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Jazz Blues Club » Articles for 25.09.2011
2000: Quincy Jones - Sammy Nestico Orchestra - Basie & Beyond Music » Jazz » Big Band » Modern Big Band
2000: Quincy Jones - Sammy Nestico Orchestra - Basie & Beyond
Artist: Quincy Jones - Sammy Nestico Orchestra
Label: Warner Bros.
Year: 2000
Quality: MP3@320 kbps
Size: 141 mb
Total time: 64:11

"Labor of love" is the inevitable phrase to describe this album on which composer/conductor/arrangers Quincy Jones and Sammy Nestico, both of whom wrote for Count Basie and His Orchestra, assemble a top-flight big band to perform some of their vintage charts. Despite the use of the bandleader's name in the title and the pictures of him with the two principals on the front and back of the album, the music is more "beyond" than "Basie." It is true that both Jones and Nestico are steeped in the Basie band's light, rhythmic approach to playing and their music is imbued with that style. But both are better understood as graduates of the Basie school than true adherents, people who have spent the better parts of their careers applying their knowledge of swing to other endeavors, notably film scores. As a result, you will hear music that is more "jazzy" than "jazz." Nevertheless, it is exhilarating to listen to a big band recorded with modern fidelity; the rhythm section especially stands out, and, of course, rhythm was everything in Basie's sound. The wealth of talent meant the album had to be recorded quickly, in a couple of days, but it also seems to have inspired the players to do their best. Basie & Beyond is almost a fantasy project, a major-label release of a high-quality jazz date with practically no chance of significant sales. In that sense, the other inevitable term to describe it is "throwback," but you can't help being glad Jones has the clout to indulge in this kind of thing now and then.
~ William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide
2004: Dick Fontaine's Jazz Movies: Ornette Coleman Trio / Sound?? Music video
2004: Dick Fontaine's Jazz Movies: Ornette Coleman Trio / Sound??Artist: Ornette Coleman / Roland Kirk
Documentary Film: Ornette Coleman Trio / Sound??
Director: Dick Fontaine
Label: Efor Films
Year: 1966 / 1967
Release: 2004
Format, bitrate: DVDrip, AVI
Time: 55 min.
Size: 213 & 187 MB

In this indispensable DVD, two of the most interesting films ever made modern experimental jazz are included. The first one, " Ornette Coleman Trio", presents Ornette Coleman's famous trio during their visit to Paris in 1966 in order to record the soundtrack of a very nutty-looking Belgium film called "Who's Crazy?".
The film was made in three days and offers a portrait of the trio that becomes an "ironic essay in dignity in the face of insanity". Ornette, who in this era was one of the leaders of the Jazz Avant-garde movement, faced the challenge with his two fellow musicians by responding with passionate improvisations to the stimuli that reached him from the screen where the images are projected. A priceless testimony to the innovations which revolutionized the world of jazz in the sixties.
The second film, also directed by Fontaine, is a curious and original musical and cinematographic experiment. Its strange title, "Sound??", clearly indicates the objective of the work, which is merely to take advantage of the ideas of an innovative jazzman (Roland Kirk) in order to permit an Avant-garde contemporary (John Cage) to speculate with silence and with sound as two facets of the same reality.
Kirk appears in the film demonstrating his ability to play three saxophones simultaneously, incorporating at the same time recordings of birdsongs or his giving out whistles to the audience in order that they accompany him "in the key of w, if you please". Parallel to this, Cage talks about his concepts and prepares a piece "musical bicycle" with two of his collaborators at the Seville Theatre of London, introducing Kirk's music in an echo chamber in its search for the sound of silence. Two extraordinary examples of immortal Avant-gardism.

~ DVD Notes
2009: Dennis Gonzalez - Renegade Spirits Post-bop, Avantgarde
2009: Dennis Gonzalez - Renegade Spirits Artist: Dennis Gonzalez
Album: Renegade Spirits
Label: Furthermore Records
Year: 2008; release: 2009
Format, bitrate: mp3, 320
Size: 167 mb

A really classic-styled set from trumpeter Dennis Gonzalez – a spiritual avant session that recalls our favorites from many years back! There's a bold, earthy sound to the record – an approach that comes from the percussion of Famadou Don Moye, who's also joined by drummer Stefan Gonzalez on most tracks too – playing in the other channel of the record, which really makes for a full, rhythmic sound. On horns, tenorist Tim Green joins Gonzalez's trumpet – blowing with a sound that's free, but equally tied up in the rhythmic cores of the record – giving the whole thing a great sense of depth and soul. Titles include "Skin & Bones", "Evil Elixir", "Flesh & Blood", "Quartege", "Zarabanda", "Triage", and "Renegade Spirits".
1996-2011, Dusty Groove America, Inc.

Gongs, bells, shakers, cymbals, pao de chuva (a Brazilian shaker withseashell fragments and pebbles), balafon, agogo bells, congas, udu drum, two drums, bass, sax and cornet. You might expect some Latin American fiesta with these instruments, yet it's not. You get Dennis Gonzlez' Yells At Eels, with his sons Stefan Gonzalez and Aaron Gonzalez, and with Tim Green on sax and no one less than Famoudou Don Moye on percussion. Like on many of Gonzlez' albums, the music free and melancholy at the same time, with subtle themes and lots of space for his fellow musicians. Half the tracks are group improvisations, four are compositions by the leader and the last track is by the Art Ensemble's percussionist. The composed pieces set the scene, set the color for Gonzlez expansive and spiritual musical vision full of soul and warmth, at the same time warming up the band members for the improvisations, that are driven by the many joyful percussion instruments over which the sax and trumpet blow their free-spirited phrases, almost in a minimalist way. I'm sure there are many, many musicians who wish they could compose a piece as compelling as the title track, full of hypnotic rhythms, a beautiful improvised theme by Green, haunting arco bass, and trumpet in counterpoint. But here it is created spontaneously, out of nothing, yet rock solid and extremely eloquent. As said earlier, the great thing about Gonzlez and family, is that they love the music they play, they love how it sounds, what it conveys, the interplay, the fun, the shared feelings, the joint heritage of African music, bop, Latin and free improvisation all mixing together as if it was all meant to be, regardless of what the critics and art intellectuals might think or say. This is music that lives, and breathes, and with a heart that pumps and feels. Deeply so. (4,5 stars out of 5)
~ Stef Gijssels, Free Jazz Blog
2002: Duke Ellington - Memories Of Duke Music video
2002: Duke Ellington - Memories Of DukeArtist: Duke Ellington
Documentary Film: Memories Of Duke
Director: Gary Keys
Label: Music Video Distribution
Year: 2002
Format, bitrate: DVDrip, AVI
Time: 90 min.
Size: 700 MB

Duke Ellington with Russell Procope, Cootie Williams, Paul Gonsalves, Jeff Castleman,
Lawrence Brown, Harold Ashley, Johnny Hodges, Trish Turner, Harry Carney...

This is a particularly interesting film, for trumpeter Cootie Williams and clarinetist Russell Procope are seen in the mid-'70s watching and commenting on lengthy clips from Duke Ellington's 1968 tour of Mexico. There is quite a bit of strong music on this video, with highlights including the medley of "Creole Love Call," "Black and Tan Fantasy," and "The Mooch," the obscure "Mexican Suite," "It Don't Mean a Thing," and "Mood Indigo." This is one of the best Duke Ellington videos currently available.
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
1957-1958: Art Farmer and Hal McKusick Quintet - Complete Studio Recordings Music » Jazz » BeBop » Cool
1957-1958: Art Farmer and Hal McKusick Quintet - Complete Studio Recordings
Artist: Art Farmer and Hal McKusick Quintet
Album: Complete Studio Recordings
Label: Lone Hill Jazz
Year: 1957-1958; release: 2005
Format, bitrate: MP3@320Kbps
Time: 78:44
Size: 178 MB
AMG rating: 1957-1958: Art Farmer and Hal McKusick Quintet - Complete Studio Recordings

This Lone Hill compilation collects all of the quintet studio recordings made together by Art Farmer and Hal McKusick, covering four different groups, each with a unique rhythm section. Farmer was still playing trumpet, prior to his switch to flugelhorn, while the alto saxophonist also doubles on clarinet and bass clarinet. The bulk of the album features the two men with pianist Eddie Costa, bassist Milt Hinton, and drummer Gus Johnson, with Al Cohn and Manny Albam contributing most of the arrangements. It is immediately apparent that the co-leaders have a natural ability to complement one another with perfect backing for the other's solos, highlighted by the magical take of "Alone Together." The next session features two originals written and arranged by Jimmy Giuffre, with guitarist Barry Galbraith, bassist Teddy Kotick, and drummer Osie Johnson providing rhythm. Both of these cool-toned pieces have a touch of mystery and are beautifully interpreted. Giuffre is also the arranger for three pieces featuring Bill Evans, Paul Chambers, and Connie Kay with the leaders, with McKusick's bass clarinet taking solo honors in "It Never Entered My Mind." The last three tracks also include Evans, expanding the group to a sextet with Galbraith, Hinton, and Charlie Persip joining Farmer and McKusick. George Russell is the arranger, with a swaggering yet cool take of Russell's "Stratusphunk" standing out. Recommended.
~ Ken Dryden, All Music Guide
1954-1968: Mahalia Jackson - Gospels, Spirituals & Hymns Music » Blues » Gospel
1954-1968: Mahalia Jackson - Gospels, Spirituals & Hymns
Artist: Mahalia Jackson
Album: Gospels, Spirituals & Hymns (Box, 2CD)
Label: Columbia/Legacy
Year: 1954-1968; release 1991
Format, bitrate: Mp3/320 kbps
Time: 128:59
Size: 299 MB
AMG Rating: 1954-1968: Mahalia Jackson - Gospels, Spirituals & Hymns

Although it's missing some of her classic performances, the double-disc set Gospels, Spirituals & Hymns is nonetheless an excellent introduction to Mahalia Jackson, arguably the greatest gospel singer of all time. The box set features 36 performances she recorded for Columbia between 1954 and 1969, offering a comprehensive, but by no means exhaustive, introduction to Jackson and her most popular work.
~ Leo Stanley, All Music Guide
1939-1941: Duke Ellington - The Jimmy Blanton Era Swing, Big Band
1939-1941: Duke Ellington - The Jimmy Blanton Era
Artist:Duke Ellington
Album: The Jimmy Blanton Era (Compilation)
Label: Giant Of Jazz
Year: 1939-1941 Release: 1989
Format, bitrate: Mp3. 320kbps
Time: 71:04
Size: 164 Mb

Longtime Ellington collectors should love this LP, for it includes rare radio broadcasts of the Duke Ellington Orchestra during 1940-41 and four selections that find Ellington and bassist Jimmy Blanton making guest appearances with John Scott Trotter's studio orchestra. A perfect LP for those Ellington fanatics who think they have everything.
Review from itunes
2009: Kelly Mittleman - A New Reason Jazz, Vocal Jazz, Soul
2009: Kelly Mittleman - A New Reason
Artist: Kelly Mittleman
Album: A New Reason
Year: 2009
Format, bitrate: Mp3,256 kbps
Time: 51 min 39 sec
Size: 107.37 mb

Jazz/R&B/Soul Vocalist and new artist of legendary producer Nile Rodgers (Madonna, Maroon 5, David Bowie, Joss Stone)... recently recorded Diana Ross's latest CD...has appeared with Manhattan Transfer, Maynard the Blue Note in NYC and her recent CD is a top seller on Kelly will be heard in the upcoming film, HOLLYWOOD AND WINE, premiering this fall...featuring an all-star cast from the SNL crew and Pamela Anderson and Vivica Fox and David Spade. Kelly can perform in a simple a duo for instance, or with her band of 4-8 players. ~
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