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Jazz Blues Club » Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
1957: Tommy Flanagan/John Coltrane/Kenny Burrell - The Cats Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
1957: Tommy Flanagan/John Coltrane/Kenny Burrell  - The Cats
Artists: Tommy Flanagan / John Coltrane / Kenny Burrell
Album: The Cats
Label: Original Jazz Classics
Year: 1957
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 320 kBit/s
Time: 42:14
Size: 103 Mb
AMG Rating: 1957: Tommy Flanagan/John Coltrane/Kenny Burrell  - The Cats

1957: Tommy Flanagan/John Coltrane/Kenny Burrell  - The Cats
In 1957, the greatest year for recorded music including modern jazz, Detroit was a hot spot, a centerpiece to many hometown heroes as well as short-term residents like John Coltrane and Miles Davis. It was here that Trane connected with pianist Tommy Flanagan, subsequently headed for the East Coast, and recorded this seminal hard bop album. In tow were fellow Detroiters -- drummer Louis Hayes, bassist Doug Watkins, and guitarist Kenny Burrell, with the fine trumpeter from modern big bands Idrees Sulieman as the sixth wheel. From the opening number, the classic "Minor Mishap," you realize something special is happening. Flanagan is energized, playing bright and joyous melody lines, comping and soloing like the blossoming artist he was. Coltrane is effervescent and inspired, hot off the presses from the Miles Davis Quintet and searching for more expressionism. The other hard bop originals, "Eclypso" and "Solacium," easily burn with a cool flame not readily associated with East Coast jazz. Flanagan himself is the catalyst more than the horns -- dig his soaring, animated solo on "Eclypso" as he quotes "Jeepers Creepers." The near 12-minute blues "Tommy's Tune" is the perfect vehicle for Burrell, a prelude for his classics of the same period "All Day Long" and "All Night Long." The lone trio session, on the standard "How Long Has This Been Going On?," is regarded as quintessential Flanagan, and quite indicative of the Midwestern Motor City flavor Flanagan and his many peers brought into the mainstream jazz of the day and beyond. One yearns for alternate takes of this session. The Cats is a prelude to much more music from all of these masters that would come within a very short time period thereafter, and cannot come more highly recommended. It's a must-buy for the ages.
~ Michael G. Nastos, All Music Guide.
1990: Michel Sardaby - Night Blossom Hard-bop, Post-bop
1990: Michel Sardaby - Night Blossom
Artist: Michel Sardaby
Album: Night Blossom
Label: DIW
Year: 1990; release: 2002
Quality: Bitrate: my cd >mp3-320
Size: 136 mb (with full scans)
Total Time: 56:09

A rare and delightful surprise a beautiful and in-the-groove trio album by a rarely recorded French pianist. This album swings in a lovely and relaxed fashion from start to finish with the leader's diverse originals and interpretations of standards: For All We Know, Falling In Love With Love by Rodgers And Hart, and Duke Ellington's Single Petal Of A Rose.
1998: Vincent Nilsson Quartet - Jazz Trombone Spirituals Hard-bop, Post-bop
1998: Vincent Nilsson Quartet - Jazz Trombone Spirituals
Artist: Vincent Nilsson Quartet
Album: Jazz Trombone Spirituals
Label: Storyville
Year: 1998
Release: 2000
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 320 kBit/s
Time: 58:06
Size: 133.27 MB

Spirituals have long been a favorite of jazz musicians, but rarely have trombonists led the charge. Swedish trombonist Vincent Nilsson gets down 'n dirty for almost a dozen traditional favorites, including "Little David Play on Your Harp," "Down by the Riverside," and "Go Down Moses." In addition to modern jazz technique, Nilsson uses mutes and multi-phonics to add color. And, just when you might wonder what anyone could do differently to "When the Saints Go Marching In," he takes it as at a dirge-like pace that somehow transforms it with great effect. Nilsson should dispel any doubters who still do not believe that it was those 'bones that blew down the walls of Jericho. The fine rhythm section, which includes drummer Ed Thigpen and bassist Mads Vinding, tends to be a bit staid, but the artist makes it up with his enthusiastic, upbeat demeanor. Comparisons are bound to be made to somewhat similar efforts by Gene Ammons and Vic Dickenson, and he acquits himself well. The trombonist brings a suave, modern touch with flourishes indigenous to his instrument. This recording should reach an appreciative crossover audience of trombone enthusiasts and gospel music lovers.
~ Steve Loewy, All Music Guide
1991: Ricky Ford - Hot Brass Hard-bop, Post-bop

1991: Ricky Ford - Hot Brass
Artist: Ricky Ford
Album: Hot Brass
Label: Candid
Year: 1991; release: 1995
Quality: Bitrate:my rip > mp3-320
Size: 134 mb ( with full scans)
Total Time: 57:58
AMG Rating: 1991: Ricky Ford - Hot Brass

Nice session matching tenor saxophone standout Ricky Ford with crew of fiery trumpet and trombone players, plus bassist Christian McBride, drummer Carl Allen, and percussionist Danilo Perez. Ford was a young lion back in the '70s, when there was no hype. He's now an experienced, skilled veteran, and teams superbly with trumpeters Lew Soloff and Claudio Roditi and trombonist Steve Turre. ~ Ron Wynn, All Music Guide
1963: Billy Mitchell - A Little Juicy Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
1963: Billy Mitchell - A Little Juicy
Artist: Billy Mitchell
Album: A Little Juicy
Label: Smash Records
Year: 1963
Quality: MP3@320 kbps (LP-rip)
Size: 93,3 mb
Total time: 35:55

Billy Mitchell, a seldom-known tenor saxophonist, worked in such bands as Milt Buckner, Woody Herman, Dizzy Gillespie and Count Basie. His tenor sound is so bold and hard-swinging, which surely will entertain us Modern Jazz listeners. On this album, Billy Mitchell is accompanied with Thad Jones on trumpet. Backed up with Thad's charming but refreshing trumpet, Billy Mitchell fully enjoys this nice session - blows and swings so bold just as how we Jazz fans expect to listen to. Unfortunately, Kenny Burrell, another famous star, is not so spotlighted on this album as we expect (probably because Richard Wyand's left hand comping and Kenny's guitar interfare each other).
2006: Freddie Redd - (Music From) The Connection Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
2006: Freddie Redd - (Music From) The Connection
Artist: Freddie Redd
Album: (Music From) The Connection [Soundtrack]
Label: Iris Music Group
Year:1960 ; release: 2006
Format, bitrate: Mp3 320kbps
Size:68 MB

REPOST with new links

Curtis Mayfield is often remembered for penning the popular theme "Freddie's Dead." The irony of this title echoes sentiments of out-of-the-loop jazzers who thought iconic Blue Note pianist Freddie Redd made the passage. Redd, the lyrical comrade of Horace Silver and disciple of Bud Powell, is still very much alive and well, performing more regularly in Los Angeles.
The Music from The Connection reflects the turmoil, redemption, and salvation of its characters. The Connection was actually a 1959 play, and the members of the bandRedd, Jackie McLean (alto saxophone), Michael Mattos (bass), and Larry Ritchie (drums)were cast in it as themselves. Redd astutely suggested that band members play themselves so as to increase their notoriety and recognition.
This disc is valuable not only for its significance as the original score to its namesake play, but also for Redd's ability to musically capture a turbulent social climate. The sensibility and musical articulation are outstanding. And once again, Redd demonstrates his own voice along with giants he's influenced and vice versa. One of the most talented pianists of the hard bop era, Redd is still very much alive and his music always will be.

~ Eddie Becton,
1997: Cindy Blackman - In the Now Hard-bop, Post-bop
1997: Cindy Blackman - In the Now
Artist: Cindy Blackman
Album: In the Now
Label: Highnote Records, Inc. / High Note
Year: November 18, 1997 ; Release: May 19, 1998
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 320 Kbps
Time: 01:03:23
Size: 134 MB

Cindy Blackman has proved herself as an accomplished percussionist who doesn't overdo it, but there's something missing from this outing. Although she has tenor saxophonist Ravi Coltrane (who also doubles on soprano sax), pianist Jacky Terrasson (who switches to the bland Fender Rhodes electric piano on several songs), and bassist Ron Carter on hand (and none of them plays badly), most of her compositions, which make up the bulk of the CD, just don't hold one's interest. Once clear exception is the lively post-bop "Happy House." A treatment of rocker Lenny Kravitz' "Let Love Rule" adds a bit of variety, though little else. Instead, check out Blackman's earlier efforts for High Note and the now-defunct Muse.
~ Ken Dryden, All Music Guide
1954/1960: Duke Jordan & Bud Powell - New York & Paris Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
1954/1960: Duke Jordan & Bud Powell - New York & Paris
Artists: Duke Jordan & Bud Powell
Album: New York & Paris
Label: Vogue/BMG
Years: 1954/1960; release: 1997
Quality: MP3@320 kbps
Size: 158 mb
Total time: 66:01
AMG Rating: 1954/1960: Duke Jordan & Bud Powell - New York & Paris

This highly enjoyable 1997 CD has some classic bebop from pianist Duke Jordan, who is joined by bassist Gene Ramey and drummer Lee Abrams during his first recording session as a leader. Jordan, who seven years earlier had been Charlie Parker's pianist in one of Bird's finest groups, reprises his famous introduction to "Embraceable You," introduces his most famous composition ("Jordu"), and swings his way through a variety of standards and two other originals ("Scotch Blues" and "Wait and See") that are worth reviving. The three alternate takes had been previously unreleased. This CD also has the four songs recorded during a session a 1960 in Paris by Bud Powell in a trio with bassist Pierre Michelot and drummer Kenny Clarke. The troubled pianist was fortunately having a good day, and is heard in near-prime form on such numbers as "John's Abbey" and "Crossin' the Channel." Recommended. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
1962: Gene Ammons - Velvet Soul Hard-bop, Soul-Jazz
1962: Gene Ammons - Velvet Soul
Artist: Gene Ammons
Album: Velvet Soul
Label: Prestige Records (Catalog#: PR 7320)
Year: 1960-1962; Released: 1964
Format: FLAC, LP-Rip
Time: 38:15
Size: 247 MB

Re-Post, Re-Rip from New Source

Released as Gene Ammons was starting a long prison sentence for possession of narcotics, Velvet Soul is a collection of outtakes pieced together from three different 1960-1962 sessions. As a result, it barely hangs together as an album, and while no tracks are barrel-scrapers, songs like the lugubrious nine-minute title track (starring organist Johnny "Hammond" Smith) aren't exactly the best examples of Ammons' work. Two highlights do stand out, however: The gorgeous, Middle Eastern-influenced "Salome's Tune" is rhythmically intriguing and features some swell solos, and a late-night version of Mel Tormé's "A Stranger in Town" is a gorgeous, low-key piano and tenor duet. The two remaining tracks, a nearly ten-minute take on the standard "The Song Is You" featuring a full orchestra and the inconsequential "Light'n Up," are listenable but not inspired, a fair assessment of the album as a whole.
~ Stewart Mason, All Music Guide.
1984: Horace Parlan - Glad I Found You Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
1984: Horace Parlan - Glad I Found You
Artist: Horace Parlan
Album:Glad I Found You
Year: Jul 30, 1984
Format, bitrate: Mp3 320kbps
Time: 42:19
Size: 98,5 MB
AMG Rating: 1984: Horace Parlan - Glad I Found You

REPOST with new links

Expatriate pianist Horace Parlan and a couple of fine Scandinavians (bassist Jesper Lundgaard and drummer Aage Tanggaard) welcome Thad Jones (heard exclusively here on flugelhorn) and the great tenor Eddie Harris to this spirited set. Jones was making a successful, if short-lived comeback, and at two years before his death, this was one of his final high-quality small-group recordings. Harris is heard throughout in top form. The quintet performs two Parlan originals (including "Something for Silver"), a couple of obscurities, John Lewis' "Afternoon In Paris" and Bud Powell's "Oblivion." Parlan sounds inspired by the other musicians on this spirited hard bop set.
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
2010: Manhattan Jazz Quintet - Latino-Bop Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop

2010: Manhattan Jazz Quintet - Latino-Bop
Artist: Manhattan Jazz Quintet
Album: Latino-Bop
Label: Birds Records
Year: 2010
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 320 Kbps
Time: 57:37
Size: 133 MB

Manhattan Jazz Quintet, an all-star band led by pianist and arranger David Matthews and a brainchild of Japanese producer Shigeyuki Kawashima, celebrated its 25th anniversary with a strong tribute album to Art Blakey. Their latest release, Latino-Bop, is a collection of famous Latin songs, arranged and performed in the bop style.

This CD also represents a change in the membership. French-born and internationally renowned bassist FranÃois Moutin replaced Charnett Moffett who left the all-star group after 16 years. Featuring trumpeter Lew Soloff, tenor saxophonist Andy Snitzer and drummer Victor Lewis, the quintet performs Matthews' brilliant arrangements with vigor and flair.

The all-star band sounds terrific here. The rhythm section provides kinetic grooves and pushes the entire group. The horn players' performances are inspired and intensely hot! The sound quality of the recording is also quite good. Recommended for fans of Latin and hard bop jazz! Produced by Shigeyuki Kawashima. Recorded at Sear Sound Studio, New York, March 11 & 12, 2010.

1978: Freddie Hubbard - Super Blue Hard-bop, Post-bop
1978: Freddie Hubbard - Super Blue
Artist: Freddie Hubbard
Album: Super Blue
Label: Columbia
Year: 1978; Release:2007
Format, bitrate:MP3, 320kbps
Size: 134mb

After several terrible sellout albums for Columbia, Freddie Hubbard attempted to rekindle some of the magic from his CTI years on this small-group date. With such CTI alumni as flutist Hubert Laws, tenor man Joe Henderson, and even guitarist George Benson (on one selection) helping out, Hubbard showed that he still had the chops (if not necessarily the creativity) to continue being a major jazz trumpeter. Unfortunately, his career became pretty aimless over the following years. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
1953, 1956-1958: Miles Davis Quintet with John Coltrane - The Unissued Cafe Bohemia Broadcasts Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
1953, 1956-1958: Miles Davis Quintet with John Coltrane - The Unissued Cafe Bohemia Broadcasts
Artists: Miles Davis Quintet with John Coltrane
Album: The Unissued Cafe Bohemia Broadcasts
Label: Domino Jazz
Years: 1953, 1956-1958; release: 2013
Quality: MP3@320 kbps
Size: 177 mb
Total Time: 76:20

This release presents, for the first time on any format, the only three known 1956-57 Café Bohemia broadcasts by the Miles Davis Quintet featuring John Coltrane on tenor sax, Red Garland on piano, Paul Chambers on bass, and Philly Joe Jones on drums. Among the highlights are Miles only existing live versions of Girl in Calico, Stablemates and How Am I to Know?. Shortly after the third of these broadcasts, Coltrane would leave Miles to be replaced by Sonny Rollins. He would return in 1958, when Bill Evans replaced Garland on piano, as showed by our fourth, May 17, 1958 broadcast. As a bonus, an amazing and also never before released tour de force by Miles on A Night in Tunisia taped in Washington in 1953, as well as an all-star 1958 jam session on What Is This Thing Called Love?
1975: Stanley Cowell - Regeneration Hard-bop, Post-bop
1975: Stanley Cowell - Regeneration
Artist: Stanley Cowell
Album: Regeneration
Label: Strata-East
Year: 1975
Format, bitrate: MP3@320kbps
Time: 33:07
Size: 73.0 MB

Around the time of this recording, Stanley Cowell had achieved a degree of prominence as the pianist for the advanced bop quartet Music Inc., which he co-led with trumpeter Charles Tolliver, as well as for unusual projects like his Piano Choir. With Regeneration he chose another path, essentially trying to produced a jazz-infused pop album with strong African roots, perhaps owing a little bit to Stevie Wonder. He assembled an extremely strong cast of musicians for the venture, including Marion Brown, Billy Higgins, and Ed Blackwell, as well as several African string and percussion masters and, by and large, succeeded conceptually if not commercially. A few songs use vocals in a fairly standard pop framework, and, while they are performed capably enough, the lyrical content leaves something to be desired in typical mid-'70s fashion. But much of the rest of the music makes up for this with, among other things, a delightful fife and drum piece by Brown and strong bass work by Bill Lee (Spike's dad). Regeneration is an interesting, often enjoyable album which, aside from its own small pleasures, provides a snapshot of some of the cross-fertilization in genres occurring at the time.
~ Brian Olewnick, All Music Guide
2009: Tony Arco Trio - Rather Odd Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
2009: Tony Arco Trio - Rather Odd
Artist: Tony Arco Trio
Album: Rather Odd
Label: Albóre
Year: 2009
Format,birate: Mp3, 320 kBit/s
Time: 01:05:24
Size: 118 MB

Born in Milan in 1965, Tony Arco began learning the drums at the age of thirteen with Maestro Lucchini.His first professional experiences started at the age of 18 with various local groups, while his first major jazz engagement was with pianist Piero Bassini, with whom he afterwards often performed at the Capolinea jazz club in Milan. He also played that time with various other artists, including Sergio Fanni, Mario Rusca (who he still performs with) and above all, one musician who would prove fundamental to his jazz education: the great American clarinet player Tony Scott. Arco has since played with Scott on numerous occasions both in Italy and abroad. His discography has also reached a top-ranking level, with more than thirty CDs recorded with artists as Lee Konitz, Enrico Rava, Mario Rusca, Antonio Farao, Dave Liebman, Tony Scott, Gianni Bedori, Guido Manusardi, Andrea Tofanelli, J.W. Orchestra, Franco DAndrea, Claudio Angeleri, Nick The Nightfly, Franco Cerri and Enrico Intra, besides those CDs of the Civica Jazz Band, which have won recognition with the music press. As a co-leader of the Cues Trio he has recorded Introducing Cues Trio, and Feel: Cues Trio meets Dave Liebman. He has also recorded two CDs as a leader with the Time Percussion group: A Journey Within, also Time Percussion with Franco DAndrea Live at Iseo Jazz Festival, as well as Its About Time with his own Tony Arco Quintet. Togheter with Liebman Tarenzi Benedettini he has recently released (Verve Records) the live album Dream of Nite and the album Negative Space. His latest release as a leader is the album Rather Odd (2009). ~
1963: John Patton - Along Came John Hard-bop, Soul-Jazz
1963: John Patton - Along Came John
Artist: John Patton
Album: Oh Happy Day
Label: Blue Note Records (Catalog#: BST 84130) US
Released: 1963
Format: FLAC, LP-Rip
Time: 34:25
Size: 230 MB
AMG rating: 1963: John Patton - Along Came John

Along Came John is the debut album by American organist John Patton, recorded in 1963 and released on the Blue Note label. ~ Wiki.

An excellent John Patton album and one that's got a two-tenor lineup for an extra-heavy soul jazz sound! Fred Jackson and Harold Vick are on the dual reeds, and Grant Green brings up the rear on guitar. Over it all is John Patton's searing organ, and Ben Dixon grooves nicely on drums. Most of the tracks are by Patton and Dixon, and titles include "Gee Gee", "Pig Foots", "Spiffy Diffy", "Along Came John", and the classic modal groover "The Silver Meter". Great stuff and one of Patton's best albums! ~ Dusty Groove Inc.

These original compositions may not all be memorable, but the band's interaction, improvisation, and solos are. Tenor saxophonists Fred Jackson and Harold Vick provide good support, as well, but the show belongs to Patton, Green, and Dixon, who once again prove they are one of the finest soul-jazz combos of their era. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, AMG.
1963: Charlie Byrd Trio & Guests - At The Village Gate [LIVE] Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
1963: Charlie Byrd Trio & Guests - At The Village Gate [LIVE]
Artist: Charlie Byrd Trio & Guests
Album: At The Village Gate [LIVE]
Label: Riverside /OJC
Year: 1963, release: 1999
Format: FLAC (cue, log, scans)
Time: 37:51
Size: 278 MB
AMG rating 1963: Charlie Byrd Trio & Guests - At The Village Gate [LIVE]

REPOST with new links from M-r hungaropitecus

This is a listening pleasure to the first degree. Unlike any other, Charlie Byrd sincerely knows how to make his instrument speak, sending graceful chords and melodies to this attentive audience. Staged at the Village Gate in New York City, Byrd pulls out a lengthy set of material from his soul, encountering everything from swing jazz to bebop (with the help of two special guests) to Latin America's candid art form. Yes, the trio plays bossa nova with grace and finesse, enlightening the crowd at this "miniature music festival," notes reviewer Joe Goldberg. Byrd prances along with his trio mates, Keter Betts on bass and Bill Reichenbach on the skins. Positively speaking, the majority of the material has a vibrant flair, with some attuned to a candid, easy listening aura, while other tunes heighten the energy with dramatic percussion and more elaborate sonic territory. For example, Byrd uses his colorful musical personality well during his originals, "Blues for Night People" and "Ela Me Deixou," while doing well to inspire with "Shiny Stockings" and an inviting "I Left My Heart in San Francisco." Melancholy and sweet, the trio brings in guests Seldon Powell on tenor sax and Clark Terry ("Some Other Spring") on trumpet to engage the listeners even further with spontaneity and creative charm. Joyous and uplifting, this record is sure to free up one's day, helping to release stress and put the swing beat, which might have been lost, back into the steps. "Where Are the Hebrew Children?," a piece registering in at eight long minutes, provides the template for a stirring free jam, eerie and haunting at times, honing in on a darker-feeling blues riff. Cheers to the Charlie Byrd Trio for a dynamic effort during this May 1963 gig. Applause, applause.
~ Shawn M. Haney, All Music Guide
1959-1961: John Coltrane - The Heavyweight Champion - The Complete Atlantic Recordings Vol.1-7 Hard-bop, Post-bop
1959-1961: John Coltrane - The Heavyweight Champion - The Complete Atlantic Recordings Vol.1-7
Artist: John Coltrane
Album: The Heavyweight Champion - The Complete Atlantic Recordings Vol.1-7
Label: Atlantic/WEA The Heavyweight Champion - The Com
Years: 1959-1961; release: 1995
Format: bitrate: mp3@320kbps
Time: 6:47:20
Size: cd1:163mb,cd2:142,6mb,cd3:151mb,

The Heavyweight Champion is a box set that lives up to its title. Collecting all of John Coltrane's Atlantic recordings, including a fair number of unreleased takes as well as an entire disc of alternate tracks and studio chatter, the seven-disc box set documents a pivotal moment in Coltrane's career, as he was moving from hard bop and sweet standards to a more daring, experimental style of playing influenced by the avant-garde. Much of the music is hard bop (Giant Steps) or lushly melodic (My Favorite Things), but the latter discs show the saxophonist coming to terms with the more experimental movements in jazz. The scope of this music is, quite simply, breathtaking -- not only was Coltrane developing at a rapid speed, but the resulting music encompasses nearly every element that made him a brilliant musician, and it is beautiful
~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide.
2006: Keith Oxman - Dues in Progress Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
2006: Keith Oxman - Dues in Progress
Artist: Keith Oxman
Album: Dues in Progress
Label: Capri
Year: 2005; release: 2006
Format, birate: Mp3, 320 Kbps
Time: 01:12:24
Size:158.33 MB
AMG Rating: 2006: Keith Oxman - Dues in Progress

On his seventh release for Capri, it is immediately apparent that Keith Oxman's abilities as a writer make him a force to be reckoned with. The tenor saxophonist makes his small group sound like a much larger band in his creative arrangement of the standard "I Hear a Rhapsody," showcasing veteran trombonist Curtis Fuller, trumpeter Al Hood, and pianist Chip Stephens, in addition to himself. Fuller's "Cap'n Kid" is cast as a playful calypso with Todd Reid's tom-toms and Stephens' Latin groove providing plenty of fuel for the soloists. Oxman really demonstrates how far he's willing to push the envelope by adding Peter Cooper's oboe as the initial lead voice in a warm quintet setting of "Darn That Dream." The leader also contributed several thoughtful originals to the date, including the sassy, very hip "Anna Kate" and the challenging blues "Two Wheelin' Nathan," in which Fuller takes top solo honors. This enjoyable CD is warmly recommended to hard bop fans. ~Ken Dryden, All Music Guide
1957: Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers - A Night in Tunisia Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop

1957: Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers - A Night in Tunisia
Artist: Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers
Album: A Night in Tunisia
Label: Bluebird/ RCA
Year: 1957 ; release: 2002
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 320 Kbps
Time: 01:14:51
Size: 96.02 MB
AMG Rating: 1957: Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers - A Night in Tunisia

This excellent set features one of the best recordings by the second version of the Jazz Messengers, and it is the only time that Blakey featured both altoist Jackie McLean and tenor saxophonist Johnny Griffin together; Griffin soon became McLean's successor with the band. Also in the group at the time were trumpeter Bill Hardman, pianist Sam Dockery, and bassist Spanky DeBrest. The selections include a lengthy version of "A Night in Tunisia," Sonny Rollins' "Evans," and an original apiece by McLean, Griffin, and Hardman. The music overall lives up to one's expectations, with Blakey's powerful drumming inspiring the soloists to play at their best. Classic hard bop. [Some reissues add three previously unreleased alternate takes, including "A Night in Tunisia."
~ Scott Yanow , All Music Guide
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