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Jazz Blues Club » Articles for 13.05.2009
Steve Lacy - Biography Biography
Steve Lacy - Biography

Biography of the great musician.
Ray Barretto - My Summertime Music » Jazz » Latin
Ray Barretto - My SummertimeArtist: Ray Barretto
Album: My Summertime
Label: OWL Blue Note
Year: 1995
Time: 1:05:43
Format: FLAC
Size: (95.78 x 3)+76.67MB (with covers)

Ray Barretto (a master of the congas) has effectively fused together bop-oriented jazz with Latin rhythms to form a particularly viable version of Afro-Cuban jazz; he hates the term "Latin jazz." Rather than sounding like two forms of music, Barretto's group New World Spirit shows that Latin rhythms can uplift all types of jazz songs, even ballads such as "When You Wish Upon A Star." Barretto's sextet is quite strong with Michael Philip Mossman's trumpet recalling Freddie Hubbard at times, Adam Kolker showing versatility and hard-driving swing during his tenor and soprano solos and the leader constantly cooking in the rhythm section. Whether it be Duke Jordan's "No Problem," "While My Lady Sleeps" or "Summertime" (which has Barretto partly talking his way through a vocal), the music is both creative and easily accessible. Recommended.
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
Steve Lacy - 5 x Monk 5 x Lacy Music » Jazz » BeBop » Post-bop
Steve Lacy - 5 x Monk 5 x LacyArtist: Steve Lacy
Album: 5 x Monk 5 x Lacy
Label: Silkheart
Year: 1994
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 320 kb/s
Time: 45:08
Size: 106 Mb
AMG Rating: Steve Lacy - 5 x Monk 5 x Lacy

No matter how many times Steve Lacy records the music of Thelonious Monk, his enthusiasm always makes it sound as if he is exploring the themes for the first time, although his mastery of Monk's music gives away the truth. Ever since the mid-1950s, the innovative soprano saxophonist has returned to Monk's pieces on a fairly regular basis. For this Stockholm concert, ana unaccompanied Lacy starts out with concise versions of five of Monk's numbers; only "Pannonica" exceeds four minutes. His interpretations are so self-sufficient that one does not miss the other instruments, although it is quite easy to "hear" the bass and drums behind the soprano. The remaining five performances are all Lacy originals, and although not overtly Monkish, his use of the themes as the basis for his improvising, thoughtful solos (often sounding as if he is thinking aloud), and highly original yet logical evolution of his improvisations (which often feature an inventive use of repetition) make the results continually fascinating. Highly recommended.
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
Sidney Bechet - Les Triomphes Du Jazz, Vol.2 Music » Jazz
Sidney Bechet - Les Triomphes Du Jazz, Vol.2Artist: Sidney Bechet
Album: Les Triomphes Du Jazz, Vol.2
Label: Habana
Year: 2000
Format, bitrate: MP3, 320 kbps
Time: 74:40
Size: 96+66 Mb

Born and die in one day…

Sidney Bechet (May 14, 1897 - May 14, 1959) - was an American jazz saxophonist, clarinetist, and composer. Tomorrow, 50 years from the date of death. Listen and remember!
This is the second disc from the 20-disc collection "Les Triomphes Du Jazz". Meet - Sidney Bechet.
Diane Schuur - Schuur Thing Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
Diane Schuur - Schuur ThingArtist: Diane Schuur
Album: Schuur Thing
Year: 1985
Label: GRP
Time: 40:21
Size: 92.6 MB
Format, bitrate: MP3, 320 kbps
AMG Rating: Diane Schuur - Schuur Thing

"Excellent tenor sax from Stan Getz; some nice leads."
Ron Wynn, AMG

That's all?For a 4 stars album?This may mean one thing:the project is not flawless but so many efforts were implanted in it we can't just walk on by. The songwriters,musicians and the two vocalists did a great job however some of the songs has a great miss of one important element:passion. Some of them sounds like a demo. As if the soundmixer or the arranger - or i don't know who'sresponsible for this - were spared his energy(rather money and time?)through the developing process."Love you back" is very heavy and slow. What happend to the rhythm section?And this rhythm question comes up by other songs too. The cd seems a bit sleepy. In spite of my scandalizing this album is one of my favo and deserved the 4 stars of 5.We can hear lovely,gentle,smooth music with two really flawless performances"It don't mean a thing" and "Sure thing".And i'm deadly schuur you all find more classy song on it ;)
Sonny Stitt - Low Flame Jazz, BeBop
Sonny Stitt - Low FlameArtist: Sonny Stitt
Album: Low Flame
Label: Jazzland
Year: 1962
Format, bitrate: Mp3@320
Time: 76:51
Size: 104 Mb

Stitt plays both tenor and alto sax on this set, backed by his working band of the time: Don Patterson on organ, Billy James on drums, and Paul Weeden on guitar. This small combo jazz fits between Bebop and soul-jazz, dominated by group-penned material. Stitt gets an especially smoky tone on the ballads, particularly on the title track, which is a sultry blues number also featuring the guitarist and organ in their solo turns. Weeden distinguishes himself more as a soloist than Patterson does, particularly on the Wes Montgomery-type lines on "Silly Billy." Prestige's 1999 CD reissue of the album combines Low Flame and the entirety of Stitt's 1964 album Shangri-La (which also features Patterson and James, though not Weeden) on the same disc.
~ Richie Unterberger, AMG
Los Amigos Invisibles - Comercial Music » Soul » Funk-Jazz
Los Amigos Invisibles - ComercialArtist: Los Amigos Invisibles
Album: Comercial
Year: 2009
Label: Nacional Records
Format, bitrate: mp3, 320 kb/s
Size: 108 mb

Since their 1995 debut, this multiple Grammy-nominated group has developed a sound based in the gozadera, an irresistible fusion of Latin rhythms with fiery funk and lounge music. After discovering one of their albums in a record shop, David Byrne signed the band to his label Luaka Bop, which in turned opened international doors for the group, helped them expand their sound, and helped establish them in the dance music scene. On this album, they enlisted a variety of special guests from Jorge Gonzalez (of Chilean rock legends Los Prisioneros) to Mexican songstress Natalia Lafourcade. Their most accessible work yet.
Mike Stern - Who Let the Cats Out? Music » Jazz » Modern Jazz
Mike Stern - Who Let the Cats Out?Artist: Mike Stern
Album: Who Let the Cats Out?
Label: Heads Up
Year: 2006
Format, bitrate: mp3, 320 kbps
Time: 73:29
Size: 166 MB

More than two decades into his solo career, Mike Stern, on his 13th album as a leader, continues to prove why he's earned so many "Best Jazz Guitarist" honors through the years. Stern's skills are undeniable, and new ideas never fail to materialize when he's at work. But what makes Stern stand out from the pack of virtuosic guitar technicians is that he always insists on letting his, and his support team's, abilities serve the music, not vice versa. On Who Let the Cats Out?, Stern and his well-chosen crew spill out lick upon impressive lick, but they never get so carried away with themselves that they lose sight of the tune's purpose and structure. Grandiosity is never a factor here, although there are dozens of occasions to applaud these musicians' chops. Richard Bona, the Cameroonian bassist, has worked with Stern before, but here he is given an expanded role, appearing on four tracks and contributing his falsetto-style, scat-like vocals to three of them: On "All You Need," one of the prettiest tracks on the record, Bona provides an uplifting sensuality. He also shines on "We're with You," a ballad featuring Stern on acoustic guitar. Devoid of pyrotechnics, this song of support to those hurting utilizes synth-derived orchestration and a mournful, quiet tone to bring home its emotionalism. Drummer Dave Weckl who alternates throughout with the excellent Kim Thompson is another major pacesetter here: On "Texas," the often-overdriven Weckl restrains himself, his no-frills drums and Me'Shell NdegOcello's creative bass chasing Stern's skronky slide while Gregoire Maret's harmonica provides the necessary borderland flavor. The title track, a quasi-swing/bop showpiece, finds Stern peeling out some of his most blazing, how'd-he-do-that? riffs and trumpet great Roy Hargrove trying to outdo each other and calling it a draw. Stern's soloing throughout the record is, in fact, ceaselessly imaginative: Whether within a total funk exercise like "Roll with It," which borrows Victor Wooten from the Flecktones for bass duties and spotlights sexy sax from Bob Malach, or the moody ballad "KT," on which Stern's guitar escalates in intensity alongside Jim Beard's soulful organ, Stern finds his place within the song's architecture, then rises several levels above what's required of him to present something unexpected and rewardingly original. Only on "Blue Runway," the eight-and-a-half-minute closer, with Anthony Jackson taking over the bass, do the players allow themselves to approach tediousness. Overextending themselves as they shift into hyperdrive, they turn the piece into a jam for its own sake. An anomaly, it doesn't by any means detract from the album's overall quality, though it does allow it to end on a disappointingly self-absorbed note.
~ Jeff Tamarkin, AMG
The Very Best Of The Manhattan Transfer Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
The Very Best Of The Manhattan TransferArtist: The Manhattan Transfer
Album: The Very Best Of The Manhattan Transfer
Year: 1975, 1978 - 1985, 1987
Release: 1994
Label: Rhino
Format, bitrate: MP3, 320 kbps
Time: 61:06
Size: 140 MB
The Very Best Of The Manhattan TransferThe Very Best Of The Manhattan Transfer

The greatest recordings of one of the greatest vocal groups ever existed in the world of jazz!
, - !

This eclectic collection of songs encompasses jazz, bebop, swing, doo wop, rock & roll, and gospel; all are trimmed in an attractive pop texture. These 16 compositions are taken from the vocal quartet's albums, which span 12 years (1975-1987). Each selection is inviting, as all four song stylists display their individual vocal skills and admirable harmonies. Laurel Masse appears on recordings up until 1979, when Cheryl Bentyne replaced her. Other members include Tim Hauser, Janis Siegel, and Alan Paul.
Craig Lytle, AMG
Grusin & Schuur & Ritenour & Corea - GRP Super Live In Concert Jazz, Jazz-Rock, Fusion
Grusin & Schuur & Ritenour & Corea - GRP Super Live In ConcertArtist: Dave Grusin,Diane Schuur,Lee Ritenour,Chick Corea Elektric Band
Album: GRP Super Live in concert
Year: 1988
Label: GRP
Format: MP3 320 cbr + flac
Size: 250 MB + 629 MB

This is a 2 CD set of a concert from Japan in 1987. The first CD is the allstar band (minus Chick Corea) and is 49 minutes long. Most of the tracks are 4 to 5 minutes long, except for the last which is 8 minutes. The second CD is Chic Corea's Elektric band, is 59 minutes. The sound quality of this concert is excellent (as you would expect from GRP). All the Grusin classics like 'AM attitude' and some with Tom Scott are all performed in a rocky/funky way with Ritnour adding to that feel with his trademark sound. If you like easy jazz or Corea's Elektric Band, then this CD is a serious find.
David "Fathead" Newman - I Remember Brother Day Music » Jazz » BeBop » Post-bop
David "Fathead" Newman -  I Remember Brother DayArtist: David "Fathead" Newman
Album: I Remember Brother Day
Label: High Note
Year: 2005
Format, bitrate: MP3, 320 kbps
Time: 50:40
Size: 112 Mb

I saw Fathead in Seattle right after he played one of these tunes as a solo at Ray Charles' funeral in LA. The old R&B sideman has become a tenor saint. And a leader. I asked him why he never put out a ballad album, since all the great tenors finally do. "Make it all tenor!" I whispered. He just smiled. Maybe he already had this filet on the coals.
Usually his tenor ballads are interspersed with pop, R&B, funk, and much of it on flute or alto sax. So we've never had a straight tenor session from Fathead. You have to go to blues albums under other names like Ronnie Earl ('Grateful Heart') or Jimmy McGriff ('Dream Team'). Those blues artists know that they want Fathead on tenor and nothing else! Well, this CD is about as close as I'll come to my dream, a Fathead Newman ballad/blues album on which he sticks to tenor.
No other tenor player has a sound quite like his: from the Texas lineage of Illinois Jacquette, Arnette Cobb, Willis Jackson and James Clay. This often means a tendency to bar-walk and honk. But Fathead, like Brother Ray, mellowed his blues shout into a gentle cry, gritty but tender. That is the particular genius in both of their sounds, and maybe Fathead learned it from brother Ray. Or maybe the secret is his old hard-rubber Berg-Larson mouthpiece: each amber note of melody served up smothered in gravy, charbroiled on the outside but juicy within. I would put Fathead in a distinguished list with Pres, Ben, Trane, Jug, Dexter and Getz. What do these disparate tenors have in common? They each have such a distinctive sound, all they need to blow is one note to gain instant recognition.
You'll recognize every tune as a Ray Charles hit, but you'll find that Newman has chosen the most melodic and balladic of Ray's songs. Even those that were originally up-tempo R&B have been turned down to sunset mellow. For after all, this is a eulogy to the master blues wailer who first introduced the young sax player with the album 'Fathead: Ray Charles Presents David Newman'('58). Like another recent eulogy, Houston Person's 'To Etta With Love' (Etta Jones), this tribute to a late great musical partner is bitter-sweet. At the same time, it gently swings.
Note the excellent accompaniment: master pianist John Hicks, the hot young drummer Winard Harper, and one of the best vibists in contemporary jazz, Steve Nelson. Each of these musicians can muster and lead their own recording sessions. It speaks highly of their respect for Ray Charles and his old friend Fathead that they would play as sidemen on this session. No, it isn't ground-breaking or even charged with edgy five-star energy. But it's worth every penny and every tear because of the devotion, drenched with memory, that inspired it.

~ A. K. L. "flamotte"
Stephane Belmondo - Wonderland Jazz, Blues
Stephane Belmondo - WonderlandArtist: Stephane Belmondo
Album: Wonderland
Label: Bflat Recordings
Year: 2003
Format, bitrate: MP3@320
Time: 70:72
Size: 100Mb

The idea of reinterpreting Stevie Wonders songs for his first solo disc an event in itself given that Stphane Belmondo is one of the most exceptional trumpeters in all of Europe was an obvious choice for the 36-year-old artist. The result is a mature album which he has refused to rush. There is great attention to detail without sacrificing any of the discs natural spontaneity; it has the kind of spontaneity associated with all great jazz records There are not many trumpeters who are able carry a whole album within the sober context of a quartet, and yet Stphane Belmondos strong sense of narrative, his astounding sensitivity and innate understanding of Wonders songs, his innovative interpretation, and his ability to balance respect for the original with a jazzmans capacity to make the music his own, enable him to do just that.
B Flat Recordings
Jaco Pastorius Big Band - The Word Is Out Music » Jazz » Fusion
Jaco Pastorius Big Band - The Word Is Out Artist: Jaco Pastorius Big Band
Album: The Word Is Out
Label: Heads Up
Year: 2006
Format, bitrate: MP3, 320 Kbps & flac(image) + cue + log
Time: 67:21
Size: 121 MB & 461mb, 3% recovery

REPOST with additional links for lossless and info from Mr. jazzcrazy

Jazz fusion bass freaks and fans of the late great Weather Report innovator first got the message that his richly textured compositions were ripe for spirited big-band arrangements on 2003's critically acclaimed Word of Mouth, whose all-star band was led by Peter Graves (whose orchestra Pastorius launched his career with) and included sharp melodic and rhythmic contributions by bassmen who have proudly carried on the tradition -- Victor Wooten, Gerald Veasley, Richard Bona, Victor Bailey, Marcus Miller, and Jimmy Haslip. On the funky, energetic, yet frequently poignant follow-up -- which reminds listeners even more of the bass legend's genius for composition -- these monsters return, complemented by band newcomers like Israel "Cachao" Lopez, Jr., Mark Egan, Oteil Burbridge, and Will Lee. What's exciting is that even though the set is joyfully plastered with grand solos by these rhythm masters as well as Randy Brecker, Hiram Bullock, Ed Calle, Bob Mintzer, Arturo Sandoval, Peter Erskine, and Mike Stern, everyone's truly dedicated to making this a buoyant team effort. So while Mintzer and Brecker blaze amidst the madness on "Dania," there's an eager sense of anticipation waiting for the sizzle of the whole ensemble to re-emerge. That same vibe extends to the midtempo cool yet simmering Latin arrangement of "Las Olas," which was arranged by Randy Bernsen and features a lush harmonica solo by Toots Thielemans. Pastorius' own compositions dominate, but classics from his famous collaborators Pat Metheny ("Sirabhorn") and Joe Zawinul (the low-key, soulful, and whimsical "Cannonball") are equally engaging. Another extra-Jaco treat is a speedy reading of the Beatles' "Blackbird," featuring a percussive soprano melody line by Calle over a subtle Bona-Erskine groove. Jaco Pastorius fans will flip with ecstasy, but even lovers of less progressive contemporary jazz will enjoy it for its spirit and lyrical melodies.
~ Jonathan Widran, All Music Guide
Jaco Pastorius Biography Biography
Jaco Pastorius Biography


Biography of the famous guitarist.

REPOST with new info from Mr. samson-jazz
Zucchero & Co. Music » Blues
Zucchero & Co.Artist: Zucchero
Album: Zucchero & Co.
Label: Universal Music (Italy)
Year: 2004
Format, bitrate: mp3, 320kb/s
Size: 175MB


Italian star Zucchero has coaxed a wide variety of fellow artists into the studio over the years, and those vocal duets and other collaborations are gathered together on this collection, covering a period of over 15 years. This is one of those albums on which, intentionally, the selling point is the laundry list of co-stars, which is formidable: Jeff Beck, Andrea Bocelli, Bono (as a songwriter), Solomon Burke, Vanessa Carlton (on piano), Eric Clapton, Sheryl Crow, Miles Davis, Haylie Ecker of Bond, Macy Gray, John Lee Hooker, B.B. King, Cheb Mami, Mexican group Mana,Tom Jones, Dolores O'Riordan of the Cranberries, Luciano Pavarotti, Sting, and Paul Young. These luminaries join Zucchero to sing and play a batch of his songs (and sometimes co-write them), with many of the lyrics in English. Zucchero has one of those familiar gruff rock baritones, most reminiscent of Peter Gabriel, though it sounds at times like Joe Cocker and even ascends into a Sting-like tenor. The music is mostly also familiar, bearing the trappings of Euro-American classic rock balladeering in a manner that ruled adult contemporary radio for much of the 1980s and '90s. It's no wonder that the album is a co-production of the Concord label, known for its classy jazz catalog but lately branching out into pop, and Hear Music, the recording arm of the Starbucks Coffee company. It's easy to imagine this music playing at a low volume in the nearest Starbucks coffee shop and intriguing patrons who recognize the voice of Sheryl Crow or a guitar lick by Eric Clapton and wonder where it comes from. And that's appropriate, since this album is as much a marketing concept as it is a musical one.
William Ruhlmann, AMG
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