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Jazz Blues Club » Articles for 04.06.2011
1986: Astor Piazzolla - Tango: Zero Hour Music » Jazz » Latin
1986: Astor Piazzolla - Tango: Zero Hour
Artist: Astor Piazzolla
Album: Tango: Zero Hour
Label: American Clave
Year: 1986, release: 1992
Format: MP3@320
Size: 106 MB
Time: 45:54
AMG Rating: 1986: Astor Piazzolla - Tango: Zero Hour 1986: Astor Piazzolla - Tango: Zero Hour

Considered by Piazzolla to be his best work, 1986's Tango Zero Hour was the culmination of a career that began in Argentina in the 1930s. Piazzolla started out auspiciously enough working with one of the brightest lights of the classic tango era, singer Carlos Gardél. After Gardél's tragic death in 1935 (by turning down an offer to tour with the singer at the age of 13, Piazzolla amazingly avoided the plane crash that killed Gardél), Piazzolla went on to perfect his bandoneón playing in various tango bands during the '40s and '50s, eventually studying with Nadia Boulanger in Paris. Like she did with so many other great talents like Aaron Copeland and Quincy Jones, Boulanger encouraged Piazzolla to find a new way of playing his county's music. Piazzolla began experimenting and soon enough perfected what is now known as "nuevo tango." Moving tango music into the more serious area of high-art composition, Piazzolla added eccentric and, at times, avant-garde touches to the traditional format; he gained the appreciation of adventurous music lovers worldwide while alienating tango purists back home. Tango Zero Hour is the fruition of his groundbreaking work and one of the most amazing albums released during the latter years of the 20th century. Joined by his Quinteto Tango Nuevo featuring violin, piano, guitar, and bass, Piazzolla offers up seven original tango gems that take in the noirish, "Zero Hour" world found between midnight and dawn. Essential for all music lovers.
~ Stephen Cook, All Music Guide
1947-1951: Flip Phillips - Complete 1947-1951 Verve Master Takes Music » Jazz » Mainstream
1947-1951: Flip Phillips - Complete 1947-1951 Verve Master Takes
Artist: Flip Phillips
Album: Complete 1947-1951 Verve Master Takes
Label: Definitive Records
Years: 1947 - 1951 release - 2001
Quality: MP3@320kb/s
Size: 118; 120 mb
Total tme: CD1 - 55:59, CD2 - 56:54

REPOST by request

This Definitive gathers the complete studio recordings waxed by Flip Phillips for Norman Granz's Verve label during 1947 - 1951. At a time when Phillips had already become a star of the JATP revue, these recordings shawcase him in an entirely different environmet, playing in small group settings frequently displaying his little-publicized talent for the ballads and midtempos.
Aided by top-rank performers as trumpeter Howard McGhee, trombonists Kai Winding or Bennie Green, pianist Hank Jones, bassist Ray Brown and drummers Shelly Manne, Max Roach or Jo Jones, Flip sounded better than ever in these crucial studio dates.

~ Antonio Padilla, from liner notes
2011: Bela Fleck the Flecktones - Rocket Science Music » Jazz » Fusion
2011: Bela Fleck the Flecktones - Rocket ScienceArtist: Bela Fleck the Flecktones
Album: Rocket Science
Label: Entertainment One Music
Year: 2011
Format, bitrate: MP3, 230 VBR
Time: 61.09
Size: 107 MB

Even though there hasnt been much of a member shake-up since the bands inception in 1988, Bela Fleck & the Flecktones are getting ready to release a brand new record featuring their classic lineup. The departure of pianist/harmonica player (and founding member) Howard Levy in 1992 left the band as a trio for years before bringing in saxophonist Jeff Coffin in 1998. After the passing of Dave Matthews Band saxophonist LeRoi Moore in 2008, Coffin took a hiatus from the band to help out the DMB camp, igniting the spark that brought Levy back to the fold in 2009. Now, with the original lineup in place, the jazz fusion quartets upcoming album, Rocket Science, will be the first studio effort in 20 years that sees the incarnation of Fleck, Levy, and brothers Victor and Roy Future Man Wooten holding it down with their eclectic signature sound. Megan Caffery
2004: Akiko Tsuruga - Harlem Dreams Soul-Jazz, Funk-Jazz
2004: Akiko Tsuruga - Harlem Dreams
Artist: Akiko Tsuruga
Album: Harlem Dreams
Label: M&I Company
Year: 2004
Format, bitrate: MP3, 256
Time: 61:04
Size: 127.32 MB

Her debut CD, ”Harlem Dreams” featuring Grady Tate and Frank Wess was released in Japan from M&I Company in May 2004. CD sales was very successful and she led a ”home coming” tour featured Grady Tate and Satoshi Inoue in the summer of 2004. She returned to Japan in the following year, September 2005, with Eric Johnson and Fukushi Tainaka. This tour wasnt just her another successful tour. It brought an endorsement deal with Hammond Suzuki and she became an official Hammond XK-3 endorser. She also had an opportunity to write a jazz organ instructional book and published by Berklee Press, titled ”Hammond Organ Complete,” and it was translated from English to Japanese and published in Japan as well. ~ CD Baby
1965: Ruben Barbieri - Radio Auditions & El Perseguidor Music » Jazz
1965: Ruben Barbieri - Radio Auditions & El Perseguidor
Artist: Ruben Barbieri
Album: Radio Auditions & El Perseguidor
Label: Discos Melopea
Year: 1965
Format: MP3 @ 96 kbps
Time: 1:08:13
Size: 44 MB.

Recordings made the days 4, 11 and 18 August 1965 on radio shows.
(Not great audio quality, but it´s an absolute rarity!)

Rubén Barbieri (December 12, 1928 Buenos Aires, March 17, 2006.) was his minor brother's (the saxophonist Leandro Gato Barbieri) first teacher in music.... ~ lamusicadesantafe
1974: Dizzy Gillespie & Trio Mocoto - Dizzy Gillespie no Brasil com Trio Mocoto Afro-Cuban Jazz, Brazilian Jazz
1974: Dizzy Gillespie & Trio Mocoto - Dizzy Gillespie no Brasil com Trio Mocoto
Artists: Dizzy Gillespie & Trio Mocoto
Album: Dizzy Gillespie No Brasil com Trio Mocoto
Label: Biscoito Fino
Year: 1974; release: 2010
Format, bitrate: MP3, CBR 320
Time: 39:30
Size: 90 Mb

A very unusual pairing – the jazzy genius of Dizzy Gillespie, and the funky samba grooves of Trio Mocoto – recorded live in this very special concert from 1974! Dizzy's well-known to most folks, and is playing here in that sweet funky style he brought to his best 70s records – a mix of Latin and laidback soul jazz, similar to his best Perception and Pablo sessions – which makes for a great complement to the soulful Brazilian grooves of Trio Mocoto! The trio are best remembered for their work with Jorge Ben – and while they aren't exactly in the same space here, the addition of their percussion to Dizzy's quartet is mighty nice. Mary Stallings sings on one track – "Evil Gal Blues" – and other titles include "Rocking With Mocoto", "The Truth", "Samba", "Dizzy's Shout/Brazilian Improvisation", and "Behind The Moonbeam". ~ Dusty Groove America, Inc
1997: Janes Zollar - Soaring With Bird Music » Jazz » Mainstream
1997: Janes Zollar - Soaring With Bird
Artist: Janes Zollar
Album: Soaring With Bird
Year: 1997
Format: mp4
Size: 72,36 mb

Apart from Andy Martin's low-down New Orleans trombone sound on "Parker's Mood" and the rarely recorded "Si Si," there aren't many surprises on this album -- it's just a consistently well played and thoughtfully arranged set of Charlie Parker standards by a small ensemble led by trumpeter James Zollar. All the favorites are here: "Donna Lee" (taken at a breakneck tempo that must have left Martin with a shredded lip and a sore right arm), the delightful "Moose the Mooch," "Dewey Square," "Steeplechase," etc. The three non-Parker compositions are tunes somewhat associated with him: "The Song Is You," "I Didn't Know What Time It Was," and "If I Should Lose You." Zollar shows himself to be both a capable bandleader and a trumpeter of both great energy and rare sensitivity; his mute work on "Parker's Mood" and "Donna Lee" is especially nice. ~ Rick Anderson, All Music Guide
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