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Jazz Blues Club » Articles for 15.05.2009
Veronica Mortensen - Happiness Is Not Included Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
Veronica Mortensen - Happiness Is Not IncludedArtist: Veronica Mortensen
Album: Happiness... Is Not Included
Year: 2007
Label: Stunt Records
Quality/Bitrate: MP3 / VBR kbps / 44.1 Khz / Joint Stereo
Time: 45 min 20 sec
Size: 60.1 mb

Danish singer and composer Veronica Mortensens second album ”HAPPINESS is not included” was released in April 2007 at Stunt Records. Like her first album it contains her own material. Most of the lyrics are written with her husband Niels HP, while the music is produced by Morten Eriksen and herself. The album also contains interpretations of 4 songs by Paul Simon, Tom Waits, James Taylor and The Beatles. The music was recorded at Nilento studio in Gothenborg, Sweden, with a handful of the most prominent danish jazz musicians, underlining the jazz influence in Veronicas catchy tunes.
Veronicas resonant expressive and soulfull voice, indicates that she has listened to afro-american icons, such as Billie Holiday, Aretha Franklin and Erykah Badu. Yet she is free from the clichees and manners often associated with modern jazz/soul singers. Instead she comes through with a rare honesty in her singing, her tecnical abilities never standing in the way of the story.

Mel Rhyne - Organ-izing Music » Soul » Soul-Jazz
Mel Rhyne - Organ-izingArtist: Mel Rhyne
Album: Organ-izing
Year: 1960
Release: 2000
Label: Jazzland
Format: Flac (separate tracks)
Size: 150 + 143 Mb

(Melvin Rhyne) Organ-izing.

Mel Rhyne is best known as Wes Montgomery's organist on and off in the late 1950s and '60s. He led few dates of his own until his rediscovery in the 1990s, so the CD reissue of this early jam session is quite welcome. Rhyne leads an all-star sextet that also includes trumpeter Blue Mitchell, tenor saxophonist Johnny Griffin, pianist Gene Harris (the piano and organ work quite well together), bassist Andy Simpkins, and drummer Albert "Tootie" Heath. Each of the four basic tunes are at least eight-and-a-half minutes long, with all but one exceeding ten-and-a-half minutes. However, with four strong soloists, the music never slows down or loses its momentum. Highly recommended.
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
Al Bowlly - The Very Thought Of You Music » Old Gramophone
Al Bowlly - The Very Thought Of You
Artist: Al Bowlly
Album: The Very Thought Of You
Label: EMI
Year: 1990
Genre: Jazz, Vocal
Format, bitrate: MP3@320 kbps
Time: 75:27
Size: 86+80 Mb

"The very thought of you -
And I forget to do
The little
that everyone ought to do…"

~ Ray Noble

This CD for Fans of 1930s big band vocalists. Widely considered one of the finest London-based big band vocalists, the African-born Bowlly was a ballad specialist. The title track and "Goodnight Sweetheart," both written by bandleader Ray Noble, are classics of the big band style. This is a perfect introduction.
Ahmad Jamal - In Search of Momentum Post-bop, Mainstream
Ahmad Jamal - In Search of MomentumArist: Ahmad Jamal
Album: In Search of Momentum
Label: Dreyfus
Year: 2002
Release: 2003
Format, bitrate: MP3@320 (with covers)
Time: 58:23
Size: 146mb, 3% recovery

A guy who Miles Davis called his favorite piano player, Ahmad Jamal has always earned respect among other musicians and critics for his consistent and innovative five-decade career, but the general public has never celebrated him. Why is anybody's guess, except that he's never been one for self-promotion; he's always been too busy making music to talk about it much. This trio date, featuring the greatest soul-jazz drummer of all time -- Idris Muhammad -- and bassist James Cammack, is one of the most fiery and inspired of Jamal's career. Kicking it off with "In Search Of," Jamal's more percussive style is in evidence, kicking it with ninths and even elevenths in shifting time signatures in a modern version of something that unites McCoy Tyner's Coltrane period with the barrelhouse. Jamal's trademark dissonances are juxtaposed against his whimsical lyric side in "Should I," a tune he has played live for decades. His right-hand legato phrasing and a near Monk-ish sense of harmony highlight his cascading arpeggios and enormous chord voicings. And harmony is the central motif of this album. Jamal's sense of melodic and harmonic development is under-recognized, even as he has used both Ellington and Oscar Peterson for starting points and built upon them via Monk's engagement with rhythm and "wrong" notes. His chords are unique among jazz pianists in that they can be incorporated wholesale as part of a rhythmic attack or in single- or double-note clusters to swing the tune into its lyric...
Maynard Ferguson - Maynard Ferguson Octet Music » Jazz » Mainstream
Maynard Ferguson - Maynard Ferguson OctetArtist:Maynard Ferguson
Album: Maynard Ferguson Octet
Year: 1955
Release: 2008
Label: Verve
Format, bitrate: MP3@320kbit/s; FLAC
Time: 38:40
Size: 70.8MB; 132 mb
AMG Rating: Maynard Ferguson - Maynard Ferguson Octet

REPOST with additional FLAC links

This 2008 remastered edition of the 1955 album is one of Maynard Ferguson's highest rated releases on AMG.
"Octet" features great players, great arrangements, and some great jazz!
CHICAGO OST Music, Other
CHICAGO OSTComposer: Danny Elfman
Artist: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Renee Zellweger, Richard Gere and other
Album: Chicago (music from the "miramax" motion picture)
Label: Sony
Year: 2003
Genre: Musical
Format, bitrate: mp3, 320 kbps
Time: 1h, 10 min, 9 sec
Size: 163 mb

The movie version of Kander and Ebb's Chicago was long in the making, but it's well worth the wait. Director Rob Marshall's main change was to turn the classic musical numbers into fantasy sequences, but of course this isn't obvious on CD. Most importantly, the arrangements are bursting with life while being true to the show's spirit, and the casting is simply inspired. Catherine Zeta-Jones actually started her career on the British boards (she was in The Pajama Game and 42nd Street), so her turn as slinky Velma Kelly isn't that surprising; Rene Zellweger as Roxie Hart is more of a leftfield choice, but she shows she can handle the singing demands with pizzazz. The real revelation may well be rapper Queen Latifah, who belts out "When You're Good to Mama" with a marvelous affinity for the material. OK, so the R&B reprise of "Cell Block Tango/He Had It Coming" by Queen Latifah, Macy Gray, and Lil' Kim fails to convince, while Anastacia's "Love Is a Crime" is just blah (rest easy, purists, it's over the end credits). On the other hand, the CD provides two bonuses: "Class," which was cut from the movie, and "I Move On," a great duet written by Kander and Ebb for the final cut. It's really easy to mess up film adaptations of Broadway shows. Happily, Chicago proves it can be done right.
~ Elisabeth Vincentelli,
Michael Buble Biography Biography
Michael Buble Biography

Ask Michael Bublé how he felt going in to record his third studio album, Call Me Irresponsible, and this artist with 11 million albums sold and two Grammy nominations under his belt can sum it up in one word.

Terrified, he says simply. Terrified?
Completely, because I knew that it had to be better than the first two that it had to show growth without alienating anyone, and thats a tough line. So I sat there from the very beginning and came up with the songs, put together the skeleton, and thought about what arrangers I would hire. I even ended up at the mastering session, which artists rarely attend. I wanted to be involved in every aspect because I wanted it to be conceptually beautiful....

Steve Khan - Evidence Music » Jazz » BeBop » Post-bop
Steve Khan - EvidenceArtist: Steve Khan
Album: Evidence
Label: Novus
Year: 1980
Format: m4a
Time: 39:17
Size: 192 mb (covers)
Steve Khan - Evidence Steve Khan - Evidence

Steve Khan gained his initial reputation as a fusion guitarist, so this session (which has been reissued on CD) was a revelation to many when it was released. A rather introspective set of melodic music, the program is highlighted by an 18-and-a-half-minute, nine-song Thelonious Monk medley that is performed solo. Khan is actually the only performer throughout the date, although he uses overdubbing on some cuts ("In a Silent Way" has eight guitars). With its strong melodies (including Wayne Shorter's "Infant Eyes") and subtle but creative playing, this is still one of Steve Khan's most rewarding recordings.
~ Scott Yanow at AMG
The Best Of Max Raabe & Palast Orchester Music » Jazz » Fusion » Smooth & Lounge
The Best Of Max Raabe & Palast OrchesterArtists: Max Raabe & Palast Orchester
Album: The Best Of
Label: Delta Records
Year: 2003
Format, bitrate: mp3, 320 kbps
Time: 1:14:40
Size: 176 Mb

Max Raabe (December 12, 1962 in Lnen) is a German singer and band leader of the Palast Orchester. He and his orchestra specialise in recreating the sound of German dance and film music of the 1920s and 1930s, especially by performing songs of the Comedian Harmonists.
He founded the Palast Orchester in 1986, while he was studying at the Berlin University of the Arts from 1988 to 1995 as a baritone opera singer. His career and that of the Palast Orchester began with a Schlager hit entitled "Kein Schwein ruft mich an" ("Why does no one call" aka "No pig calls me", 1992), a pop song in 1920s style, and the film Der bewegte Mann (English title: "Maybe, Maybe Not") in 1994.
He writes original music, including film music, and also creates covers of well known modern pop songs in a 1920s-1930s band style, including such songs as Britney Spears's "Oops!... I Did It Again", and Tom Jones' "Sex Bomb"
Jacintha - Lush Life Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
Jacintha - Lush LifeArtist: Jacintha
Album: Lush Life
Year: 2002
Label: Groove Note
Format, bitrate: mp3, 256 kbps
Size: 119Mb

REPOST with an additional link from Mr. franco1954!

This is Jacinthas third album for Groove Note, and her first with strings. Very popular in her native Singapore, shes beginning to get a worldwide reputation, and this release demonstrates why: Her voice is lovely, with clear diction and expressive, naturalistic phrasing. She draws the listener into a warm intimacy from the first track, The Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” a rarely covered and beautiful song with the perfect rainy night in Paris” ambience supplied by Frank Marocco on accordion. Other highlights include a bluesy but refreshingly non-wailing Black Coffee,” with a fine, understated solo by Bill Cunliffe on piano; hes also good on the silky bossa Manha de Carneval,” where Anthony Wilsons melodic plucking contrasts nicely with the smoothness of the strings. Another unusual but happy choice, When We Were Young,” showcases the superb flgelhorn of Dmitri Matheny, which enhances four other tracks as well. Eight of the ten selections are ballads and, since Jacintha delivers her message straight and serene, the overall feel is quiet, sultry, and relaxing. After slooow readings of The Shadow of Your Smile,” Lush Life,” and September Song,” Joe LaBarberas brushes and drum accents on Harlem Nocturne” provide a welcome texture and pulse. The surprise of the CD is the startlingly original, soaring introduction to the vastly overplayed Summertime,” where Cunliffes string arrangement evokes both Gershwin and modern French composers. This is excellent late-night listening; the local male vote was mesmerizing.”
Judith Schlesinger, AMG

Lena Horne and Michel Legrand - Lena and Michel Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
Lena Horne and Michel Legrand - Lena and Michel
Artists - Lena Horne, Michel Legrand
Album - Lena and Michel
Label - RCA
Year - 1975
Quality - MP3@320 kbps (LP-rip)
Size - 90,2 mb
Total time - 40:22

REPOST with a new link

A sweetly mellow album of 70s work from Lena cut in a mode that's as soulful as her sides for the Skye label a few years earlier, and handled by the same producer too! The main difference in the style is the presence of Michel Legrand working here in a mode that's still got the warm, lush styles of his best soundtrack recordings, but which also has a funkier New York undercurrent. Instrumentation is by a core group of studio funkers that include Richard Tee, Paul Griffin, Joe Beck, Grady Tate, and Cornell Dupree -- and the sound has a laidback and mellow approach to soul that's a nice change for Lena. Titles include "Let Me Be Your Mirror", "I Will Wait For You", "Loneliness", "Being A Woman", "Nobody Knows", "Everything That Happens To You Happens To Me", and "Thank You Love"
Gato Barbieri - The Shadow Of The Cat Modern Jazz, Latin
Gato Barbieri - The Shadow Of The CatArtist: Gato Barbieri
Album: The Shadow Of The Cat
Label: Peak Records
Year: 2002
Format, bitrate: MP3, 320 Kbps
Time: 58:14
Size: 136 Mb

REPOST with a new link

According to the press biography disseminated with advance copies of Gato Barbieri's Peak Records debut, The Shadow of the Cat, he was nearing 70 at the time of this release (previous published accounts would have put him at only 67) and this is the 50th album on which he is either featured or is the leader. One cannot, then, reasonably expect the old cat to have learned new tricks. Nor has his new label required him to; the company, run by contemporary jazz guitarist Russ Freeman, specializes in a melodic, commercial style of jazz. Producer Jason Miles (whose previous clients include Miles Davis and Luther Vandross) seems to have aimed at re-creating the sound of Barbieri's mid-'70s albums for A&M Records, even to the point of enlisting trumpeter Herb Alpert (the "A" in A&M) as a prominent guest ("Para Todos [For Everyone]" finds Barbieri and Alpert dueling pleasantly) and having Barbieri recut his signature tune, "Last Tango (Theme From Last Tango in Paris)." A bevy of other smooth jazz artists also sit in, including the company head, of course, along with some percussionists enlisted to give the album the appropriate Latin flavor. Buoyed by such support, Barbieri sounds good, soloing warmly throughout the disc, and maybe that's the real story here -- that, at some point in his late sixties, the veteran musician, bedeviled by health and emotional problems for much of the 1990s, is back to playing in his most appealing style in the 21st century.
~ William Ruhlmann, AMG
Etta Jones & Houston Person - Dont Misunderstand Jazz, Vocal Jazz
Etta Jones & Houston Person - Dont MisunderstandArtist: Etta Jones & Houston Person
Album: Don't Misunderstand
Label: HighNote (HCD 7173)
Year: 1980
Release: 2007
Format: FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers
Time: 00:53:31
Size: 240 Mb

Collaborations are ubiquitous in jazz. Legendary ones are rarer, but still existent. When one of the two talents involved passes away and is survived by the other, many listeners refuse to let go of the memory and hold every succeeding project to the standards set by the collaboration. Saxophonist Houston Person escapes this predicament, but barely, not because of his talent - which is abundant - but because of how darn good he and Etta Jones were together. Don't Misunderstand is a beautiful album that perfectly encapsulates the relationship that transformed two great, but distinct, talents into a duo with a place in jazz history.
Etta Jones and Houston Person began collaborating in 1968 until Jones passed away in 2001. Their partnership never seemed strained or divergent; it was organic and explosive and Don't Misunderstand, recorded in New York in the '80s, demonstrates the relationship perfectly. The richness and robustness of Jones' voice does not overpower the precision of Person's saxophone, but the converse also holds true; Jones' voice and Person's saxophone are complementary instruments, united to convey the yearning and subdued sensuality of the songs. On tracks like "Exactly Like You", however, they seem to compete, her voice earth-shattering and ethereal and his notes tender and passionate. It's a near perfect track, the highlight of the disc and a musical synopsis of their musical relationship. The arrangement in said relationship is obvious: Jones sang, Person played.

Karla Cornejo
Diane Schuur - Pure Schuur Music, Jazz, Vocal Jazz
Diane Schuur - Pure Schuur Artist:Diane Schuur
Album: Pure Schuur
Year: 1991
Label: GRP
Format, bitrate: MP3, 320 kbps
Time: 47min, 41 sec
Size: 113 mb
AMG Rating: Diane Schuur - Pure Schuur

REPOST with a new link

Diane Schuur has always been one of the world's greatest modern jazz voices, and her purity on this collection makes for her most artistic yet accessible statement to date. She may be broadening her scope to include pop, but she's also sure to pay homage to her jazzy upbringing, most notably on her stunning renditions of "Unforgettable" (the same year Natalie Cole triumphed with the song) and "Deed I Do," a sassy big-band duet with the late Joe Williams. The magic of Pure Schuur lies in Schuur's ability to pick and interpret such a wide range of songs with so many different types of arrangements. While producer Andre Fischer seems to have a grand old time backing Deedles with sporty horn sections and synthesized sounds, the album is most effective with minimal instrumentation, as on the magnificent "You Don't Remember Me" and "We Can Only Try." As with Frank Sinatra and the like, Schuur is blessed with good-to-great songs, smart arrangers, and stellar productions, but it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that...voice. Schuur's is clear, rich, and powerful, mixing fun and romance as only a jazz legend in the making can.
~ Jonathan Widran, AMG
Diane Schuur - Midnight Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
Diane Schuur - Midnight Artist: Diane Schuur
Album: Midnight
Year: 2003
Label: GRP records
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 320 kbps
Time: 49 min
Size: 113 mb
AMG Rating: Diane Schuur - Midnight

REPOST with a new link

On this set, Diane Schuur performs 13 songs written or co-written by Barry Manilow, most of which are new. On first glance, the project may not seem to have much potential, particularly if one thinks of Manilow's pop records. However, other than a charming vocal duet on the closing "Anytime," Manilow is not on this date and the emphasis is on Schuur's beautiful voice. Fortunately, she takes most of the songs pretty straight, sounding at her best throughout. Manilow proves to be an underrated songwriter, contributing some touching ballads and a few swingers while collaborating with some talented and often witty lyricists. A few of the songs are good enough to become standards (though the odds are against it) and there are some short horn solos along the way. Karrin Allyson duets with Schuur on the humorous "Stay Away from Bill," and singer Brian McKnight helps out on "I'll Be There." All in all, Midnight is a surprising success easily recommended to fans of Diane Schuur's voice.
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
Buck Clayton - Earl Hines All Stars - Jazz From A Swinging Era Music » Jazz » Mainstream
Buck Clayton - Earl Hines All Stars - Jazz From A Swinging Era

Artists: Buck Clayton & Earl Hines All Stars
Album: Jazz From A Swinging Era 2CD
Label: Lonehill Jazz
Year: 1967, release - 2006
Quality: MP3@320 kbps
Size: 137+144 mb
Total time: 62:54+66:28
AMG Rating: Buck Clayton - Earl Hines All Stars - Jazz From A Swinging Era

Count Basie's trumpet alumnus Buck Clayton organized and led a fine "all-star" band that toured Europe during March and April of 1967. They visited ten different countries, performed at 27 concerts in two-dozen cities, and laid down 19 tracks in a Parisian studio on March 12th. This double-disc compilation presents all of that material with the addition of eight jams recorded live at the Tivoli Konzerthalle in Copenhagen on March 17th, at the Liederhalle in Stuttgart on April 3rd, and at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club in London on April 6th. The extraordinary front line included trumpeter Roy Eldridge; trombonist Vic Dickenson; and saxophonists Earle Warren (who also played clarinet wonderfully), Budd Johnson, and Bud Freeman. Pianist and organist Sir Charles Thompson, who had been a primal force in the bop revolution of the mid-'40s, was placed in the unenviable position of alternating with Earl Hines, who is said to have precipitated the dissolution of this touring ensemble by dominating the group with his powerful persona. This friction, along with the presence of Roy Eldridge, certainly helped to spark things up a bit both in the studio and on-stage. The upbeat numbers from the live dates are wild, particularly a screaming 11-minute race through "St. Louis Blues," which is very much dominated by Earl Hines. Crucial support was provided by bassist Bill Pemberton and drummer Oliver Jackson. Since many of the players shared a Basie background, a pleasant and interesting contrast was provided by the sunny tonalities of Bud Freeman, a gentle soul whose handling of the ballad "What Is There to Say" brings to mind a large orange tomcat curled up on a cozy cushion inside of a wicker basket.
~ arwulf arwulf, All Music Guide
Diane Schuur - Swingin' for Schuur Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
Diane Schuur - Swingin' for Schuur Artist:Diane Schuur
Album: Swingin' for Schuur
Year: 2001
Label: GRP
Format, bitrate: MP3, 320 kbps
Time: 57 min
Size: 133 mb
AMG Rating: Diane Schuur - Swingin' for Schuur

REPOST with a new link

Well regarded as one of our greatest living jazz singers, Schuur seems to enjoy album titles created out of puns of her name -- prior to this there was Friends for Schuur -- but don't let the novelties distract you from this sassy, explosively brassy swing project blending her inventive vocals with Ferguson's blistering trumpet and the ensemble energy of his Big Bop Nouveau Band. Aside from crisp performances by both, the real key to the success here is the unexpected arrangements of standards by various members of Ferguson's band. Two classics generally rendered as intimate ballads -- "Autumn Leaves" and "My Romance" -- are rendered as easy swaying, frisky finger-snapping romps. The interlude after the first verse on "Autumn Leaves" typifies the way Ferguson lets his guys jam before he steps up and challenges them with a powerful wailing flurry of high notes. "My Romance" finds Schuur moving out of her crystal clear midrange safety zone and reaching the high registers, with a few vocal notes matched at the end by the trumpet. Many of the arrangements are like baritone saxman Denis DiBlasio's twist on "East of the Sun and West of the Moon" -- Schuur gliding over a snappy but subdued jazz trio before Ferguson and company burst in with increasingly muscular horn textures, which then push her to emotional heights. Most of the songs incorporate such mood swings, but "Deep Purple" stays a slow, seductive, and subdued ballad the whole way through. Schuur once again proves she's an amazing vocalist who can sing along with the best of them. Is there another singer who's made duet recordings with both Ferguson and B.B. King?
~ Jonathan Widran, AMG
Diane Schuur - Friends For Schuur Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
Diane Schuur - Friends For Schuur Artist: Diane Schuur
Album: Friends for Schuur
Year: 2000
Label: GRP
Format, bitrate: MP3, 320 kbps
Time: 56 min
Size: 130 mb
AMG Rating: Diane Schuur - Friends For Schuur

, , - . . - , . fellow

REPOST with a new link

Diane Schuur, one of the greatest entertainers in the world, makes her Concord Jazz debut with Friends for Schuur and it is remarkable. Her multifaceted vocal artistry is featured in great company on 11 sensational songs including two "live" concerts that feature Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder. There is even a digitally reintroduced version of "Easy Living," featuring the great Stan Getz. Diane Schuur is regal and she's soulful, passionate, and playful and her avid listeners know immediately that her voice has all the right qualities: technique, range, and adaptability to pop, jazz, gospel, and blues. "I'd Fly" is a definite smooth jazz hit. She sings its sexy, but beautifully contoured melody, romantic lyrics with such yearning and passion that this late-night romantic ballad should land solidly on the charts. Her duet with Stevie Wonder on "Finally" is prime. Her "live" duet with Ray Charles on "It Had to Be You" is packed full of soul, and all the while, you know you're in the middle of something amazing. The great songwriters Alan Bergman and Dave Grusin place their inimitable stamp on the essential "It Might Be You" (Theme From "Tootsie") and with Schuur's heartfelt vocals, it clearly remains one of the best songs of the 20th century. Friends for Schuur brings you the new first lady of jazz at the height of her award-winning career. With it, Diane Schuur becomes the consummate entertainer whose dreams are forever intertwined with the greatest names in jazz and contemporary music.
~ Paula Edelstein, AMG
Don Byas - Walkin' Music » Jazz » BeBop » Post-bop
Don Byas - Walkin'
Artist - Don Byas
Album - Walkin'
Label - Black Lion
Year - 1963, release - 1992
Quality - MP3@320 kbps
Size - 121 mb
Total time - 53:30
AMG Raiting: Don Byas - Walkin'

REPOST with a new link

The second of two CDs taken from the same appearances at the Montmartre in Copenhagen as A Night in Tunisia, this release showcases the masterful (if underrated) tenor Don Byas in a quartet with pianist Ben Axen, bassist Niels Pedersen and drummer William Schiopffe. Byas was always a powerful player and he digs into such songs as "There'll Never Be Another You," "Billie's Bounce" and "All the Things You Are," coming up with exciting and consistently inventive ideas. All jazz collections should have at least a couple of Don Byas albums.
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
Michel Camilo - On Fire Music » Jazz » Latin
Michel Camilo - On FireArtist: Michel Camilo
Album: On Fire
Label: Epic
Format: FLAC (log+cue)
Size: 381 MB (full scans)
Time: 51:27

A particularly strong outing by pianist Michel Camilo, this CD showcases him in trios with either Michael Bowie or Marc Johnson on bass, and Dave Weckl, Marvin "Smitty" Smith, or Joel Rosenblatt on drums; percussionist Sammy Figueroa dropped by for a song titled "...And Sammy Walked In." An exception from the trio format is "Hands & Feet," a duet with the flamenco dancer Raul. As with Michel Camilo's earlier Portrait release, all of the songs save one (in this case "Softly As in a Morning Sunrise") are his originals. Exciting and powerful music.

~ Scott Yanow, AMG
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