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Jazz Blues Club » Articles for 03.12.2008
Anita O'Day Swings Cole Porter With Billy May Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
Anita O'Day Swings Cole Porter With Billy May
Artist - Anita O'Day
Album - Anita O'Day Swings Cole Porter With Billy May
Genre - Jzz, swing, vocal
Label - Verve
Years - 1952-55,1959-60, release - 1991
Quality - MP3@320kb/s
Size - 95,5mb
Total time - 43:57


Most of this CD reissue is taken from sessions in April 1959 on which Anita O'Day interprets Cole Porter songs while accompanied by some rather rambunctious big-band arrangements from Billy May. While her emotional range is wider than Ella Fitzgerald's (who had previously recorded her much better-known Cole Porter Songbook), O'Day's voice strangely does not sound as strong on the Billy May set as it does on the six "bonus" cuts which are Cole Porter songs she recorded on other occasions (from 1952-1960). Still, this CD does have its moments, with highlights including "I Get a Kick out of You," "All of You," "It's Delovely," "You're the Top" and two versions of "Love for Sale." ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
ANTONIO CARLOS JOBIM - Discography Biography

Steve Khan "Modern Times" (aka "Blades" in USA) (1982) Music » Jazz » Fusion

Steve Khan "Modern Times" (aka "Blades" in USA) (1982)
Artist: Steve Khan
Album: Modern Times
Label: Polydor
Year: 1982
Note: Live in Tokyo at Pit Inn May 3-4 1982
Genre: Fusion
Format: FLAC
Total time: 45:40
Size: 146 & 139 MB

What band is crazy enough to make a 'live' recording the first time they perform in front of people? Well, this band was crazy enough to do it. There was a great reaction to the release of "EYEWITNESS" in Japan and the group was immediately booked for some gigs at the famous PIT INN in Tokyo. We were advised by George Braun that fans would not really believe that we were, in fact, a 'group' until we had released three recordings. So, we thought we could immediately make record #2 while we were there in Japan. When we arrived in Japan, the 'group' had no name and "EYEWITNESS" had been released under my name because none of the other guys wanted to sign the contract. So, as we walked into the PIT INN for the first show, the poster outside read: STEVE KHAN & EYEWITNESS, and from that day forward, everyone has just referred to us as: Eyewitness.

Keith Jarrett Gary Peacock Jack DeJohnette - My Foolish Heart: Live at Montreux (2007) Music » Jazz » BeBop » Post-bop
Keith Jarrett  Gary Peacock  Jack DeJohnette - My Foolish Heart: Live at Montreux (2007)Artists: Keith Jarrett Gary Peacock Jack DeJohnette
Album: My Foolish Heart: Live at Montreux
Year: 2007
Label: ECM
Genre: Post-Bop
Format, bitrate: MP3@320 kb/s
AMG Rating: 4,5
Time: 50:31 + 58:05
Size: 119.8 + 137.4 MB(+5% recovery)

Keith Jarrett Gary Peacock Jack DeJohnette . , .
Johnny Griffin & Eddie `Lockjaw` Davis - Lookin' at Monk! (1998) Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
Johnny Griffin & Eddie `Lockjaw` Davis - Lookin' at Monk! (1998)

Artist: Johnny Griffin & Eddie `Lockjaw` Davis
Album: Lookin' at Monk!
Label: OJC
Year: 1998 [Original Release Date:1961]
Genre: Jazz, bop, hard bop
Format, bitrate: MP3@320 kbps
Time: 38:30
Size: 88.4 Mb

Originally recorded in 1961, this tribute program features two of the best tenor saxophonists of the period along with pianist Junior Mance and a rhythm section composed of bassist Larry Gales and drummer Ben Riley (both of whom would later work as Thelonious Monk sidemen). If the program seems a bit obvious ("'Round Midnight," "Epistrophy," "Well, You Needn't," etc.), bear in mind that this was only the second all-Monk program anyone had recorded and several of these numbers had yet to attain standard status. The playing is uniformly inventive and witty (both required attributes when approaching this repertoire), and Mance is particularly to be commended for maintaining a graceful and elegant attack and not trying to praise Monk by imitation. If there's a complaint to be made here, it's with the tempos, which sometimes verge on the headlong. The arrangement of "Well, You Needn't" suffers from too much forward momentum, as does "I Mean You." On the other hand, the group's vigorous approach to "Rhythm-A-Ning" (and the honking two-note tag they append to the head) is perfect. ~ by Rick Anderson
Mark-Almond - To the Heart (1976) Music » Jazz » Fusion
Mark-Almond - To the Heart (1976)Artist: Mark-Almond
Album: To the Heart
Label: One Way
Year: 1976
Genre: jazz-rock, fusion
Format: FLAC & mp3 (320 kb/s)
Total time: 40:09
Size: 195 & 93 MB (scans)

Great drummer, great Jon Mark vocals, any fan of this greatly under-rated band should like this 1976 effort. Mark-Almond is usually pegged as a jazz-rock fusion band, but this is vastly missing the lyrical song-writing talents of Jon Mark, the band leader. A 70's band that is unfortunately greatly forgotten!!! - a customer from Amazon
Michael Marcus meets Jaki Byard - This Happening Music » Jazz » BeBop » Post-bop
Michael Marcus meets Jaki Byard - This Happening Artists: Michael Marcus meets Jaki Byard
Album: This Happening
Label: Justin Time
Year: June 10, 1997
Format: mp3@256 kbps - frontcover
Size: ~ 90 MB

Welcome to the continuing journey of Michael Marcus, a skilled multi-reed player / composer who is assembling an impressive body of recorded work. For this, his second Justin Time album, Mr. Marcus has selected a performance companion who has worked and recorded with everyone from Earl Hines to Earl Bostic to - well, you fill in the name - Eric Dolphy, Ray Nance, Lennie Tristano, Bill Evans, Mingus, Maynard, Duke, etc. "Jaki is the history of the music, man" Marcus says. Indeed, if jazz had an official laureate, it should be given to Jaki Byard. Together Marcus and Byard have given us an album filled with beauty, vitality and good old-fashioned heart.

The Shadows - It Ain't Easy Being Sleazy (1993) Music » Blues
The Shadows - It Ain't Easy Being Sleazy (1993)Artist: The Shadows
Album: It Ain't Easy Being Sleazy
Label: Ichiban
Year: 1993
Genre: Blues
Tracks: 15
Format: mp3, Bitrate: @ VBR 320
File Size: 62 MB + 62 MB

Known best for their longtime residence at Blind Willie's, a popular blues club in Atlanta, the Shadows released several albums during the '90s before the untimely death of singer/guitarist Mike Lorenz. Shadows bassist Roger Gregory opened Blind Willie's in 1986 with Eric King. The club, which is located in the Virginia-Highland neighborhood of Atlanta, hosted many local blues artists such as Billy Wright, Grady "Fats" Jackson, Sandra Hall, and Chicago Bob. In 1988, Chicago Bob, who was also a Blind Willie's resident, recorded an album called Just Your Fool that featured the Shadows as his backing band. A few years later, in 1992, the Shadows -- comprised of Gregory, Lorenz, harp/saxman Albey Scholl, and drummer Tom Chavers -- released an album of their own, Party Tuff or Stay Home!, that Ichiban released. Several successive albums followed: It Ain't Easy Bein' Sleazy (1993), Steppin' to the Shadows (1994), Dreamtime (1994), Dark Side of the Shadows (1995), Pale Interpretators (1997), and One Night of Sin (2000). Unfortunately, Lorenz died an accidental death on July 3, 2001, when his car caught on fire behind his home after he'd fallen asleep with the car running. ~ Jason Birchmeier, All Music Guide
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