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Jazz Blues Club » Articles for 30.04.2009
Quincy Jones - Classics, Vol.3 Music » Jazz » Fusion
Quincy Jones - Classics, Vol.3Artist: The Quincy Jones Big Band
Album: Classics, Vol.3
Label: A&M Records
Year: 1986
Total Time: 71:59
Format: Flac + MP3@320
Size: 413 MB

This collection was released during the time of A&M's 25th anniversary. Also at the time CD technology was still a new thing. That might explain the near-scientific title. Two of Jones' more quirky arrangements, "Gula Matari" and the "Sanford and Son Theme," show up here. In a surprise move, Jones' graceful and apt cover of Stevie Wonder's "You've Got It Bad Girl" makes this compilation. While Jones' vocals can be best described as thin, his lack of vocal gifts also play well in the mix on the cover of "What's Going On." Not surprisingly Classics, Vol. 3 has a lot from Jones' last A&M effort, the multi-platinum, Grammy-winning The Dude. The best tracks from that effort, "Razzamatazz" and "Betcha' Wouldn't Hurt Me," feature vocals from his finest female vocalist, Patti Austin. The never-a-hit and flat-out bad "Things Could Be Worse for Me" is the only thing that doesn't belong here. This set wasn't meant to be an essential overview and it does miss tracks like "Manteca," "Theme From the Anderson Tapes," and the phenomenal "Tell Me Bedtime Story." While Classics, Vol. 3 does indulge in quite a few bogus edits, too, this does balance 12 years of hits extremely well.
Jason Elias, AMG
Take 6 - I Will Always Love You Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
Take 6 - I Will Always Love You Artist: Take 6
Album: I Will Always Love You
Year: 1995
Label: Reprise
Time: 11:19
Format: FLAC + MP3 320kb/s CBR
Size: 74,6 MB & 25,9 MB
Astrud Gilberto – Beach Samba Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
Astrud Gilberto – Beach SambaArtist: Astrud Gilberto
Album: Beach Samba
Label: Verve
Year: 1967
Format, Bitrate: mp3/192
Size: 84.9MB

One of Gilberto's less impressive '60s Verve outings, primarily due to the more pop-oriented song selection. Much of this is just standard pleasant Gilberto: offhand vocals and a sumptuous Brazil pop-cum-U.S. orchestration feel (Ron Carter and Toots Thielemans are among the sidemen). And some of the pop choices work well, particularly Tim Hardin's gorgeous "Misty Roses." No vocals or arrangements, however, could save the criminally wrong-headed military march of "A Banda (Parade)," or the exasperatingly coochie-coochie duet between Gilberto and her six-year-old son on the Lovin' Spoonful's "You Didn't Have to Be So Nice." Which makes it all the more surprising when the next and concluding track, "Nao Bate O Corocao," has Gilberto cutting loose with confident, sassy scats, as she rarely did before or since. The CD reissue improves matters by adding five bonus cuts from A Certain Smile a Certain Sadness, recorded in 1966 in more authentically bossa nova-style arrangements, anchored by organist Walter Wanderley.

~ Richie Unterberger, AMG
Don Sebesky Orchestra - I Remember Bill: Tribute to Bill Evans Music » Jazz » Modern Jazz
Don Sebesky Orchestra - I Remember Bill: Tribute to Bill Evans Artist: Don Sebesky Orchestra
Album: I Remember Bill: Tribute to Bill Evans
Label: RCA
Year: 1998
Format, bitrate: MP3@256 kbit/s + 320 kbit/s
Time: 77:40
Size: 45 MB & 151 MB
AMG Rating: Don Sebesky Orchestra - I Remember Bill: Tribute to Bill Evans

REPOST with new a link & additional info from Mr. rocktaran

"...I wasn't striving to be an identifiable stylist -
I was really only striving to make music and to put it together
in some way of my own."

- Bill Evans

One more recognition to Bill Evans legacy. Sebeskys arrangements for Bill Evans material, and two of his own originals, with the help of his friends Joe Lovano, Lee Konitz, Toots Thielemans, John Pizzareli, Eddie Daniels, Larry Coryell, New York Voices. Bass and drums with Evans personnel: Eddie Gomes, Marty Morell, Marc Johnson and John LaBarbera
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Mahavishnu Music » Jazz » Fusion
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Mahavishnu Artist: Mahavishnu Orchestra
Album: Mahavishnu
Label: Warner Bros.
Release: 1984
Format/Bitrate: Mp3@320
Size: 96,3 MB
Time: 42:05

John McLaughlin resurrected the esteemed old Mahavishnu Orchestra for his mid-'80s quintet, even getting old mate Billy Cobham to fill the drum slot on the band's first album. But this is an entirely different conception than any of the '70s Mahavishnu outfits. The sound is cooler, less strident, more thoroughly dominated by advanced electronic textures -- including a sleekly elegant digital guitar played through a Synclavier. Instead of a violin, Bill Evans contributes some swirling and sometimes bop-flavored work on saxes, and McLaughlin gets mobile but not overly combustible support from keyboardist Mitch Forman and bassist Jonas Hellborg. The homages continue; the opening of "Nostalgia" is exactly that, a throwback to "In a Silent Way" as filtered through digital gear. While this is undeniably prog-minded, beautifully played electric music, it is not terribly absorbing; the quality of the material and the intensity level aren't too high.
- Richard S. Ginell (AMG)
Thelonious Monk Quartet - Live at Tivolis Koncertsal, Copenhagen Music » Jazz » BeBop » Post-bop
Thelonious Monk Quartet - Live at Tivolis Koncertsal, CopenhagenArtist: Thelonious Monk Quartet
Album: Live at Tivolis Koncertsal, Copenhagen
Label: bootleg
Year: 1964
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 224 kb/s vbr
Time: 1:25:21
Size: 120,0 Mb (covers)

Tivoli Gardens is a famous amusement park and pleasure garden in Copenhagen, Denmark. The park opened on August 15, 1843 and, except for Dyrehavsbakken in nearby Klampenborg, it is the oldest amusement park in the world.
Tivoli Concert Hall is in the heart of Tivoli, and was originally built in 1902 in Moorish style by Richard Bergmann and Tivoli director Knud Arne Petersen.. In 1944, during the German occupation of Denmark, it was blown up as a revenge action against the Danish resistance movement.
The current version of the concert hall was built 1954 - 1956 after the drawings of Frits Schlegel and Hans Hansen.
In the 60s Monk toured Europe massively. This wonderful set, taken from a Radio
FM broadcast features Thelonious Monk together with his quartet live at Tivolis Koncertsal, Copenhagen, Denmark on February 21 1964 and features Monks usual playlist. The sound is almost acceptable. A recording advised for collectors, completists and diehard fans only.

Bubu Hans
Don Sebesky - Joyful Noise: A Tribute to Duke Ellingtone Music » Jazz » Modern Jazz
Don Sebesky - Joyful Noise: A Tribute to Duke EllingtoneArtist: Don Sebesky
Album: Joyful Noise: A Tribute to Duke Ellingtone
Label: RCA Victor
Year: 1999
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 320 Kbps
Time: 68:22
Size: 131 MB

The orchestration skills of Don Sebesky are known far and wide through jazz and non-jazz circles. As an arranger he has no peer, but tackling the music of Duke Ellington in this centennial year of Ellington's birth is a daunting task. Sebesky proves up to the challenge, turning a few of Ellington's tempos 180 degrees, lavishly building on well-established melodies, adding some flourishes of his own, and composing an Ellingtonian suite as a 100th birthday present. Sebesky assembled a 23-piece band with such prominent soloists as bassist Ron Carter, trombonist Bob Brookmeyer, saxophonist Phil Woods and trumpeter Tom Harrell. They further fortify Ellington's heightened emotional aesthetic and vegetable-soup-like delicious music. Never taking a safe path, Sebesky pumps up the midnight slow ballad "Mood Indigo" into a mid-tempo swing waltz, John Pizzarelli's guitar so what backtalking with the horns. A loping bass from Carter turns into a cowboy "Creole Love Call" with able solos from Woods and Harrell. The classic ballad "Chelsea Bridge" and "Take the Coltrane" are both fairly up swingers, the former with cleverly staggered phrases in the melody contrasting with the shouting horns, the latter where Sebesky uses upper register horns to state the basic, simple theme that was Coltrane's sound on this tune originally done by Trane and Duke. "Caravan" and "Satin Doll" are more typical rhythmically, Sebesky dropping orchestral layer upon layer on the camel's back for "Caravan," while the face of "Doll" is shadowed in thick rouge by Carter's bass way up in the mix, his lines running contrary to the band playing this well-known melody, lipstick traces provided by Woods, mascara dripping via Pizzarelli's coyish scatting and guitar licks. "Warm Valley" is as expansive a ballad as you'd expect from Sebesky; it's an organ of sheer beauty. The nineteen-plus-minute "Joyful Noise Suite" runs thorough a quoted and paraphrased melnge of Ellington catch phrases, starting with a bah-bah-doo-bop theme, merging into slinky, spooky gossamer crescendos and decrescendos, ending in a wild, hard-charging frenzy, the passages named "Gladly-Sadly-Madly." The band swings out on a euphonium led "Koko." Of all the tributes to Ellington, this is the best, a magnum opus to the maestro from a man and his band who are well aware of his grandeur, plus how to play all the right notes. Highly recommended.
~ Michael G. Nastos, All Music Guide

I give my heartfelt thanks to all the fabuous musicians who participated in performing this music which DUKE so generously gave us.We all want him to know we"love him madly"

~ Don Sebesky
The Jazztet & John Lewis Music » Jazz » BeBop » Cool
The Jazztet & John Lewis
Artists - The Jazztet & John Lewis
Album - The Jazztet & John Lewis
Label - Argo
Year - 1961
Quality - MP3@320 kbps
Size - 64 mb
Total time - 33:36

The idea of the Jazztet playing arrangements by John Lewis written especially for them is intriguing. According to Gene Lees' liner notes, Art Farmer first approached Lewis about writing something for the sextet, to which the composer replied that he'd rather score an entire record. Even though the Jazztet and Lewis' own group, the Modern Jazz Quartet, are dissimilar in many ways, the marriage is a successful one. Still a fairly new band at the time, the Jazztet had already undergone a total change in personnel, except for the two co-founders, Art Farmer and Benny Golson. Trombonist Tom McIntosh, pianist Cedar Walton, bassist Thomas Williams, and drummer Albert "Tootie" Heath round out the group. While the overall feeling is a little more conservative than typical recordings by the Jazztet, the free-flowing interpretation of "Django" (with a spirited solo by Golson) and the bluesy "2 Degrees East, 3 Degrees West" (showcasing Farmer's brilliant solo) are more than ample proof of the value of this Argo LP. Long out of print, it was finally reissued on CD in Japan.
~ Ken Dryden, All Music Guide
Ann Hampton Callaway - After Ours Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
Ann Hampton Callaway - After OursArtist: Ann Hampton Callaway
Album: After Ours
Label: DENON
Release: 1997
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Time: 63:65
Size: 130 MB

Ann Hampton Callaway is one of the top cabaret singers of the past decade. She has always been influenced a bit by jazz, and this 1997 release was her first full jazz recording. Callaway has a haunting voice and, as with most cabaret singers, a great respect for the lyrics she interprets; her singing on "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" is a bit eerie. Pianist Kenny Barron, Bob Mintzer on tenor and soprano, and trumpeter Randy Brecker all get a generous amount of solo space, while bassist Jay Leonhart and percussionist George Jinda are fine in support; considering the high quality of her sidemen, it is a major compliment to the singer to say that her vocals do not cause the set to sag or the listener to lose this interest. On "All Blues" and "Old Devil Moon" in particular, she shows the potential of becoming a significant jazz singer in the future if she sticks to this path. Strangely enough, an intriguing original blues (clocking in around four-and-a-half minutes) is included at the end of the program, but not mentioned on the back cover or in the liners. Recommended.
- Review by Scott Yanow.
The Caribbean Jazz Project - The Gathering Jazz, Latin
The Caribbean Jazz Project - The GatheringArtist: Caribbean Jazz Project
Album: The Gathering
Year: 2002
Label: Concord Records
Quality: Mp3@192kbps
Size: 69 Mb
Time: 50:35

THE GATHERING won the 2003 Grammy Award for Best Latin Jazz Album.

This combo, featuring vibraphone-marimba master Dave Samuels, Puerto Rican flutist Dave Valentin, and Argentine keyboardist Dario Eskenazi, whisks Afro-Latin rhythms into a zesty smooth-jazz sauce. And this CD, with percussionists Richie Flores and Roberto Quintero, is the group's most aggressive to date. Various grooves, such as the mambo, songo, samba, and the cha-cha, are sonically stamped with the impressive improvisations of the soloists. Special guest and founding CJP member Paquito D'Rivera's birdlike alto sax lines fly on the spirited rendition of Thelonious Monk's tricky tune "Bemsha Swing," which features melodic snippets of the Cuban classic, "Sanduga." On Oliver Nelson's bluesy "Stolen Moments," Samuels's improvisations evoke Cal Tjader's good vibes. On "See You in a Minute," Valentin pays tribute to the late Cuban flutist Jose Fajardo. Flores and Quintero work their drum magic on the folkloric "Masacoteando." All together, the CJP speaks all of the Latin musical languages, with the accent on swing.
- Eugene Holley Jr. (Amazon)
Pamela Joy - I Thought about You Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
Pamela Joy - I Thought about You Artist: Pamela Joy
Album: I Thought about You
Year: 2007
Label: NalyD NACD-3258
Format: FLAC & MP3@320
Size: 230 MB & 88 MB
Time: 38:42

Understated, velvety vocals are perfectly matched by the fine, subtle work of a stellar jazz trio in this collection of jazz standards. Pamela Joy and her trio manage to put their stamp on these songs by making tasteful choices every step of the way.

It is undeniable that some voices were simply made for jazz, and Pamela Joy has one of those voices. Like some of the genres most beloved and beguiling singers, she combines a velvety sound with a gift for understatement.
Its that pleasing combination - a warm, intimate sound and cool, unpretentious style - that has won Pamela fans among a notoriously hard to please group: jazz musicians. They praise her hip approach to timing, her intimate way with lyrics, and her innate ability to swing with the best of them.
A longtime San Francisco resident, Pamela Joy made her public singing debut in the San Francisco Cabaret Competition. Though new to the stage, she charmed the crowd and the judges, advancing through two rounds into the finals.
Thelonious Monk - The Complete Prestige Recordings Music » Jazz
Thelonious Monk -  The Complete Prestige Recordings Artist: Thelonious Monk
Album: The Complete Prestige Recordings 3cd
Label: Prestige
Year: 1944 - 1954
Release: 2000
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 256 kb/s vbr
Time: 3:06:47
Size: 366,0 Mb (complete covers)
AMG Rating: Thelonious Monk -  The Complete Prestige Recordings

Thelonious Monk was only with Prestige from 1952-1954, which explains why Fantasy's The Complete Prestige Recordings contains only three CDs. But Monk's Prestige output is noteworthy and generally rewarding, if imperfect at times. Not everything on The Complete Prestige Recordings is essential, but for the serious Monk collector, its rewards are great. The set gets off to an interesting start with four 1944 recordings from a Coleman Hawkins session. The material originally came out on the small Joe Davis label, but these performances are historically important because they marked the first time Monk was recorded as a sideman, and the first time that Prestige founder Bob Weinstock was exposed to Monk. The set then fast forwards to Monk's Prestige period, when he led various trios and quintets and was employed as a sideman by Sonny Rollins and Miles Davis. All of disc three is devoted to 1954's historic Davis/Monk encounter; unfortunately, Davis and Monk's egos clashed, but that didn't prevent them from delivering memorable performances. The Complete Prestige Recordings isn't for casual listeners, but it has a lot more ups than downs, and is enthusiastically recommended to serious jazz collectors.
by Alex Henderson at All Music Guide
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