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Jazz Blues Club » Articles for 26.04.2009
Cecil Taylor & Art Ensemble Of Chicago - Thelonious Sphere Monk Music » Jazz » Modern Jazz » Avantgarde
Cecil Taylor & Art Ensemble Of Chicago - Thelonious Sphere MonkArtist: Cecil Taylor & Art Ensemble Of Chicago
Album: Thelonious Sphere Monk
Label: DIW
Year: 1990
Release: 1992
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 256 kb/s
Time: 1:02:17
Size: 114 Mb

This CD promises much more than it delivers, appearing to be a tribute to Thelonious Monk that features the Art Ensemble of Chicago and guest pianist Cecil Taylor. As it turns out, Taylor is not on the two Monk pieces ("'Round Midnight" and "Nutty"), which, although reasonably enjoyable, do not contain any new revelations. The four collaborations between the Art Ensemble (trumpeter Lester Bowie, Roscoe Mitchell and Joseph Jarman on reeds, bassist Malachi Favors and drummer Don Moye) and Taylor (which have nothing to do with Thelonious) find the group mostly in a subsidiary role behind the pianist's volcanic waves of sound. So overall, this set is more significant historically than it is musically.
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
The Joe Pass Trio - Eximious Music » Jazz » Mainstream
The Joe Pass Trio -  Eximious Artist: Joe Pass
Album; Eximious
Year; 1982
Label; Pablo
Format; Mpeg-4 320 kbps
Time; 47:8
Size; 110MB
AMG rating The Joe Pass Trio -  Eximious

REPOST with a new link

Joe Pass took time off from his solo guitar projects to record this excellent trio set with bassist Niels-Henning rsted Pedersen and drummer Martin Drew. Pass swings hard throughout, is consistently inventive within the bebop tradition, and indulges in close interplay with Pedersen. Together, these musicians make the wondrous seem effortless. Among the highlights are "We'll Be Together Again" (the one unaccompanied guitar showcase on the program), "Robbins Nest," "Lush Life," "Night and Day," and "Speak Low."
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
Stevie Wonder - Innervisions Music » Soul » Funk-Jazz
Stevie Wonder - InnervisionsArtist: Stevie Wonder
Album: Innervisions
Label: Motown Records
Year: 1973
Format, bitrate:MP3,VBR ~ 220kb/s
Time: 44:11min.
Size: 76,5 MB
Stevie Wonder - InnervisionsStevie Wonder - Innervisions

Stevie Wonder - . . fellow

When Stevie Wonder applied his tremendous songwriting talents to the unsettled social morass that was the early '70s, he produced one of his greatest, most important works, a rich panoply of songs addressing drugs, spirituality, political ethics, the unnecessary perils of urban life, and what looked to be the failure of the '60s dream -- all set within a collection of charts as funky and catchy as any he'd written before. Two of the highlights, "Living for the City" and "Too High," make an especially deep impression thanks to Stevie's narrative talents; on the first, an eight-minute mini-epic, he brings a hard-scrabble Mississippi black youth to the city and illustrates, via a brilliant dramatic interlude, what lies in wait for innocents. (He also uses his variety of voice impersonations to stunning effect.) "Too High" is just as stunning, a cautionary tale about drugs driven by a dizzying chorus of scat vocals and a springing bassline. "Higher Ground," a funky follow-up to the previous album's big hit ("Superstition"), and "Jesus Children of America" both introduced Wonder's interest in Eastern religion. It's a tribute to his genius that he could broach topics like reincarnation and transcendental meditation in a pop context with minimal interference to the rest of the album. Wonder also made no secret of the fact that "He's Misstra Know-It-All" was directed at Tricky Dick, aka Richard Milhouse Nixon, then making headlines (and destroying America's faith in the highest office) with the biggest political scandal of the century. Putting all these differing themes and topics into perspective was the front cover, a striking piece by Efram Wolff portraying Stevie Wonder as the blind visionary, an artist seeing far better than those around him what was going on in the early '70s, and using his astonishing musical gifts to make this commentary one of the most effective and entertaining ever heard.
~ John Bush, All Music Guide
Klavdia Shulzhenko - Forgotten Waltz Music » Old Gramophone
Klavdia Shulzhenko - Forgotten WaltzArtist: Klavdia Shulzhenko /
Album: Forgotten Waltz /
Year: 2006
Label: -
Format, bitrate: MP3@320 kb/s
Time: 1:17:10
Size: 182,8 MB(+5% recovery)


. . , , . .
Jim Hall and Bill Frisell - Hemispheres Music » Jazz » Latin
Jim Hall and Bill Frisell - HemispheresArtists: Jim Hall and Bill Frisell
Album: Hemispheres CD1 & CD2
Label: ArtistShare
Year: 2008
Quality: MP3, 320 kb/s
Size: 134,4 mb + 240 mb

REPOST with additional links from Mr. pakospain

A "fan-funded" double CD featuring those non-identical twins of jazz guitar, Hall and Frisell, one disc given over to the pair of them, the other finding them in a quartet.

As you'd expect, it's a reflective, sometimes near-silent, but profoundly jazzy affair. Frisell is the most touch-orientated of all contemporary guitarists and it's interesting to hear him in the company of one of the touch players who must have influenced him most. It's sometimes hard to tell which is which. Standards and originals cohabit genteelly.

The face of jazz to come? An online venture with the financial support of music-lovers including The Far Side cartoonist Gary Larson, ArtistShare gives enthusiasts a chance to fund projects that might otherwise never see the light of day. The sotto voce collaboration between Frisell and Hall — the latter a father figure to a generation of guitarists — repays the investment. Its a sprawling affair, but the duo and quartet format gives the set the freewheeling ambience of a live date. The soloing is more assertive when Joey Baron (drums) and Scott Colley (bass) are on hand in the more standard-oriented second disc, but the first one contains plenty of gems, including Frisells bluesy Monica Jane.
~ ArtistShare AS0079 (
Giants of Jazz - Budapest '71 Music » Jazz » Mainstream
Giants of Jazz - Budapest '71Artist: Giants of Jazz
Album: Budapest '71
Label: bootleg
Year: 1971
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 320 kb/s
Time: 1:11:16
Size: 163 Mb
Bubu's Rating: Giants of Jazz - Budapest '71

This bootleg taken live from the same 71 tour on which was recorded the official "Berlin '71" is a true gem.
To hear the masters of jazz united on the same stage is always a pleasure and a celebration. The concert has taken place on the first of November 1971 at Erkel Theatre in Budapest, Hungary.
The playlist is almost the same as the Berlin concert (5 from 7) but the main thing about this one is the easiness and freegoing spirit taken by The Giants in front of a public with boundless enthusiasm.
Each artist is presented properly, Monk takes the highlights, most of the presentation been made by Dizyy, who's in good mood and makes a lot of jokes.
Together with a very good sound this recording presents the masters playing beautifully as usual.

- Bubu Hans
Classical Jazz Quartet - Play Bach Music » Jazz » BeBop » Third Stream
Classical Jazz Quartet - Play BachArtist: Classical Jazz Quartet
Album: Play Bach
Year: 2002
Label: Kind of Blue Records
Format: MP3@320 kbps/0 FLAC
Size: 95 MB ( mb (depositefiles)

REPOST with new FLAC links from Fusion_85

As high-concept jazz groups go, few have been as fun, laid-back, and boisterous as the Classical Jazz Quartet. Taking classical compositions and transforming them into upbeat jazz anthems, the group isn't afraid to make drastically unique changes to the music they cover. The group first came together when bassist Ron Carter contacted pianist Kenny Barron to work together. Discussing the prospect of covering Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite, vibraphonist Stefon Harris and drummer Lewis Nash were soon called in and the group decided to go ahead with the project. Released in 2001, their rendition of the classic Christmas ballet was a playful reinvention that swung hard and fun. A year later, The Classical Jazz Quartet Plays Bach did the same for the 17th century baroque composer.
A really good piece of Jazz - highly recommended!!! I'm shure you will enjoy it wink
Chester Thompson - A Joyful Noise Music » Jazz » Fusion
Chester Thompson - A Joyful Noise Artist: Chester Thompson
Album: A Joyful Noise
Year: 1991
Label: Blue Moon
Quality/Bitrate: MP3@320 kbit/s VBR / 44.1 Khz / Stereo
Time: 49:12:38
Size: 60 MB + 51,02 MB
AMG rating Chester Thompson - A Joyful Noise

Few contemporary jazz drummers attempt to become solo artists, but the ones who have--Alex Acuna, Dave Weckl and Danny Gottlieb, for example--have succeeded quite well. Add Thompson to the list of those who have an amazing knack for melody and who know how to surround themselves with good players. A Joyful Noise is an appropriate title for this disc, which ranks as one of the most pleasurable contemporary jazz players of the early 90s. The energy level is high with the tropical jaunts of the first two cuts and keeps going throughout, climaxing with the R&B licks of "Jussa Thang" and "Cool Groove" be fore coolingdown with a rich and rewarding rendition of "Amazing Grace." A drummer's albums sometimes feature too much "in your face" slamming, but Thompson uses restraint. When the percussive all-skin "Drums are Loud" arrives, therefore, it's an interesting interlude. Only the title cut is a little corny; it's a pretty melody, but the choir like vocals seem a bit sentimental. No matter, this is one serious party disc. "Amazing Grace" sums up the spirit of all the joyful noises present.
~ Jonathan Widran, All Music Guide
The Don Ellis Orchestra - Electric Bath Music » Jazz » Modern Jazz
The Don Ellis Orchestra -  Electric Bath Artist: The Don Ellis Orchestra
Album: Electric Bath
Label: Columbia
Year: 1967
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 320 Kbps
Time: 51;00
Size: 100 MB
AMG Rating: The Don Ellis Orchestra -  Electric Bath

For his first studio recording with his colorful big band, Don Ellis utilized five trumpets, three trombones, five reeds, Mike Lang on keyboards, three bassists, drummer Steve Bohannon, and three percussionists to perform some remarkable new music. The most memorable selection is "Indian Lady" (accurately described as a "hoedown in 5/4"), which with its false endings is often quite humorous. The other four originals (the trumpeter-leader's feature on "Alone," "Turkish Bath," "Open Beauty," and the 17/4 "New Horizons"), while lesser-known, are also quite spirited. For the first time Ellis opened his band to the influence of rock (making liberal use of electronics) and the results lend themselves to some hilarity.
~ Scott Yanow All Music Guid
Miles Davis - Round About Midnight Music » Jazz » BeBop » Cool
Miles Davis - Round About MidnightArtist: Miles Davis
Album: Round About Midnight - Legacy Edition 2cd
Label: Columbia/Legacy
Year: 1955-56
Release 2005
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 320 kb/s
Time: 1:36:54
Size: 225,0 Mb (booklet)
Miles Davis - Round About MidnightMiles Davis - Round About Midnight

Miles Davis' entry into the Sony Legacy Edition series features his Columbia Records debut and the first offering from his quintet with John Coltrane, Red Garland, Paul Chambers, and Philly Joe Jones. The label already issued the album in a definitive presentation with four additional tracks taken from the sessions onboard. Musically, the sound on 'Round About Midnight is as unusual and beautiful as it was when it was issued in 1956. Davis, having already spearheaded two changes in jazz — with cool jazz and hard bop — was beginning to move in another direction here that wouldn't be defined for another two years. The title track showcasing his muted trumpet premiered at the Newport Jazz Festival the previous summer (in a sextet with Thelonious Monk on piano) to a thunderous reception, and the studio offering is stunning as well. Charlie Parker's "Au Leu-Cha" is edgy, with deep blues leaping from every chord. Coltrane's solo is notable for its stark contrast to Davis' own: Coltrane chooses an angular tack where he finds the heart of the mode and plays in harmonic counterpoint to the changes but never sounds outside. Cole Porter's "All of You" has Davis quoting from Louis Armstrong's "Basin Street Blues" in his solo. On "Bye-Bye Blackbird" we get to hear the band gel as a unit, beginning with Davis playing through the head, muted and sweet, slightly flatted out until he reaches the chorus and begins his solo on a high note. Garland slips shapes into those interval cracks and shifts them as the rhythm section keeps "soft time." Of the bonus material, the gem is Jackie McLean's "Little Melonae" — Davis and company recorded before the composer could. The band comes out blazing on this set, but it's Coltrane who's the surprise in his quoting various Dizzy Gillespie solos.
1965: Chet Baker Comin On With The Chet Baker Quintet Cool, Baker Chet
1965: Chet Baker  Comin On With The Chet Baker QuintetArtist: Chet Baker
Album: Comin On With The Chet Baker Quintet (Remastered)
Label: Prestige/OJC
Year: 1965
Quality: MP3 @320kbps
Time: 40:49
Size: 102mb ( (covers & scans)

In 1964, trumpeter Chet Baker returned to the United States after five sometimes-traumatic years spent overseas (which included a long stay in an Italian jail for drug abuse). Baker recorded prolifically during his first 14 months back in the States, including a set for Colpix, two records for Limelight, and, in a busy three-day period, five albums for Prestige titled Groovin', Comin' On, Cool Burnin', Smokin', and Boppin' With the Chet Baker Quintet
Ann Hampton Callaway - Slow Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
Ann Hampton Callaway - SlowArtist: Ann Hampton Callaway
Album Title: Slow
Label: Shanachie
Year: 2004
Bitrate: mp3/192
Total Size: 109 MB

The sultry, sweet-molasses voiced veteran singer/songwriter has an impressive pedigree as an entertainment Renaissance woman, with a Tony nomination for Swing!, the theme song to TV's The Nanny, and some 40 CDs as a soloist and guest artist to her credit. Best of all, she lives up to her promises, most notably, the vibe she hints at in the album title. Her goal was to make a dreamy "make out" album and she succeeds, creating a lush, moody, sparsely arranged atmosphere-rich collection of sweet originals played at very slow tempos. Those arrangements are geared towards allowing her voice to stand out and ultimately caress the listener, but the drawback is that there's not a great deal of variety in rhythm and movement from track to track. Those who love the original version of Carole King's "Will You Love Me Tomorrow?" may be maddened by its languid pace (despite its shimmering beauty), but King loved it so much that she wrote the following track, the much more engaging, AC radio-accessible "Tonight You're All Mine," with Callaway co-producing and singing backup on the track. Callaway also picks up the pace to joyous effect, singing beautifully with her sister Liz (with whom she performs cabaret shows) on a lightly swinging version of "Moondance." Other familiar tracks include a thoughtful reading of Ivan Lins' "Love Dance," and "I've Dreamed of You" (Callaway's song which Barbra Streisand sang at her wedding to James Brolin and later included on three albums.)
~ Jonathan Widran, All Music Guide
Charlie Mariano - Plays Music » Jazz » BeBop » Post-bop
Charlie Mariano - Plays
Artist - Charlie Mariano
Album - Plays
Label - Toshiba EMI/Bethlehem
Years - 1953, 1955; release - 2007
Quality - MP3@320 kbps
Size - 88,4 mb
Total time - 40:28
AMG Rating Charlie Mariano - Plays

Back in the 1950s, Charlie Mariano was one of the most promising of the bop-orietned altoists. This Japan import CD reissues 10 selections from three sessions originally released by Bethlehem. The personnel is consistent with Mariano joined by pianist Claude Williamson, bassist Max Bennett, drummer Stan Levey, trombonist Frank Rosolino (on eight songs). The repertoire mixes together fairly basic group originals and swinging standards with many fine solos by the horns. An excellent example of Charlie Mariano's playing in the 1950s. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
Stanley Jordan - State Of Nature Music » Jazz » Modern Jazz
Stanley Jordan - State Of NatureArtist: Stanley Jordan
Album: State Of Nature
Label: Mack Avenue
Year: 2008
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 320 kb/s
Time: 1:16:46
Size: 176 Mb
AMG Rating: Stanley Jordan - State Of Nature

State of Nature is the first studio offering by Stanley Jordan in over ten years; it also his debut for Detroit's fine Mack Avenue imprint. For those who have only heard the early Blue Note records or his live dates, this will be both welcome and a bit of a shock. Jordan has always been an ambitious artist. He took a long break from recording to study music therapy as well. His pioneering tap technique on the guitar changed the way it is used in jazz and popular music for many, and his holistic approach to music has delighted many and infuriated some purists. Oh well. The 14 tracks here are, as one might expect, all over the map, and so are his support musicians. There are some killer pieces from the jazz canon here, most notably in Horace Silver's "Song for my Father" and Miles Davis' "All Blues." These are likely to get notice because Jordan plays both guitar and piano on them simultaneously with no overdubbing. There will no doubt be some gnashing of teeth because Jordan's not as fine a pianist as Bill Evans or Silver. So what? These are fine renditions of these tunes, performed by a crack band featuring bassist Charnett Moffett and drummer David Haynes (who make up the core rhythm section on the majority of the disc). They swing, they groove, and they remain not only faithful but soulful as well. Haynes' cymbal work on the Silver tune is gorgeous, and Moffett's driving pulse of a bassline on the Davis tune is in the cut and very creative. As for the quality of Jordan's pianism? It works beautifully, and his guitar solos on both cuts add breadth and dimension to the originals. It's actually dazzling on "Song for My Father." These are but two of the many surprises to be found here. The reading of Tom Jobim's "Insensatez" with bassist Dudu Lima and drummer Ivan Conti evokes the sparseness of the original even with the multiple tonalities at work in Jordan's playing (many of them bluesy and rounded) combined with Lima's wildly creative, fretless bass playing and still manages to hold a drop-dead precise groove for the percussive invention that engages Jordan in his interaction with Conti. This is a beautiful if very unusual interpretation of the tune that probably adds more to its timeless appeal than any cover of it in recent memory.
John Scofield - Bump Music » Jazz » Modern Jazz
John Scofield - BumpArtist: John Scofield
Album: Bump
Label: Verve
Year: 2000
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 320 kb/s
Time: 55:36
Size: 139 Mb (complete covers)
AMG Rating: John Scofield - Bump

John Scofield continued to use his Verve Records contract for unusual outings like this one, his third release for the label, following the acoustic disc Quiet and A Go Go (which featured Medeski, Martin, and Wood). On Bump, he retained bassist Chris Wood and added Tony Scherr and Kenny Wollesen (the rhythm section from Sex Mob), keyboardist Mark De Gli Antoni from Soul Coughing, and drummer Eric Kalb and conga player Johnny Durkin from Deep Banana Blackout. Such sidemen allowed him to delve even more deeply into the second-line funk he had explored earlier in his career; indeed, "Three Sisters," the leadoff track, sounded like something Allen Toussaint might have produced for the Meters in the early '70s. The focus was always on the guitarist, and Scofield could remind you of Carlos Santana (on "Swinganova") or evoke Jeff Beck (on "Fez"). For the most part, however, he sounded like himself back in his days with Miles Davis, though by now, his playing was less busy and more fluid.
William Ruhlmann, AMG
Neil Larsen - Orbit Music » Jazz » Modern Jazz
Neil Larsen - OrbitArtist: Neil Larsen
Album: Orbit (Feat. Robben Ford)
Label: Straight Ahead
Year: 2007
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 320 kb/s
Time: 59:54
Size: 137 Mb

Being that Neil Larsen's 1979 masterpiece "Jungle Fever" is my all-time favorite album (and I have owned at least a thousand), I was WAY looking forward to this! Not only does it feature Neil's incredibly melodic compositions (some from "Jungle Fever" and one or two from his follow up "High Gear"), but the musicianship is world class! One of my favorite guitarists (the magnificent Robben Ford) is featured throughout, and plays in a jazzier style than he often does, though still keeping a bluesy touch. The other players are great as well: Jimmy Haslip(Yellowjackets),Tom Breichtlein(Robben Ford and the Blue Line), and Gary Meek (Hollywood session great). The tunes are absolutely gorgeous, in a word, memorable. Highlights are, "From A Dream", one of the prettiest melodies I've heard), "Midnight Pass" (a beautiful melody from Neil's Full Moon 1972 album with guitar great Buzz Feiten, and if you have not heard that you are seriously missing out!), and Red Desert, a soft samba with a fantastic Robben Ford solo! Neil plays fabulous piano throughout, and this time out his tunes are in a more straight ahead jazz style than the fusion-y Jungle Fever. I must also mention the unbelievable sound of this live in studio recording (by legend Bernie Grundman), this is indeed one of the best sounding cds I've ever owned. I have never been so sure of anything as I am of recommending this cd highly. It really is essential!
Benjamin J. neiman (Phila., Pa. United States) at
Melanie Dahan - La Princesse Et Les Croque-Notes Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
Melanie Dahan - La Princesse Et Les Croque-NotesArtist: Melanie Dahan
Album: La Princesse Et Les Croque-Notes
Label: Sunnyside/Phantom Sound & Vision
Year: 2008
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 320 kb/s
Time: 55:15
Size: 126 Mb
Bubu's Rating *****

Mélanie Dahan transforms without the nostalgia of beautiful French songs regarding the standards of jazz. From "Lost Ball" to "The princess and the big shoes", her unique voice gives birth to these ritornellos, "for a long time, a long time, after the poets have gone". She revisits some famous texts or in the contrary rarely known as Brassens (for whom that she borrows almost word-for-word the title of his album), Dimey, Nougaro, Aznavour and also the same for Ferré!
She is supported by the pianist of jazz Giovanni Mirabassi in her first album. We could also recall her album solo "Avanti" improvised in some revolutionary singings and her victory of jazz in 2002. Today this is a pianist of jazz in the international dimension. With them, Marc-Michel Le Bévillon for the doublebass, Matthieu Chazarenc for the drums, and invited in two titles, Pierrick Pédron for the saxophone, neither the squawk nor cumbrous effects for this purified quartet. The Princess and her Big-shoes show us a subtle jazz, approaching with art and elegance in the repertoire of the French chanson "Truth" in which they give us a bath of renewable youth!

Bar Jazz Best Collection Music » Jazz
Bar Jazz Best Collection Artist: Varios Artists
Album: Bar Jazz Best Collection 5 CDs
Label: Sony BMG
Year: 2009
Format, bitrate: MP3, 320 kbps
Time: 04h:42m:46s
Size: 690 MB

Finest selection of the best Jazz hits for a chilly bar evening. Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Stan Getz, Benny Goodman, Glen Miller and more!!! The perfect 5 CDs for your BAR JAZZ evening! Enjoy
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