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Jazz Blues Club » Articles for 12.12.2008
Ernestine Anderson - Live From Concord To London (1976) Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
Ernestine Anderson - Live From Concord To London (1976)
Artist: Ernestine Anderson
Album: Live From Concord To London
Label: Concord Records
Year: 1976
Release Date: 1976
Genre: Jazz Vocal
Format, bitrate: mp3, 128 kb/s
Size: 35.90MB
Ernestine Anderson - Live From Concord To London (1976)
The first half of this CD is quite historic 17 minutes from Ernestine Anderson's comeback concert at the 1976 Concord Jazz Festival. One can feel excitement throughout the performance as the audience rediscovers the talented singer, who had not recorded in a decade. Four songs ("Don't Get Around Much Anymore," "Days of Wine and Roses," "Stormy Monday" and a soulful "Am I Blue") have swinging and stimulating accompaniment by pianist Hank Jones, bassist Ray Brown and drummer Jake Hanna, while a brief "Take the 'A' Train" has Anderson joined by Bill Berry's Big Band. The "London" half of the disc is from a year later and is more laidback and routine, although enjoyable. Backed by an English rhythm section, the singer interprets "My Romance," a four-song Duke Ellington medley, and "Love for Sale" in winning fashion. Overall, this is one of the best in Ernestine Anderson's string of Concord recordings. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
Robert Plant - Now And Zen (1988) Music » Rock music
Robert Plant - Now And Zen (1988)

Artist: Robert Plant
Album: Now And Zen
Label: EsParanza/Atlantic
Year: rec./rel. 1988
Format: MP3@320 Kb/s
Size:57.2+47.0 Mb

. , , .
, "Now And Zen".
- , . - Led Zeppelin, , . "Ship of Fools", "Tall Cool One".
Robert Plant.
. .
Joe Lovano - Symphonica Music » Jazz » Mainstream

Joe Lovano - Symphonica
Artist: Joe Lovano
Album: Symphonica
Label: Blue Note 26225
Year: 1995
Genre: Jazz
Format, bitrate: mp3 @ 320 kb/s
Time: ~ 65 min
Size: 145,32MB

With his 20th album for Blue Note album, Lovano delivers a milestone recording with Symphonica, a bold and beautiful orchestral project recorded largely in concert with the WDR Radio Big Band and Orchestra from Cologne, Germany.

With music arranged and conducted by the big band musical director, Michael Abene, Symphonica marks the first time in Lovanos career that he has recorded an entire album with a full symphony.

All of the music consists of Lovano compositions save for one piece (Charles Minguss Duke Ellingtons Sound of Love, where Lovano sustains his tenor saxophone lines to hover over the haunting melody).

In that sense, Symphonica stands as a full-sound, best-of collection that traces the breadth and plumbs the depth of Lovanos career.
Roy Eldridge - Little Jazz & The Jimmy Ryan All-Stars (1975) Music » Jazz » Mainstream
Roy Eldridge - Little Jazz & The Jimmy Ryan All-Stars (1975)

Artist: Roy Eldridge
Album: Little Jazz & The Jimmy Ryan All-Stars
Label: Pablo
Year:rec. April 7, 1975/rel.2001
Format: MP3 @ 320 Kb/s
Size: 95.4+28.1 Mb

AMG rating:Roy Eldridge - Little Jazz & The Jimmy Ryan All-Stars (1975)

Roy Eldridge. , , , . .
Chico Hamilton - The Complete Pacific Jazz Recordings of the Chico Hamilton Quintet Music » Jazz » BeBop » Post-bop
Chico Hamilton - The Complete Pacific Jazz Recordings of the Chico Hamilton Quintet
Artist: Chico Hamilton
Album: The Complete Pacific Jazz Recordings
of the Chico Hamilton Quintet

Label: Mosaic
Year: 2002
Genre: Jazz
Format, bitrate: MP3@320 kbps
Size: 877 MB

The original Chico Hamilton Quintet was one of the last significant West Coast jazz bands of the cool era. Consisting of Buddy Collette on reeds (flute, clarinet, alto, and tenor), guitarist Jim Hall, bassist Carson Smith, and the drummer/leader, the most distinctive element in the group's identity was cellist Fred Katz. The band could play quite softly, blending together elements of bop and classical music into their popular sound and occupying their own niche. This six-CD, limited-edition box set from 1997 starts off with a Hamilton drum solo from a 1954 performance with the Gerry Mulligan Quartet; it contains three full albums and many previously unreleased numbers) by the original Chico Hamilton band and also has quite a few titles from the second Hamilton group (which has Paul Horn and John Pisano in the places of Collette and Hall). In addition, there are three titles from the third Hamilton Quintet (with Eric Dolphy on flute and alto) and a 1959 Duke Ellington tribute date that featured both Collette and Horn. Most of these performances were formerly quite rare and never reissued coherently before. Highly recommended to jazz historians and to listeners who enjoy classic cool jazz, this box is sure to be sold out quickly. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
Lionel Hampton - Classic Jazz Archive 2CD Music » Jazz » Swing
Lionel Hampton - Classic Jazz Archive 2CD
Artist - Lionel Hampton
Albums:Drum Stomp / Hamp's Boogie Woogie No.1
Label - Membran
Years: 1937-1946, release - 2005
Quality - MP3@192 kbps
Size - 203 mb
Total time: 77:16+73:47

- !

Lionel Hampton is one of the true giants of American music. He was an innovator on the vibes, coming to prominence in the 1930s in Benny Goodman's band before forming his own orchestra and scoring a massive hit in 1942 with "Flying Home." Like Louis Armstrong, he was a wonderful entertainer as well as a musician, and this has kept him in the public's hearts long after most jazz artists revert to cult status. Even though he had Swing in his blood, the hard-driving Hampton worked well with Bop and Cool artists, and he had a hand in forging R&B. His good humor pours out of his playing and his exuberant vocal style.
Buggy Braune Quartet - Out of Innovation (1993) Music » Jazz
Buggy Braune Quartet - Out of Innovation (1993)

Artist: Buggy Braune Quartet
Album: Out of Innovation
Format: FLAC & mp3 (320k/s)
Size: 403 & 151 MB (scans)
Label: Acoustic Music
Total time: 65:29

German pianist Buggy Braune is an impressive member of the vibrant Hamburg Jazz Scene and a constant presence at clubs and festivals. And this is an audiophile edition.

Royal Crown Revue - Kings of Gangster Bop (1991) Music, Jazz, Swing
Royal Crown Revue - Kings of Gangster Bop (1991)
Artist:Royal Crown Revue
Album: Kings of Gangster Bop
Label:Better Youth Org.
Year: , release1991
Genre:Gangster bop bully
Format, bitrate:mp3, 320 kbps
Time:35min, 52 sec.
Size:85 mb.

, -. .

By 1991, RCR had released it's first album, KINGS OF GANGSTER BOP, and was ceaselessly touring America and Europe, playing hundreds of shows to fans thrilled to hear a new genre of American music. The band also caused a stir with their love for all things vintage. From razor-sharp double-breasted suits to fedoras, hand painted 40's ties, vintage instruments, cars and furniture - the band embraced the retro lifestyle to its fullest. In city after city, the band's enthusiastic approach inspired fans to make their own connections with classic American culture and thus began the scene that would soon become a full-scale movement.
Adam Rogers Trio - Time And The Infinite Music » Jazz » Fusion » Jazz-Rock
Adam Rogers Trio - Time And The Infinite

Artist: Adam Rogers Trio
Album: Time and the Infinite
Label:Criss Cross
Year: 2007
Quality:MP3;320 kb/s
Size:94 mb
Total time: 58:50

Too often, liner notes have about the objectiveness of a recommendation letter written by a mother on behalf of her child. It's possible that good qualities are exalted, but it's just as likely that strengths are exaggerated and comparisons with the genre's greats are too easily made. Guitarist Adam Rogers' latest recording is a notable exception. The effusive praise is merited, and any declarations are fully supported by the tight arrangements and intoxicating melodies.

"Young and Foolish" is described as achieving "effortless lyricism that exemplifies a 'profound simplicity.'" Nothing could be truer. The "I Loves You, Porgy" description name-drops Miles and Gil Evans, but only as a genealogical backdrop of sorts. Rogers, bassist Scott Colley and drummer Bill Stewart make this song their own in a refreshing, entirely honest way; it's a straightforward composition that is executed respectfully and unpretentiously, Rogers' sharp but mellifluous notes contoured by strong bass. The most compelling track, however, is "Esteban," inspired by Gabriel Garcia Marquez' short story "The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World," whose protagonist is named Esteban by enchanted villagers in a remote town in Colombia. The track sounds like the story feels, and the five minutes are packed with a regional sound that feels genuine and exotic, largely due to Rogers' emotional and versatile guitar playing. "Esteban" is followed by "Without a Song," a slinky, lighthearted track that delivers a brisk effect by way of Stewart's steady drumming.

The liners quote Rogers as commenting that "even after years of playing, there is still so much mystery in this art, which can be wonderful, surprising, sometimes confusing, but rarely uninteresting." The same can be said for Time and the Infinite, and there is no trace of embellishment in that conclusion. ~ Karla Cornejo, All About Jazz
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