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2010: BR6 - Msica Popular Brasileira a Cappella Vol II Music » Jazz » Latin
2010: BR6 - Msica Popular Brasileira a Cappella Vol II
Artist: BR6
Album: Msica Popular Brasileira a Cappella Vol II
Label: Rio Acappella
Year: 2010
Format, bitrate: Mp3:320kbps
Size: 92 MB + Scans Booklet

BR6 has a story that is similar to that of other Brazilian vocal groups: singer-friends who know other singers and get together to make a vocal group. Unlike so many others who did it with voice and guitar, the group (6 musicians and arrangers with elaborate musical schooling) picked the most difficult way of making vocal music: without any instruments.

The group was influenced by the history of various generations of Brazilian vocal groups and by the first recording of the group Take 6, at the beginning of the 90s, a recording that changed the direction of international vocal music. Crismarie Hackenberg (mezzo), Deco Fiori (tenor), Andr Protasio (baritone), Marcelo Caldi (tenor), Sim (bass) and Naife Simes (Vocal Percussion) go after two dreams: foment the creation of the market for Brazilian a cappella music and reverence national vocal music with their talent and creativity. On this same road, BR6 sums up the efforts of many groups, but stands out as pioneer in the art of making music without instruments, opening the way for new generations, that will certainly come.
1998: ManSound - Intro Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
1998: ManSound - IntroArtist: ManSound
Album: Intro
Year: 1998
Genre: acapela /vocal jazz
Quality: mp3; 320 kbps
Size: 129 Mb

You don't have to speak a Slavic language to appreciate this richly-textured jazz and folk album produced by Ukraine's ManSound. The musical stylings, including a clean bass, smooth rhythmic background, and fresh vocalists, are universally appealing. The songs appearing on Slavic Roots demonstrate this sextet's incredible flexibility between genres and its ability to perform each one with conviction, energy, and spirit.

Subtle nuances in the interludes between the jazz and choral sections of Triptych, for example, reveal a competence and sophisticated understanding of vocal arrangement that impressed even this reviewer, whose familiarity lies more with pop than international folk. Enunciation is crisp and precise, with minimal breath sounds and finely tuned syllables that make the background vocals feel like an active and dynamic part of each song rather than merely support for the solo.

The slower ensemble piece Polechko-Pole begins with a single baritone voice joined in the second verse by more voices that break into two-part harmony, and then into multiple voice parts with tenor and bass, peaking with a commanding climax that is both powerful and spiritual. With excellent control, the members of ManSound play the human voice as a master musician would play any other instrument. Similarly, Hey, Let's Hoot soars with a moving harmony with a seamlessly integrated counterpoint bass that later transitions into a scat that could rival any pop/jazz a cappella group's lowest member (Cadence's Kevin Fox comes to mind). For you a cappella purists, Slavic Roots does make use of a cowbell, cymbals, and other non-drum percussive instruments, but I'm not bothered by them. My favorite piece, Diptych, takes two Ukranian folk songs to the next level by modernizing them with a pop a cappella sound infused with jazz and a tight, simple vocal percussion that's not too showy.

From the first note, I was attracted to the utter cleanliness of the sound; between the walking bass and the ensemble's tight backup and vocal patter behind a sweet tenor solo, every note is executed perfectly. Granted, I can't understand a word the lead is singing, but somehow I don't need to. If music is the universal language, then ManSound is truly the Berlitz of a cappella. Pop in the CD and you experience the feelings the songs are meant to evoke. Watch for ManSound as rising stars on the international front.
~ Valerie Kolko,
2000: The Persuasions Sing Zappa Vocal Jazz, Soul
2000: The Persuasions Sing ZappaArtist: The Persuasions
Album: Frankly a Cappella:The Persuasions Sing Zappa
Label: Rhino
Year: 2000
Format, bitrate: MP3; 320 kbps
Time: 43:03
Size: 104 Mb

Frank Zappa gave the vocal group the Persuasions their first chance by signing them to his record label, Straight, in 1969. In 2000, the six-piece a cappella formation recorded a heartfelt tribute to the composer by recording doo wop renditions of a cross section of his songs. Some choices were inevitable, like "The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing," which the group had already performed on the project Zappa's Universe, and the already doo woppy "Any Way the Wind Blows" and "Love of My Life." But by adding obscure numbers like "Electric Aunt Jemima" and "Harder Than Your Husband," the Persuasions clearly intended to surprise the fans -- and it works. Their inventive arrangements hide many gems, such as the word "duodenum" embedded in the theme from Lumpy Gravy. At the end of "Harder Than Your Husband," a man and a woman act out a fight, slipping in the discussion such Zappa conceptual-continuity icons as a sofa, a pair of zirconia-encrusted tweezers, and Frenchie the poodle. The three "Interlude" tracks attempt at experimental dialogues la Lumpy Gravy and are less satisfying, but don't even total a minute. A tribute album would not be complete without special guests: Zappa alumni Bruce Fowler, Bobby Martin, and Mike Keneally contribute to one track each and reappear for "Tears Begin to Fall." Vocal group fans may feel a bit disoriented by this unlikely repertoire and the hermetic references, but Zappa aficionados, especially those who dig the man's doo wop songs, will find Frankly a Cappella to be an entertaining work of love.
~ Franois Couture, All Music Guide
1996: The Real Group - Original Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
1996: The Real Group - Original
Artist: The Real Group
Albun: Original
Label: Gazzel Records
Year: 1996
Quality: mp3;320kbps
Size: 103 Mb

When musicians totally create their own work rather interpret the songs others have written they naturally embellish their own harmonious strength. Thus it is on Original, in which the tunes are so naturally sung that they become as familiar as standards before they are finished the first time! That is the response of your enthusiastic reviewer who knows not a word of Swedish in which the songs are sung and the notes are written. There is a quiet beauty infusing this whole album which will beguile you into listening to it again and again.
2010: Voces8 - Aces High Music » Jazz » Fusion
2010: Voces8 - Aces High Artist: Voces8
Album: Aces High
Label: Signum Classics
Year: 2010
Format, bitrate: mp3;320kbps
Time: 51:08
Size: 115 Mb

Voces8 is an international award winning a cappella octet founded in 2003 by ex-choristers of Westminster Abbey. With a repertoire ranging from 13th century polyphony to unique jazz and popular arrangements, Voces8 has entertained audiences across Europe and the UK. The group has been praised for "stunning performance", "exquisite singing" and "a sound that spans the entire range of vocal colour". When not on the concert platform, Voces8 spends much of its time leading workshops and masterclasses around the world.

First achieving success in 2005 at the 44th International Choral Grand Prix in Gorizia, Italy, Voces8 won first prize for best jazz performance and the audience vote for best performance. In October 2006, Voces8 took part in the 38th International Choral Contest in Tolosa, Spain. The group won first prize in both the sacred and secular categories and was awarded the highest number of points in the overall competition.

Voces8 performs widely in the UK, Europe and the USA. Recent highlights include opening the National Choral Competition in Spain, appearances on Austrian and Slovenian television, a concert at Wartburg Castle for Deutschlandradio Kultur and a guest appearance for the International Federation of Choral Music in Belgium..

With a dash of danger, a hint of high society and mixture of three parts suave English gentlemen to one part beautiful femme fatale, this is the new album by vocal ensemble VOCES8. Aces High is a thrilling blend of James Bond themes and classic Jazz and Pop tunes. VOCES8 has established itself as the foremost young British a cappella group performing repertoire ranging from early polyphony to unique jazz and popular arrangements. VOCES8 has entertained audiences across Europe, and has been praised for its stunning performance, exquisite singing and a sound that spans the entire range of vocal color.
2008: ManSound - Voyage Music » Jazz » BeBop » Vocalese
2008: ManSound - VoyageArtist: ManSound
Album: Voyage
Year: 2008
Label: Mansound
Genre: Acappella /Vocal Jazz
Quality: mp3; 320 kbps
Size: 171 Mb
Total time: 71:37

All male a cappella Vocal Jazz sextet from Kiev Ukraine ManSound was formed in 1994, the brainchild of composer/arranger Vladimir Mikhnovetsky, and they immediately began creating fans. First performing at, and winning, European Jazz festivals, ManSound hit the US by storm, wowing the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival and winning the coveted Ward Swingle Award. There are 15 tunes here, some favorites (admittedly the ones in English, as we can write their names here) are a hot salsa 'Mas Que Nada,' a scattish 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love,' an unbelievable arrangement of the BeeGee's 'How Deep is Your Love,' 'Spain (I Can Recall),' 'Air on G String,' 'Les Moulins de Mon Coeur' ('The Windmills of Your Mind') and 'Beyond The Sea.' ManSound has a powerful, exuberant sound, with spot-on vocal (and non-vocal) percussion that's scary good. The leads are sweet and soaring, and who cares if the singer knows exactly what he's singing? The arrangements are juicy and surprising, just listen to their fresh, bluesy take on 'How Deep is Your Love.' ManSound is the most exciting new sound in Vocal Jazz right now! ~

ManSound – ( ). – . , , : , – ? ManSound . , , , . : , , – . , ? , "Voyage" (!) – , . : , – , . ManSound , – . – . ? ManSound , – . – . – ! ~
2001: Camerata - Angel Music » Jazz » BeBop » Vocalese
2001: Camerata - AngelArtist: Camerata /
Album: My Angel
Year: 2001
Label: Camerata
Genre: Acapella /Cassical /Folk/Jazz Fusion
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 89 Mb

The Camerata Vocal Group comprises eight professional musicians, seven singers and a sound engineer. All are graduates of higher schools of music in Belarus and Russia. Their repertoire includes pieces belonging to different genres, from classical to jazz, oftentimes interwoven with each other, giving birth to totally new and uncommon combinations. The core of 'Angel' is Slavic folklore, but each piece is a work of experimental and quite amazing vocal art. Concert tours in the Soviet Union, Switzerland, Poland, Turkey, Austria and the U.S. have gained them fans from all music traditions. Eight stunning pieces: 'Near The Grove,' the soaring 'Falcon,' the title tune (with a marvelous vocal 'horn section'), the classical/jazzy 'My Little Eye-Brows,' 'Autumn Night,' 'Segudilia,' 'Bulgarian Fantasy' and 'Christmas.' Absolutely lovely, with harmonies and vocal effects that must be heard to be believed. Camerata is one of the best in the world, however we wish to define or categorize them! ~ A-cappella reviews

"" , , , . "" , , , . "" . , . , , , . a capella . , , . , "" .
2007: Jazzex - Bee Jazzex Mainstream, Vocal Jazz
2007: Jazzex - Bee JazzexArtist: Jazzex
Album: Be Jazzex
Year: 2007
Label: Moon records
Quality: mp3; 320 kbps
Size: 91 Mb
Repost with a new link

The history of the vocal sextet JazzEx began in 1991 when it was founded by Maryna Karusenko and Volodymyr Mihnovetskyi (who also became a founder of ManSound later on). At that time the full name of the band was Jazz-Expromt and under this name the group achieved its first fame and won several awards at some international festivals. In recent years there was no news about JazzEx except that they were working at two new programs and two albums correspondingly. The first one had to consist of standards, the second – of arrangements of Ukrainian folk songs. Actually, the former of the records the band promised to release you can see now. This is the album of standards but you shouldnt understand this literally. The album consists of the arrangements of jazz evergreens, but there are also arrangements of such popular songs as "Besame mucho","La belle dame sans regrets". Moreover, even classical "Polit dzhmelya" ("Fly of the bumblebee") by Rymskyi-Korsakov and Ukrainian folk song "Shchedryk" found their place there. The latter can be considered as the forerunner of the second album. But its not the end yet. Several months ago JazzEx made an arrangement of a song "Vidchynyai" ("Open the door") – the work of one of the most noticeable Ukrainian pop-rock groups Druha Rika. The new version appeared to be so successful that very soon the two bands made a joint video clip and also an arrangement of another Druha Rikas popular song "Try hvylyny"("3 minutes"). So this is how it happened that the album of standards took a non-standard shape. But lets render our due to the band as such experiments did good to the work. After all, the quality of sound and performance is undoubtedly high, so the more diverse is the program – the better. ~
2003: Cosmos Latvian a cappella - Cosmos Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
2003: Cosmos  Latvian a cappella - CosmosArtist: Cosmos Latvian Acappella
Album: Cosmos
Year: 2003
Genre: Jazz, Folk and acapella
Quality: mp3 128 kbps
Size: 49 Mb

Being acknowledged as the best young Latvian group during the first year of its existence, Vocal Group Cosmos first album received an award as the best pop album of 2003 and achieved platinum status in sales. Cosmos have released three new albums since then and they all greatly enjoy the love of audience in many, many countries. Their distinctive style of a cappella singing and charismatic concert performances, gave these six young musicians the chance to skyrocket into the forefront of popular and academic music scenes. Drawing on a professional musical education and with a very broad range of voices, Cosmos give full expression to their talents across a broad range of musical styles and genres from medieval chant to modern jazz and pop music. Their performance is entirely live and free of any backing tracks. Moving bass, startling counter-tenor, trumpet sound and even the beat-box - everything you hear is created only by voices of six singers right in front of your eyes.
The professionalism of Cosmos has also been recognized beyond the borders of their own country. After seventeen years of denying his greatest hit ”Dont Worry, Be Happy” the legendary Bobby McFerrin agreed to sing it once again together with Cosmos when they shared the stage of the Latvian National Opera in 2005. Proud winner of the international competition for young singers of popular music ”New Wave 2004” – gaining a television audience of 200 million people – Cosmos also won the second prize at the challenging International Choral Music Competition in Gorizia (Italy) the same year. Every performance by Cosmos attracts a full house not only in Latvia but in other Baltic States, Russia and Ukraine and, as a fresh and vibrant musical project Cosmos is regularly invited to represent Latvia and accompany the President of the Republic of Latvia Vaira-Vīķe Freiberga at a range of international events. The Mayor of Washington D.C. Anthony A. Williams admitted that after listening to Cosmos he was amazed by the unlimited possibilities of the human voice – natures most incredible musical instrument.
2001: Our Mothers' Daughters - Carry On Music » Soul
2001: Our Mothers' Daughters - Carry OnArtists: Our Mothers' Daughters
Album: Carry On
Year: 2001
Label: Independent/Hapi Skratch Records
Genre: Jazz ,Soul , Do Wop ,Gospel ,Folk
Quality: Mp3; 320 kps
Size: 118 Mb

'Carry On' is an impressive, generous CD from four very talented women, Colleen, Krisann, Barb and Joanne. They do Doo-Wop and Soul tunes 'Treat Her Like A Lady,' 'You've Been In Love Too Long,' 'Yes We Can Can'), Gospel (the spiritual 'Walkin' in Jerusalem,' the upbeat 'Angels' 'Light At The End Of The Tunnel,'), Folk/Traditional (the jazzy 1920s British pop tune 'Seaside Rendezvous ' and the sweet traditional 'That Lonesome Road' ), Country ('V.F.D.'), Latin/Salsa (the silly 'Oreo' and 'South Of The Border,'), World ('Hate Kills,' 'Breaths' and 'Yakkity Yak,') Swing ('Call Me'), and Contemporary ('Remember That,' 'Let's Pretend'). There's some non-vocal percussion (doumbek) and a little kazoo. Our attempts to find our more about them on the web and liner notes came up empty, but we do know that they've been together for about 10 years, they share a strong, positive feminist viewpoint, a great sense of humor, and they sing together with strength and spirit. Good stuff! (Singers reviews)

Our Mothers' Daughters is Colleen Crosson, Krisann Meyer Corcoran, Barb Pons, and Joanne Taylor - four women who know how to have fun and know well how to make "goose bump" harmonies! They love the music of other a cappella groups, but their specialty has always been taking music with a full instrumental band sound and creating their own a cappella arrangements of that music. The band originated in 1986 and went through several personnel changes before landing on this current foursome that recorded their one and only CD "Carry On" - a decade of a cappella harmony, in 2001.

Throughout the next several years, the band performed very little, as members took on other projects and moved about the country. When it became known that one member was moving to Honduras (!), the band decided to do one more farewell concert in December of 2006, celebrating 20 years of incredible music together.

It is now 2009, and all the members are back in Colorado again. Who knows what might happen?? Stay tuned....but in the meantime, enjoy this collector's item CD!

~ cduniverse
2009: The Swingle Singers - Ferri Wheels Music » Jazz » Fusion » Jazz-Pop
2009: The Swingle Singers - Ferri Wheels
Artist: The Swingle Singers
Album: Ferri Wheels
Year: 2009
Label:The Swingle Singers
Genre: Acapella ,Jazz pop
Quality: mp3;320kbps
Size: 119mb

The Swingles, the mixed-voice world-class, multiple Grammy-winning, legendary a cappella octet from London and one of our favorite Vocal Jazz groups of all time, originally broke into the Jazz scene of 1963 because of Ward Swingle's innovation. He handed his group of session singers charts for an instrumental, Bach's "Well-Tempered Clavier," which led to their double Grammy hit album "Bach's Greatest Hits." There is this kind of innovation and artistry on "Ferris Wheels," which comes from the Joni Mitchell hit "Both Sides Now" ("Moons and Junes and Ferris Wheels, the dizzy, dancing way you feel"), the second of 12 wonderfully crafted songs on the album. The ethereal "Unravel," James Taylor's lazy-day, bluesy "On the 4th of July," the exquisite French adaption of the theme from "Summer of '42," "L'Ete 42," Nick Drake's stunning bluenote "River Man," Sting's powerful, waltzlike "Until," and a symphonic arrangement of Lennon/McCartney's "Eleanor Rigby" by group member Kevin Fox (who also sings lead on it). David Freeman and Joseph Hughs' "No More I Love Yous," Stevie Wonder's "Summer Soft," Billy Joel's "Goodnight My Angel" and Brian Wilson's "God Only Knows" are all beautifully arranged and performed. "Ferris Wheels" is a masterpiece by the Swingles that touches and satisfies on many levels. One of the best Jazz/Pop albums of the year and highly recommended!
2008: Mosaic - Will Sing 4 Food Music » Jazz » Fusion
2008: Mosaic - Will Sing 4 FoodArtist: Mosaic
Album: Will Sing 4 Food
Label: Mosaic
Year: 2008
Genre: Acappella, R&B, Jazz Fusion
Quality: mp3; 320kbps
Size: 98 Mb

MOSAIC is a 6 man vocal band taking music to a whole new level - and in ways you might not expect. Merging style with state-of-the-art technology, MOSAIC will leave you scratching your head wondering where the "band" is. Why? MOSAIC uses no instruments. Every sound you hear is produced by the human voice-from the bass lines to the drum grooves to the distortion of the guitar - is being vocally produced.
In singing together for the better part of five years, MOSAIC has impressed audiences throughout the nation and abroad - from the most underground club scene to packed arenas. They've shared the stage with such acts as Prince, Stevie Wonder, Marc Broussard, Chris Rock, Tony Bennett, George Wallace and Jay Leno to name a few. Mixing elements of funk, jazz, hip hop and even opera, MOSAIC has created a sound all its own. "You won't believe what comes out of our mouths!
2007: Scott Leonard - 1 Man 1 Mike Rhythm-n-Blues, Soul
2007: Scott Leonard - 1 Man 1 MikeArtist: Scott Leonard
Album: 1 Man 1 Mike
Year: 2007
Format, bitrate: MP3, 128 kbps
Size: 37 Mb

We have been a major fan for years of Rockapella's singer/songwriter/arranger/producer Scott Leonard, who puts his talent and versatility in the spotlight on this solo, all-a cappella recording, '1 man, 1 mike.' We also have an admiration for artists who push the a cappella envelope enough to include an announcement like 'This is an a cappella recording. All sounds were created vocally, or by Scott Leonard 'slapping up gainst hisself,' and wonder with the ultra-funky first cut, 'Moneyman,' how he came up with the rock-solid vocal percussion and faux synthesizer. The amazement continues with the smooth, rhythmic 'Boomerang Monkey Love' and powerful, boogying 'H'eau.' There are a pair of wonderful renditions of songs Scott performed with Rockapella, 'California Sad-Eyed Girl' and the driving '4U4Now4Life,' only he's vocally accompanying and harmonizing with himself, instead of with one of the greatest a cappella bands in the world. Included are 11 songs that need to be listened to several times to appreciate how much of a star Leonard truly is. 'Love Last,' 'Tell Me What You Want,' 'Sunset Strangler,' 'There Will Be Love'-this is all wonderful stuff. 'Impressive' is not a strong enough word for this solo CD, so we'll go with 'amazing.' Thank you, Mr. Leonard, and more, please!
1998: The Real Group - One For All Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
1998: The Real Group - One For AllArtist: The Real Group
Album: One For All
Label: Gazzel Records
Year : 1998
Genre: Acapella
Format, bitrate: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 124 Mb

The Real Group have set a standard, indeed the standard, as the royalty of a cappella vocal jazz. From their youthful beginnings at the Academy of Music in Stockholm, where they acquired the prodigious technical expertise that has since become their trademark, to their current reign as best-selling recording artists, the Real Group has earned widespread recognition and acclaim. In keeping with this tradition, they have released "One For All," containing fourteen mostly original songs, written and sung in perfect English. "I Sing, You Sing," about that song that you just can't seem to get out of your head (and it makes you crazy!) has a simple melody that outlines the triads in bell-like tones; like a nursery rhyme, it is easy to remember and impossible to forget. The ethereal "Three Poems" adapts the verse of Emily Dickinson, the traditional "Vem Kan Segla Fvrutan Vind" features a harmonica solo that compliments the melancholy melody. "One Summer" is one example of many that illustrates why the group is so successful: perfect pitch and arrangements that challenge and cajole the ear combine to produce a sound without compare. This is the vocal jazz release of the year.
2001: Jazz-Expromt - A cappella Music » Jazz » BeBop » Vocalese
2001: Jazz-Expromt - A cappellaArtist: Jazz-Expromt
Album: A cappella
Year: 2001
Label: Jazz Expromt
Genre: A cappella ,Vocal Jazz
Quality: 256 kbps
Size: 103 Mb

In 1993, the group's talents grew with the addition of composer and music arrangement specialist Alexander Lysokon. The idea to create the first Ukrainian acappella jazz collective was born in 1991; this idea belonged to two graduates of Kiev State University for the Arts. Over the several months, the two found other professional singers who shared the same passion for musicAs a professional musician and educator, Lysokon took the group to new heights, adding Ukrainian folk arrangements, famous songs from both the Soviet Union and the West, and original compositions to the group's repertoire. Due to his creative talent, "Jazz Expromt's" success became a reality.
By 1993 the vocal group had produced two albums of contemporary Christian music in Ukrainian for the Jesus Film Project. These albums were recorded in Kiev, at the House of Sound Recording Studio, by Fred Newman, an American sound producer.
In 1994, "Jazz-Expromt" was chosen as the best vocal group at Ukraine's "New Stars of the Year" festival. They won the national radio hit parade "12-2" that same year.
Since then, the group has performed as an honorable guest at international music festivals around Eastern Europe including "Slavic Bazaar" (Vitebsk, Belarus), "Jazz Improvisation" (Vilnius, Lithuania), "Jazz Horizons" (Krivoy Rog, Ukraine), "Jazz at Sochi" (Russia) and "Barkhat Season" (Mediterranean cities).>>>
2004: A'cappella Expresss - Voice Messsage Music » Jazz » BeBop » Vocalese
2004: A'cappella Expresss - Voice MesssageArtist: A'cappella Expresss
Album: Voice Messsage
Label: Universal Music Russia
Year: 2004, release: 2007
Quality: mp3; 320kbps
Size: 79 Mb

(acappella) 20 .
A`cappella ExpreSSS - . , , , , , , , , , , , , .
, , - "Ward Swingle Award". A'cappella ExpreSSS a'cappella 2003 , -.
A'cappella ExpreSSS – CARA Award 2004 .
R&B . , - 20- . .

A'Cappella ExpreSSS is a professional a cappella group from Russia, consisting of six members: soprano Elena Nazarova, tenor Max Kostra, soprano Katya Nadareishvily, baritone Anton Kasatkin, ontralto Etery Beriashvily and bass Andrey Tunik.
The ensemble was founded in March 2002. On August 17, 2002 they performed for the first time in the Moscow art-club Nostalgie. In the next year, the group recorded their first album, Magic Moments. In 2006 they signed a contract with Universal Music.
2010: Rockapella - Bang! Music » Jazz » Fusion
2010: Rockapella - Bang!Artisit: Rockapella
Album: Bang!
Label: Shakariki Records
Year: 2010
Format, bitrate: mp3; 320 kbps
Size: 113 Mb + 18 scans

Originally announced by Scott Leonard in an interview with San Luis Obispo's "The Tribune" in April 2010, the album was long-awaited by fans and met with great anticipation upon its release. Starting in April 2010 and continuing through June, Rockapella released snippets of both the raw recording and mixed versions of three songs off the album, "Nuthin' But," "Tell Me What you Want," and the title track "Bang." Their website was then updated in July with two videos consisting of four of the five band members recording a small section of their vocal part for "Tell Me What You Want" and "Bang" in Leonard's home recording studio; Jeff Thacher was only in the "Bang" video and showed him recording his part from his New York apartment. On June 17, 2010, the group's official forum received a post from an administrator with a tentative tracklist of 12 songs for the album, all of which ended up on the 13 track album. An interview with Thacher in August stated that publicity for the album would occur from August to early September, and the album would be released in mid-September. True to his word, Bang was released September 21, 2010 in a solely digital format via iTunes and their website, while physical CD copies of the album became available on October 12.
2001: Camerata - Just / - Just Music » Jazz » BeBop » Vocalese
2001: Camerata - Just  /   - JustArtist: Camerata /
Album: Just
Label: Camerata
Year: 2001
Quality: mp3; 320 kbps
Size: 79 Mb
Total time: 35m:05s

The Camerata emsemble is a unique and original group whose creative work covers various musical genres - from Orthodox Spiritual music to avant-guard. Camerata's unique style of the performance is familiar to audiences of many countries .Their self-composed music has its roots in the Belarusian folklore tunes .Jazz music that exists beyond time and fascinates all due to its freshness ,youth & beauty occupies quite a considerable place in Camerata's performing activities .The camerata ensemble took part in numerous jazz festivals all over Europe .It is love for improvisation that spiritualy cements the group's musicians with the perpetually young and always elegant and stylish jazz.
1998: Take 6 - So Cool Music » Blues » Gospel
1998: Take 6 - So CoolArtist: Take 6
Album: So Cool
Label: Warner Bros. Records
Genre: Gospel /Instrumental and acapella
Subgenre: Comtemporary Gospel
Year: October: 27, 1998
Album Duration: 41m:34s
Quality: mp3; 320 kbps
Size: 84 Mb

Take 6 returned to a largely a cappella approach on their sixth album, So Cool, which had the effect of reminding listeners what was distinctive about them. With a band, they sometimes sounded like just another good R&B vocal group (albeit one strictly devoted to religious lyrics); on their own, they could evoke everyone from Manhattan Transfer to Ladysmith Black Mambazo while dazzling with their vocal blend and expressive solos. If they fell down anywhere, it was in their songwriting, which provided a platform for the vocal pyrotechnics and conveyed their Christian beliefs, but did not impress otherwise.
~ William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide
2002: Take 6 - Beautiful World Contemporary Jazz, Smooth & Lounge, Gospel
2002: Take 6 - Beautiful WorldArtist: Take 6
Title: Beautiful World
Label: Warner Bros.
Year: 2002
Quality: mp3;320 kbps

With intelligence, imagination, passion, and skill, Take 6 offers an unprecedented convergence of a cappella vocal artistry with solid instrumental accompaniment on Beautiful World. Produced by the highly talented Marcus Miller (of Miles Davis' electric period fame) and fueled by the intriguing messages delivered on 13 great songs from the pop, gospel, and soul styles, Beautiful World is overflowing with inventive lyricism and catches the listener up in Take 6's musical stories. The title track is performed with new lyrics to the verses that give it an actual gospel message, a departure from the tongue-in-cheek cynicism of the original song released as "I.G.Y. (What a Beautiful World)" by Steely Dan. David Thomas sings a very beautiful "Fragile" -- the pop hit made famous by Sting -- with such reverence and feeling that he transcribes the song's impact for a new generation of soul/gospel enthusiasts. On "Takin' It to the Streets," the addition of alto saxophone riffs by David Sanborn alongside the six-man group's vocal harmonizing makes it even more enjoyable. Alvin Chea's vocal bass "walkin'" style of a cappella singing is the perfect alter ego for Marcus Miller's explorative "talkin'" bass guitar lines that have been heard around the world. Joey Kibble's fresh reprise on "Grandma's Hands" is uplifting, containing spiritual encouragement that, along with a ripe saxophone interpretation of the refrain, makes this song a pick. The multiple award-winning group's classic African-American gospel-based interpretations of some of the most enjoyable music of the 20th century -- combined with new instrumental dimensions -- make Beautiful World an excellent addition to your listening pleasures. ~ Paula Edelstein, All Music Guide
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