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Jazz Blues Club » Articles for 30.09.2011
1980: Jimmy Witherspoon - Spoon's Life Music » Blues

1980: Jimmy Witherspoon - Spoon's Life
Artist: Jimmy Witherspoon
Album: Spoon's Life
Label: Evidence Records
Year: 1980; release: 1994
Genre: Jazz-blues
Format: Mp3; bitrate 320 kbps
Total Time: 41:58
Total Size: 103.41 MB (with artwork)

The famous blues shouter with a Chicago band recorded in Europe on one of the Chicago Blues Festival tours. It has Sammy Lawhorn on guitar and the great George 'Hamonica' Smith on harmonica, who comes up with harp lines he has never before done on record. Spoon is in excellent voice, the material is, at times, inspired (great versions of Help Me, Cold, Cold, Feeling and Worried Life Blues), the production and sound are very good. ~ from liner note
1979: Hank Jones - Bluesette Music » Jazz » Mainstream
1979:  Hank Jones - Bluesette
Artist: Hank Jones
Album: Bluesette
Label: Black & Blue
Year: 1979, release: 2002
Quality: MP3@320 kbps
Size: 133 mb
Total time: 60:02
AMG Rating: 1979:  Hank Jones - Bluesette

Hank Jones is often taken for granted because of his seemingly effortless ability at the piano, but this 1979 trio session with bassist George Duvivier and drummer Alan Dawson (both of whom are also top-flight players) finds him at the top of his game. The hard-driving opener, Toots Theilemans' "Bluesette," has fine solos by the leader and Duvivier, supported by Dawson's crisp brushwork. Jones shows off his stride piano chops in a jaunty take of "Blue and Sentimental," offers a swaggering take of "Things Ain't What They Used to Be," and a lush treatment of Duke Ellington's "Azure." But the most stunning performance of the session may very well be Jones' moving solo rendition of "St. James Infirmary." The Black & Blue CD reissue of the original LP adds alternate takes of three selections. Highly recommended. [A French version was also released, with three previously unreleased bonus takes.]
~ Ken Dryden, All Music Guide
1963-1967: Klaus Doldinger - Shakin' The Blues Music » Jazz » BeBop » Post-bop
1963-1967: Klaus Doldinger - Shakin' The Blues
Artist: Klaus Doldinger
Album: Shakin' The Blues
Label: Universal/Verve
Year: 1963-1967; release: 2008
Format, bitrate: mp3, 320kbps
Time: 70:50
Size: 155 mb

This German quartet has all the nuances of stateside jazz organ quartet bop but brings a spontaneous vitality
all their own to the style. A worthwhile listen for those searching for something slightly more than the "bluesy" organ jazz idiom.
2009: Red Holloway - Go Red Go! Music » Soul » Soul-Jazz
2009: Red Holloway - Go Red Go!Artist: Red Holloway
Album: Go Red Go!
Label: Delmark Records
Year: 2009
Format, bitrate: mp3, 320kb/s
Size: 137 MB

Red Holloway is one of the greatest tenor sax players in the history of jazz, period. There's an upper echelon of players like Cannonball, Golson, Moody, Stitt, Griffin and, of course, Red is there. Red is in his early 80s now so it would be impossible to review his career in one short paragraph so let's just say on Go Red Go, Holloway returns home to Chicago where he grew up and gets down with some good, greasy organ combo music. Wonderful accompaniment from Chris Foreman, Hammond B3 organ, George Freeman, guitar and Greg Rockingham, drums. Great blend of straight ahead jazz, blues and ballads.
~ Liner Notes
2006: Scotty Hard's Radical Reconstructive Surgery Fusion, Modern Jazz, Avantgarde
2006: Scotty Hard's Radical Reconstructive Surgery Artist: Scotty Hard
Album: Scotty Hard's Radical Reconstructive Surgery
Label: Thirsty Ear Recordings
Year: 2004; release: 2006
Format, bitrate: mp3, 320
Size: 93 mb
Jazzreview Rating: 2006: Scotty Hard's Radical Reconstructive Surgery
AMG Rating: 2006: Scotty Hard's Radical Reconstructive Surgery 2006: Scotty Hard's Radical Reconstructive Surgery

Scotty Hard initially made his reputation in the rap world, but since 2000 or so he's been doing at least as many jazz gigs (if not more), contributing heavily to albums by Sex Mob and Medeski, Martin & Wood. Scotty Hard's Radical Reconstructive Surgery is Hard's first jazz release, put out as part of Thirsty Ear's illustrious Blue Series Continuum. The album is constructed from performances of an amazing all-star group: Matthew Shipp and John Medeski on keyboards, free jazz giant William Parker on bass, and Nasheet Waits on drums, with additional contributions from DJ Olive and percussionist Mauricio Takara. Then comes the radical reconstructive surgery. Hard takes those performances and transforms them, adding drum machines and samples and using dub techniques and studio production to rework the material into something that probably couldn't have been performed live, but retains the essence of the live performance. For a guy with a reputation as a free player, William Parker sure knows how to work a groove, and he and Waits set up some muscular beats. Shipp and Medeski are both virtuosos in their own right, and Hard contrasts them nicely by having them play different instruments on the songs, generally organ and piano. The playing is great all the way around, but this isn't an album about virtuosic solos; it's about groove and atmosphere and it succeeds in spades. Oddly enough, Hard's modus operandi is laid out in an exerpt from a medical journal written by "The Company of Barber Surgeons" (remember "Theodoric of York"?) concerning bodily humors and "foul vapours" in the curing of the sick. The answer?: "to experiment with new techniques; to undertake a radical reconstructive surgery." The rest of the quote fits in nicely with the concept as well. Is this traditional jazz? No way. Is it jazz? You bet. Thirsty Ear has been releasing some of the finest examples of this new modern jazz over the last several years, and Radical Reconstructive Surgery stands up nicely alongside releases by avant-jazzmen like Matthew Shipp and Craig Taborn and other entries in the Blue Series Continuum from non-jazzers like Good and Evil and Spring Heel Jack. This is decidedly adventurous jazz that invites listeners in and can make them move at the same time. Well done.
~ Sean Westergaard, All Music Guide
1965: Gerry Mulligan - Love Walked In Music » Jazz » BeBop » Cool
1965: Gerry Mulligan - Love Walked In
Artist: Gerry Mulligan
Album: Love Walked In
Label: Mercury
Year: 1965
Quality: MP3@320 kbps (LP-rip)
Size: 74,6 mb

Although the presence of a ten-piece string section conducted and arranged by Julian Lee might make some jazz fans assume this Gerry Mulligan date borders on easy listening, that's hardly the case. The strings are used judiciously for color instead of overwhelming the music, while most of the tracks are either classic ballads or overlooked gems written by the likes of Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen ("Not Mine"), Johnny Mercer and Gordon Jenkins ("P.S. I Love You"), and fairly new tunes such as "The Shadow of Your Smile" (co-composed by Johnny Mandel and Paul Francis Webster) and "Feeling Good" (from the musical The Roar of the Greasepaint -- The Smell of the Crowd). In fact, the opener, "That Lonely Night" (recorded previously by Mulligan as "Night Lights," which he co-wrote with his girlfriend, comedienne/actress Judy Holliday), is a relatively rare opportunity to hear Mulligan play clarinet. While pianist Pete Jolly, guitarists Johnny Gray and Jimmy Helms, bassist Jimmy Bond, and drummer Hal Blaine provide more than adequate support, the focus is on the leader's warm, melodic solos. While this long unavailable LP obviously can't be considered among the top tier of his recordings, Mulligan fans will not be disappointed if they can locate copies. ~ Ken Dryden, All Music Guide
1971: Kenny Burrell - God Bless The Child Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
1971: Kenny Burrell - God Bless The Child Artist: Kenny Burrell
Album: God Bless The Child
Label: CTI
Year: 1971, release: 2002
Format: MP3@ 320 kbps
Size: 113 mb
Total time: 47:91
REPOST with a new link from Mr.jazzamba

Kenny Burrell's guitaristry is well-documented in his years with Oscar Peterson and on his first dates as a leader on the Blue Note label, but God Bless the Child, his only date for CTI in 1971, is an underheard masterpiece in his catalog. Burrell's band for the set includes bassist Ron Carter, percussionist Ray Barretto, Richard Wyands on piano, flutist Hubert Laws, trumpeter Freddie Hubbard, and drummer Billy Cobham. CTI's house arranger Don Sebesky assembled and conducted the strings in a manner that stands strangely and beautifully apart from his other work on the label. Sebesky understood Burrell's understated approach to playing guitar. Burrell didn't belong with the fusioneers but he could groove better than any of them. Sebesky built a moody, atmospheric soundscape behind him; one that was as impressionistic as it was illuminating of a player who could dig in and chop it up -- as he does on his own composition "Love Is the Answer" and "Do What You Gotta Do" -- and stroke it smooth and mellow as on the title track, the truly sublime "Be Yourself," and Thad Jones' "A Child Is Born." The Legacy CD remaster also includes the only three outtakes from the session, an alternate of the Jones tune, and two brief but gorgeous solos on "Ballad of the Sad Young Men," and on Kurt Weill's "Lost in the Stars." This is Burrell at his level best as a player to be sure, but also as a composer and as a bandleader. Magnificent. ~ Thom Jurek, All Music Guide
1978: Igor Brill Jazz Ensemble - Morning of the Earth/ - Music » Jazz » Modern Jazz
1978: Igor Brill Jazz Ensemble - Morning of the Earth/  -
Artist: Igor Bril Jazz Ensemble /
Album: Morning of the Earth/
Year: 1978
Label: Melodia/
Format: MP3, VBR
Total Time: 00:36:45
Total Size: 51 mb

"Jazz musician, improviser - and received an academic education. This "academic style" easily noticeable. Paying tribute adopted in jazz "hit", emphasizes phrasing, Brill, in his pianism ... namely pianistichen. He plays the piano for the piano laws, deeply feeling the soul of this instrument. Bril master of light, gentle touch, nuances and half-tones, he plays as if he was able to overcome the nature of the piano hammer mechanism ... Being engaged with students, . he teaches them to play jazz, . using the whole arsenal of so-called classical, . teaches, . that the sound should be lingering, . the acoustic grand piano - is the vastness of timbre, . that it will ever compare best electronic keyboard, . which, . however, . also need to know ... " ~

Mega rare original 1979 pressing of the debut LP by one of the most renowned Russian jazz pianists and composers. Bril's brilliant virtuosity and rich improvisation fantasy, his subtle and witty arrangements of jazz classics, and his own compositions ranked him among Russia's top jazz performers. He played with saxophonists Joe Henderson and Michael Brecker, vibraphonist Bobbie Hatcherson, pianists Michael Brecker, Dave Brubeck and Thelonious Monk, and many other legendary jazzmen. Igor Brill, who is dubbed the 'god father' of professional jazz education in Russia, has been teaching the art of jazz improvisation for about 3 decades. A professor of the Russian Academy of Music, he is the author of the 'Practical Course of Jazz Improvisation'. ~
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