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Jazz Blues Club » Articles for 08.04.2009
Chris Botti - In Boston (Live) Music » Jazz » BeBop » Third Stream
Chris Botti - In Boston (Live) Artist: Chris Botti
CD title: In Boston (Live)
Released date: March 31, 2009
Record Label: Columbia Records
Firmat, Quality: MP3, 320(cbr) Kbps
Time: 72'44"
Size: 167 mb

REPOST with new info from Mr. Gkjoflm.

A sequel of sorts to Chris Botti's 2006 PBS special, this September 2008 event "Live In Boston" found the sartorially splendid cool jazz trumpeter accompanied by the Boston Symphony and a collection of celebrity vocalists. The concert delivers an overview of popular music, with jazz standards like "I've Got You Under My Skin" right alongside "Ave Maria" and Sting's "If I Ever Lose My Faith in You." Whether featuring rocker Steven Tyler, American Idol chanteuse - Katharine McPhee, or pop-opera superstar Josh Groban, all the tunes are presented in Botti's inimitable, Chet Baker-influenced uber-smooth style. Includes guest appearances from Josh Groban, Yo-Yo Ma, John Mayer, Katharine McPhee, Sting, Lucia Micarelli and Steven Tyler.
Steve Kuhn Trio: Waltz on the red side - Waltz on the blue side Music » Jazz » Mainstream
Steve Kuhn Trio: Waltz on the red side - Waltz on the blue sideArtist: Steve Kuhn
Album: Waltz on the red side - Waltz on the blue side
Recording Date: 2002
Label: Venus Records
Format: MP3 @ 320 kbps
Size: 140 MB/116 MB (MP3)

This two-CD project had a very interesting concept: Kuhn selected an all-waltz program and played them twice with two different bassists -- Gary Peacock on the "Blue Side" and Eddie Gomez on the "Red Side." With Billy Drummond holding the drum chair on both trios, the two sets of performances could not be more different from each other. They provide a fascinating insight into the spontaneity of music creation and how jazz musicians react to each other.
Fourplay - X (2006) Music » Jazz
Fourplay - X (2006)
Artist: Fourplay
Album: X
Year: 2006
Genre: Smooth Jazz
Label: RCA
Format: mp3, 320 kbps
Size: 105 + 14 Mb

Smooth-jazz journeymen Fourplay reunite for X and deliver more solid, lite-instrumental sounds. Centered around the talents of keyboardist Bob James, guitarist Larry Carlton, bassist Nathan East and drummer Harvey Mason, Fourplay also feature here blue-eyed-soul icon Michael Mcdonald who takes an inspired vocal turn on the Steve Winwood tune "My Love's Leavin'. It's a great track that nicely exploits the aesthetic connection and '70s heritage of both smooth jazz and soft-rock. Similarly appealing are James's noirish "Screenplay showcasing Carlton's bluesy chops and James's urbane keyboard style; as well as East's slow R&B ballad "Sunday Morning". This is a softly-funky, superbly crafted and unapologetically low key album. Frankly, that's what longtime fans have come to expect from these masters of smooth and in that sense X succeeds. by Matt Collar
Diana Krall - Live At Marciac (2008) Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
Diana Krall - Live At Marciac (2008)
Artist: Diana Krall
Album: Live at Marciac
Release: August 7, 2008
Studio/Live: Live
Genre: Jazz
Format:MP3@320 kbps
Time: 33:38
Size:77 Mb

Diana Krall performance at "Jazz à Marciac" in Marciac (France), Sous Chapiteau on August 7, 2008
Terumasa Hino & John Scofield — Wind Blows Your Skin (1977) Music » Jazz
Terumasa Hino & John Scofield — Wind Blows Your Skin (1977)
Artist: Terumasa Hino & John Scofield
Album: Wind Blows Your Skin
Genre: Jazz
Label: Inner City
Year: 1977
Quality: MP3@320 kbs/s
Size: 100 mb

A surprisingly open-ended set from trumpeter Terumasa Hino — a set that's a really great balance between his freer sounds of the early 70s, and some of the warmer fusion modes he hit towards the end of the decade! Hino's working here with a trio of American players — John Scofield on guitar, Ron Carter on bass, and Tony Williams on drums — an especially tight rhythm section that really helps the record find its groove in the absence of any piano or keyboards.
.. - 1-6 (Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - Symphonies 1-6) Music, Classical music
.. -  1-6 (Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - Symphonies 1-6)
( )

.. -  1-6 (Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - Symphonies 1-6)
Composer: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky/..
Artist: Oslo Philarmonic Orchestra (cond. Mariss Jansons)
Album: Symphonies No. 1-6
Format, bitrate: mp3, 320 kbps
Time: 4h, 11 min, 12 sec.
Size: ~590 mb

, , .
, , .
, , , - ... , ! .
Bebo Valdés - El Solar de Bebo (2005) Music » Jazz » Latin
Bebo Valdés - El Solar de Bebo (2005)
Artist: Bebo Valdez
Album: El Solar De Bebo (cd2)
Genre: Afro-Cuban Jazz
Year: 2005
Label: Calle 54
Quality: mp3@320kbps
Size: 139mb

Bebo Valdes, one of the giants of Cuban music of the 1950s and the father of pianist Chucho Valdes, has lived in Stockholm since the early '60s, including 34 years on which he did not record, playing in anonymity. His rediscovery in the 1990s was a major event, and this two-CD set is one of the high points of his career. Utilizing an all-star group, Vald?s (who was 86 at the time) debuts his eight-part "Suite Cubana" and also plays a variety of shorter pieces on the second CD, subtitled "El Solar de Bebo," with a combo. The music, particularly on the first CD, is a bit reminiscent of the music that he performed in Cuba in the 1950s, but it includes more modern solos and a heavier emphasis on jazz. The strong melodies, colorful improvisations, and exciting ensembles make Bebo de Cuba a classic. In addition, this superb package includes a bonus 22-minute DVD that tells the story behind this project. Bebo de Cuba is essential for all fans of Afro-Cuban jazz.
Clark Terry - Serenade To A Bus Seat Music » Jazz » Mainstream
Clark Terry - Serenade To A Bus SeatArtist: Clark Terry
Album:Serenade to a Bus Seat
Format/Rate: MP3/320
Size:96 MB
AMG rating Clark Terry - Serenade To A Bus Seat

This CD reissue matches together trumpeter Clark Terry (before he switched to flugelhorn) with tenor saxophonist Johnny Griffin, pianist Wynton Kelly, bassist Paul Chambers and drummer Philly Joe Jones. Most notable about the music is that Terry wrote five of the eight selections (including the colorful title cut which pays tribute to life on the road with Duke Ellington); the other numbers are "Donna Lee," a pretty version of "Stardust" and a slightly Latinized "That Old Black Magic." Terry and Griffin were a potent team, making one regret that they did not record together much through the years. This set contains excellent straightahead jazz performed with plenty of spirit.
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
Chucho Valds - Cancione Sineditas 2002 Music » Jazz » Latin
Chucho Valds - Cancione Sineditas 2002Artist: Chucho Valdes
Album: Canciones Sineditas
Year: 2002
Label: Egrem
Quality: mp3 @ 320 kbps
Size: 127mb
Time: 55:21

2002 Latin Grammy winning studio release for Best Pop Instrumental Album from this Latin Jazz legend. It highlights Valdes serious side and his love for traditional Jazz.

The son of the noted musician Bebo Valdes, Chucho began playing piano when he was three and by the time he was 16 he was leading his own group. In 1960 his father defected from Cuba but Chucho stayed behind. In 1967, he formed the Orquesta Cubana de Musica Moderna and, in 1973, he founded Irakere, the top Cuban jazz orchestra; among its original members were Arturo Sandoval and Paquito D'Rivera. Valdes has been Irakere's musical director almost from the start and has recorded with the full band, in small groups, and as an impressive solo pianist. He remains one of the top jazz musicians living in Cuba.
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
Tony Bennett - Sings The Great Hits Of Today (1970) (LP) Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
Tony Bennett - Sings The Great Hits Of Today (1970) (LP)Artist: Tony Bennett
Album: Tony Sings The Great Hits Of Today
Label: Columbia
Year: 1970
Format, bitrate: flac


Disaster strikes. Accompanied by a sleeve note from company president Clive Davis, who forced this record down his throat, Tony Bennett is presented on the album cover in a garish illustration, wearing bellbottoms and a psychedelic tie. On the record, he sings "MacArthur Park" (well, some of it, anyway), "Eleanor Rigby" (most of which he recites instead of singing), "Something," and other "great hits of today." You'd think he might make peace at least with numbers like "The Look Of Love," but the only song he shows any real enthusiasm for is "Is That All There Is?," and even that is too cynical for his style.
~William Ruhlmann, AMG
John Scofield - Piety Street (2009) Post-bop, Fusion
John Scofield - Piety Street (2009)Artist: John Scofield
Album: Piety Street
Label: Emarcy Records
Year: 2009
Format: MP3 VBR 192-320kbit/s
Size: 88,5 B

On the surface, this would seem a genre exercise a professor/doctor of jazz guitar looking into the deep book of American gospel because it's . . . "interesting." But Scofield's integrity remains intact.

He snared a top-flight rhythm section with a hefty dose of New Orleans keyboardist John Cleary, Meters bassist George Porter Jr., and drummer Ricky Fataar and recorded at the NOLA studio of the title. And he understands that this is vocal music, so in addition to recruiting Cleary and Crescent City veteran John Boutt for vox duties, he plays like a singer, his own solos faithful to the vocal-melodic line, even as he spits pearly ornaments and note clusters.

He plays with a throaty sound, conjuring syllabic bends and breaks, often with an extra dash of B.B. King bite in his articulation. Testifying, he drops from a high-tenor range to deep baritone on Dorothy Love Coates's "That's Enough," or opens up the wah-wah on "Something's Got a Hold on Me." Perhaps best of all is a super-slow "The Old Ship of Zion," Thomas A. Dorsey's chestnut rearranged for Cleary's oozing funereal organ, Fataar's cymbal tapping in insistent triplet eighth-notes, Porter a never-ending marvel of groove and melody, and Scofield's guitar moaning along with them.
Ry Cooder - Paradise and Lunch Music » Blues
Ry Cooder -  Paradise and Lunch Artist: Ry Cooder
Album: Paradise and Lunch
Year: 1974
Quality: MP3@320 kbps
Size: 89 mb
AMG Rating Ry Cooder -  Paradise and Lunch

Ry Cooder understands that a great song is a great song, whether it was written before the Depression or last week. Still, at the same time he isn't afraid to explore new avenues and possibilities for the material. Like his three previous records, Paradise and Lunch is filled with treasures which become part of a world where eras and styles converge without ever sounding forced or contrived. One may think that an album that contains a traditional railroad song, tunes by assorted blues greats, and a Negro spiritual alongside selections by the likes of Bobby Womack, Burt Bacharach, and Little Milton may lack cohesiveness or merely come across as a history lesson, but to Cooder this music is all part of the same fabric and is as relevant and accessible as anything else that may be happening at the time. No matter when it was written or how it may have been done in the past, the tracks, led by Cooder's brilliant guitar, are taken to new territory where they can coexist. It's as if Washington Phillips' "Tattler" could have shared a place on the charts with Womack's "It's All Over Now" or Little Milton's "If Walls Could Talk." That he's successful on these, as well as the Salvation Army march of "Jesus on the Mainline" or the funky, gospel feel of Blind Willie McTell's "Married Man's a Fool," is not only a credit to Cooder's talent and ingenuity as an arranger and bandleader, but also to the songs themselves. The album closes with its most stripped-down track, an acoustic guitar and piano duet with jazz legend Earl "Fatha" Hines on the Blind Blake classic "Ditty Wah Ditty." Here both musicians are given plenty of room to showcase their instrumental prowess, and the results are nothing short of stunning. Eclectic, intelligent, and thoroughly entertaining, Paradise and Lunch remains Ry Cooder's masterpiece.
~ Brett Hartenbach, All Music Guide
Danny Gatton - Redneck Jazz Explosion 1978 Jazz, Rock music, Country & Folk
Danny Gatton - Redneck Jazz Explosion 1978Artist: Danny Gatton
Album: Redneck Jazz Explosion , Live
Year: 1978
Label: Ichiban
Quality: mp3@320kbps
Size: 124 mb

Few recordings can match the immediacy, the exhilaration, and the untamed virtuosity heard on this disc. Danny Gatton was a relatively unknown guitar master comfortable with myriad styles when he first hooked up with steel guitar force Buddy Emmons in 1977. Emmons, like Gatton a musical omnivore, had for two decades been one of Nashville's premier musicians, and when the two joined forces for the first time, the synergy was amazing and the compatibility was magical. After a few occasional gigs throughout 1978, the pair finally toured as the Redneck Jazz Explosion, a group that melded the jazz sensibility with country, blues, bluegrass, rock, and more, thereby moving beyond any simple categorization. This remarkable set comes from a New Year's Eve 1978 show in Gatton's native D.C., and it finds two incredibly talented men playing in an uninhibited but focused fashion. In terms of sheer technical prowess, Gatton and Emmons had few peers on their respective instruments, but what sets this collaboration apart is how speed and agility balances so nicely with feeling and creativity. The short-lived Explosion stands as one of the great instrumental ensembles, a lightning-in-a-bottle partnership that thankfully is documented on this essential recording.
--Marc Greilsamer
Champion Jack Dupree - His Blues Band & Mickey Baker Blues, Acoustic blues, Piano blues & booqie
Champion Jack Dupree - His Blues Band & Mickey BakerArtist:Champion Jack Dupree
lbum: His Blues Band & Mickey Baker
Year: 1967
Label: Decca
Format/bitrate: MP3/320 kbps
Size: 105 B

Dupree's playing is almost all straight blues and boogie woogie, with no ballads or pop songs, not even blues ballads. He was not a sophisticated musician or singer, but he had a wry and clever way with words: 'Mama, move your false teeth, papa wanna scratch your gums.' He sometimes sang as if he had a cleft palate and even recorded under the name Harelip Jack Dupree. This was an artistic conceit, as Dupree had excellent, clear articulation, particularly for a blues singer.
Mike Stern - These Times Post-bop, Fusion
Mike Stern - These Times Artists: Mike Stern
Album: These Times
Label: ESC
Year: 2004
Format, bitrate: mp3, 320kbs
Time: 1:09:23
Size: 156 Mb


Combine the innovative guitar energy of legendary fusion master Mike Stern with old friends (bassist Richard Bona, drummer Vinnie Colaiuta) and new (saxman Kenny Garrett), and anything is bound to happen.
This album has a little bit of everything for a music lover.Funky jazz soul, world music, bebop guitar, a little dab of everything. What holds it all together is that Stern is consistently melodic in his phrasing. At times this album shimmers as the layers of sound including wordless vocals from Richard Bona and Elizabeth Kontomanou mix with the other instruments seamlessly.

Amazon. com
Albert Melkonov - The Best of Albert Melkonov Music » Jazz » Traditional Jazz
Albert Melkonov - The Best of Albert MelkonovArtists: (Albert Melkonov)
Album: The Best of Albert Melkonov
Label: noname
Year: 1970-1996
Release: 2008
Genre: Traditional Jazz, Dixieland
Quality: MP3 192 kbs/s
Size: 107 b
Time: 69:39

( ), -. - -, .

The Best..., - , , , , , , , , , . .
Stephane Grappelli - Improvisations Music » Jazz » Swing
Stephane Grappelli - ImprovisationsArtist: Stephane Grappelli
Album: Improvisations (Jazz in Paris vol. 42)
Label: Mercury
Year: 1958
Release: 2001
Format: Mp3
Time: 50:37
Size: 117 Mb

This is the first of Stephane Grappelli's sessions as a leader during the 1950s to be issued on CD, which is rather surprising given the availability of his work from the last two decades of his life. Grappelli is heard exclusively in a quartet with pianist Maurice Vander, bassist Pierre Michelot, and drummer Baptiste Reilles, except for two takes of "Someone to Watch Over Me," when Vander makes an ill-advised switch to harpsichord. The violinist is not nearly as aggressive as he would become in the decades to follow, seemingly concentrating more on achieving a beautiful tone than dazzling listeners with his considerable abilities as an improviser. Most of the material recorded during these three dates remained in his repertoire for the remainder of his career; with up-tempo selections like "The Lady Is a Tramp" and "'S Wonderful" getting the nod over most of the ballad interpretations. One surprise is the inclusion of Alec Wilder's I'll Be Around" (listed as previously unreleased but it appeared on a later Barclay LP following the original issue); this may be Grappelli's only recording of this lovely standard. Although this isn't an essential CD for swing fans, the reappearance of this once hard to find music will be welcomed by fans of Stephane Grappelli.
Ken Dryden, AMG
Stephane Grappelli - Django /Jazz in Paris/ (1962) Music » Jazz » Swing
Stephane Grappelli - Django /Jazz in Paris/ (1962)
Artist: Stephane Grappelli
Album: Django (Jazz in Paris)
Label: Gitanes
Year: 1962
Format, bitrate: MP3@320 kbit/s
Time: 0.44:50
Size: 102 MB

REPOST with a new link from Mr. Bubu Hans.

. Hot Club de France, , 1933 . . , . ...
Wynton Marsalis - Wynton Marsalis Music » Jazz » BeBop » Post-bop
Wynton Marsalis  - Wynton MarsalisArtist: Wynton Marsalis
Artist: Wynton Marsalis
Year: 1981
Released 1982
Label: Columbia
Time: 41:08
Format, bitrate: MP3 320 Kbps | APE
Size: 91 MB | 234 MB
AMG rating Wynton Marsalis  - Wynton Marsalis

- .
. ! winked

Trumpeter Wynton Marsalis's debut on Columbia, recorded when he was only 19, made it clear from the start that he was going to be a major force in jazz. At the time Marsalis (who was originally a bit influenced by Freddie Hubbard) was starting to closely emulate Miles Davis of the mid-'60s and his slightly older brother Branford took Wayne Shorter as his role model. The inclusion of Davis's rhythm section from that era (pianist Herbie Hancock, bassist Ron Carter and drummer Tony Williams) on four of the seven selections reinforced the image. The three other numbers feature such up-and-coming talents as pianist Kenny Kirkland, Charles Fambrough or Clarence Seay on bass and drummer Jeff "Tain" Watts, helping to launch the rise of the Young Lions. But although not overly original, there is a great deal of outstanding playing on this set, including a definitive version of Tony Williams's "Sister Cheryl" and the long tradeoff between Wynton and Branford on "Hesitation." ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
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