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Jazz Blues Club » Articles for 21.12.2008
2008: Benny Goodman Featuring Peggy Lee - Best of the Big Bands Music » Jazz
2008: Benny Goodman Featuring Peggy Lee - Best of the Big Bands  Artist: Benny Goodman Featuring Peggy Lee
Album: Best of the Big Bands
Label: Sony BMG Custom Marketing
Recording Date: Aug 15, 1941-Dec 10, 1941
Release Date: 2008
Format, bitrate: mp3, 320kb/s
Time: 48:57
Size: 105MB

When Peggy Lee made her first recording with Benny Goodman's orchestra, she was 19 and scared to death. The result, "Elmer's Tune," is one she probably wished were lost, but the other 15 recordings on this CD (all from 1941) find her improving month by month, struggling gamely through the difficult Eddie Sauter and Mel Powell arrangements. Many of these titles were formerly rare and offer an interesting look at the early Peggy Lee. Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
Jack Buchanan - Elegance (1994) Music » Jazz
Jack Buchanan - Elegance (1994)Artist: Jack Buchanan
Album: Elegance
Label: Living Era
Year: 1926-1934
Release: 1994
Genre: Jazz
Format, bitrate: mp3, 320kb/s
Size: 115MB

Jack Buchanan (1891-1957) was an aristocratic-looking British gentleman and when he appeared dressed in top hat and tails, he was the last person you would expect to sing and dance to perfection. He and Fred Astaire worked together in the 1953 Hollywood musical 'The Band Wagon'. He is still very popular today, the epitome of the debonair, man-about-town.

Valaida Snow - 1933-1936 Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
Valaida Snow - 1933-1936
Artist: Valaida Snow
Album: 1933-1936
Release Date:2000
Label:Chronogical Classics

, , (Valaida Snow).


Review by arwulf arwulf
When Valaida Snow sat in with Earl Hines & His Orchestra on February 3, 1933, she sounded at first like an auditioning youngster. That is, until the tempo picked up halfway into the song, and Snow began to chortle and swing. If "Maybe I'm to Blame" was a bit of an experiment, the three recordings Snow made in London in January of 1935 are solid evidence of an artist who has found her own style and grown into it. Suddenly, it seems, this woman has established herself in England as a singer and trumpeter with considerable potential...Read More
Lester Young Trio (1946) Music » Jazz » BeBop
Lester Young Trio (1946)Artist: Lester Young Trio with Nat King Cole and Buddy Rich
Album: Lester Young Trio
Year: 1946
Label: Verve
Producer: Norman Granz
Format, bitrate: MP3@320 kbit/s; FLAC
Time: 1.00:38
Size: 139 MB; 168 mb
REPOST with FLAC link from Mr.hungaropitecus

Lester Young
Nat King Cole
Buddy Rich

. , , , .
Nat King Cole Buddy Rich.
, ...

One of Lester Young's most memorable post-World War II dates came in 1946, when he entered a Los Angeles studio and formed a trio that employed Nat King Cole on piano and Buddy Rich on drums. In 1994, the results of that classic encounter, which Norman Granz produced for his Clef label, were reissued on the CD Lester Young Trio. Unfortunately, the sound is pretty scratchy, and one wishes that Verve had used digital remastering to reduce the noise. But the performances themselves are outstanding. From the blues "Back to the Land" to the soulful ballad statements of "The Man I Love" and "I Cover the Waterfront," Lester Young Trio explodes the absurd myth that Young's postwar output is of little or no value -- a myth that many jazz critics have been all too happy to promote. The CD's four bonus tracks (which include "Sweet Lorraine," "Rosetta" and "I've Found a New Baby") come from a 1943 or 1944 session that didn't employ Young at all, but rather, was led by tenor saxophonist Dexter Gordon and features trumpeter Harry "Sweets" Edison and Cole, among others. Listeners might ask what that session, which was Gordon's first as a leader, has to do with Young, and the answer is that it illustrates Young's tremendous influence on Gordon. At that point, Gordon still sounded a lot like Young, was still playing swing rather than bebop and had yet to develop a recognizable sound of his own, although by 1945, Gordon would become quite distinctive and influential himself. Highly recommended. ~ Alex Henderson, All Music Guide
Raimonds Pauls - Melodies & Memories (2002) Music » Jazz
Raimonds Pauls - Melodies & Memories (2002)
Artist & Band: Raimons Pauls
Title Of Album: Melodies & Memories
Year Of Release: 2002
Genre, Style: Jazz, Orchestra & Piano, Classic
Quality, Bitrate: mp3, CBR 320 kbs
Total Size: 100.47 Mb

Legendary Raimonds Pauls in his greatest form as live jazz piano player performing jazz classics and his own melodies together with Liepaja Symphony Orchestra. Recorded live in Liepaja legendary open-air concert hall "Put vejini" opening festival "Liepaja Dzintars". One of his own beloved recordings of all time. Real sound, real emotions and real jazz big band feeling.
Jimmy Ponder - Somebody's Child Music » Jazz » Fusion

Jimmy Ponder - Somebody's Child
Artist: Jimmy Ponder
Album: Somebody's Child
Year: 2007
Label:Highnote Records
Quality: mp3@320
Total Size: 69 MB

When you count up the years and numbers, few if any authentic jazz guitarists have sustained as long, consistent, fruitful or interesting a recording career as Ponder. His many efforts for the Muse and High Note labels have set high standards for musicality with integrity, and this recording leaves no doubt as to his continued excellence. This is as diverse a jazz recording, leaving pop trappings completely aside, as Ponder has ever conceived. He does great modern jazz works such as a picture-perfect read of Woody Shaw's mainstream classic "Moontrane," the Victor Feldman/Miles Davis hard bop evergreen "Seven Steps to Heaven," replete with a witty off minor repeated lead chorus, and his second attempt (first done on Something to Ponder) for the cerebral Pharoah Sanders modal circular incantation, a near ten minute take of "The Creator Has a Master Plan." For someone closely identified as a good ol' soul-jazz plectrist, longtime fans will be pleased about the opening track "Kickin' Da Bobo," a reference to prison slang. There's a Latin variation of the usually balladic "Wild Is the Wind," a main version and reprise of Ponder's poignant "Somebody's Child," and pianist Sonny Barbato leading, with Ponder's rhythm guitar setting up Bill Lee's cute "Who Will Be the One?" from a film of son Spike Lee. There's a Brazilian flavored guitar duo, more ballads including the beautiful standard "Too Late Now," three different drummers including producer George Heid and Cleveland's Greg Bandy roiling rhythms during "Creator," and Ponder's fluid, dynamic guitar leading his group of fellow Pittsburghians all the way. While those quite familiar with Ponder should enjoy the broad-based approach of this recording from top to bottom, even they could be surprised how thoroughly enjoyable this date is. ~ Michael G. Nastos, AMG
Donny McCaslin - Exile and Discovery (1998) Music » Jazz » Mainstream
Donny McCaslin - Exile and Discovery (1998)
Artist: Donny McCaslin
Album: Exile and Discovery
Label: Naxos
Year:1997, release: 1998
Size:340 mb
Total Time: 60:29

It is difficult not to be impressed by this CD. Donny McCaslin, although occasionally hinting at Sonny Rollins, has a pretty original sound on tenor. Certainly his playing on the opening "Along Came Betty" sounds like no one else's. In addition to excellent technique, McCaslin is a quick thinker who is not shy of taking chances. Who else would take "Tenderly" at a brisk pace in 5/4 time or perform a pair of Astor Piazzolla's tango etudes as unaccompanied classical-type saxophone solos? Other than contributing three fine originals (a blues, a funky romp, and an emotional, heartbreaking ballad) and performing the Piazzolla pieces, McCaslin digs into five standards, really ripping through "Speak Low." The rhythm section (pianist Bruce Barth, bassist Ugonna Okegwo and drummer Billy Drummond) works very well together as a unit, with Barth taking some fine solos; still, this is very much Donny McCaslin's showcase. Highly recommended. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
Jimmy Forrest - All The Gin Is Gone (1959) Music » Soul » Soul-Jazz
Jimmy Forrest - All The Gin Is Gone (1959)
Artist: Jimmy Forrest
Album: All The Gin Is Gone
Label: Delmark
Year: 1959
Quality: MP3@192 kbps
Size: 55.4 MB

Review by Scott Yanow

This was the first album that tenor saxophonist Jimmy Forrest made after his R&B phase ended. Particularly notable is that the set served as the recording debut of guitarist Grant Green; completing the band are pianist Harold Mabern, bassist Gene Ramey and drummer Elvin Jones. The top-notch group performs two ballads, "Caravan" and three basic Forrest originals, including the title cut. The music is essentially melodic and blues-based hard bop that looks toward soul-jazz. Everyone sounds in fine form
Jimmy Forrest - Black Forrest (1959) Music » Soul » Soul-Jazz
Jimmy Forrest - Black Forrest (1959)
Artist: Jimmy Forrest
Album: Black Forrest
Label: Delmark
Recording Date: Dec 10, 12 1959
Quality: MP3@192 kbps
Size: 59.8 MB

Review by Scott Yanow

This 1972 LP, a complement to All the Gin Is Gone, released the remainder of tenor saxophonist Jimmy Forrest's two Delmark sessions, including four alternate takes and five other songs. Forrest sounds fine, guitarist Grant Green was making his debut on record, and the rhythm section (pianist Harold Mabern, bassist Gene Ramey and drummer Elvin Jones) plays up to par. Get All the Gin Is Gone first, and then, if one wants to hear the rest of the story, this set
Ken Peplowski - Steppin' With Peps (1993) Music » Jazz
Ken Peplowski - Steppin' With Peps (1993)
Title Of Album: Steppin' With Peps
Year Of Release: September 30, 1993
Label: Concord Records
Genre, Style: Jazz, Concord Jazz
Quality, Bitrate: mp3, 320 Kbps
Total Time: 1:02:23
Total Size: 143.40 MB

Ken Peplowski is in top form on this consistently exciting swing-based release. Whether playing clarinet (where his Benny Goodman influence is touched by the coolness of Tony Scott) or romping on tenor (mixing together Don Byas with touches of Paul Gonsalves), Peplowski excels throughout this well-planned yet spontaneous session. The dozen performances have many highlights including the interplay of Peplowski and guitarist Howard Alden on "The Courtship," a very beautiful version of "Lotus Blossom" (with Joe Wilder's lyrical trumpet), a hot version of "The Lady's in Love with You" and a reasonably "free" version of Ornette Coleman's "Turn Around." Trumpeters Randy Sandke and Joe Wilder appear on several numbers and the rhythm section (with Alden, pianist Ben Aronov, bassist John Goldsby and drummer Alan Dawson) is excellent but Ken Peplowski emerges as the main star on this memorable set.
CHARLIE PARKER & MILES DAVIS - Bird & Miles Music » Jazz » BeBop
Title Of Album: Bird & Miles
Year Of Release: (2001)
Label: BMC/Protasis
Genre, Style: Jazz
Quality, Bitrate: MP3, 320 kbit
Total Size: 102.83 , COVERS - 33.58 MB

The sound and music quality of these recordings are already in the field of classical and is one of the most important pages in the history of jazz. Essentially, this is the birth of the genre bebop and is the basis on which developed modern jazz until today.
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