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Jazz Blues Club » Articles for 20.05.2009
Harry Edison And His Orchestra - Sweets Music » Jazz » Mainstream
Harry Edison And His Orchestra - SweetsArtist: Harry Edison And His Orchestra
Album: Sweets
Year: 1956 (2005)
Label: Verve
Format, bitrate: MP3@320k & FLAC
Size: 93.7MB & 151.8MB
Time: 45:15
AMG Rating: Harry Edison And His Orchestra - Sweets

Neither an innovator nor an iconoclast, trumpeter Harry "Sweets" Edison is simply one of the bluesiest, hardest-swinging, and downright tastiest jazz musicians of the 20th century. A consummate sideman who worked steadily throughout his career (even getting gigs recording soundtracks in the '50s), Edison created music that always reflected his journeyman aesthetic and unerring sense of swing. Recorded in 1956, Sweets is one of the quintessential Edison albums showcasing the former Count Basie bandmember at the height of his abilities with a stellar ensemble of other Basie-ites, including tenor saxophonist Ben Webster, guitarist Barney Kessel, pianist Jimmy Rowles, bassist Joe Mondragon, and drummer Alvin Stoller. Rolling from blues to standards and back to blues, the album is a veritable "how-to" book of swing. In fact, leadoff track "Hollering at the Watkins" finds Edison building one of his trademark perfect solos in which each chorus gains more energy as the trumpeter seems to grab hold of the band, making it swing harder as his lines pucker with melodicism and timing. It's also nice to hear guitarist Kessel really get to rock out a bit, bending his notes Tiny Grimes style, without ever dropping the time. However, it's not just the blues tunes that keep your attention but such ballads as "Willow Weep for Me" and "Love Is Here to Stay," featuring Edison and Webster in top mellowed-out form.
~ Matt Collar, AMG
Sophie Milman - Take Love Easy Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
Sophie Milman - Take Love EasyArtist: Sophie Milman
Album: Take Love Easy
Release: 2009
Label: Koch Records
Format, bitrate: MP3, VBR
Size: 73 Mb

On "Take Love Easy" Sophie Milman takes another huge leap forward in a career that has been celebrated from Day One as one of the brightest stories in the vocal universe. This album reveals more nuances to Sophie's growing skills. In addition to a group of hand-picked standards delivered in her sassy and sultry style, Sophie stretches the boundaries of her repertoire by including more contenporary pop songs by the likes of Joni Mitchell (Be Cool), Paul Simon (50 Ways To Leave Your Lover), even Bruce Springsteen (I'm On Fire). But these tunes are hardly about "going pop". Sophie is all about moving the jazz vocal tradition forward in the most musically agreeable way possible.
Bessie Smith - The Complete Recordings, Vol. 1 Music » Blues
Bessie Smith - The Complete Recordings, Vol. 1Artist: Bessie Smith
Album: The Complete Recordings, Vol. 1
Year: 1923
Release: 1991
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 320 Mbps.
Time: 62:26 + 61:21 min.
Size: 259 MB (+ covers)

In the 1970s, Bessie Smith's recordings were reissued on five double LPs. Her CD reissue series also has five volumes (the first four are double-CD sets) with the main difference being that the final volume includes all of her rare alternate takes (which were bypassed on LP). The first set (which, as with all of the CD volumes, is housed in an oversize box that includes an informative booklet) contains her first 38 recordings. During this early era, Bessie Smith had no competitors on record and she was one of the few vocalists who could overcome the primitive recording techniques; her power really comes through. Her very first recording (Alberta Hunter's "Down Hearted Blues") was a big hit and is one of the highlights of this set along with "'Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do" (two decades before Billie Holiday), "Jail-House Blues," and "Ticket Agent, Ease Your Window Down." Smith's accompaniment is nothing that special (usually just a pianist and maybe a weak horn or two), but she dominates the music anyway, even on two vocal duets with her rival Clara Smith. All of these volumes reward close listenings and are full of timeless recordings.
~ Scott Yanow, AMG
Chick Corea - Waltz for Bill Evans Music » Jazz » Fusion
Chick Corea - Waltz for Bill EvansArtist: Chick Corea
Album: Waltz for Bill Evans
Label: Musicdisc
Year: 1969
Release: 1996
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 224 kb/s vbr
Time: 39:01
Size: 54,3 Mb

Recorded in New York City between 11 and 13 May 1969 this very obscure and hard to find recordings show us a Corea concentrated deeply in the cool post-bob jazz music totally influenced by the great Miles Davis with whom he was a full partner by that time. The highlight of the album is of course the title track Corea's composition "Waltz for Bill Evans". Recommended for those who want to explore Corea's early days and influences.
Trilok Gurtu - Crazy Saints Music » Jazz » Fusion
Trilok Gurtu - Crazy SaintsArtist: Trilok Gurtu
Album: Crazy Saints
Year: 1993
Label: CMP
Format, bitrate: MP3@320
Time: 46:41
Size: 87,6

Percussionist Trilok Gurtu comes from a long line of respected Indian classical musicians, but he's best known for his genre-blending fusions of world music and jazz. Crazy Saints is one of his most complex and challenging releases to date, enlisting the aid of jazz legends like guitarist Pat Metheny and Joe Zawinul to create a thoroughly modern sound that moves from razor sharp ensemble work to dizzying solos. The most effective songs are those that mine Gurtu's myriad world music influences, including "Manini" and "Blessing in Disguise," both of which are blessed with the haunting vocal ululations of Indian music legend Shobha Gurtu, the drummer's mother. The genteel balladry of "Ballad for 2 Musicians" and the excessive ambient noodling of "The Other Tune" may tax the patience of those with a lower tolerance for modern jazz wankery. But ultimately songs like the title track, which marries blistering beats in quirky time signatures with heavenly vocals and dazzling instrumental interplay, make the album a fine foray into jazz/world fusion.
~Bret Love, AMG
Johnny Hartman - For Trane Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
Johnny  Hartman - For Trane
Artist - Johnny Hartman
Album - For Trane
Label - Blue Note
Year - 1972, release - 1995
Quality - MP3@256kb/s & Flac
Size - 95,1mb & (99 x 2)+98.2MB (+ covers)
Time - 54:31

REPOST with new links for lossless from Mr. canito


The baritone achieved his greatest fame with John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman, an all-ballad album from 1962 that set Hartmans richly sonorous voice amid Coltranes quartet in some of its quietest moments. Most of Hartmans sparse recorded output puts the same emphasis on his warmly lyrical work at slower tempos, but this CD is different. Its a selection from two LPs recorded in Japan in 1972, with the first five tracks from a tribute to Trane and the final seven from Hartmans meeting with trumpeter Terumasa Hino.
Both present Hartman in a surprising light, swinging that powerful voice with extraordinary ease. The tributes arrangements echo Coltranes own treatments, and ”Nature Boy” is as distinctive as Nat Coles landmark version. The later session with Hino is just as good, spotlighting another underrecognized musician. The support is terrific throughout, making these some of Hartmans finest recordings. Hearing him as a complete jazz singer–not just the consummate balladeer–makes his short discography all the more regrettable.

~ Stuart Broomer,
From Clarksdale to Heaven: Remembering John Lee Hooker Music, Blues
From Clarksdale to Heaven: Remembering John Lee HookerArtist: Various Artists
Album: From Clarksdale to Heaven: Remembering John Lee Hooker
Label: Eagle Records
Year: 2002
Format, bitrate: mp3, 320 kbps
Time: 1h, 16 min, 19 sec
Size: 132mb

, , 21 2001 -, , , , , ...
, , , . : .
, - .
, .
Pat Metheny - Pat Metheny Group Music » Jazz » Fusion
Pat Metheny - Pat Metheny Group Artist: Pat Metheny
Album: Pat Metheny Group
Label: ECM
Year: 1978
Format, bitrate: MP3, 320 kbps
Size: 95 MB
Time: 41:30
Pat Metheny - Pat Metheny Group
Pat Metheny - Pat Metheny Group

The first recording by the Pat Metheny Group features the innovative guitarist along with keyboardist Lyle Mays, bassist Mark Egan, and drummer Dan Gottlieb. The music is quite distinctive, floating rather than swinging, electric but not rockish, and full of folkish melodies. The best known of these six Metheny-Mays originals are "Phase Dance" and "Jaco." This music grows in interest with each listen.
~Scott Yanow, AMG
Steve Lacy - Soprano Sax Music » Jazz
Steve Lacy - Soprano SaxArtist: Steve Lacy
Album: Soprano Sax
Label: Original Jazz Classics
Year: 1957
Release: 1991
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 320 Kbps.
Time: 33:47 min.
Size: 71,4 MB.

This was the first of three recordings soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy made for Prestige and this 11/1/57 session was his first as a leader... There was a controlled tension to this date, like everybody's trying to play, carefully, to a common goal. It's almost as if someone were present to make sure everybody stayed within obvious perimeters.
~ Bob Rusch, Cadence, AMG
Sir Roland Hanna - Apres Un Reve Music » Jazz » Mainstream
Sir Roland Hanna - Apres Un Reve

Artist: Roland Hanna
Album: Apres Un Reve
Label: VENUS
Year: 2002, release - 2003
Quality: MP3@320 kbps
Size: 107 mb
Total time: 49:10


Over a crisp calypso beat from collaborators Ron Carter and Grady Tate, Hanna opens Apres Un Reve (Venus 53-45, Sir Roland Hanna - Apres Un Reve), with a composition by pianist Arthur Rubinstein. With a minimum of fuss and affect, he proceeds to ruminate upon the beautiful melodies of Mahler, Dvorak, Borodin, Mozart, Faure, Schubert and Chopin with enviable lucidity and control of touch at tempos swinging and rubato, propelled by Carter's perfect note choices. The touch is light, the content isn't. It's Hanna's final work, capping a career devoted to the rejection of cant and to the principle of deploying all 88 notes on the piano in the process of self expression.
~ Ted Panken, Downbeat
Pastorius & Metheny & Ditmas & Bley - Jaco Music » Jazz » Fusion
Pastorius & Metheny & Ditmas & Bley - Jaco Artists: Jaco Pastorius, Pat Metheny, Bruce Ditmas, Paul Bley
Album: Jaco
Label: Jazz Door
Year: 1974
Format, bitrate: Mp3@320
Time: 36:40
Size: 84 Mb

Although one often thinks of Jaco Pastorius' first solo album as being 1976's Jaco on Epic, producer/keyboardist Paul Bley actually gave Pastorius his first chance to lead a recording two years earlier. Coincidentally titled Jaco, this spontaneous set (which has been reissued on CD) is also significant for being among guitarist Pat Metheny's first recordings; completing the quartet are Bley on electric piano and drummer Bruce Ditmas. The music consists of three songs by Bley, five from Carla Bley, and "Blood" by Annette Peacock. Pastorius sounds quite powerful, but Metheny's tone is kind of bizarre, very distorted and not at all distinctive at this point. The recording quality is a bit shaky throughout the electronic set, and the group does not quite live up to its potential, but Pastorius shows that he was already an innovative player, making this a CD of historic interest.
- Scott Yanow, AMG
George Benson & Jack McDuff Music » Soul » Soul-Jazz
George Benson & Jack McDuffArtists: George Benson & Jack McDuff
Album: George Benson & Jack McDuff
Label: Prestige
Year: 1964
Release 2007
Format bitrate: Mp3, 256 kbps
Time: 76 min
Size: 119.56 MB

George Benson's facile post-Wes Montgomery single-line and chord-accented style was well received in his salad days of the mid- to late '60s. Primarily self-taught and ear-trained, he made great strides in a five-year period around his native Pittsburgh, working with organist Jack McDuff on the East Coast chitlin circuit. As the soul-jazz and boogaloo movement was establishing itself, Benson was right in the pocket, as these seminal mid-'60s sessions perfectly illustrate. In tandem with saxophonist Red Holloway, the two Prestige label LPs New Boss Guitar and Hot Barbeque were initially reissued in 1977 on a vinyl two-fer, and now on this single CD. The first two tracks, "Shadow Dancers" and "The Sweet Alice Blues," sans McDuff though toeing the groove line, are the most original and modern numbers. The remaining tracks on the New Boss Guitar 1964 dates add McDuff, with "Just Another Sunday" a gold standard for the emerging style. Benson's balladic expertise during "Easy Living" is as impressive as in the different dynamic of the rompin' stompin' "Rock-A-Bye." From May Day of 1965, the title cut and original version of "Hot Barbeque" has become an all-time hit and ultimate groove biscuit. Drummer Joe Dukes is the difference maker, as his fluid ease in either swinging or mixing hard bop with R&B fifty-fifty effectively drives the band so simply. "Briar Patch" approaches rock & roll, while "Hippy Dip" shows a completely unified Benson and McDuff on a fun melody line. A most arresting high-register organ sound, near unearthly, surrounds an easy swing on "The Party's Over." In addition, check out the slow late-night blues "I Don't Know" (from the 1964 dates) and "Cry Me a River" from 1965. Although Benson would reach a zenith in his short career as a jazz musician during this period, before abandoning its purity for commercial pop singing, Holloway and McDuff went on and on and on to their own great acclaim. This is Benson's initial emergence, and a valuable reminder of how great he once was.
~ Michael G. Nastos, AMG
Jazz Old Trio feat David Goloschokin - Tenderly, Tenderly, And Only Tenderly Music » Jazz » Mainstream
Jazz Old Trio feat David Goloschokin - Tenderly, Tenderly, And Only TenderlyArtist: Jazz Old Trio feat David Goloschokin
Album: Tenderly, tenderly, and only tenderly
Label: Ermatell Records JCD 011
Year: 1994
Format: FLAC (cue + log)
Time: 60:15
Size: 90x3 + 62 Mb

Jazz Old Trio - Jazz Ensemble under the direction of Sergei Belichenko (born 16.03.1947), musician, drummer, one of the founders of the jazz movement in Siberia.
David Goloschokin - a well-known jazzman, the People's Artist of Russia, L'HOMME ORCHESTRE or MAN BAND.
Concert Record in Novosibirsk on 20 and 21 December 1994.
Very nice album, listen and enjoy!
Sir Roland Hanna - Biography Biography
Sir Roland Hanna - Biography

, .
Brief biography of the famous American jazz pianist, soloist and accompanist.
Oleta Adams - Lets Stay Here Music » Soul
Oleta Adams - Lets Stay HereArtist: Oleta Adams
Album: Let's Stay Here
Year: 2009
Label: Koch Records
Format, bitrate: MP3, VBR kbit/s
Size: 74,7 mB
Time: 54:42

The first album in many years from Oleta Adams and it's nice to hear that her famous vocals haven't dimmed a bit! The record's got a simple, easygoing sort of groove warm soul with a touch of jazz, but never too smooth or commercial and most tracks are arranged by Oleta, who also plays keyboards as the main instrumentation on the set. Most tunes are original -- but the album does include her great cover of "Feelin Good", which got a fair bit of TV circulation before this LP. Other titles include "No Way To Love Me", "Another Day Has Come & Gone", "The Best That I Can Do", "Act Of Forgiveness", "Yesterday", "Picture You The Way That I Do", "We Can't Stay Here", and "Let's Stay Here".
1996-2009, Dusty Groove America, Inc.
1939: Louis Armstrong and Friends - Jazz in Paris Traditional Jazz, Armstrong Louis
1939: Louis Armstrong and Friends - Jazz in Paris Artist: Louis Armstrong
Album: Jazz in Paris: Louis Armstrong and Friends
Label: Emarcy
Year: 1939
Release: 2002
Format: WMA Lossless, seperate files
Size: 245MB

The title of this compilation is a bit misleading, as Louis Armstrong only appears on seven of the CD's 20 tracks. All of them were recorded during a visit by the trumpeter to France in 1934 and were made on the sly, since he was under an exclusive contract to another label. The all-stars were primarily European musicians assembled for the session, though pianist Herman Chittison, a fellow American, makes his mark in "Super Tiger Rag," along with the leader's crisp, high-note solo. They compare favorably with some of Armstrong's later work back home with larger orchestras, but for the most part, the music is of minimal interest aside from his contributions. The other selections are a mixed bag. Pianist Freddy Johnson and trumpeter Arthur Briggs lead an orchestra that offers rather dated treatments of "Sweet Georgia Brown" and Spencer Williams' "Foxy and Grapesy." Actress Marlene Dietrich sings in her native German in "Wo Ist der Mann?" (Where Is the Man?), though the lyrics are half-spoken, backed by Briggs and Johnson leading a quintet. Tracks featuring vocalist Louis Cole with Briggs and Johnson are simply forgettable. Austrian singer Greta Keller is far more interesting than Dietrich on her pair of songs, including a moving "Goodbye to Summer" and the humorous, lightly swinging "I'm Gonna Lock My Heart and Throw Away the Key." The band is a good one, with expatriates Herman Chittison on piano and trumpeter Bill Coleman soloing. Clarinetist Danny Polo leads a sextet on the last four tracks, featuring either Garland Wilson or Una Mae Carlisle on piano and the phenomenal but underrated guitarist Oscar Alemn. The unaccredited "Doing the Gorgonzola" is easily the high point of this rare session. Overall, this music falls somewhat short of being essential, though the very reasonable price (like all of the CDs in Universal's Jazz in Paris series) makes it a bit more attractive.
~ Ken Dryden, AMG
Chick Corea - Expressions Music » Jazz » BeBop » Post-bop
Chick Corea - Expressions Artist: Chick Corea
Album: Expressions
Label: GRP
Year: 1993
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 256 kb/s vbr
Time: 1:07:19
Size: 122 Mb (cover)

Having put the Akoustic/Elektric band to bed, Chick Corea didn't delve into another group project right away, opting instead to get in touch with himself on the solo Expressions. This is just Corea on a Yamaha grand piano thumbing through a songbook that includes standards as well as one new track, "Blues for Art." (The disc is dedicated to Art Tatum.) Sometimes subverting the original melodies ("I Want to Be Happy") and other times giving them fairly straight interpretations (his own "Armando's Rhumba"), Corea seems comfortable, if not always inspired. However, unless you're well acquainted with the original versions, it's nearly impossible to glean what the pianist is adding to (or saying about) the music. Because of the similar circumstances for each recording, individual tracks rarely stand out from the whole. There are discernible moods as the pianist waxes sentimental ("This Was Nearly Mine"), indulges in the intellectual ("Oblivion"), or grows restless ("It Could Happen to You"), but the tricks and timbres become familiar before long. Corea has released relatively few works of solo piano, and they tend to be hit-or-miss affairs. By revisiting the standards, Expressions at least gives listeners a point of reference to enjoy this music from, but those looking for dazzling technique or brilliant revisionism will find better examples of these peppered throughout Corea's catalog. It's not a lightweight record, but reputations are made from stronger stuff.
~Dave Connolly, AMG
Freddie Cole - Always Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
Freddie Cole - Always Artist: Freddie Cole
Album: Always
Label: Fantasy
Year: 1994
Format, bitrate: MP3@320
Time: 53:27
Size: 96.5Mb

You have to hand it to Freddy Cole for breathing fresh air into such overdone classics as Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely" and Amanda McBroom's "The Rose," originally made famous by Bette Midler. Cole, whose voice is reminiscent of his much-beloved older brother, Nat "King" Cole, even successfully tackles David Gates' "If," popularized by '70s mellow marvel Bread. Cyrus Chestnut shines on the piano throughout. Always also features Antonio Hart, Javon Jackson, Grover Washington, Jr., and Russ Kunkel. Nice arrangements and understated production.
~ Tim Griggs , AMG
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