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Jazz Blues Club » Articles for November 2009 Year
Richie Beirach - Live at Maybeck Recital Hall, Vol. 19 Music » Jazz
Richie Beirach - Live at Maybeck Recital Hall, Vol. 19
Artist: Richie Beirach
Album: Live at Maybeck Recital Hall, Vol. 19
Label: Concord Jazz
Release: 1993
Style: Avant-Garde Jazz
Format mp3, bitrate: 256 kb/s
Time: 56:06
Size: 108 Mb
AMG Rating: Richie Beirach - Live at Maybeck Recital Hall, Vol. 19

Armed mostly with a brace of standards yet willing to do unpredictable things with them, Richie Beirach turns in one of the more thankfully idiosyncratic editions of the Maybeck Recital Hall Series (this is Vol. 19). This format allows Beirach to exploit his romantic credentials with only a nominal interest in the usual bop formulas, and he throws in a few startling unorthodox glissandos here and there to shake everyone up. Very often, he works compellingly with repetitions in the left hand; the prime examples of this include an "On Green Dolphin Street," and based mostly on the same stabbing syncopation on two notes in the left hand, a lovely now-and-then literal rendition of Bill Evans' take on "Some Other Time," and a sauntering semiboogie interpretation of "All Blues." There is also a unified stream-of-consciousness medley that opens with "Over the Rainbow" and winds up on "In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning," as well as a really unorthodox "'Round Midnight" with a few humorous surprises. A most absorbing recital, cleanly recorded. - Richard S. Ginell at AMG
2009: Blue Note Trip DJ Maestro - My Music Music » Jazz » Mainstream

2009: Blue Note Trip DJ Maestro - My Music
Artist : VA
Album : Blue Note Trip 8 Compiled By DJ Maestro
Label : Blue Note / EMI Holland
Release: 2009
Quality : VBR @ 194kbit
Size : 202MB
Total : 2 tracks (CUE)

2009 two CD set, the eighth installment in this popular series of classic Blue Note compilations. Recent volumes have been mixed by a diverse group of Jazz aficionados including Jazzanova, but Volume 8 sees the return of DJ Maestro, his first Blue Note Trip title in three years. Features 29 tracks including cuts from Buscemi, Les McCann, Cannonball Adderley, Jimmy McGriff, Soulive and many others. ~ Blue Note.

1978: Frank Rosolino & Raul de Souza - Ao Vivo Sao Paulo Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop

1978: Frank Rosolino & Raul de Souza - Ao Vivo Sao Paulo
Artist: Frank Rosolino & Raul de Souza
Album: Ao Vivo Sao Paulo 1978
Label: Loronix
Format, bitrate: mp3@320 kb(s
Time: ~31 min
Sise: 71,25MB

Amazing sound and a really interesting concert with Raul de Souza and Frank Rosolino performing together on a Brazilian Jazz Festival held in Sao Paulo in 1978. It is a great concert and they have the accompaniment of top-notch musicians.

2009: Christian McBride & Inside Straight - Kind Of Brown Music » Jazz » BeBop » Post-bop
2009: Christian McBride & Inside Straight - Kind Of Brown  Artist: Christian McBride and Inside Straight
Album: Kind Of Brown
Label: Mack Avenue
Year: 2009
Quality: VBR / 44100Hz / Joint Stereo
Size: 82,1 MB
AMG Rating: 2009: Christian McBride & Inside Straight - Kind Of Brown
2009: Christian McBride & Inside Straight - Kind Of Brown

One might assume that bassist Christian McBride's CD Kind of Brown would be a tribute to Ray Brown. Au contraire -- in fact, it would be appropriate for this recording to own up to the title Kind of Blue Note, because this music bears a strong resemblance to the late-'60s to mid-'70s recordings of the legendary Bobby Hutcherson-Harold Land quintet. That seminal post-bop ensemble defined the mid-period Blue Note label sound, and created resonant sonic signposts that remained unequaled, until now. A new discovery in vibraphonist Warren Wolf, Jr., teamed with veteran saxophonist Steve Wilson, the wonderful pianist Eric Reed, and drummer Carl Allen makes McBride's quintet dubbed Inside Straight into one of the more melodically tuneful and harmonically focused contemporary ensembles combining past tradition with a fresh new approach to this potent style of jazz. McBride is almost an equal in this company, putting aside his furious note playing for a more democratic role in this extraordinarily balanced small combo. The similarities to the Hutcherson-Land group are unmistakable, from the tick-tock rhythm and melodic line similar to Hutch and Herbie Hancock's classic composition "Blow Up" on "Brother Mister" to the steady swinger "Rainbow Wheel" and "Pursuit of Peace," with its probing basslines via McBride and perfectly fitted hand-in-glove melody and unison approach. The athletic and quirky "Stick and Move" is hard-charging bop at its best with Reed leading; soul-jazz is adopted during the waltz "Used 'ta Could" in parallel to the standard "Better Than Anything"; while "The Shade of the Cedar Tree" (for Cedar Walton) is again similar to what Walton and Hutcherson did with the Timeless All Stars, and close to Walton's tune "Hindsight." McBride's role as a leader is more pronounced on "Theme for Kareem," an ultra-tight, very hip tune that has potential standard written all over it. Wilson concentrates on alto sax, but plays a bit of soprano on the recording for the waltz-to-samba "Starbeam"; McBride restrains his inclination to play a multiplicity of notes; and Wolf proves to be a new artist to keep a close watch on in the next decade. While Christian McBride has been involved with many amazing recordings during his brief but substantive career, this might be his best batch yet. ~ Michael G. Nastos, All Music Guide
1979: Abdullah Ibrahim & Johnny Dyani - Echoes From Africa Jazz, Modern Jazz
1979: Abdullah Ibrahim & Johnny Dyani - Echoes From AfricaArtist: Abdullah Ibrahim & Johnny Dyani
Album: Echoes From Africa
Label: Enja
Release: 1979
Format: MP3, 256 kbps
Time: 31:58
Size: 58 MB

This is a rather emotional duet set by pianist Abdullah Ibrahim and bassist Johnny Dyani, two masterful musicians from South Africa. Their often introspective music includes three originals (with one piece dedicated to McCoy Tyner) plus a nearly 17-minute improvisation based on a folk melody that also allows one to hear the voices of the two musicians. This moody music has an almost sacred credibility and is quite personal. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
Richie Beirach - Elegy for Bill Evans Music » Jazz
Richie Beirach  - Elegy for Bill Evans
Artist: Richie Beirach
Album: Elegy for Bill Evans
Label: SLP
Release: 1981
Style: Post-Bop
Format mp3, bitrate: 320 kb/s
Time: 41:25
Size: 95,2 Mb
AMG Rating: Richie Beirach  - Elegy for Bill Evans

Richie Beirach was a friend of Bill Evans, so it was only natural that he would do a record dedicated to him following Evans' sad and sudden death in 1980. Beirach has a similar gift for interplay with his rhythm section, and the participation of bassist George Mraz and drummer Al Foster makes for a superb trio. Even though both the leader and the bassist professed a love for the work of the early Evans trio with Scott LaFaro and Paul Motian, if anything, this group suggests closer ties to Evans' later trio with Eddie Gomez and Marty Morell. Dave Brubeck's "In Your Own Sweet Way" has been a favorite of many musicians. Beirach chooses an uptempo approach, with its centerpiece being a long but effective bass solo by Mraz. "Blue in Green," first recorded on the historic Kind of Blue LP (with authorship individually claimed by both Miles Davis and Evans), starts in a fragile mode but quickly is diverted into a more abstract setting. Beirach sustains the melancholy mood of "Spring Is Here" during his solo, but turns it into a celebration as Mraz and Foster join him. "Peace Piece," Evans' brilliant improvisation based upon Leonard Bernstein's "Some Other Time," is an extended interpretation, played unaccompanied, as did Evans. Evans performed and recorded Miles Davis' "Nardis" on so many occasions that he is often given composer credit. Beirach's arrangement of this modal masterpiece finds a different way to build and release the tension that Evans brought to every performance. But Beirach seems to add a touch of humor with a well-disguised quote from the musical The King and I. Originally recorded for Trio in Japan, this album was only briefly available in the U.S. on Palo Alto before it abruptly ceased operations, so snap it up without hesitation if you run across it.
- Ken Dryden at AMG
2006: Seasick Steve - Dog House Music Music » Blues

2006: Seasick Steve - Dog House Music
Artist: Seasick Steve
Album: Dog House Music.
Label: Bronzerat
Year: 2006.
Format, bitrate: mp3;320k/s
Size: 149 mb.
AMG rating 2006: Seasick Steve - Dog House Music

Yes, they really do still make albums like this in the 21st century. Steve Wold, otherwise known as Seasick Steve, released his second album, Dog House Music in 2007, his first purely solo effort; he had previously released an album entitled Cheap several years earlier for which he shared the credit with Swedish band the Level Devils. Dog House Music is like a really old John Lee Hooker or Muddy Waters album, or maybe something even less commercial as Steve strums his guitar and sings along, his voice sounding drowned in bourbon, and occasionally a song such as "Fallen off a Rock" crashes to life, literally, with the guitar no longer picking out a sorrowful blues lick but strumming wildly and the drums smashing away in the foreground played by two members of his family, HJ Wold and PM Wold. Apart from that however, the entire album is played by Steve, recorded in what sounded like one take, when he might have been sitting in a leaky shack by the Mississippi, almost every track given a short introduction almost as if to explain to a personal audience what the forthcoming song is about and why it is important. The album begins with the very short (just over one minute) track, "Yellow Dog" which sounds like it was been recorded at the bottom of a well, the acoustics are so terrible. When the final track, "I'm Gone," finishes, there is a small gap which is followed by Steve reciting a real shaggy dog story, over five minutes long, no music, just Steve rambling about being arrested and after spending six months in jail, looking for his runaway dog; this eventually runs into another sad blues song (about a dog). Not sure why anybody would want to listen to this story more than once. Even the album cover looks like it was designed and drawn by a six-year-old, but that simply adds to the unpolished and underproduced nature of the work, which is a credit, not a fault.~ Sharon Mawer, All Music Guide
2008: Claudio Roditi - Brazilliance X 4 Music » Jazz » Latin
2008: Claudio Roditi  - Brazilliance X 4
Artist: Claudio Roditi
Album: Brazilliance X 4
Label: Resonance Records
Year: 2009
Quality: mp3@320 Kbps
Total time: 55:21
Size: 79.2 mb

Charles Mingus would have loved the way Claudio Roditi plays his horn. He is most like Clarence Gene” Shaw. And like Shaw, Roditi knows the importance of the space between the notes; when to play a note; a quick flurry, or merely a short intricate phrase… and when not to play. His voice is unique; his sound is bright, delivered in short, round bursts of emotion and energy. And because he is one of the most thoughtful musicians around, he almost never plays a wrong note. On Brazilliance x 4 Claudio Roditi is on top of his game, once again. Moreover like the great bebop musicians, whom Roditi no doubt admires—men like Bird and Diz, who was his boss for several years in the United Nations Orchestra—he solos with sonorous rhythm and a quiet fire always aglow, but is the epitome of brevity, always… In and out in a few bars, perhaps a chorus or two. This way the music is always magnificently highlighted, while Roditi and his cohort merely embellish its intricacies in short gentle bursts.>>>
2002: Philip Catherine - Summer Night Music » Jazz » BeBop » Post-bop
2002: Philip Catherine - Summer Night
Artist: Philip Catherine
Album: Summer Night
Year: 2002
Label: Dreyfus
Quality: mp3@320kbps
Size: 113 MB
Total Time: 56Min.
AMG rating 2002: Philip Catherine - Summer Night

Guitarist Philip Catherine, once dubbed "Young Django" by Charles Mingus, shows several facets of his playing on this studio recording. Alternating between trio numbers with bassist Philippe Aerts and drummer Joost van Schaik and a quartet adding trumpeter and flugehornist Bert Joris, Catherine divides his set between standards and originals. His somewhat subdued interpretation of "'Round Midnight" sparkles with inspired runs inserted at key points; "Laura" adds a disguised introduction to a very upbeat arrangement. Catherine's writing style is diverse; "Tiger Groove" emphasizes a rock flavor that pales only slightly during his unison lines with Joris; while the ballad "Letter From My Mother" is considerably more subdued and lyrical. "Francis' Delight" is a swirling post-bop line, though the waltz "Le Jardin de Madi" (written in honor of his wife) may be the most accessible of his compositions to new listeners. This enjoyable effort is heartily recommended. ~ Ken Dryden, All Music Guide
1979: Richard Beirach trio - Elm Music » Jazz » Mainstream
1979: Richard Beirach trio - Elm

Artist: Richie Beirach
Album: Elm
Label: ECM, Japan
Year: rec.May 1979/ rel.1979
Format: MP3 @ 320 Kb/s
Time: 42:15
Size: 96 Mb
AMG rating: 1979: Richard Beirach trio - Elm

To my friends in JBC! To your attention second Richard Beirach's album on ECM, Japan.
Also very rare and very nice!

In the '70s, pianist Richard Beirach pioneered a distinctive type of ethereal jazz, characterized by lush, polytonal harmonies and frequent outbursts of angular, high-velocity lines that broke up the austere moods of his compositions. This beautiful trio outing with bassist George Mraz and drummer Jack DeJohnette is classic Beirach, and as apt an example of the "ECM sound" as one will find. The piano reverberates in concert hall fashion, even as the bass and drums interact with a looseness, and often an explosiveness, that is anything but cold and removed. There are only five tracks on Elm, but because each presents a different aspect of Beirach's music, the album is satisfying and quite whole. The opener, "Sea Priestess," presents deceptively simple harmonies over a lilting even-eighth groove. About halfway through its 12 or so minutes, the music fades to a barely audible whisper, gradually returning to its original intensity. "Pendulum," a rather ingenious descending melody that creates its own kind of modal progression, finds the trio burning at a medium swing tempo. The tune rings out like a sort of modal anthem, a quality that the Dave Liebman Quintet would put to good use on its 1979 live album Pendulum. "Ki" ebbs and flows with rubato swells of harmony, while the epic "Snow Leopard" boils over with a fast swing feel, interrupted by a pregnant moment of silence before Mraz's bass solo. Finally, "Elm" proceeds with the melodic shape and rhythmic evenness of a classical etude (Brad Mehldau would write similar music some 20 years later), but the syncopated unison figure that occurs in the 15th bar of the form reminds listeners that they are squarely in modern jazz territory. The tune's reharmonized coda is a masterful touch on Beirach's part. At the time of its release, Elm represented an emerging new standard for modern piano trio music, and it remains every bit as valid and vital. ~ by David R. Adler, AMG
2002: Barbara Rosene - Deep Night Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
2002: Barbara Rosene - Deep Night Artist: Barbara Rosene
Album: Deep Night
Label: Stomp Off Records 1368
Year: 2002
Format, bitrate: MP3, 320 kbps
Time: 59:46
Size: 198 MB

New York/Cleveland vocalist Barbara Rosene has teamed up with Vince Giordano and the latest incarnation of the Nighthawks for a romp through 20 songs from the 1920s and 1930s. Some of these nuggets are familiar, others haven't been recorded for awhile. These Prohibition-era tunes were performed by Ruth Etting, Annette Hanshaw, Connee Boswell, and others, who laid down the foundations for popular-song singers to come. Even though some of the tracks retain that "old" sound, such as the title tune, "Deep Night," which has that Russian Tea Room violin of Andy Stein playing the interludes, they don't sound dated for nary a minute. Many of the old trappings are present. When Rosene sings the line about knockin' on wood on "Ain't That a Grand and Glorious Feeling?," there's Arnie Kinsella hitting the wood block. Among the selections Rosene picked for this session is "Cooking Breakfast for the One I Love," a tune made popular by Fanny Brice in the 1929 film Be Yourself. Rosene brings just the right vocal expression and emphasis to each tune with her very appealing vocalizing. She has a great feel for the offbeat syncopation inherent in music from this era, such as on "Exactly Like You," in which Rosene warbles with Rose Murphy in mind, while Conal Fowkes' music hall piano is plunking the melody right along with the singer, a rarity these days. These orchestrations are from the fine hand of Giordano. Rosene is fortunate to have the veteran trad jazz stylist on this her debut album. There are few who have devoted more time to transcribing, performing, and recording vintage jazz from the period covered by the album. The result? A fun, happy CD is the product of a fine vocalist and top-of-the-list musicians and is recommended.~ Dave Nathan, All Music Guide
2005: Jason Miles - Miles to Miles: In the Spirit of Miles Davis Music, Jazz
2005: Jason Miles - Miles to Miles: In the Spirit of Miles DavisArtist: Jason Miles
Album: Miles to Miles: In the Spirit of Miles Davis
Label: Narada
Year: 2005
Format,Bit Rate: Mp3 320 Kbps
Time: 56:30
Size: 111 Mb

The award-winning producer/composer/keyboardist/synthesizer arranger Jason Miles plays tribute to one of his major influences, the legendary trumpeter Miles Davis. With Miles to Miles a 12-track disc featuring symbolic titles that recognize some of Davis' exquisite tastes, Jason Miles has created a masterful musical program that is resplendent with both the spirit and creative vibe of the legendary trumpeter. Jason Miles' masterful programming and synth arrangements expand the musical ideas into an otherworldly realm that was unheard of during Davis' modal period and reign with arranger/orchestrator Gil Evans in the late '50s and early '60s. The songs here are truly 21st century concepts. The set opens with "Ferrari," a reference to Davis' red motorcar and the high-speed drive that the two musicians took up the Pacific coast. The energetic rhythms capture this trip's velocity as saxophonist Michael Brecker adds an angular melody line over the electronic funk. DJ Logic's turntables add extra dimensions and colors. "Butter Pecan" is a take on the trumpeter's love of butter pecan ice cream. This track is great and features an overdubbed sax section played by Gerald Albright and a solo by Adam Holtzman. One of the brightest spots on this amazing recording is "Flamenco Sketches,"the Spanish-influenced song from Davis' classic 1959 album titled Kind of Blue. With updated lyrics and instrumental stylings written to the melodies of Davis' and John Coltrane's original solos, and guest appearances from pianist Keiko Matsui and guitarist Marc Antoine, this song comes alive with the beauty and spirit of Davis' genius. Miles to Miles was inspired by the first time Jason Miles ever met Miles Davis, who sketched a little stick figure on a note pad and autographed it "Miles to Miles" with a little trumpet. With the addition of some of contemporary jazz's most in-demand musicians, these 12 musical stories tell a tale of their creativity, inspiration, and friendship, and aptly demonstrate Jason Miles' capabilities as a true innovator. ~ Paula Edelstein, All Music Guide
1996: VA - MOD JAZZ (Kent 139) Music » Jazz » Mainstream
1996: VA - MOD JAZZ (Kent 139)
Artist: VA
Label: Kent
Year: 1960-1968, release: 1996
Format, bitrate: VBR 128-192 kbps
Time: 01:14:04
Size: 102 Mb

MOD JAZZ, , , . !:)

Jazz on Kent!! Same suits same basement club same attitude and same mods who could dance or pose to Mose
just as easily as Motown - it is all in the grooves.
Richie Beirach Biography
Richie Beirach

, , .
1977: Richie Beirach - Hubris Music » Jazz » Mainstream
1977: Richie Beirach - Hubris

Artist: Richie Beirach
Album: Hubris
Label: ECM, Japan
Year: rec. 1977/rel. 1978
Format: flac, cue, scans
Time: 39:33
Size: 142. Mb

Very Rare and very nice album!
For my friends in JBC!

Having already established himself playing electric piano in David Liebman's Lookout Farm group in the early '70s, pianist Richie Beirach set up his solo career by way of some fine ECM releases. Mixing in solo work with combo dates, Beirach showed off his Bill Evans-tinged style and revealed his own brand of soft melancholy to the jazz audience. This solo date from 1977 proves the point with nine meditative pieces, all couched in ECM's patented spacious sound. While not on the same intensity level of Keith Jarrett's work or as subtle as Evans' prime recordings, Beirach's playing here still delivers its own dreamy rewards. ~ by Stephen Cook, AMG
McCoy Tyner Plays Ellington Music » Jazz
McCoy Tyner Plays Ellington
Artist: McCoy Tyner
Album: McCoy Tyner Plays Ellington
Label: GRP/Impulse!
Year: 1964
Release: 1997
Style: Post-Bop
Format mp3, bitrate: 320 kb/s
Time: 46:21
Size: 114 Mb (covers)
AMG Rating: McCoy Tyner Plays Ellington

This is an interesting project (reissued on CD) that works quite well. The already distinctive pianist McCoy Tyner utilized bassist Jimmy Garrison, drummer Elvin Jones and two Latin percussionists to interpret a full set of Duke Ellington songs (although "Caravan" was actually composed by Juan Tizol). For this CD the original seven tunes are joined by a "new" alternate take of "Gypsy Without A Song" and previously unreleased renditions of "It Don't Mean A Thing" and "I Got It Bad." In addition to some well-known standards, Tyner debuted an unrecorded Ellington piece "Searchin'" and revived "Mr. Gentle & Mr. Cool." This is an excellent outing that displays both Tyner's debt to the jazz tradition and his increasingly original style. This fine set was reissued on CD by Impulse in 1997. - Scott Yanow at AMG
2000: Abdullah Ibrahim - Cape Town Revisited Jazz, Modern Jazz
2000: Abdullah Ibrahim - Cape Town Revisited
Artist: Abdullah Ibrahim
Album: Cape Town Revisited
Label: Tip Toe
Year: 2000
Format: MP3, 320 kbps
Time: 57:43
Size: 133 MB
AMG rating 2000: Abdullah Ibrahim - Cape Town Revisited

Pianist Abdullah Ibrahim has celebrated his South African heritage in music ever since being forced to emigrate from his homeland in the early '60s. Considering that this CD was recorded in Cape Town, South Africa in 1997 and that apartheid is a thing of the past, it is not surprising that Ibrahim's music is even happier than usual. The 15 songs, all originals by the pianist, are played in a continuous performance, including some old favorites ("The Wedding" and "The Mountain") plus a few newer tunes; "Someday Soon Sweet Samba" and "African Street Parade" are particularly joyous and rousing. Ibrahim is joined by bassist Marcus McLaurine, drummer George Gray and (on three numbers) trumpeter Feya Faku, whose entry on the seventh song is somewhat jarring. Overall, this is one of Abdullah Ibrahim's best all-round sets. ~ Scott Yanow, AMG
1955: Jackie McLean - Presenting Jackie Mclean Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
1955: Jackie McLean - Presenting Jackie Mclean
Artist: Jackie McLean
Album: Presenting Jackie Mclean
Year: 1955, release: 2006
Label: Fresh Sound
Quality: mp3@320kbps
Size: 84 MB
Total Time: 40 Min

Originally issued in 1955, this is Jackie McLean's debut date as a leader. The band includes Donald Byrd on trumpet (himself a young lion at the time), pianist Mal Waldron, Doug Watkins on bass, and drummer Ronnie Tucker. A standard late bebop and early hard bop date (but then again, hard bop was still fresh and new at the time, and McLean was at the forefront of it), the album is most notable for its two McLean originals: "Little Melonae" and the beautiful blues "Blue Doll." Mal Waldron's "Mood Malady" closes the set with a wonderful showcase of his own use of extended harmonic reaches inside a conventional hard bop tune. ~ Thom Jurek, AMG
1940-1941: Champion Jack Dupree - New Orleans Barrelhouse Boogie Music » Blues » Piano blues & booqie

1940-1941: Champion Jack Dupree - New Orleans Barrelhouse Boogie
Artist:Champion Jack Dupree
Album: New Orleans Barrelhouse Boogie
Label: Columbia/Legacy
Years: 1940-41, release:1993
Format, bitrate: mp3; 320 Kbps
Time: 68:00
Size: 157.0 MB
AMG Rating 1940-1941: Champion Jack Dupree - New Orleans Barrelhouse Boogie

The New Orleans barrelhouse boogie piano specialist's earliest sides for OKeh, dating from 1940-1941 and in a few cases sporting some fairly groundbreaking electric guitar runs by Jesse Ellery. Dupree rocks the house like it's a decade later on two takes of "Cabbage Greens" and "Dupree Shake Dance," while his drug-oriented "Junker Blues" was later cleaned up a bit by a chubby newcomer named Fats Domino for his debut hit 78 "The Fat Man." ~ Bill Dahl, All Music Guide
1979: Bill Evans - Ao Vivo No Chico's Bar Music » Jazz » BeBop » Cool
1979: Bill Evans -  Ao Vivo No Chico's Bar
Artist: Bill Evans
Album: Ao Vivo No Chico's Bar
Label: Loronix
Year: 1979, release: 1980
Format, bitrate: mp3@320 kb/s
Time: ~60 min
Size: 135,08MB

Finally arrived. It is everything I was wondering to be. You don't need to clean your glasses or check if your monitor is having problems, what you read is what you will hear, Luiz Eca and Bill Evans performing together at Chiko's Bar, Rio de Janeiro, 1980.

This is Luiz Eca & Bill Evans - Ao Vivo no Chiko's Bar (1980), for Loronix. I never heard about Bill Evans in Brazil and I have to say many thanks to JustBeto for making his K-7 tape available and Luiz Harding for the excellent remastering to digital format. The tape features an hour of music, including the guest appearance of Leny Andrade, singing Wave and some other nice things, such as Luiz Eca and Bill Evans talking to each other and some Eca improvisations using the acute keys of the piano.

JustBeto said to do not separate tracks to provide the full experience, but I decided to split the concert in 14 tracks with the whole concert. Applauses, conversations and piano improvisations are in the end of each track and the splits did not left a second of music out. Anyway, thanks JustBeto and Luiz.

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