Fusion » Contemporary Jazz
2006: Avishai Cohen - After The Big Rain
Artist:Avishai Cohen
Album: After the Big Rain
Year: 2006, release: 2007
Label: Anzic Records
Time: 59:04
Format, bitrate: mp3@128kb/s
Size: 54,43 MB
AMG Rating: 2006: Avishai Cohen - After The Big Rain2006: Avishai Cohen - After The Big Rain

Warning: this is the trumpeter, not the bassist. Both are from Israel and play jazz!

Avishai Cohen's After the Big Rain is an ambitious, earthy and endlessly surprising work that finds the trumpeter/composer melding post-bop, avant-garde jazz, African folk music and electric soundscapes. Having been a force on the downtown NYC jazz scene since the '90s, Cohen has made a name for himself as an adventurous, forward-thinking musician performing in various ensembles that mixed everything from klezmer and free jazz to swinging hard bop and post-rock. Here, Cohen takes his world music inclinations one step further partnering with West African vocalist/guitarist Lionel Loueke on a series of loosely connected pieces that strongly feature Loueke's moody singing and percussive guitar. Interestingly, the album often sounds more like African folk music than jazz with Loueke setting a song up and then Cohen with his muted/electronically enhanced trumpet and keyboardist Jason Linder's wave-like Fender Rhoades joining in organically after a few bars. Cohen himself is a fire brand of an improviser who evinces both a Miles Davis-like sense of harmonic color and a knack for muscular, knotty Woody Shaw-inspired improvisational lines. Here, he mixes both styles liberally, often bumping against Yosvany Terry's rhythmic "jack-in-the-box" sounding chereke playing. In many ways, After the Big Rain harkens back to trumpeter Don Cherry's stellar 1975 jazz/world fusion album Brown Rice and in a similar sense is a moving and enveloping early masterwork.
~ Matt Collar, All Music Guide
2006: Jeff Massanari - Goovework Music » Soul » Funk-Jazz

2006: Jeff Massanari - Goovework
Artist: Jeff Massanari
Album: Groovework
Release Date: Apr 4, 2006
Label: Jazzdog
Genre: Funk-Jazz, Groove
Size: 90,2 MB
Format: MP3 @ 256 kbps
Time: 1:01:50

In 1990 Jeff formed his own independent label called JazzDog Records. Jeff's first two recordings, "Dancing on Thin Ice" and "Hip Flip," received excellent reviews and earned him recognition as the "Spotlite on New Talent" in Guitar Player magazine, and praise from guitar monsters Mike Stern and Eric Johnson.

Influenced by artists such as Wes Montgomery, Bill Evans and Pat Martino, Jeff pays tribute to his straight ahead roots with his release, "For the Music" 2000. Recorded at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, California, this session features Wally Schnalle on drums and Jeff Chambers on acoustic bass. The trio performs seven standards and two of Jeff's original compositions. "For the Music" has received rave reviews along with local and national airplay.

Massanari's newest release, "Groovework" explores the combination of funk and jazz through11 of Jeff's original compositions.

2007: Eliane Elias - Something For You Music » Jazz » BeBop » Post-bop

2007: Eliane Elias - Something For You
Artist: Eliane Elias
Album: Something For You
Year: 2007, release: 2008
Label: Blue Note
Genre: Jazz, Piano and Vocal
Format: MP3 192kbps
Size: 73,6 MB
Total time: 01:02:49
AMG Rating: 2007: Eliane Elias - Something For You

Eliane Elias return to the Blue Note label after a decade working elsewhere is a triumph. This salute to the late pianist Bill Evans, one of her favorite players, explores a number of songs he recorded, including both standards and originals. Evans bassist from his final trio, Marc Johnson, is not only a long-time collaborator with Elias but also her husband; drummer Joey Baron rounds out the band. While Elias is influenced by Evans playing style, his arrangements are only a launching pad for her approach to each tune; never does she sound like an obvious Evans clone. Her lush take of My Foolish Heart features Johnson on the late Scott LaFaros bass (the talented Evans sideman who died in a 1961 car wreck just ten days after recording the landmark sets with the pianist at the Village Vanguard). Evanesque is a newly discovered work that came from a cassette given to Johnson by Evans, so Elias adjusted the work by incorporating new material with his conception. The freewheeling take of Solar is a masterful group improvisation upon the Miles Davis theme. Elias moving ballad After All is a sincere tribute to Evans. She has also built confidence in her singing over time; always gifted with a tender, sensuous voice, Elias glides gently over Johnsons walking introduction to A Sleepin Bee and offers an equally delicate Walt for Debby. She wrote words to Evans previously unknown Here Is Something for You, which was also discovered on the cassette given to Johnson. It is heard in two versions, a solo version with voice and piano where Elias mostly closely mirrors Evans playing, then the original rehearsal by Evans, which segues into an excerpt of Elias new version. The Japanese version of this delightful CD features an added track, Re: Person I Knew.
1959: Miles Davis Sextet at the Birdland Hard-bop, Post-bop

1959: Miles Davis Sextet at the Birdland
Artists: Miles Davis Sextet
Album (EP): At the Birdland
Year: 1959
Label: bootleg (no label)
Audio Quality: Very nice
Format: MP3 192kbps
Size: 34,1 MB
Total time: 24:24

AFRS (Armed Forces Radio Service) radio broadcast, New York City, August 25, 1959 (recorded the night Miles got beaten and arrested).

This disc is practically a EP or single, with just two songs: So What and The Theme. However, its an important historical record and marked a day that Davis probably did not like to remember. In the night of August 25, 1959, he heard a police phrase "you're under arrest!" That became to be the title of one of their albums in 1985. Everything happened in front of Birdland, One of the most important jazz clubs in the late '50. The Sextet had just finished playing a set of songs for a radio broadcast, live in the Birdland, In celebration of Armed Forces Day, in the end of the performance, Miles accompanied a friend at the door to leave her in a taxi, getting there briefly in order to smoke a cigarette, get some fresh air, or something. Then emerges a cop in the best style W.A.S.P. (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) decided to show the whole warmth of the local police to citizens african-american, ordering the black man that stood there in a suit of five thousand dollars, to go away (after all, with that expensive suit just could be a bum). Miles did not like the tone, but still argued that he would not go to anywhere because was working there, pointed at the sign with your name. The officer replied: "I do not care where you work for, I told you to drop off or I'll arrest you." In summary, the musician has not walked away and the officer decided to arrest him, only that Miles, who was also boxer, decided that it would not so easy. It all ended in a police station with Miles Davis, arrested and beaten, with your suit of five thousand dollars stained by blood, being forced to pay a fine absurd and even had his license to ring in New York quashed. What happened to the cop? Probably was promoted with honors. And this way the American police showed all your gratitude to Miles Davis for the transmission of your presentation in honor of Armed Forces Day!
~ Woody69
2008: Meretrio - Meretrio Music » Jazz » Latin » Brazilian Jazz

2008: Meretrio - Meretrio
Artist: Meretrio
Album: Meretrio
Label: Independent production
Year: 2008
Format, bitrate: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 113 Mb

With the proposal to play arrangements and compositions for the formation of power trio, the Meretrio, born in 2003, from Campinas (São Paulo - Brazil), with Emilaino Sampaio (guitar), Gustavo Boni (bass) and André Luís "Gigante"(drums). They has been developing a consistent work in next years, exploring the individual and collective capacity in production of instrumental music.From: Meretrio MySpace
1960-1965: Aretha Franklin - Sunday Morning Classics Music » Blues » Rhythm-n-Blues
1960-1965: Aretha Franklin - Sunday Morning Classics
Artist: Aretha Franklin
Album: Sunday Morning Classics
Label: Columbia
Years: 1960-1965, release: 2009
Quality: mp3,VBR
Size: 101+101 mb

2009 three CD set. She's the Queen of Soul and most recently performed for millions around the world at the Inauguration ceremony for Barack Obama in the U.S. She's won 21 Grammy Awards, including the Living Legend Grammy and Lifetime Achievement Award, scored twenty #1 singles and became the first female artist to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. This collection of classic Aretha Franklin songs includes timeless hits like 'Just For A Thrill', 'Maybe I'm A Fool', 'Unforgettable', 'Only The Lonely', 'Until You Were Gone', 'Blue Holiday' and more. Sony/BMG. ~ Editorial Reviews
1998: Jazz Is Dead Wilmers Park Music » Jazz » Fusion » Jazz-Rock
1998: Jazz Is Dead  Wilmers Park
Artist: Jazz Is Dead
Album: Wilmers Park
Label: Bootleg
Year: 1998
Quality: MP3; 320 kb/s

Jazz is Dead is an instrumental Grateful Dead cover band that interprets classic Dead songs with jazz influences. Although the group's composition has changed over time, with T Lavitz being the only constant member, the group is notable in featuring veterans of jazz and jazz fusion ensembles. In March of 2006 this line-up set out for a month long tour featuring the music of "Blues For Allah" to coincide with its 30th Anniversary. ~ Wikipedia

This is a bootleg from the early times of the band with original line-up. Great soundboard quality. Special guest John Scofield.

2004: Jimi Hendrix - Am I Blue Modern electric blues, Blues-Rock

2004: Jimi Hendrix - Am I Blue
Artist: Jimi Hendrix
Album: Am I Blue
Label: Purple Haze Records (HAZE004)
Year: 2004
Quality: mp3, 320 kb/s
Size: 135; 118 mb

Am I Blue is another studio outtakes release, mostly focusing on bluesier pieces. Highlights include more complete versions of the previously released Country Blues and Three Little Bears, an earlier take of Voodoo Chile (from the Electric Ladyland sessions), and the epic twenty-seven minute Villanova Junction Blues studio jam

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