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Jazz Blues Club » Articles for 15.06.2011
2010: Billy Cobham - Fruit From The Loom Music » Jazz » Fusion
2010: Billy Cobham - Fruit From The LoomArtist: Billy Cobham
Album: Fruit From The Loom
Label: ZYX
Year: 2007
Release: 2010
Format, bitrate: mp3, 320kb/s
Time: 63min
Size: 134MB

"Fruit From The Loom" is the first release from drummer Billy Cobham (under his own name) since the1998 release "Focused". It is intended to be the first of four releases in this music series in which Cobham will be revisiting the music he has created throughout his career as well as re-connecting with the musicians who helped him create his past sonic offerings. Some of the pieces he has re-worked for this release are Spectrum, Crosswinds, and the Grammy-nominated Zanzibar Breeze. Among the old friends Billy has invited to appear on this recording are: Ernie Watts (sax), Dave Samuels (vibraphone, marimba), Guy Barker (trumpet), Victor Bailey (bass), Brian Auger (organ) and guitarists Dean Brown & Jean-Marie Ecay. Past and current members of Culture Mix, Cobham's multi-national quintet round out the supporting cast. They include Stefan Rademacher (bass), Junior Gill (steel pan), Marco Lobo (percussion) and Christophe Cravero (piano). String flavors also color several of the tunes with violinists Johan Renard and Aurelien Guyot. Five members of the explosive Nigerian percussion ensemble, Okuta Percussion join Billy in a rhythmic tour-de-force on "Thoughts from Okuta". Some of the more recent compositions by Billy Cobham finally make their appearance on this studio recording like "Florianopolis", "Clitter Clatter", "Eggshells Still On My Head" and "Cat in the Hat". And of course, no Cobham solo album would be complete without a solo piece from the master himself which he calls "Sambu du Militairstrasse".
~ Album Notes
1974: Al Cohn & Zoot Sims - Motoring Along Music » Jazz » BeBop
1974: Al Cohn & Zoot Sims - Motoring AlongArtists: Al Cohn & Zoot Sims
Album: Motoring Along
Year: 1974
Label: The Sonet Jazz Story
Format: MP3 320kbps
Time: 61:01
Size: 128 MB (+ covers)

Al Cohn & Zoot Sims - Motoring Along. This stereo LP Record was released by Sonet Records SN TF 684 in 1975. Al Cohn and Zoot Sims (sax) is accompanied by Horace Parlan (piano), Hugo Rasmussen (bass) and Sven Erik Norregaard (drums).
2010: Sabrina Starke - Bags & Suitcases Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
2010: Sabrina Starke  - Bags & SuitcasesArtist: Sabrina Starke
Album: Bags & Suitcases
Label: Blue Note
Year: 2010
Format, bitrate: mp3, 320kb/s
Size: 98MB

It might have taken Sabrina Starke a long time to perfect her sound, but it is evident on her new album Bags & Suitcases that she has used her time well. I am a thinker, someone who is very conscious of each move she makes, Sabrina explains. It took me a long time to find the right form, but I carefully took each step along the way. Her 2008 debut album Yellow Brick Road garnered her both critical acclaim and commercial success, including going platinum in the Netherlands after leading the charts for 52 consecutive weeks and winning the prestigious Edison Pop Award for Best Newcomer in 2008 and in 2009, the Edison Jazzism Peoples Choice Award.
Fast forward another year and Sabrina is recording Bags & Suitcases in Miami, Florida, collaborating with producer Pete Wallace whose credits include working with superstars such as Pink, Michael Bolton, Herbie Hancock and Alejandro Sanz. Starke considers her sophomore album a labour of love, incorporating the singer/songwriters admiration for the musical icons inspiring her from her early youth, such as Ruthie Foster and, first and foremost, Tracy Chapman. Ive admired her for so long already, Sabrina says about Chapman. I will never forget the first time I saw her: a woman with a guitar. I thought it was awesome.
And true to her idols influence, the guitar features much more prominently on her second effort, starting with the albums opening track Brand New. Songs you compose on the guitar take on a different texture. Most of the time, they are more melodic which is exactly what I wanted. Where Yellow Brick Road contained a number of programmed elements, we recorded Bags & Suitcases organically. Everything is real."
Bags & Suitcases showcases Sabrinas trademark smooth blend of folk, soul and pop, mixed with the singer/songwriters determination to tell a story, and tell it well. Yellow Brick Road was like a small canvas: all the songs were about me and my own feelings. The songs on Bags & Suitcases are more concerned with the world at large and all the people around me....
1981: Alphonse Mouzon - By All Means Jazz, Fusion
1981: Alphonse Mouzon - By All Means
Artist: Alphonse Mouzon
Album: By All Means
Label: MPS Records
Year: 1981
Format, bitrate: MP3, 192 kbps (LP-rip)
Total Time: 00:41:31
Total Size: 57 mb

A killer bit of soulful fusion recorded by Mouzon after his harder-jamming 70s years, with an all star group that includes Herbie Hancock, Lee Ritenour, Freddie Hubbard, and Paul Jackson. The tunes groove wonderfully never too over the top, and always in the smooth soulful mode that was the best part of major label fusion in the late 70s. Mouzon plays a fair bit of keyboards next to Herbie's acoustic and electric piano, and tracks are long, with some really nicely jazzy grooves. Titles include "The Jogger", "Do I Have To", "Space Invadors", and "The Next Time We Love".
1996-2011, Dusty Groove America, Inc.
1974: Buddy Rich - Very Live at Buddy's Place Hard-bop, Post-bop
1974: Buddy Rich - Very Live at Buddy's Place
Artist: Buddy Rich
Album: Very Live at Buddy's Place
Label: LRC Ltd.
Year: 1974 (Groove Merchant)
Format: Flac
Time: 41:06
Size: 270 MB
AMG rating: 1974: Buddy Rich - Very Live at Buddy's Place

Very Live At Buddys Place is an exciting combo date that finds Rich jamming with a seven-piece group with heated solos from altoist Sonny Fortune, tenor saxophonist Sal Nistico and pianist Kenny Barron. Rich sounds exuberant on such numbers as Chameleon, Jumpin at the Woodside and Billies Bounce.
~ Scott Yanow,
1986: Billy Eckstine - Sings With Benny Carter Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
1986: Billy Eckstine - Sings With Benny Carter
Artist: Billy Eckstine
Album: Sings With Benny Carter
Label: EmArCy
Year: 1986
Quality: MP3@320 kbps
Size: 101 mb
Total time: 51:15

Billy Eckstine's final recording (although he would live until 1993) finds the 72-year old singer showing his age. Mr. B's famous baritone voice at this late date only hints at his earlier greatness although his phrasing and enthusiasm uplift what could have been a depressing affair. Ironically altoist Benny Carter (who was 79) still sounds in his prime on alto and he takes an effective trumpet solo on "September Song." Singer Helen Merrill opens and closes the set by interacting vocally with Eckstine on "You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To" and "Didn't We." Eckstine, backed by a trio headed by his longtime pianist Bobby Tucker, does his best on such songs as "My Funny Valentine," "Memories of You" and "Autumn Leaves" but his earlier recordings are the ones to get.
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
1979: Larry Coryell, John Scofield, Joe Beck - Tributaries Music » Jazz » Fusion
1979: Larry Coryell, John Scofield, Joe Beck - Tributaries
Artist: Larry Coryell with John Scofield and Joe Beck
Album: Tributaries
Label: Novus
Year: 1979
Format, bitrate: MP3, 320 Kbps
Time: 55:52
Size: 139,1 Mb.

This CD reissue brings back material that guitarist Larry Coryell recorded for the Novus subsidiary when it was run by Arista. Most of the set matches Coryell with fellow guitarists John Scofield and Joe Beck in acoustic trios, two duets and one overdubbed solo performance. The variation of moods and the jazz-oriented material make this summit meeting a success even if the guitarists tend to sound more distinctive on their electric counterparts; after about 20 minutes of similar sounding acoustic guitars, it is difficult not to doze off. Expanding the original program are four Coryell solo acoustic performances that were originally included in the Arista Novus LP European Impressions. Once again, they are well played but primarily of interest to guitarists.
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
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