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Jazz Blues Club » Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
1957/1958: The Dizzy Gillespie Octet - The Greatest Trumpet Of Them All (4 bonus tracks) Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
1957/1958: The Dizzy Gillespie Octet - The Greatest Trumpet Of Them All (4 bonus tracks)
     Artist: The Dizzy Gillespie Octet
     Album: The Greatest Trumpet Of Them All (4 bonus tracks)
     Label: American Jazz Classics
     Years: 1957/1958; release: 2014
     Quality: MP3@320 kbps
     Size: 166 mb
     Total time: 71:02

     This release presents the complete original Dizzy Gillespie LP "The Greatest Trumpet of them All" (Verve MGV-S6117), featuring the brilliant trumpeter in an octet format with such stars as Benny Golson and Gigi Gryce, who were also the arrangers on the date. A very rare 1958 Paris session showcasing Diz in a small group setting with Coleman Hawkins, Stan Getz, Sonny Stitt, and Oscar Peterson has been added here as a bonus. ~ American Jazz Classics
1975: Clifford Jordan - Highest Mountain Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop

1975: Clifford Jordan - Highest Mountain
     Artist: Clifford Jordan
     Album: Highest Mountain
     Label: Muse
     Year: 1975; Release: 1991
     Format, bitrate:
     Time: 42m49s
     Size: 101mb

     Tenor-saxophonist Clifford Jordan teams up with pianist Cedar Walton, bassist Sam Jones and drummer Billy Higgins for this excellent modern hard bop set which has been reissued on CD by Muse. Of the five compositions (which include an original apiece by Jordan, Walton, Jones and Bill Lee), only Thelonious Monk's "Blue Monk" and Jordan's title cut had much life beyond this set but the music is consistently memorable, including Walton's "Midnight Waltz." All of the musicians play up-to-par and Clifford Jordan (who was continually underrated throughout his life) is immediately recognizable as usual.
~ Scott Yanow All Music Guide
1984: Ricky Ford - Shorter Ideas Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
1984: Ricky Ford - Shorter Ideas
     Artist: Ricky Ford
     Album: Shorter Ideas
     Label: Muse Records (Catalog#: MR 5314)
     Released: 1985
     Format: FLAC, LP- Rip
     Time: 33:18
     Size: 111MB + 111MB
     AMG Rating: 1984: Ricky Ford - Shorter Ideas

     Ricky Ford explores the music and ideas of Wayne Shorter - a perfect fit for Ford's deeply soulful style of blowing the tenor! The set's actually got a more tightly arranged feel than you might expect - which makes for a nicely fresh take on some of Shorter's greatest numbers from earlier years, and creates some extremely inventive playing between group members that include Jimmy Knepper, James Spaulding, Kirk Lightsey, Rufus Reid, and Jimmy Cobb. Titles include Shorter tunes "Yes Or No", "Miyako", "Dance Cadaverous", and "Pinnochio" – and Ford originals "Wolf Trap" and "Tabloid Blues". © Dusty Groove, Inc.

     Ford, who has usually recorded with small groups, here heads an all-star sextet with altoist James Spaulding and trombonist Jimmy Knepper -- an inspired idea that works. They perform four Wayne Shorter numbers, a couple of Ford's originals, and Duke Ellington's "Happy Reunion." Ford takes the lion's share of the solo space and is clearly up to the task, making these sometimes complex compositions seem accessible and logical. Ford has long been underrated (too old to be a Young Lion and too young to be an elder statesman), but based on the evidence of this recording alone he clearly deserves much greater acclaim. ~ by Scott Yanow, AMG.
1967: Booker Ervin - Booker 'n' Brass Hard-bop, Post-bop
1967: Booker Ervin - Booker 'n' Brass
     Artist: Booker Ervin
     Album: Booker 'n' Brass
     Label: Blue Note
     Year: 1967, release: 1998
     Format, bitrate: Mp3 320 Kbps
     Time: 49:07
     Size: 112 MB

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     To hear Booker Ervin as the leading solo voice on a recording with a larger ensemble is a treat, not only for his fans, but for those interested in modern big-band sounds grown from the bop era that are flavored with urban blues. A trio of different sessions done at Webster Hall in New York City features groups ranging from ten to eleven pieces, with personnel switched up, and no supplemental saxophonists. Freddie Hubbard is the only other soloist besides Ervin, the trombone section features top-rate players Bennie Green, Britt Woodman, and Garnett Brown, and the rhythm section of pianist Kenny Barron, bassist Reggie Johnson, and drummer Lenny McBrowne is as solid as can be. The session is based entirely on themes dedicated to major cities in the U.S.

     Three versions of "L.A. After Dark," featuring different solos from Hubbard, are included on the CD version, written by the arranger of the date Teddy Edwards, a quintessential uptown homage to his adopted home. Ervin's "East Dallas Special" - a mix of "Night Train" and "Sister Sadie" - and the short, tuneful Jerry Lieber-Mike Stoller penned hit of Wilbert Harrison's "Kansas City," and the energetic 12-bar "St. Louis Blues" all shuffle along, powered by the soulful McBrowne. Four typical standards are included, with Ervin's tart-sweet post-John Coltrane saxophone sound undeniably leading the way. "Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?" is a slow spare horn chart accented by the booming bass of Johnson, while "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" is a polite and heartfelt treatment of this all-time favorite. "Harlem Nocturne" is quite dissimilar from the Joe Harnell hit version of the era, this one approximating tango proportions. Closest to true big-band regalia, "Salt Lake City" depicts a not very jazzy or bluesy city with a sophistication that suggests the best progressive charts of Duke Ellington, and especially Oliver Nelson, with two-note horn shout-outs. While the charts of Edwards and the emphasis on brass instruments holds interest, the overall sounds are only somewhat arresting. Ervin is the straw that stirs this tasteful martini, but he is heard to better effect on his numerous small ensemble recordings, and especially his work with Charles Mingus.
~ Michael G. Nastos , All Music Guide
1957: Kenny Burrell - K.B. Blues Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
1957: Kenny Burrell - K.B. Blues
     Artist: Kenny Burrell
     Album: K.B. Blues
     Label: Blue Note
     Year: 1957; release: 2004
     Format, bitrate:Mp3, 320 Kbps
     Size:82.16 MB

     A real hard-burner from Kenny Burrell – a set that was recorded for Blue Note in the guitarist's early career, but not issued by the label until the 70s – and even then only in Japan! Kenny's got the sharp edge and strong sense of leadership you'll hear on his classic Midnight Blue – and the lineup features strong tenor work from Hank Mobley, who seems to underscore the best elements in Burrell's tone – plus work from Horace Silver on piano – who plays with lots of soulful undercurrents, alongside Doug Watkins on bass, and Louis Hayes on drums! The record's got some slightly raspy edges, which may be why Blue Note originally held it back – but it's a real treasure for the deeper side of Kenny's tones – and titles include "Out For Blood", "Nica's Dream", "KB Blues", and "DB Blues". © 1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.
1977: Lou Donaldson - Color As A Way Of Life Hard-bop, Soul-Jazz
1977: Lou Donaldson - Color As A Way Of Life
     Artist: Lou Donaldson
     Album: Color As A Way Of Life
     Label: Cotillion Records (Catalog#: SD 9915)
     Released: 1977
     Format: FLAC, LP- Rip
     Time: 36:52
     Size: 127MB + 129MB

     Lou Donaldson made two Cotillion albums at the tail-end of the 70s; "Different Scene" and this one. Although not looked upon favourably Donaldson does not disappoint. He is joined by veteran horn players Ernie Royal and Seldon Powell, and just those guys alone bolster the album.

     There are some sweet moments here despite the routine arrangements, sterile production and cut-rate roster, close to half of whom count this album as either their only credit or one of less than a handful. Except for drummer Jimmie Young most of the rhythm section were nobodies and both horn and string sections were split down the middle as far as seasoned session vet vs. unknowns is concerned. On the plus side, it's obvious a lot of these guys were going for broke and giving it their best shot, especially William Phipps on the rhodes (check out the sweet washes and nimble solos he sprinkles throughout) and A.C. Drummer on the guitar (this man loves the phased wah-wah sound for better or worse).

     A couple cookers, a few ballads and a bit of funk make it worth the minimal fee but don't expect any revelations from Lou, who maintains his standard of techical excellence even though he tends to get buried in the busy arrangements or lost in the mix. Not essential by any means but it will have appeal for the more forgiving fans of LD and those of Jazz-Disco-Funk fusion in general. ~ soundological
2007: Michal Urbaniak - Saturday Night At The Village Vanguard Hard-bop, Post-bop
2007: Michal Urbaniak - Saturday Night At The Village Vanguard
     Artist: Michal Urbaniak
     Album: Saturday Night At The Village Vanguard
     Label: Ubx Productions
     Year: 2007
     Format, bitrate: FLAC , 16 bit/44Mhz
     Time: 47:19
     Size: 324MB

     Michal Urbaniak has made over 60 albums over the last four decades, but none, he says, have given him more satisfaction than those issued in the Jazz Legends series, three disks taken from a one-week gig at the Villiage Vanguard in New York City. This volume, No.3, is from Jan.12, 1985, and combines two imperishable standards and four Urbaniak originals.
~ Mike Hennessy
1960-1961: Booker Ervin - Down In The Dumps Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
1960-1961: Booker Ervin - Down In The Dumps
     Artist: Booker Ervin
     Album: Down In The Dumps
     Label: Savoy
     Years: 1960-1961; release: 1994
     Quality: mp3-320
     Size: 113 mb (with full scans)
     Total time: 48:56

     This album reissues tenor saxophonist Booker Ervin's second session as a leader (with a quintet also including trumpeter Richard Williams, pianist Horace Parlan, bassist George Tucker and drummer Dannie Richmond) plus two songs ("When You're Smilin'" and "The Trolley Song") from an obscure set by singer Barbara Long that contain Ervin solos. The main session has four Ervin originals plus two standards. The intense tenor, whose sound had roots in early R&B but was open to the influence of the avant-garde, was instantly recognizable by 1960 and this music, although not essential (it has not yet been reissued in complete form on CD domestically), has many strong solos by Ervin, Williams and Parlan.
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
1974: Freddie Hubbard - High Energy Hard-bop, Post-bop, Funk-Jazz
1974: Freddie Hubbard - High Energy
     Artist: Freddie Hubbard
     Album: High Energy
     Label: Columbia ‎
     Year: 1974
     Format, bitrate: Mp3, 320 kBit/s
     Time: 40:10
     Size: 95.1 MB

     One of Freddie Hubbard's few decent efforts during his very commercial period with Columbia, this LP found his quintet (with tenor-saxophonist Junior Cook and keyboardist George Cables) joined by a small orchestra and a string section on a set of potentially dismal material. Fortunately these six performances (particularly "Crisis," "Ebony Moonbeams" and Stevie Wonder's "Too High") are given fairly creative treatment. The leader/trumpeter is in good form and there is solo space given to Ernie Watts (on bass flute, soprano and flute) and tenorman Pete Christlieb in addition to the quintet members.
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
1967: Grant Green - Iron City Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
1967: Grant Green - Iron City
     Artist: Grant Green
     Album: Iron City
     Label: Savoy Jazz
     Year:1967, release2003.
     Format, bitrate: mp3, 320
     Size: 94Mb

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     Although his most famous records were made on Blue Note, Grant Green's IRON CITY, which was originally released on Cobblestone and later Muse Records, is ... Full Descriptionarguably the best of his mid-period output. Recorded in 1967, this is a trio session with Big John Patton showing some amazing skills on Hammond organ and Ben Dixon on drums. Together they form the consummate organ trio that was the basis of the soul-jazz movement.

     Green is masterful throughout, showing tremendous dexterity, expression, and fire. His dancing lines on exciting cuts like the nimble "Samba De Orpheus" and the ultra-funky "High Heeled Sneakers" are excellent examples of his influential single-line soling technique. Patton is exceptional as well; his powerful work on these and Nat Adderley's "Work Song" are prime examples of his own mastery of the organ. Of special note is the trio's moving rendition of the traditional "Motherless Child." In all, this is classic Grant Green, classic soul, and classic fun.

     Recorded for Muse Records in 1967 as Grant Green was on an extended recording hiatus -- it was his only record between 1965's His Majesty, King Funk, his only album for Verve, and 1969's Carryin' On, his return to Blue Note -- Iron City actually captures the guitarist in fine form, jamming on six blues and R&B numbers with his longtime cohorts, organist Big John Patton and drummer Ben Dixon. The trio members had long ago perfected their interplay, and they just cook on Iron City, working a hot groove on each song. Even the slow blues "Motherless Child" has a distinct swing in its backbeat, but most of the album finds the trio tearing through uptempo grooves with a vengeance. Green's playing is a bit busier than normal and he solos far more often than Patton, who lays back through most of the album, providing infectious vamps and lead lines. The two styles mesh perfectly with Dixon's deft drumming, resulting in a fine, overlooked date that showcases some of Green's hottest, bluesiest playing.
~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide
1963: Grant Green - Blues For Lou Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
1963: Grant Green - Blues For Lou
     Artist: Grant Green
     Album: Blues For Lou
     Label: Blue Note
     Year: 1963, release: 1999
     Format, bitrate: mp3, 320kbs
     Size: 91 MB
     Time: 43:03

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     This pair of 1963 studio sessions by Grant Green remained under wraps until issued as a part of Blue Note's limited edition Jazz Connoisseur series. The guitarist is in fine form, accompanied by organist John Patton and drummer Ben Dixon, starting with a brilliant bop rendition of the popular standard from the Broadway show Oklahoma!, "The Surrey with the Fringe on Top." The soft but intense "Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying," and Ray Charles' gospel flavored "This Little Girl of Mine" (an obvious reworking of "This Little Light of Mine") are also highlights. Each member of the trio also contributed one original. The title track was written by the leader, a gritty blues originally recorded at the close of a Lou Donaldson session (which the saxophonist sat out). Patton's "Big John" is a gospel inspired blues, while Dixon's "Look at That Girl" is a strutting R&B number. While this session may not have met producer Alfred Lion's very high standards, it was worthy of release and definitely a worthwhile investment for fans of Grant Green.
~ Ken Dryden, All Music Guide
1961: Grant Green - Green Street Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
1961: Grant Green - Green Street
     Artist: Grant Green
     Album: Green Street
     Label: Blue Note
     Year: 1961
     Format, bitrate: Mp3, 320 kBit/s
     Size: 89 MB
     Time: 39:25
     AMG rating: 1961: Grant Green - Green Street

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     Most of guitarist Grant Green's recordings of the 1960s feature him in larger groups, making this trio outing with bassist Ben Tucker and drummer Dave Bailey a strong showcase for his playing. Green, whose main competitor on guitar at the time was Wes Montgomery, already had his own singing sound and a highly individual horn-like approach. He stretches out on a full set of attractive originals plus "'Round Midnight" and "Alone Together," so this reissue is an excellent introduction to his appealing and hard-swinging style.
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
1962: Grant Green - Nigeria Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
1962: Grant Green -  Nigeria     Artist: Grant Green
     Album: Nigeria
     Label: Blue Note
     Year: Jan 13, 1962
     Format mp3, bitrate: 330 kb/s
     Time: 37:24
     Size: 85,8 mb
     AMG Rating: 1962: Grant Green -  Nigeria

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     This is a great album with the classic synergy of Green and pianist Sonny Clark, who along with Sam Jones on bass and Art Blakey complete the quartet. This album was also released on The Complete Blue Note Recordings of Grant Green and Sonny Clark. Just classic Green.
~ Michael Erlewine, All Music Guide
1961: Grant Green - Sunday Morning Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
1961: Grant Green - Sunday Morning     Artist: Grant Green
     Album: Sunday Morning
     Label: Blue Note, (RVG-edition)
     Year: 1961
     Format, bitrate: mp3@320 kbps
     Size: 96 MB

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     With this 1961 album, Grant Green moved away from the organ format to present himself as mature, well-rounded guitarist backed by a trio headed by pianist Kenny Drew. In addition to his own originals, he crafts beautiful versions of Billie Holiday’s ”God Bless The Child” and Miles Davis’s ”So What.”
1969: Cannonball Adderley - Alto Giant [Japanese reissue] Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
1969: Cannonball Adderley - Alto Giant [Japanese reissue]
     Artist: Cannonball Adderley
     Album: Alto Giant
     Label: Studio Songs
     Year:1969; Release:2014
     Format, bitrate:FLAC & mp3@320
     Size:145.79 MB,117.24 MB

     Alto Giant is an exciting live album that captured the Cannonball Adderley Quintet in Milan in 1969, two years after the group recorded 74 Miles Away. Cannonball's music in this period is marked by his enthusiastic embrace of funk and jazz rock.

     In addition to his brother Nat Adderley on trumpet, the quintet included Joe Zawinul on piano, Victor Gaskin on bass, and Louis Hayes on drums. In addition to the leader's hot and exciting alto playing, what stand out are Hayes's aggressive and effective drumming and Zawinul's contributions in terms of two original compositions (the odd-meter, free jazz-oriented "Scavenger" and the funky "Walk Tall") and his solo performance of "Ballads Medley." The generosity of the leader extended to Gaskin as well, who was prominently featured on "Manha De Carnaval."

     Newly remastered in Japan based on the original mono master tapes, this reissue CD is an important document of the Cannonball Adderley Quintet in 1969 and a must-have item for his fans!
1988: Great Jazz Trio - Standard Collection Vol.1 Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
1988: Great Jazz Trio - Standard Collection Vol.1
     Artist: Great Jazz Trio
     Album: Standard Collection Vol.1
     Year: 1988
     Label: Lime Tree Records
     Format: mp3 320 Kps
     Total Time: 51:96
     Total Size: 118 Mb

     Hank Jones has been known to be a quintessential sideman and occasional leader during his lengthy career as a premier jazz pianist. His most frequent project has been as the ostensible leader of the co-op group known as the Great Jazz Trio, a classic example of how the piano-bass-drums format has remained timeless, enduring, and ever challenging. Formed in the spring of 1975, the initial threesome performed together for the first time at the Village Vanguard nightclub in New York City for one week, was given its name by owner Max Gordon, and consisted of Jones, drummer Tony Williams, and bassist Ron Carter. These musicians from three generations with ties to Miles Davis formed a unique bond playing standards and originals of each bandmember. The trio got together again in May of 1976, and this time headed for a studio to record an album with Japanese alto saxophonist Sadao Watanabe, resulting in the album I'm Old Fashioned. In February of 1977 the trio was again booked in the Village Vanguard for a week, and they recorded three days of the extended engagement, making several live volumes of their music available on vinyl for the Japanese based East Wind label, issued in the U.S. on Inner City. Concurrent studio efforts including Love for Sale (1976,) Kindness, Joy, Love & Happiness, and Direct from LA (1977,) and Milestones (1978) cemented the reputation of the original combo. The Japanese continued their interest in booking the group for concert tours, and documenting the music of the GJT, with many more releases on East Wind and Denon only available as imports in the new CD era up to 2008, with another string of Great Standards, Vol. I-V for Alfa Jazz. Many of the recordings used cover art surrounding Major League Baseball images, especially action photos with the Boston Red Sox (Williams was born in Boston, as opposed to Metro-Detroiters Jones and Carter) the most famous being pitcher Roger Moret on the cover of the 1978 LP At the Village Vanguard. Since the passing of Tony Williams and Ron Carter's increased interest in a solo career, the personnel of the Great Jazz Trio has changed, but Hank Jones has always spearheaded the effort. Among some of the partners the pianist has employed; bassists Buster Williams, Eddie Gomez, John Patitucci, and Richard Davis, along with drummers Al Foster, Elvin Jones, and Jack DeJohnette. The band in one configuration or another has lasted over four decades, recording on average one album per year.
~ Michael G. Nastos, All Music Guide
1954/1960: Duke Jordan & Bud Powell - New York & Paris Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
1954/1960: Duke Jordan & Bud Powell - New York & Paris
     Artists: Duke Jordan & Bud Powell
     Album: New York & Paris
     Label: Vogue/BMG
     Years: 1954/1960; release: 1997
     Quality: MP3@320 kbps
     Size: 158 mb
     Total time: 66:01
     AMG Rating: 1954/1960: Duke Jordan & Bud Powell - New York & Paris
REPOST by request

     This highly enjoyable 1997 CD has some classic bebop from pianist Duke Jordan, who is joined by bassist Gene Ramey and drummer Lee Abrams during his first recording session as a leader. Jordan, who seven years earlier had been Charlie Parker's pianist in one of Bird's finest groups, reprises his famous introduction to "Embraceable You," introduces his most famous composition ("Jordu"), and swings his way through a variety of standards and two other originals ("Scotch Blues" and "Wait and See") that are worth reviving. The three alternate takes had been previously unreleased. This CD also has the four songs recorded during a session a 1960 in Paris by Bud Powell in a trio with bassist Pierre Michelot and drummer Kenny Clarke. The troubled pianist was fortunately having a good day, and is heard in near-prime form on such numbers as "John's Abbey" and "Crossin' the Channel." Recommended.
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
1965: Wes Montgomery / Clark Terry - Straight, No Chaser Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
1965: Wes Montgomery / Clark Terry - Straight, No Chaser
     Artist: Wes Montgomery / Clark Terry
     Album: Straight, No Chaser
     Label: Jazz Door
     Year: 1965; Release:1992
     Format, bitrate: FLAC/Mp3 @320kpbs
     Time: 45:53
     Size: 334.1 MB/128.47 MB

     Unusual pressing of some of the rare 1965 live material cut by Wes – with the usual group that features Harold Mabern on piano, Art Harper on bass, and Jimmy Lovelace on drums – but also with Clark Terry on trumpet! Titles include "Wes Got Rhythm", "Straight No Chaser", "In A Mellotone", and "Just Friends". (Out of print.) © 1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.
1979: Billy Harper Quintet - In Europe Hard-bop, Post-bop
1979: Billy Harper Quintet - In Europe
     Artist: Billy Harper
     Album: In Europe
     Label: Soul Note; Catalog#: SN 1001
     Released: 1979
     Format: FLAC, Vinyl-Rip
     Time: 42:11
     Size: 154MB + 165MB
     AMG rating: 1979: Billy Harper Quintet - In Europe

     Billy Harper is a huge exponent of what is termed ‘Spiritual Jazz’ and here we have one of his albums which demonstrates a clear and powerful example of that style. Harper is an exemplary saxophone player with an extremely full and warm tone, somewhat in the vein of Coltrane, but also in a league of his own and noted for his fierce soloing verging on Free Jazz. This LP was recorded and released on the unique Italian Soul Note label. At that time Billy was in Europe with his quintet and producer Giovanni Bonondrini seized the opportunity to grab some of that repertoire emanating from his 1979 tour. The listener is treated to three tunes all composed by Billy and delivered with amazing energy by Harper as a leader of a phenomenal quintet. It consists of Billy on tenor, Everett Hollins on trumpet, Fred Hersch on piano, Louis "Mbiki" Spears on bass and Horacee Arnold on Drums. The group as a whole seamlessly merges together exuding a deep and rich soulful sound. The first track ‘Priestess’ is a thriller from start to finish. It starts so serenely with an effortless solo from Fred Hersch’s soulful piano, building with bass lines from Mbiki Spears and the crashing drums of Horacee Arnold, and then joining together Harper and trumpeter Everett Hollins. The next tune ‘Calvary starts with Spears’ bass and is more uptempo with rest of the group joining with some great interchanging solos, again just as awesome. The final track ‘Illumination’ takes up the whole of side B is an epic tune truly showcasing some fantastic duo work between Harper and Arnold with Harper and Hollins holding down the basic melody; the coda is progressively built and gently finished off at the end. Overall this album exposes a brilliant ensemble sound and is an essential LP for any Billy Harper devotee, Enjoy!

     The Billy Harper Quintet's In Europe appeared as the first release from the Soul Note label, a co-label of Milan's other avant-garde label, Black Saint, in 1979. In Europe presents Texas-born composer and tenor saxophonist Harper and his quintet, featuring an energetic lineup of musicians including Everett Hollins on trumpet, Fred Hersch on piano, Louie "Mbiki" Spears on bass, and Horace Arnold on drums. Recorded in Milan at Barigozzi studios, In Europe gives a fine glimpse at the power and intensity of Harper's compositions and his tremendous abilities as an improviser. Harper's gorgeous tone is reminiscent of John Coltrane's, an artist whose spiritual and soulful playing Harper builds off of to shape his own organic style. The three compositions presented on In Europe include some of Harper's best work, notably "Priestess," with its infectious gospel progression, and the energized and melodic "Calvary." Highly recommended music for post-bop and free jazz appreciators. ~ by Jeff Schwachter, AMG.
1958: Aaron Bell Trio - After the Party's Over Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
1958: Aaron Bell Trio - After the Party's Over
     Artist: Aaron Bell Trio
     Album: After the Party's Over
     Label: RCA Victor
     Year: 1958; release: 1999
     Quality: MP3@320 kbps
     Size: 107 mb
     Total time: 45:56

     An obscure 50s session from bassist Aaron Bell – one of the player's few dates as a leader, cut at a time when he was working in Duke Ellington's group of the decade! As with some of Duke's other bassists, Bell's got a strongly pronounced tone – one that came through great in big group setting, and which really shines even more here – working in a mostly piano trio setting, and coming across with a good sense of bounce and soul. The album features Bell in a few different groups – with players who include Hank Jones or Charlie Bateman on piano, Ed Thigpen or Elvin Jones on drums, and a bit of extra trombone from Tyree Glenn. Bell even plays a bit of added tuba on a few tunes – using the instrument in a way that's not too different from his bass – and titles include "After The Party Blues", "Cool", "Party's Over", "Kumquat", "All The Way", "Love Nest", and a 2-part version of "Satin Doll".
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