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Jazz Blues Club » Articles for 09.04.2009
Duke Ellington, Earl Hines,Billy Taylor, Mary Lou Williams, Charles Bell, Willie "The Lion" Smith - The Jazz Piano Music » Jazz » Mainstream
Duke Ellington, Earl Hines,Billy Taylor, Mary Lou Williams, Charles Bell, Willie "The Lion" Smith - The Jazz Piano
Artists - Duke Ellington, Earl Hines, Billy Taylor, Mary Lou Williams,
Charles Bell, Willie "The Lion" Smith

Album - The Jazz Piano
Label - Mosaic Records
Year - 1965, release - 2007
Quality - MP3@320 kbps
Size - 173 mb
Total time - 78:47
Duke Ellington, Earl Hines,Billy Taylor, Mary Lou Williams, Charles Bell, Willie "The Lion" Smith - The Jazz PianoDuke Ellington, Earl Hines,Billy Taylor, Mary Lou Williams, Charles Bell, Willie "The Lion" Smith - The Jazz Piano

"While Duke, Earl and Mary Lou are masters of ”stride” piano, the dean of ”stride” pianists is, without a doubt, Willie ”The Lion” Smith... Charles Mingus commented, after hearing Willie demonstrate the finer aspects of ”stride” piano, ”Most guys need a whole band to swing like that.” - Billy Taylor, liner notes

The "Various Artists" on this album read like the history of jazz piano: Willie "The Lion" Smith, Earl Hines, Duke Ellington, Mary Lou Williams, Billy Taylor and Charles Bell. The occasion was a piano workshop on a Sunday afternoon at the Pittsburgh Jazz Festival in 1965, obviously a time when giants still walked the earth.

The original album contains only ten tunes. This CD reissue contains all 19 performances, newly remixed from the original three-track masters, adding new material from Smith, Williams, Taylor and Bell. The concert is now presented in the order in which it was performed.

Each pianist performs solo or with bassist Larry Gales and drummer Ben Riley. Earl Hines duets with Ellington on an improvised blues and with Taylor on "Sweet Lorraine." The concert closes with a blow-out version of "Rosetta" with Hines, Smith, Williams, Taylor and George Wein sharing two pianos. A one-of-a-kind event.
Eddie Lockjaw Davis - Love Calls Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
Eddie Lockjaw Davis - Love CallsArtist: Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis
Album: Love Calls
Format/Rate: MP3/320
Size: 81 MB

In my opinion one of the best Lockjaw Davis recordings!!!!!!This one is for "Jazzcrazy"

Paul Gonsalves (ts) matches fours and spirit with Davis. ~ Ron Wynn, All Music Guide
Mighty Joe Young - The Sonet Blues Story Music » Blues
Mighty Joe Young - The Sonet Blues StoryArtist: Mighty Joe Young
Label: Verve
Album: The Sonet Blues Story
Year: 1972, release: 2005
Quality: FLAC (image+cue+covers)
Size: 287 Mb


Mighty Joe Young (Young was using the name well before the movie of the same name was released) arrived on the Chicago blues scene from Louisiana a bit late in the game and never really received the critical attention he deserved. Add in health problems related to a pinched nerve in his neck, and Young's solo recording dates were relatively few (he was, however, an active sideman, working for a time as Otis Rush's rhythm guitarist) given his obvious talent as an electric guitarist and as a strong and sturdy vocalist. This solid set, The Sonet Blues Story, was tracked in Chicago in 1972 and was originally released as part of Samuel Charters' Legacy of the Blues series on the Stockholm-based Sonet Records imprint. It features Young with the rhythm section from his club band at the time: Sylvester Boines on bass and Alvino Bennett on drums, along with Chicago session pianist Bob Reidy, and horn men Charles Beechham (trumpet) and Walter Hambrick (tenor sax). Together they produce a classic South Side sound. Highlights include the elegantly done opener, "Rock Me Baby," a solid cover of Percy Mayfield's "Baby, Please," and a pair of horn-augmented gems, the instrumental soul piece "Just a Minute" and the blues/R&B blend of "Lookin' for You." Nothing here is too flashy, but that ends up being part of the charm.
~ Steve Leggett , AMG
Ry Cooder - Jazz Music » Jazz » Mainstream
Ry Cooder -  Jazz Artist: Ry Cooder
Album: Jazz
Year: 1978
Release: 1987
Label: Warner Bros / Wea
Quality: MP3@320 kbps
Size: 93 mb

Beginning with his self-titled debut in 1970, Ry Cooder's records seemed to be as much history lesson as they were entertainment. Not because Cooder was trying to club you over the head with this stuff; he simply gravitated to great songs, no matter what the era or genre. Released in 1978, Jazz seems to be his first conscious attempt at a concept album, in the historical sense. Here he pays homage to some of the early tunes and masters of jazz, ranging from the late 1800s through the "coon songs" of the early part of the next century, to the ragtime and "Spanish" music of Jelly Roll Morton, and the sophistication of cornetist Bix Beiderbecke. The only living artist (at the time of release) who's represented here is the great Bahamian guitarist Joseph Spence, who recorded from the '50s through the '80s, and whose syncopated style was extremely influential in Cooder's own development as a guitarist. Spence's sacred songs are presented here in string and brass band arrangements that emphasize the Caribbean connection between his music and Morton's habaniera pieces. The complexity of the material on Jazz, as well as the arrangements by Joseph Byrd, dictate that this is Cooder's most polished and orchestrated effort to date. Whereas in the past, even at their most removed, Cooder's records usually kept at least one foot in rock & roll or blues, Jazz can, at times, lack some of that fire and be almost bookish in its approach. Still, there is enough excitement in the music's intricacies and Cooder's beautiful, fluid playing to forgive the politeness of some of the performances. From the informative liner notes by Ry Cooder himself to the brilliant compositions, Jazz is, at the very least, educational. But, a little time spent with this music and you'll see why it was and continues to be relevant, as well as beloved.
~ Brett Hartenbach, AMG
Sonny Rollins - Rollins Round Midnight (1996) Music, Jazz, Hard-bop, Post-bop
Sonny Rollins - Rollins Round Midnight (1996)Artist: Sonny Rollins
Album: Rollins Round Midnight
Year: 1996
Type: Compilation
Label: BMG Camden
Quality: MP3 @320kbps
Size: 176mb (( with cover

Sonny Rollins has remained one of the true jazz giants, ranking up there with Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young, and John Coltrane as one of the all-time great tenor saxophonists.
Miles Davis - Miles in Tokyo (1964) Music, Jazz, Hard-bop
Miles Davis - Miles in Tokyo (1964)Artist: Miles Davis
Album: Miles in Tokyo
Year: 1964
Recording Date: July 14, 1964
Time: 54:16
Label: CBS Sony/Columbia/Legacy
Quality: MP3 @192kbps
Size: 77mb ( with cover

Recorded in '64, Miles in Tokyo finds the iconic Miles Davis performing with his almost-second great quintet. Tenor saxophonist Sam Rivers, a more accomplished and daring experimentalist than his predecessor, George Coleman, joined the group after a fellow Bostonian, drummer Tony Williams, recommended him to Davis. There are times on this recording when one might understand why Davis and Rivers never meshed, and times when the partnership is quite wonderful, though brief...
Bireli Lagrene - Inferno (1987) Music, Jazz, Post-bop, Fusion
Bireli Lagrene - Inferno (1987)Artist: Bireli Lagrene
Album: Inferno
Year: 1987
Time: 39:12
Label: Blue Note
Quality: MP3 @ 320kbps
Size: 80mb ( with cover

Much has been expected of Bireli Lagrene. He was playing Django Reinhardt's repertoire at age 8. By the time he was 12, he was touring Europe and being hailed as the next Django. He decided to take that Gypsy style in a jazz and jazz fusion direction. Over the years, he has played with many great musicians. On Inferno, he finds himself with stars of the second wave of fusion that hit the beaches in the 1980s...
Dexter Gordon - Live At The Both/And Club (1970) Music, Jazz, BeBop, Hard-bop
Dexter Gordon - Live At The Both/And Club (1970)Artist: Dexter Gordon
Album: Live At The Both/And Club
Year: 1970
Recording Date: August 7, 1970
Time: 75:51
Label: Bizarre Planet

Like many touring jazz artists, Dexter Gordon worked with local rhythm sections on a regular basis to make him more affordable to nightclubs. On this evening in 1970 at the Both/And Club in San Francisco, the young pianist George Duke, bassist Donald Garrett, and drummer Oliver Johnson were recruited to work with the tenor saxophonist...
Dick Heckstall-Smith - Live 1990 Music » Jazz » Modern Jazz
Dick Heckstall-Smith - Live 1990Artist: Dick Heckstall-Smith
Album: Live 1990
Format: FLAC & mp3 (320k/s)
Size: 303 & 118 MB (full scans)
Label: Bellaphon
Total time: 50:50

Dick Heckstall-Smith - English tenor saxophonist, educated at Dartington/Devon, studied at Cambridge University, than freelancing with Ronnie Scott, the drummer Ginger Baker. Later he played blues and blues-rock, with groups conducted by Alexis Korner (Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated 1962-3), Graham Bond (The Graham Bond Organization 1963-7) and John Mayall (John Mayall's Bluesbreakers 1967-8) and with Jon Hiseman's Colosseum (1967-8); later he studied for a doctorate in sociology, he played with Bo Diddley, again freelancing with musicians like Jack Bruce. In his playing he is influenced by Sydney Bechet, Wardell Gray, Lester Young and other, "was one of the first musicians to commute successfully between jazz and blues-rock, at a time when such a move was less fashionable than it later became" (after Digby Fairweather). as you find it on the inner sleeve of his autobiography - what he calls a "personal history of British rhythm & blues" - Heckstall-Smith not only evokes, economically and hilariously, this period, but also illuminates it, reflecting on the "blues boom" in Britain, involving Alexis Korner, Graham Bond, Georgie Fame, John Mayall et al., it is of seminal importance both in turning its growing audience's attention to the music's American roots and in paving the way for R&B-influenced rock groups like Fleetwood Mac, the Yardbirds, the Animals and the Rolling Stones. Dick Heckstall-Smith, a very respected saxophonist, witnesses the whole of this fascinating period from its very heart.
- from the CD cover
Quincy Jones - Sounds...And Stuff Like That!! (1978) Music » Soul » Soul-Jazz
Quincy Jones - Sounds...And Stuff Like That!! (1978)
Artist: Quinsy Jones
Album: Sounds...And Stuff Like That!!
Label: A & M Records
Year: 1978
Format, bitrate: Mp3 320 Kbps
Time: 36:10
Size: 73,4 MB

With ears dead set on the trends of the moment but still drawing now and then on his jazz past, Quincy Jones came up with another classy-sounding pop album loaded with his ever-growing circle of musician friends. Disco was king in 1978 and Jones bows low with the ebullient dance hit "Stuff Like That" -- which is several cuts above the norm for that genre -- along with a healthy quota of elegantly produced soul ballads. Yet amidst the pop stuff, Jones still manages to do something fresh and memorable within the jazz sphere with a gorgeous chart of Herbie Hancock's "Tell Me a Bedtime Story." Hancock himself sits in impeccably on electric piano, and violinist Harry Lookofsky painstakingly overdubs one of Hancock's transcribed solos on 15 violins. Despite the cast of hundreds that is now de rigueur for Quincy Jones, the record does not sound over-produced due to the silken engineering and careful deployment of forces. ~ Richard S. Ginell, All Music Guide
Quincy Jones - Smackwater Jack (1971) Music » Jazz » Fusion
Quincy Jones - Smackwater Jack (1971) Artist: Quincy Jones
Album: Smackwater Jack
Label: Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab
Year: 1971
Format, bitrate: Mp3 320 Kbps
Time: 42:42
Size: 84 MB

AMG Rating Quincy Jones - Smackwater Jack (1971)

This is where a lot of serious jazz purists get off the train but for the rest of us, this is an exciting journey into Quincy Jones territory where labels are meaningless. Though Q takes us deep into Hollywood and TV with his themes to Ironside, The Anderson Tapes and the first Bill Cosby Show (with humorous vocals from the Cos' himself), his jazz base remains intact in these fascinating charts, and stellar friends like Freddie Hubbard, Milt Jackson, Toots Thielemans, and Jim Hall are left alone to shine. The centerpiece, "Guitar Blues Odyssey: From Roots to Fruits" is the first of many attempts by Q to summarize musical evolution in one fell swoop. Moreover, this ambitious collage actually works -- and it's great fun to hear Thielemans, Hall, Eric Gale and Joe Beck try to mimic guitarists from Robert Johnson to Wes Montgomery to Jimi Hendrix. One can't be quite as enthusiastic about Q's rather weak-kneed vocals on two tracks, but that's about the only stumble in this hugely enjoyable project
~ Richard S. Ginell, All Music Guide
Andre Previn Plays Songs by Jerome Kern Music » Jazz » Mainstream
Andre Previn Plays Songs by Jerome KernArtist - Andre Previn
Album - Andre Previn Plays Songs by Jerome Kern
Label - Contemporary/OJC
Year - 1959, release - 1997
Quality - MP3@320kbps
Size - 99,9mb (RS)
Total time - 42:31
AMG Rating: Andre Previn Plays Songs by Jerome Kern
REPOST with new link

For this solo piano session (a Contemporary date which has been reissued on CD), the remarkably versatile Andre Previn interprets ten Jerome Kern songs including several ("Sure Thing," "WhipPoor-Will," "Go Little Boat" and "Put Me to the Test") that are quite obscure. Sometimes he treats the melodies with great respect while other performances find him stretching the themes and coming up with fresh variations; "They Didn't Believe Me" is a highpoint. This is a well-rounded set with plenty of surprises along with consistently tasteful playing, one of Previn's better jazz efforts. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
1960: The Dave Brubeck Quartet Featuring Jimmy Rushing Cool, Brubeck Dave
1960: The Dave Brubeck Quartet Featuring Jimmy Rushing
Artists - The Dave Brubeck Quartet Featuring Jimmy Rushing
Album - Brubeck & Rushing
Label - Columbia
Year - 1960, release - 1988
Quality - MP3/320kb/s + Flac (w. scans)
Size - 82Mb + 236 Mb
Total time - 36:41

REPOST with additional info and a link for lossless from Mr. hungaropitecus

Dave Brubeck
Jimmy Rushing
Kelly Eisenhour - Seek and Find (2007) Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
Kelly Eisenhour - Seek and Find (2007)
Artist: Kelly Eisenhour
Album: Seek and Find
Year: 2007
Label: NalyD
Genre: Vocal Jazz, Standards
Quality: FLAC & MP3@320
Size: 362 MB & 138 MB
Time: 60:51

An accomplished jazz singer and recording artist, Kelly Eisenhour has performed at numerous national and international jazz festivals and toured as a guest soloist with the Boston Pops under the direction of Keith Lockhart. In addition to her BluJazz release Seek And Find featuring saxophonist Bob Mintzer, Kelly has also recorded the albums Now You Know and Kelly Eisenhour with the Jeff Hamilton Trio. As a songwriter and arranger Kelly has participated in projects including the 2006 Grammy award winning album, Gladys Knight: One Voice on which she served as a songwriter, soloist, co-arranger and assistant choir director.

Personnel include: Kelly Eisenhour (vocals); Bob Mintzer (saxophone); Jay Lawrence (vibraphone, drums, percussion)
Rick Margitza - This is new (1991) Music » Jazz
Rick Margitza - This is new (1991)
Artist: Rick Margitza
Album: This is new
Year: 1991
Label: Blue Note
Genre: Post-Bop
Time: 60:44
Quality: FLAC
Host: RS

The problem with tenor saxophonist Rick Margitza at this early stage in his career was that he sounded almost exactly like Wayne Shorter with a strong streak of John Coltrane on ballads. Margitza partly overcomes his lack of individuality by giving the standards on his CD some fresh interpretations. The melody of "On Green Dolphin Street" sneaks up about halfway through and then is barely hinted at, while the theme of "Just in Time" does not pop up until just before the closing vamp. Margitza displays maturity on "Body & Soul" and "Everything Happens to Me" and is quite stormy on the more up-tempo material. Trumpeter Tim Hagans' guest appearance on "Beware of the Dogs" really seems to inspire Margitza, and the rhythm section (pianist Joey Calderazzo, bassist Robert Hurst, and drummer Jeff "Tain" Watts) is excellent. Now if only Margitza could solve his identity problem. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
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