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Jazz Blues Club » Articles for 15.04.2009
Curtis Counce - Exploring the Future (1958) Music » Jazz
Curtis Counce - Exploring the Future (1958)
Artist: Curtis Counce
Album: Exploring the Future
Label: Dootone
Year: , release: 1958
Genre: Hard Bop
Format, bitrate: MP3 VBR 192-256
Time: 53:28
Size:87.15 MB

Although he lived for another five years after this session, this seems to be bassist Curtis Counce's last date as a leader. His quintet was in fine form playing originals by band member Elmo Hope and tenor saxophonist Harold Land, also playing standards like "Someone to Watch Over Me" and "Angel Eyes" with convincing chops. Swedish trumpeter Rolf Ericson, who became better known to jazz fans while with Duke Ellington in the '60s, fits in beautifully with the cool-sounding hard bop style of this tight unit. Originally released on the long-defunct Dootone label, this highly sought-after record was finally reissued as a CD on the English label Boplicity in 1996. by Ken Dryden

Howard Roberts - Spinning Wheel Music » Jazz » Mainstream
Howard Roberts - Spinning WheelArtist: Howard Roberts
Album: Spinning Wheel
Label: Capitol Records
Year: 1969
Size: 42mb
Time: 27:51

Guitarist Howard Roberts did this LP in 1969 on Capitol Records, the band consists of Dave Grusin on piano, Chuck Domanico on bass, John Guerin on drums and Tom Scott on sax & flute. Production by David Axelrod.
Aki Takase Plays Fats Waller 2004 Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
Aki Takase Plays  Fats  Waller 2004Artist: Aki Takase
Album: Plays Fats Waller
Year: 2004
Label: Enja
Quality: mp3, some 320kbps some less.
Size: 75MB

Pianist and vocalist Fats Waller composed many songs that have become standards known around the globe, and his freewheeling piano style has rarely if ever been equaled. Japan-bred pianist Aki Takase interprets Waller in a manner the old master himself might enjoy, with lots of zany, irreverent humor and amazing keyboard technique. Those seeking more straight-ahead versions of Waller classics might even be baffled by this disc. However, those tuned in to the lighter side of free jazz (Han Bennink, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Rahsaan Roland Kirk) will delight in this set of Waller gems turned upside-down/inside-out. The release also received German Record Critics Award in 2004.
Avishai Cohen - Aurora Vocal Jazz, Modern Jazz
Avishai Cohen - AuroraArtist: Avishai Cohen
Album: Aurora
Label: Blue Note
Bitrate: Losless
Format: FLAC+Cue+LOG+Front Image
Time: 53.23
Size: 238MB

- , , , -. ( Origin ), .

2009 album from the Israeli Jazz singer, bassist and composer. There have been too few musicians throughout the history of Jazz who were able to create a direct bond between their instruments and the audience. With Aurora, Avishai Cohen has reached a certain essence of expression, using voice as a direct and powerful vehicle for his emotions. Singing - in Hebrew, English, Spanish and Ladino. The music draws its source in the earth of his home country, at the crossroads of many cultures. Arab-Andalusian and Hebraic, it tells the story of Bedouins of the desert and speaks of life, love, youth and freedom. Aurora is a work of synergy under the Blue Note label, which for years seems to have been at the centre of all futures in Jazz, of which Avishai Cohen is undeniably the most modern and irresistible standard-bearer. EMI. 2009.
Tim Bowman Music » Jazz » Modern Jazz
Tim BowmanArtist: Tim Bowman
Album: Tim Bowman
Label: Trippin & Rhythm
Year: 2008
Format Mp3, bitrate: 192 kb/s
Time: 52:34
Size: 73,1 Mb
Tim BowmanTim Bowman

In 2007, the veteran Detroit born guitarist reached a milestone of acceptance in the smooth jazz realm by joining for the first time the annual Guitars & Saxes tour with genre heavyweights Gerald Albright, Kirk Whalum, and Jeff Golub. For Bowman, being part of this illustrious lineup was the culmination of a handful of frenetic years that have marked his emergence as a smoothie star. He'd broken through on the radio a few years prior when his track "Summer Groove," was on the Radio & Records airplay chart for 45 weeks and hit number one. Still, being an indie artist is a tough road, and this instantly engaging self-titled debut on Trippin N' Rhythm is only his first in the four years since This Is What I Hear. Beyond sharp, instantly infectious electric melodies and grooves that engage from the get-go (as on the breezy opening track "Sweet Sundays" and the crisp, shuffling funk cool of "High Def" and "Motor City Shuffle"), set Bowman apart from his peers, this set is the balance he offers with romantic acoustic driven gems like the dreamy Brazilian-lite of "For You, My Love," the brassy Latin jam "Sunset," and the lush and meditational "Rapture" (featuring Najee's soaring soprano sax). Bowman's stature in smoothville is confirmed by his first-class guest list beyond Najee, he's working with rising genre producer Darren Rahn ("Sweet Sundays," the bright and snazzy "Steppin'," and the seductive retro-soul jam "On the Flyyy"), Kirk Whalum (on the sweet tribute to Bowman's mother "The Gift"), and the ubiquitous Jeff Lorber (who produced and plays piano on the old-school, midtempo closer "Mr. B"). The guitarist also introduces listeners to the next generation by featuring his sensual voiced son Tim Bowman, Jr. on another sweeping lovelorn winner "All I Need Is You." Smooth jazz guitar discs don't get any more likeable, creative, festive, and engaging than this.
Jonathan Widran, AMG
Oliver Nelson - Nocturne 1960 Music » Jazz » Mainstream
Oliver Nelson - Nocturne 1960Artist:Oliver Nelson/Lem Winchester
Album: Nocturne
Year: 1960
Format/Rate: MP3/320
Size: 90 MB
Total time: 39:16

This relaxed set (originally on the Prestige subsidiary Moodsville) puts the emphasis on ballads and slower material. Nelson (switching between alto and tenor) is joined by vibraphonist Lem Winchester, pianist Richard Wyands, bassist George Duvivier and drummer Roy Haynes for four standards and three of his originals (including the swinging "Bob's Blues"). Everyone plays well but the intentional lack of mood variation keeps this release from being all that essential.
~ Scott Yanow, AMG
Howard Roberts - The Magic Band Live At Donte's 1968 Vol.2 Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
Howard Roberts -  The Magic Band Live At Donte's 1968 Vol.2Artist: Howard Roberts
Album: The Magic Band Live At Donte's 1968 Vol.2
Label: V.S.O.P.
Year: 1998
Size: 97mb mp3, mp3@192
Time: 67:38

Because he chose to spend nearly his entire career as a studio guitarist, there are relatively few recorded examples of Howard Roberts as a bop-oriented jazz player. This 1998 CD has seven privately recorded performances of Roberts at the legendary Donte's club in Los Angeles during May 1968. He stretches out on seven jazz standards with the assistance of pianist Dave Grusin (a few years before he started becoming well-known), bassist Chuck Berghofer, and drummer John Guerin. In addition to four quartet numbers (including "On a Clear Day" and "Alone Together"), Roberts is joined on "Milestones" by tenor saxophonist John Gross, on a burning "Giant Steps" by the young Tom Scott on tenor, and on "Dolphin Dance" by both Scott and fellow tenor Pete Christlieb, who at one point get involved in a saxophone battle. The recording quality is listenable, if not flawless, but the music (which shows that Roberts could jam with the best of them) is somewhat valuable.
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
Howard Roberts - The Magic Band Live At Donte's 1968 Vol.1 Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
Howard Roberts - The Magic Band Live At Donte's 1968 Vol.1Artist: Howard Roberts
Album: The Magic Band Live At Donte's 1968 Vol.1
Label: V.S.O.P.
Year: 1995
Size: 105mb
Format, bitrate: mp3, 192 kbps
Time: 71:43

"Given the quasi-commercial nature of Robert's recordings for Capitol (as good as they were) the record buying public never really had the opportunity to hear what a hard swinger he was. And, while Roberts achieved praise and recognition from players as diverse as Clint Strong and Steve Morse for such albums as Dirty Guitar Player (Capitol SM1961) and Color Him Funky (Capitol T1887) these cuts, recorded around the same period (1968) and with a similar personnel reveal an altogether more adventurous and hard-hitting player. None of the CDs 5 cuts are weak and the sound quality is particularly good, given the circumstances of the recording. Highlights include a blistering "When Sunny Gets Blue", great melodic chord work on "Shiny Stockings" and the hard-hitting 'Take No Prisoners' introduction to Cole Porter's "All of You". The CD liner notes are beautifully presented and the 3 previously unpublished photographs of Roberts show him to be the very personification of a jazz guitarist. Indispensable!"
Charlie Parker - Jazz At Philarmonic 1949 Music » Jazz » Mainstream
Charlie Parker - Jazz At Philarmonic 1949
Artists - Charlie Parker and others
Album - Jazz At Philarmonic 1949
Label - Verve
Year - 1949, release - 1993
Quality - MP3@320 kbps
Size - 143 mb
Total time - 67:44
AMG Rating Charlie Parker - Jazz At Philarmonic 1949

Charlie Parker's 1949 appearance at Norman Granz's annual Jazz at the Philharmonic concert is less legendary than his 1946 debut there, but listening to this magnificently remastered 68-minute document of his set, it's nearly impossible to understand why. Surrounded by an astonishing group of sidemen, including Ella Fitzgerald, Roy Eldridge, Hank Jones, and Buddy Rich, Parker is at the top of his form throughout. Even when he's trading choruses with his foremost influence, tenor Lester Young, on Young's signature piece "Lester Leaps In," Parker's passionate, powerful alto pretty much blows Young off the stage. Elsewhere, Parker plays around with standards, transforming "Perdido," "How High the Moon?" and "Embraceable You" from well-worn set pieces to exciting and innovative bop showcases. JAZZ AT THE PHILHARMONIC 1949 is a breathtaking example of live jazz at its most transcendent.
Bud Shank/Bob Cooper - European Tour 57 Music » Jazz » Mainstream
Bud Shank/Bob Cooper - European Tour 57Artists: Bud Shank/Bob Cooper
Album: European Tour 57
Label:Lonehill Jazz
Year: 1957, release:2006
Size:150 MB
Total time: 71:29

The music on this CD and the three others that have been released by Lone Hill Jazz that document Bud Shank and Bob Cooper's European tours of 1957 and 1958 are almost completely previously unissued. The recording quality is mostly excellent and this CD has two very interesting sessions. The first five selections, which include a four-song ballad medley, have altoist Shank and tenor saxophonist Cooper playing in a sextet that also includes trombonist Albert Mangelsdorff (whose avant-garde days were more than five years away) and the Joe Zawinul trio. Mangelsdorff and Zawinul both display their comfort playing bebop while Shank and Cooper are the main stars. The other five numbers showcase Shank in a group headed by tenor saxophonist Hans Koller; guitarist Attila Zoller co-stars. One wonders why this valuable music went unissued for nearly half-a-century for it features all of the musicians in top form.
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

Contains Cooper & Shank's complete broadcast from Baden-Baden, Germany, March 25, 1957 - the only existing recorded collaboration between Shank, Cooper and legendary Austrian pianist Joe Zawinul, as well as the reed duo's very first recording with German trombone giant Albert Mangelsdorff. Bonus tracks: Bud Shank's complete session from Dsseldorf, Germany, May 1957. This NWDR broadcast from Caf Krger has never been previously issued on any format!.
Mike Stern - Play Music » Jazz » Fusion
Mike Stern - Play
Artists: Mike Stern
Album: Play
Label: Atlantic / Wea
Year: 1999
Format, bitrate: mp3, 320kbs
Time: 1:02:30
Size: 140 Mb
AMG rating Mike Stern - Play

- . . , : , . , - "" . , , , -, . , , . - , "" . . : "" .
Mike Stern is a preeminent guitarist for two key reasons: One, he can play all styles very well and with equal command; and two, he plays very well with all other players. He always shows great respect for those with whom he is playing and gives them each the time and space to develop their musical ideas. Stern displays these two qualities in abundance on Play. Several notable guests join Stern and his core band for this release. Guitarists John Scofield and Bill Frisell and drummer Dennis Chambers each team with Stern on several tracks. If you enjoy straight-ahead jazz, listen to Stern and Scofield on the title track, or mix in Bob Malach's tenor sax on "Outta Town." If you like your guitar music slightly more spacious and lyrical, try Stern and Frisell on the hypnotic "Blue Tone" or the pensive "All Heart." Finally, if you want to turn up the heat and move into some rock/funk-influenced fusion, then check out the groovy "Tipatina's," the bold rocker "Link," or the intensely funky "Big Kids." It is no surprise, based on his other work, that Chambers, in particular, gives the band a kick in the musical pants inspiring bassist Lincoln Goines to enjoy the ride. Play is an outstanding guitar album from the highly accomplished and incredibly versatile Mike Stern. It is highly recommended. ~ Brian Bartolini, All Music Guide
Diana Ross & The Supremes - The Definitive Collection (2009) Music » Blues » Rhythm-n-Blues
Diana Ross & The Supremes - The Definitive Collection (2009)
Artist: Diana Ross & the Supremes
Album: The Definitive Collection
Year Of Release: 2009
Label: Motown
Genre: Soul, R&B
Quality: MP3
Bitrate: VBR
Total Size: 78.34 MB
AMG rating Diana Ross & The Supremes - The Definitive Collection (2009)

The Supremes, like most of Motown's impressive roster of artists, were essentially geared and groomed to produce great singles, and thanks to the brilliant Holland-Dozier-Holland songwriting team, that's exactly what the Supremes did between 1961 and 1969. A dozen of the group's singles hit number one on the pop charts, an amazing achievement, and with songs like "Come See About Me," "Back in My Arms Again," "My World Is Empty Without You," and "You Can't Hurry Love," to name just a few, it's easy to hear why. This 18-track collection boils everything down to the essential singles, and for most listeners, it'll be all they will ever need. ~ Steve Leggett, All Music Guide
Dave Gannett - Tubas From Hell (1994) Music » Jazz » Mainstream
Dave Gannett - Tubas From Hell (1994)
Artists: Dave Gannett
Album: Tubas From Hell
Year: 1994
Relise: 1996
Genre: Mainstream
Quality: MP3 192 kbs/s
Size: 69.17
Time: 51:26

Dave Gannett - , , - .

You'll enjoy this CD. Seems like the only time we hear tubas are on cartoons from the 1940s, but that's okay because most of the material here is from the first half of the 20th century. So you thought tubas were only sound effects for Dumbo? Guess again. There's some really enjoyable jazz here, and yes, unlike a lot of jazz, "Tubas From Hell" has a great sense of humor. "Yakkety Tuba" could anyone resist? But this CD isn't a joke, it makes for good listening, good enough to reinvent how you see the tuba. ~

Starring Dave Gannett, Jazz Tuba. Jazz standards with a five piece band plus the Tom Waits song "Tom Traubert's Blues". " ...Provocative...unique...a world class performance...every tune enjoyable" ~ Tuba Journal
Joe Pass at the Montreux Jazz Festival 1975 Music » Jazz » Mainstream
Joe Pass at the Montreux Jazz Festival 1975Artist: Joe Pass
Album: At The Montreux Jazz Festival 1975
Label: Pablo
Year: 1975
Format; Mpeg-4 320kbps
Time; 47:11
Size; 110 MB

AMG Rating Joe Pass at the Montreux Jazz Festival 1975

This CD reissue features guitarist Joe Pass playing 11 unaccompanied solos live at the 1975 Montreux Jazz Festival. Prior to Pass, one rarely ever heard a guitarist play anything by himself unless it was a lyrical ballad. In the years before Stanley Jordan emerged with his tapping keyboard approach, Pass demonstrated that the guitar could be its own orchestra while using conventional (although highly developed) technique. This excellent set is highlighted by "You Are the Sunshine of My Life," "More Than You Know" and three of the guitarist's basic originals.
~ Scott Yanow, AMG
Pat Metheny and Michael Brecker Special Quartet - Live at Tollhaus, Karlsruhe, Germany Music » Jazz » Modern Jazz
Pat Metheny and Michael Brecker Special Quartet - Live at Tollhaus, Karlsruhe, GermanyArtist: Pat Metheny & Michael Brecker
Album: Live at Tollhaus, Karlsruhe, Germany
Label: Bootlegs
Year: 2000
Format, bitrate: Mp3 @ 320 kbps
Time: 110 minutes
Size: 251 Mb

I couldn't find much information on this album, from my personal opinion, this album is fantastic!! I sincerely recomend it to all Michael Brecker's and Pat Metheny's fans. Also it's a very rare album, I was very lucky to find it.
Charlie Rouse - Bossa Nova Bacchanal Music » Jazz » Latin » Bossa Nova
Charlie Rouse - Bossa Nova BacchanalArtist: Charlie Rouse
Album: Bossa Nova Bacchanal [1994 Toshiba-EMI edition]
Label: Blue Note (Japan) TOCJ-4119
Quality: FLAC & MP3@320
Size: 215 MB & 80 MB
Time: 35:29
AMG rating Charlie Rouse - Bossa Nova Bacchanal

This 1962 date by tenor saxophonist Charlie Rouse celebrates a grander and funkier scale of what Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd did earlier in 1962 with the bossa nova. Unlike Getz, Rouse didn't feel he needed to be a purist about it, and welcomed all sorts of Afro-Caribbean variations into his music. His choice of bandmates reflects that: a three-piece percussion section with drummer Willie Bobo, conguero Carlos "Patato" Valdes, and Garvin Masseaux on chekere (a beaded percussion instrument that is played by being shaken). Add to this bassist Larry Gales, and a pair of guitarists, Kenny Burrell, and Chauncey Westbrook, along with Rouse, and it is an unusual and exotic sextet. Burrell and Masseaux were part of Ike Quebec's band on Soul Samba, but the two recordings couldn't be more different. For his part, Rouse's embrace of bossa nova, as well as other Latin and Caribbean music, is firmly rooted in jazz and not American jazz trying to be Brazilian. Rhythmically, Rouse, who is a hard bopper if there ever was one, takes the rhythmic and harmonic concepts of the samba, marries them to Afro-Caribbean folk styles, and burns it all through with the gloriously unapologetic swing of jazz. The standout selections here are a pair of Luiz Bonf tunes, "Velhos Tempos," and his classic "Samba de Orfeu." On the former, both guitarists play unamplified guitars in rhythmic counterpoint as Rouse offers first the melody, and then an improvisation in the upper register of the horn, on the latter, nix the counterpoint and listen, as both guitarists shimmer through the changes, one playing just behind the beat for a reverb effect. The percussion interplay is startling in its complexity, but seamless and warm in its balance, resulting in a fine section solo in the middle of the cut that is infectious. Ultimately, this is one of Rouse's finest moments as a leader.
~ Thom Jurek, All Music Guide
The Manhattan Transfer - Bodies & Souls (1983) Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
The Manhattan Transfer - Bodies & Souls (1983)Artists: The Manhattan Transfer
Album: Bodies and Souls
Label: Atlantic Records
Year: 1983
Format, bitrate: MP3, 320 kbps CBR + FLAC
Size: 90MB + 242,9 MB
Total time: 53:03 min.

REPOST with new Flac links

For Bodies and Souls, the Manhattan Transfer almost completely abandons its roots in favor of a slick, pop/R&B direction on one side of the LP version while trying a few more interesting experiments with textures and styles on the other (the CD, of course, doesn't make such a sharp divide). Side one (entitled "Bodies") is relentless in its search for another Top Ten hit, enlisting the help of Rod Temperton -- then riding high on his red-hot association with Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones -- on two tracks, and Stevie Wonder's harmonica on Temperton's slick R&B/disco "Spice of Life." Meanwhile, side two (aka "Souls") pokes around the electronic world before falling back upon another ebullient collaboration with Jon Hendricks on Fletcher Henderson's "Down South Camp Meeting." Manhattan Transfer is so good at vocalese that you wonder why they bothered to chase hits in the manufactured, anonymous pop language of 1983. ~ Review by Richard S. Ginell, AMG

'83 release that saw Manhattan Transfer at their popular peak, doing some jazz-influenced harmonizing, but more mood music and light pop. They sing with energy and style here, but had moved away from the strict jazz formalism of their early material. ~ Ron Wynn, AMG
VA - The Very Best Of Latin Jazz (1998) Music » Jazz » Latin

VA - The Very Best Of Latin Jazz (1998)
Artist: VA
Album: The Very Best Of Latin Jazz
Years: 1998
Original Release Date: 1998
Genre: Jazz/Bossa Nova
Label: Edel Entertainment GmbH
Format, bitrate: MP3/VBR
Size: 259 MB

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