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Jazz Blues Club » Articles for 13.04.2009
Oscar Peterson - Newport 1959 Swing, BeBop
Oscar Peterson -  Newport 1959Artist: Oscar Peterson
Album: NewPort 1959
Label: Bootleg
Year: 1959
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 192 kb/s
Time: 30:22
Size: 41,9 Mb
Bubu's Rating: *****


On July 3, 1959, the great jazz pianist Oscar Peterson played the Newport Jazz Festival stage in Rhode Island together with bassist Ray Brown and drummer Ed Thigpen and introduced by the famous jazz radio commentator (from Voice of America) Willis Conover.
They delivered a short but breathtaking set.
Amazingly this set although comes from a bootleg it has an exceptional sound quality, for its time and it is a complete mystery how such a wonderful recording it didn't surface on a official recording, yet.
A beautiful performance, as usual, warmly recommended to all jazz lovers.

Bubu Hans
Ray Noble, Al Bowlly - HMV Sessions, Vol. 3 Music » Jazz » Swing
Ray Noble, Al Bowlly - HMV Sessions, Vol. 3
Artist: Ray Noble, Al Bowlly
Album: HMV Sessions, Vol. 3: 1930-1934
Label: Dutton Vocalion UK
Year: 1930-1934
Release: 1999
Format, bitrate: MP3@320 kbps
Time: 72:00
Size: 90 + 76.5 Mb

lex! 30- - . , , . !

This is the third volume in Mike Dutton's CD series of the complete 1930-1934 HMV recording sessions by the wonderful Ray Noble orchestra with top vocalist Al Bowlly. Though some of these cuts have appeared on various compilation albums over the years, the Dutton Labs have assembled ALL of the Noble/Bowlly recordings in chronological order, so this series is a must for any fan of British dance band music! Noble's orchestra was one of the best of the era, equally adept at both sentimental songs and hotter, jazzier numbers. Either way, their sound is always warm, rich, and bright, and Al Bowlly proves time and again to be the perfect vocal match for the band.

This particular volume contains better-known songs such as "Blues in my Heart" and "Goodnight, Vienna," as well as gorgeous, lively arrangements of unjustly forgotten tunes like "Must It End Like This" and "There's a Ring Around the Moon."

The only flaw in this otherwise stellar and welcome CD series is that none of the songwriters are credited, unless they happen to get a mention in the liner notes ~ Laura Strom (Los Angeles, CA)
Vanessa Rubin - Vanessa Rubin Sings Jazz, Vocal Jazz
Vanessa Rubin - Vanessa Rubin Sings
Artist: Vanessa Rubin
Album: Vanessa Rubin Sings
Label: Novus(Sony BMG)
Year: 1995
Format: FLAC+Front Image
Size: 259 MB

Vanessa Rubin has an excellent voice which lends itself to jazz. One that surprised me was "All For One" which is apparently the vocal version of Wayne Shorter's "Speak No Evil". "Morning" is one I associate with the late Cal Tjader. Steve Turre plays conch shells on this one .....and it works. He also makes three other appearances on trombone. Toots Thielemans appears on "Once Upon A Summertime" and "Close Enough For Love".
Terje Rypdal - Skywards Music, Modern Jazz, Avantgarde
Terje Rypdal - Skywards
Artist: Terje Rypdal
Album: Skywards
Label: ECM Records
Year: 1997
Format: FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers
Time: 49:22
Size: 218 MB

Deciding to celebrate his 25 year association with ECM records, Norwegian guitarist Terje Rypdal assembled a sort of dream band for himself this time out. The seven piece ensemble features players he's worked with over the years. On keyboards ... Full Descriptionis Christian Egger, who served as conductor on this album's predecessor, IF MOUNTAINS COULD SING. The bass-less septet is a rich instrumental mix (trumpet, violin, cello, drums, percussion, keyboards, and of course electric guitar) that projects a deeply symphonic resonance. The subtle coloring on "Into The Wilderness" is a quietly dazzling portrait of the frozen north of Rypdal's homeland. This set never gets too raucous, focusing instead on the deeply introspective side of Rypdal's composing. The solo voicings of cellist David Darling and trumpet player Palle Mikkelborg add a key identity to this set. Along with Rypdal's guitar, they float above the gorgeously undulating foundations, taking flight like solitary birds in winter.
Bud Freeman - Chronological (1928-1938) Jazz, Swing
Bud Freeman - Chronological (1928-1938)Artist: Bud Freeman
Album: Chronological (1928-1938)
Label: Classics
Recording Date: Dec 3, 1928-Nov 30, 1938
Size: 155 mb
Format/bitrate: mp3, 320 kb/s
AMG rating Bud Freeman - Chronological (1928-1938)

Bud Freeman was virtually the only key tenor saxophonist of the 1928-35 period who did not sound heavily influenced by Coleman Hawkins. Freeman, whose style fell between Dixieland and swing and who has long had a distinctive sound, is heard on this Classics CD at the head of several classic groups. Although this music has been reissued in many different settings through the years, it is certainly essential (in one form or another) to all historical jazz collections.

"Bud" Freeman - one of the most influential and important jazz tenor saxophonists of the Big Band era, was born today, April 13, 1906!
Charlie Parker - Complete Legendary Rockland Palace 1952 2 CD Music » Jazz » BeBop
Charlie Parker -  Complete Legendary Rockland Palace  1952 2 CD
Artist - Charlie Parker
Album - Complete Legendary Rockland Palace
Label - Jazz Classics
Year - 1952, release - 1996
Quality - MP3@320 kbps
Size - 170 mb
Total time: (54:66)+(51:46)
REPOST with new links

There aren't many live recordings of Bird during his string-section period, which would usually feature his regular quintet as the rhythm section. Aside from the famous Carnegie Hall concert of 1950, much of what exists boasts atrocious sound quality. One of those was Parker's performance at a dance with both his quintet and a string section at New York City's Rockland Palace in 1952. With Walter Bishop on piano, Teddy Kotick on bass, Mundell Lowe on guitar (replacing the trumpet that would normally spell Bird on solos), and Max Roach on drums, the string section works the same charts as the studio versions, but Parker's solos are as always inventive and often differ from their better-known incarnations. For years, part of this show was documented on several vinyl LPs taken from an audience recording off a wobbly sounding wire recorder. This new issue boasts the major find of a second tape recorded that night by far more professional means. The second tape had superior sound, plus several performances that didn't exist on the earlier version. The new tape had one major drawback; it contained almost no solos by musicians other than Bird. So the restoration on this two-disc set is painstakingly pieced together from the two existing tapes. While certain edits are noticeable, this audio restoration not only gives a fuller picture of some of the music Parker played that evening, but in the best sound that can be expected until future audio miracles are invented. As an added bonus, one track (a blisteringly fast take of "Lester Leaps In") was synched up between both tapes, resulting in a kind of surround sound stereo that makes for interesting listening. An important chapter in Parker's musical history, now preserved in the best audio shape possible. ~ Cub Koda, All Music Guide
Yosuke Yamashita Trio - Chiasma Freejazz, Avantgarde
Yosuke Yamashita Trio - Chiasma
Artist: Yosuke Yamashita
Album: Chiasma
Label: MPS (Japan) POOJ-2552 1998
Quality: FLAC & MP3@320
Size: 261 MB & 90 MB
Time: 39:47

Stunning free jazz work from Japan! Pianist Yosuke Yamashita leads a trio that includes altoist Akira Sakata and drummer Takeo Moriyama -- and the group has clearly absorbed a lot of influences of the free jazz scene developing in Europe during the late 60s. Most of the record is free and hard-blowing -- sounding more like a classic FMP session than one on MPS -- and two tracks feature slightly more introspective (although still challenging) work from Yamashita on piano. Titles include "Chiasma", "Double Helix", "Horse Trip", and "Hachi". Dusty Groove America, Inc
Influenced by Cecil Taylor. For special tastes only.
Various Artists - Ray Genius a Night for Ray Charles Rhythm-n-Blues, Music video
Various Artists - Ray Genius a Night for Ray Charles
Artist: Various
Album: Ray Genius a Night for Ray Charles
Year: 2004
Genre: R&B
Format Bitrate: DVD-rip | AVI/XVID, 720 x 480 |
Audio: Mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 700 Mb

A meld of legendary performers and contemporary artists of today that have been influenced by Ray's music, perform in this concert extravaganza.

This special contains the extended tribute, tracing Ray's rise to stardom through a climate of adversity, and celebrates his major contribution to several generations of music. Together with his longtime friends and co-musicians, Quincy Jones, B.B. King and David "Fathead" Newman, we can reminisce about his true genius life.
1956: Julian 'Cannonball' Adderley - In The Land of HiFi Hard-bop, Soul-Jazz, Adderley Cannonball
1956: Julian 'Cannonball' Adderley - In The Land of HiFi
Artist: Julian 'Cannonball' Adderley
Album: In The Land of HiFi
Label: MGEmArcy
Year: 1956
Bitrate: Vinyl Rip-Mono 380 LP-24 Bit/96 KHz
Format: FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers
Size: 107 MB

Just a glance at the list of musicians participating in the recording session in June 1956, is enough to send your blood racing through your veins..This recording fulfils all expectations and offers undiluted, swinging jazz of the very best order, the very best of its day! The glorious music-making of this "condensed" big band offers an ideal background for "Cannonball's" on the whole carefree, racy solo passages, the solo contributions from Jimmy Cleavland on the trombone, Jerome Richardson on the flute, and of course Junior Mance on the piano are sheer joy. Not to forget "Cannonball's" brother, Nat Adderly, who was often left in the shadows, whose brilliance on the cornet is heard loud and clear on this recording.
Cassandra Wilson - Closer to You: The Pop Side (2009) Jazz, Vocal Jazz
Cassandra Wilson - Closer to You: The Pop Side (2009)
Artist: Cassandra Wilson
Album: Closer to You: The Pop Side
Label: Blue Note
Year: 2009
Bitrate: Lossless
Format: FLAC+CUE+LOG+Covers
Size: 348 MB
Time: 57:55 min

When most jazz singers do standards, they come from the "classic" American songbook, the one that includes show tunes and pop songs from a bygone era, one that was powered by names such as Gershwin, Lerner & Loewe, Rodgers & Hammerstein, Sammy Kahn, Johnny Mercer, and so many others. That said, Cassandra Wilson is not just any jazz vocalist, and her Blue Note catalog -- the label she's been with since 1993 -- proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt. Wilson has explored her deep love of jazz and blues to be sure, covering everyone from Robert Johnson to Miles Davis, but along the way she's also covered tunes by modern composers, those who have stormed the pop charts in the last 30 years or so, and those who are still on them. Closer to You: The Pop Side is a retrospective collection that looks at this side of Wilson's complex musical persona, and offers a selection of 11 tunes from her Blue Note albums, all of them focusing on songs from the rock, pop, and soul genres, and all executed in her own idiosyncratic manner.
Thom Jurek, AMG
Lew Tabackin Quartet Desert Lady (1989) Jazz, Hard-bop
Lew Tabackin Quartet  Desert Lady (1989)
Artist: Lew Tabackin Quartet
Album: Desert Lady
Label: Concord
Year: 1989
Genre: Jazz, Hard Bop
Format, rate: mp3, 320kbs
Size: 149MB
Time: 63:55
Lew Tabackin Quartet  Desert Lady (1989)
Lew Tabackin Quartet  Desert Lady (1989)

The great tenor saxophonist and flutist Lew Tabackin is joined by pianist Hank Jones, bassist Dave Holland, and drummer Victor Lewis on this well-rounded program. The Concord CD has many highlights, including "Hot House," Duke Ellington's "Serenade to Sweden," Tabackin's "A Bit Byas'd," and "You Leave Me Breathless"; the leader's tenor in particular is in top form. Highly recommended to fans of straight-ahead jazz, this release gives one a strong sampling of Lew Tabackin's talents. ~ Scott Yanow, AMG Review
Wayne Shorter - JuJu (1964) Music » Jazz
Wayne Shorter - JuJu (1964)
Artist:Wayne Shorter
Label:Blue Note
Year: 1964
Genre: Post Bop
Format, bitrate: Mp3"320kbps
Time: 56:12
Size: 123.48 MB
Rating: Wayne Shorter - JuJu (1964)

Fulfilling the potential promised on his Blue Note debut, Night Dreamer, Wayne Shorter's Ju Ju was the first really great showcase for both his performance and compositional gifts. Early in his career as a leader Shorter was criticized as a mere acolyte of John Coltrane, and his use of Coltrane's rhythm section on his first two Blue Note albums only bolstered that criticism. The truth is, though, that Elvin Jones, Reggie Workman, and McCoy Tyner were the perfect musicians to back Shorter. Jones' playing at the time was almost otherworldly. He seemed to channel the music through him when improvising and emit the perfect structure to hold it together. Workman too seemed to almost instinctively understand how to embellish Shorter's compositions. McCoy Tyner's role as one of the greatest jazz pianists of all time was played here as well, and his light touch and beautiful, joyful improvisations would make him a much better match for Shorter than Herbie Hancock would later prove to be.
JuJu rests in the uphill portion of Shorter's creative peak. While the sidemen may have been an even better match for him than the ensembles he would put together for later albums, he was just beginning to find his footing as a leader. His performances were already showing evidence of great originality -- yes, they were influenced by Coltrane, but only in the way that they broke apart the structures of the bop sound to create a sound that had all of the variety and flexibility of the human voice. On later albums like Speak No Evil and The Soothsayer, however, Shorter would rise to an even higher level as a performer with more powerful, confident playing that reached farther afield in its exploration of melodic textures.
What really shines on JuJu is the songwriting. From the African-influenced title track (with its short, hypnotic, repetitive phrases) to the mesmerizing interplay between Tyner and Shorter on "Mahjong," the album (which is all originals) blooms with ideas, pulling in a world of influences and releasing them again as a series of stunning, complete visions. by Stacia Proefrock
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