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Jazz Blues Club » Articles for 28.12.2008
Archie Sheep/Sigfried Kessler - First Take Music » Jazz » Modern Jazz » Freejazz
Archie Sheep/Sigfried Kessler - First TakeArtist: Archie Shepp, Siegfried Kessler
Album: First Take
Label: Archie Ball ARCH0104
Year: 2003
Format, bitrate: mp3@320 kb/s
Time: ~72 min
Size: 162,14 MB

This is the first release from a new label dedicated to the music of Archie Shepp. At this point in his career, the saxophonist's output has shown a serious lack of consistency, but this meeting between two longtime accomplices proves that he can still deliver. Originally, this was German pianist Siegfried Kessler's live date, and Kessler incidentally decided to invite Shepp. As his excellent recordings with Horace Parlan also bear witness, the saxophonist seems to entertain a special relationship with pianists. He met Kessler in the late '60s and this date gives them the opportunity to revisit some themes that they have often played together, such as the opener, an epic rendition of "Les Matins Noirs," which features Shepp on soprano and is alone worth the price of admission. His raw and emotional blowing is instantly gripping. Elsewhere, he remains in full command of his instrument, constantly switching from tenor to soprano, and delivers some beautifully heartfelt and expressive lines -- he has seldom sounded so moving and dramatic. Kessler can be economical, which always leaves many options to the saxophonist, but what strikes most is his percussive style sustained with a very strong left hand. On most tracks, Shepp sings and his smoky voice has enough endearing power to overcome its limitations. While First Take is far from the innovations and urgency of Shepp's early recordings, it is a fine addition to the saxophonist's collection.
After a long lapse of time, they are united once again on this fine album - recreating the natural empathy they felt at their first chance meeting - when Shepp heard one of his own compositions The Morning of the Blacks” (only then recently recorded) being played by Siggy in a Paris night club. They reinvestigate the piece for 23 minutes on the wonderful, opening track of this album, before going on to play their versions of Strayhorns Lush Life”, Ellingtons Dont Get Around Much Anymore” and 3 more Shepp originals, with a brief detour to Monks Misterioso”. Two master musicians in complete, heartfelt harmony. Shepp, playing soprano & tenor and occasionally providing evocative vocals, plays as expressively as ever - a real return to form.
Kenny Drew and Hank Jones Great Jazz Trio - New York Stories (1990) Music » Jazz
Kenny Drew and Hank Jones Great Jazz Trio - New York Stories (1990)
Artist: Kenny Drew and Hank Jones Great Jazz Trio
Album: New York Stories
Label: Alfa Jazz (LP)
Release: 1990
Format/Bitrate: MP3/320
Size: 132 MB


Enjoy... smile

Lee Morgan - Standards (1967) Music, Jazz, Hard-bop
Lee Morgan - Standards (1967)

Artist: Lee Morgan
Album: Standards
Year: 1967
Label: Blue Note / EMI
Time: 42:10
Quality: MP3 @320kbps
Size: 100mb ( with cover
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This session headed by trumpeter Lee Morgan was not initially released until this 1998 CD. Morgan is joined by an all-star cast of James Spaulding on flute and alto, tenor saxophonist Wayne Shorter, baritonist Pepper Adams, pianist Herbie Hancock, bassist Ron Carter and drummer Mickey Roker, but the music overall is not all that memorable. Most of the selections, although allegedly "standards," were of more recent vintage (like "A Lot of Livin' to Do" and "If I Were a Carpenter"), and even if Morgan and the other musicians play well, nothing too exciting occurs. Although not a dud, it was not a major loss that this recording stayed in the vaults. - AMG
Art Farmer - On The Road Music » Jazz » Mainstream
Art Farmer - On The Road
Artist - Art Farmer
Album - On The Road
Label - OJC/Contemporary
Year - 1976, release - 1990
Quality - MP3@320 kbps
Size - 94,4 mb
Total time - 41:16


This CD reissue of a Contemporary set from 1976 features a logical but only one-time collaboration between flugelhornist Art Farmer and altoist Art Pepper. With pianist Hampton Hawes, bassist Ray Brown, and either Steve Ellington or Shelly Manne on drums completing the quintet, the five standards and Hawes' original "Downwind" were certainly in good hands. A special highlight is a duet version of "My Funny Valentine" featuring Farmer and Hawes. Everyone plays up to par on this spirited straight-ahead set. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
Ella Fitzgerald - Ella Fitzgerald's Christmas Music » Jazz
Ella Fitzgerald - Ella Fitzgerald's Christmas Artist:Ella Fitzgerald
Album:Ella Fitzgerald's Christmas
Label:Capitol (LP)Ella Fitzgerald - Ella Fitzgerald's Christmas
Release Date:1967

ELLA FITZGERALD'S CHRISTMAS is among the best Christmas albums of all time...

Enjoy... smile

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. - (2001) Music » Jazz » Fusion
  . -  (2001)
Artist & Band: . (A. Kozlov and Arsenal)
Title Of Album: (the best)
Year Of Release: 2001
Label: BEST records
Genre, Style: Jazz, Jazz-Rock, Fuzion
Type, Quality: mp3, 256 kbps
Total Time: 01:17:40
Total Size: 142.53 MB

After years of making an impact on the Soviet Union's jazz underground, saxophonist Alexey Kozlov formed the Arsenal in the early '70s. The band, which became one of the most popular jazz-rock groups in the Soviet Union, released a number of LPs from 1976 to 1991. These were later collected and reissued by Boheme Music as a four-CD box set, Scorched By Time. In 1986, Kozlov became a regular host of TV and radio programs on jazz and rock history and in 1989 he published one of Russia's first-ever objective histories of western rock music, entitled Rock Music: Roots and Development. The '90s brought some new collaborations and musical directions for Kozlov, who began to work with new age styles, as well as undertaking a critically acclaimed collaboration with the Shostakovich String Quartet. The album which resulted from that collaboration, Alexey Kozlov and the Shostakovich String Quartet, was released by Boheme Music in 2000. ~ Stacia Proefrock, All Music Guide

1973 . -. , . "" " ". . . 1986 , , -.
Oscar Peterson - An Oscar Peterson Christmas (1995) Music » Jazz » BeBop
Oscar Peterson - An Oscar Peterson Christmas (1995)
Artist: Oscar Peterson
Album: An Oscar Peterson ChristmasOscar Peterson - An Oscar Peterson Christmas (1995)
Label: Telarc
Studio/Live: Studio
Mono/Stereo: Stereo
Format/Bitrate: MP3/320 kbps
Size: 122 MB
Time: 52:10

Oscar Peterson... smile

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Laverne Butler - Daydreamin' Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
Laverne Butler - Daydreamin'
Performer: LaVerne Butler
Title: Day Dreamin'
Year: 1994
Quality: mp3@256 kbps
Size: 85 mb

With LaVerne Butler having provided so much passionate, intense hard bop on her debut album, No Looking Back, it came as quite a surprise when the singer took a more mellow and laidback approach on her second album, Day Dreamin', which was devoid of loud horn solos and found her joined by an intimate piano trio. Not thrilled to hear Butler interpreting songs by the Isley Brothers and Aretha Franklin, some jazz purists dismissed the CD as lightweight quiet storm music and argued that Butler should have stuck with standards and hard bop. But in fact, Day Dreamin' has a lot going for it. By choosing less obvious material, Butler was taking chances, and they pay off handsomely. The Isleys' "For the Love of You" and Franklin's "Day Dreamin'" work well in an acoustic jazz setting, as does Brazilian singer Dori Caymmi's "Photograph." This CD can function as mood music, but it's personal, heartfelt mood music that is as rewarding as it is thoughtful.
Black Saint Story Music » Jazz
Black Saint Story
Artists: Various
Album: Black Saint Story
Genre: Jazz and Free Jazz
Quality: mp3 - 320 kbps
Time: 74:21 minutes
Size: ~ 150 MB
Includes scans and info

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