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Jazz Blues Club » Articles for 10.04.2009
Claude Bolling & Jean-Pierre Rampal - Suite for Flute & Jazz piano trio No.1 Jazz, Swing, Mainstream
Claude Bolling & Jean-Pierre Rampal - Suite for Flute & Jazz piano trio No.1Artist: Claude Bolling & Jean-Pierre Rampal
Album: Suite for Flute & Jazz piano trio No.1
Label: Milan
Year: 1975
Size: 71 mb
Format/bitrate: mp3, 320 kb/s

Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano Trio on CBS Records (MK 33233) was on the Billboard list of classical best-sellers for over 530 weeks, a rare occurrence in the history of the charts! But this is NOT CLASSICS! Legendary jazz pianist (and friend of Duke Ellington) Claude Bolling that was born today , 10 April 1930, makes these compositions seem jazzier than they are on paper!

! , , ! !

In these days I wish everyone to get out off his Egypt!
James Brown Getting Down To It (1969) Music » Blues » Rhythm-n-Blues
James Brown  Getting Down To It (1969)
Artist: James Brown
Album: Getting Down To It
Year: rec. Dec 1968-Mar 1969
Label: Verve
Genre: R&B
Format: MP3@320/kbs

Most people know James Brown as the Godfather of Soul. But Brown has also long had a taste for jazz. Inspired by the music of Frank Sinatra, Brown teamed up with the Dee Felice Trio to record his own unique versions of Sinatra-associated standards like Strangers in the Night and All the Way, along with jazzed-up renditions of his hits Cold Sweat and There Was a Time. The intimately swinging results revealed a little-known facet of Browns funky self a brand new bag, indeed!
Augusto Mancinelli - Resonances 2002 Jazz, Post-bop
Augusto Mancinelli - Resonances 2002Artist: Augusto Mancinelli
Album: Resonances
Year: 2002
Label: Splasc(h)
Quality: mp3@320kbps
Size: 158MB

IN SEARCH OF A "NEW WORLD" " When you listen to Resonances, you realise that Augusto Mancinelli has no debts to pay to African-American music. As he is completely free of any, he can manage his guitar style just as he likes, in any genre or artistic current anywhere in the vicinity of jazz. Or, better stili, anywhere in the vicinity of music, considering that Augusto loves the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix and joined Enrico Rava's group in 19B4. He is bound not to have forgotten Ligeti, Berio, Sciarrino or Nono, nor Charles Ives, Bיla Bartעk and Igor Stravinsky. Some timed ago, he told me that "jazz revives the instinct of making music in an almost Buddhist conception, like in a mandala, where thought joins with the heart and becomes as one, in a complete fusion". So what we have on this album is the experimenting artist (more than anywhere else on Resonances, where a rigid, angular theme moves modulations and dissonances tailored to prepare a free development), the inspired bopper (try out the terse, sharp phrases on Blue Goose Blues), the improviser who is always on the lookout for new, potential discoveries of timbre and the artist who is focused on an according and accompanying elegance (conducted with acute tempo and perfection on Scrambled Eggs). We also have the cultured yet popular creator whose fancy takes flight as he plays and who admires Bill Frisell, John Scofield and Jim Hall.
Joshua Breakstone - Sittin on the Thing With Ming 1994 Music » Jazz » Swing
Joshua Breakstone - Sittin on the Thing With Ming 1994
Artist: Joshua Breakstone
Album: Sittin on the Thing With Ming
Year: 1994
Label: Capri
Genre: Cool, Hard Bop
Quality: 256kbps, mp3
Size: 110mb

Joshua Breakstone's guitar solos are almost entirely single-note runs (without any chording) and are quite hornlike. His outing for Capri puts the emphasis on his originals and finds Breakstone heading a top quartet comprised of pianist Kenny Barron, bassist Ray Drummond and drummer Keith Copeland. The guitarist is heard in typically swinging form on these straightahead pieces, playing in a smooth-toned boppish style that has a few surprising twists and turns.~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
Woody Herman Giant Step (1973) Music » Jazz » Swing
Woody Herman  Giant Step (1973)
Artist: Woody Herman
Album: Giant Step
Year: rec. Apr 9, 1973-Apr 12, 1973
Label: Fantasy/OJC
Genre: Modern Big Band
Format: MP3@320/kbs
Time: 38:25
AMG rating Woody Herman  Giant Step (1973)

The late Ralph J. Gleason, who was Woody Hermans biggest booster, was convinced that the Herman band was ready for and deserving of a much broader audience. Although his Fantasy debut LP (with Mike Bloomfield) was somewhat unconventional, Woody thereafter recorded only with his working group.
The band on this 1973 album is one of the greatest of the later Herman Herds. With hard-hitting arrangements of material by such composers as Chick Corea, Thad Jones, Eddie Harris, and Leon Russell, Giant Steps won the Herman Herd many new fans and a Grammy Award.

Woody Herman always went out of his way during his long career to encourage younger players, often persuading them to write arrangements of recent tunes for his orchestra. On this recording one gets to hear his band interpret such selections as Chick Corea's "La Fiesta," Leon Russell's "A Song for You," "Freedom Jazz Dance," "A Child Is Born" and "Giant Steps"; what other bandleader from the '30s would have performed such modern material? With strong solo work from tenors Gregory Herbert and Frank Tiberi, trumpeter Bill Stapleton and Herman himself, this is an impressive effort. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
Duke Ellington - Jazz Party (1959) Music » Jazz
Duke Ellington - Jazz Party (1959)
Artist: Duke Ellington
Title: Jazz Party
Recorded: 1959
Bitrate: MP3@320kb/s
Size: 83,6 MB
Time: 49:47

AMG Rating Duke Ellington - Jazz Party (1959)


, !

This is one of the more unusual recordings in Duke Ellington's vast discography. Recorded over two sessions in early 1959, it includes two new numbers (the infectious "Malletoba Spank" and explosive "Tymperturbably Blue") featuring nine symphony percussionists in the forefront with the full band, a new suite ("Toot Suite") showcasing many of his best soloists (with Russell Procope and Paul Gonsalves taking top honors), a brisk setting of "All of Me" for his star alto saxophonist, Johnny Hodges, along with a guest appearance by Dizzy Gillespie on "U.M.M.G." This CD reissue adds two numbers recorded during the sessions ("Satin Doll" and "Fillie Trillie") that were omitted from the original record. Perhaps the most exciting number is the closing blues "Hello Little Girl," with Ellington leaving the piano to direct the band (Jimmy Jones takes over on piano, doing a fine job), as Jimmy Rushing belts out its swinging lyrics, embellished by Gillespie's muted horn. One thing that is extremely odd about this reissue: an audience was audible on the initial LP (Ellington liked to record with friends outside the studio to watch the action, so having them sitting around the perimeter isn't much of a stretch), but this CD reissue has no trace of any audience response, even though these tracks are otherwise identical to those heard on the original record! ~ Ken Dryden, All Music Guide
Tania Maria - Forbidden Colors (1991) Music » Jazz » Latin
Tania Maria - Forbidden Colors (1991)
Artist: Tania Maria
Album: Forbidden Colors
Label: Capitol
Year: 1991
Format, bitrate: Flac@Level 8
Total time: 0.43:14
Size: 244 MB
Genre: Brazilian Jazz-Pop
AMG Rating: 4 stars

Tania Maria has had a long and passionate love affair with music. Born into a family of amateur musicians in São Luis, northwestern Brazil, she began studying the piano at the age of seven and was just 13 when she was the hands-down first-prize winner in a regional competition as the leader of a group started by her father. At the time, bossa nova was all the rage from Rio to New York, adding a peppery touch to jazz like an exotic local spice. Just three years later, however, this talented young woman with a bright future tried to distance herself from music by studying law. Her fingers continued to yearn for the piano, however, and she finally gave in to its insistent call, committing herself to music with more fervour than ever. After shuttling between gigs in Rio and Sao Paulo, she recorded her first album at the age of 20, for Warner. As early as 1969, her first musical performances clearly showed her potential and her predilections: an astounding mix of Brazilian rhythms and jazz harmonies, underpinning a remarkable natural gift for spinning sophisticated melodies. After 36 years and 25 albums, and by way of such runaway hits as Piquant, Come With Me and Made In New York, Tania Maria stands out as one of the truly great talents on the Brazilian music scene, where she is known for her unmistakable voice, whose sultry low tones can lay down a serious groove, and for her percussive touch at the piano, where things can suddenly take a more classical turn. She has also done a lot of traveling in her time, from the Paris nightlife of the 1970s, where she met Claude Nougaro, to the New York fusion years in the 1980s; she has lived in both cities, and both continue to live in her. Shes also taken part in virtually every major jazz festival in the world, from Montreux to New Orleans, Tokyo and Nice. Tania Maria is an accomplished musician who, though always attracted to swing and jazz, has never forgotten the fundamental beats of her native choro and samba. In 2005, shes back in full force with Intimidade, a new album that on a single disk manages to brilliantly combine both sides of her musical personality which, in turn, are reflected by two of her backup musicians: master bassist Eddie Gomez and Mestre Carneiro on percussion.

Carla Cook - Simply Natural 2002 Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
Carla Cook - Simply Natural 2002Artist: Carla Cook
Album: Simply Natural
Label: Max Jazz
Year: 2002
Format, bitrate: 256kbps
Size: 81.39 B

Simply Natural is the name of Carla Cook's third release on MaxJazz and aptly describes her approach to singing. Her diverse range and vocal style has garnered her several awards and top billing on the concert and festival circuit throughout the world including performances with the Lionel Hampton Orchestra. This collection of songs provides a vehicle for her reinterpretation of such jazz compositions as Duke Ellington's obscure gems "Tulip or Turnip" and "Something 'Bout Believing." Cook contributes two gems of her own, the title track "Simply Natural" -- a beautiful piece that features two highly creative solos from pianist Cyrus Chestnut. He sets a cool fire underneath the meter changes, harmonic rhythm, and phrasings offered by the vocalist. "Still Gotta Thing for You," a mid-tempo blues with Cook's vocals overdubbed as background vocals, and a sonic update from Chestnut on Fender Rhodes, is still relevant today even though she wrote it in 1992. The closing song, "I Can't Give You Anything but Love," swings and brilliantly spotlights the techniques she uses to construct phrases. Overall, with the accompaniment of such great musicians as Bruce Barth on piano, Kenny Davis on electric and acoustic basses, and Billy Kilson on drums, Cook serves her listeners 11 coherent musical statements that tend to satisfy both the intellectual and emotional needs of artistic creation with a refreshing rhythmic variety.
- Paula Edelstein, All Music Guide
Ben Webster - Warm Moods Music » Jazz » BeBop
Ben Webster - Warm MoodsArtist: Ben Webster
Album: Warm Moods
Label: Reprize
Year: 1960
Format, bitrate: MP3@320 kb/s
Time: 36:08
Size: 84 MB (+ scans)

REPOST with new links for MP3@320 from Mr. hungaropitecus

: - , , ...
Album: Marx Makes Broadway
Label: Omega
Years: 1957-1958
Quality. mp3, 192 kb/s
Size: 51 mb

This LP is one of the more obscure sessions reissued by V.S.O.P. and was originally cut for the Omega label. Dick Marx was a Chicago-based bop-oriented pianist brought to Los Angeles for these sessions. He gives a variety of show tunes melodic yet swinging treatment with the assistance of flutist Buddy Collette, either Howard Roberts or Irving Ashby on guitar, Red Mitchell or Carson Smith on bass and drummer Frank Capp. All ten of the tunes (which include "All of You," "Too Close for Comfort," "If I Were a Bell" and "Just in Time") are still remembered; it is a pity that this program (at 34 minutes) is so brief and that little has been heard of Dick Marx since.
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
James Brown - The Godfather: The Very Best Of... Music » Soul » Funk-Jazz
James Brown - The Godfather: The Very Best Of...Artist: James Brown
Album: The Godfather: The Very Best Of...
Label: Polydor
Year: 2002
Format, bitrate: mp3, 320kb/s
Size: 177MB

There are so many James Brown compilations out there that it can be tough to pick which one is the most suitable for a particular listener's budget or pleasure. This set from Polydor in the U.K. is for a single disc quite solid if bare in places. Containing 20 tracks and presented for a very attractive price point, it contains all major hits albeit edited single versions of some of them like "Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine." Of course, there is plenty missing, but it would be easy to come up with what is tracks like "Mother Popcorn," "Hot Pants," and "Ain't It Funky Now" are all very conspicuously absent. But it's difficult to argue with what is here, even of the later 1970s material. There is no single compilation of James Brown's music that can really be considered complete, but this one, containing all original recording sources and stellar material, stands with the best of them despite lacking some cuts.
Thom Jurek, AMG
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