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» 1969: The Duke Pearson Big Band - Baltimore 1969
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» 2004: The Bill Holman Band - Live
» 1967: Trombones Unlimited - Big Boss Bones!
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Jazz Blues Club » Articles for 30.10.2008
Classics 1934-1937: ab Calloway and his Orchestra Music » Jazz » Swing
Classics 1934-1937:  ab Calloway and his OrchestraArtist: ab Calloway and his Orchestra
Album: Classics 1934-1937
Label: Classics
Year: 1996
Genre: Jazz, Big Band
Format, bitrate: MP3@192 kbps
Time: 70:23
Size: 95.19 Mb

Cab Calloway, who first became popular in 1930, retained his popularity (despite a lot of competition) throughout the swing era. On this excellent CD (the fifth of 12 in the European label Classics' Complete Calloway series), highlights include "Keep That Hi-De-Hi in Your Soul," "Nagasaki," "Copper Colored Gal," "Frisco Flo" and a crazy "That Man Is Here Again." With fine soloists in trumpeters Lammar Wright and Shad Collins, trombonist Claude Jones and (by 1936) the great tenor Ben Webster (along with a top-notch rhythm section that includes bassist Milt Hinton), this was a much better swing orchestra than it is generally rated in jazz history books. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
Elton Dean - Just Us Music » Jazz » Modern Jazz » Avantgarde
Elton Dean - Just Us

Artist: Elton Dean
Album: Just Us
Label: Cuneiform
Year: 1971
Genre: Jazz
Format, bitrate: mp3, 196kb/s
Size: 151MB

A welcome reissue of music first recorded in 1971 and 1972, shortly before Dean left the popular British jazz-rock group the Soft Machine, which he had officially joined only a short time earlier, in late 1969. On this recording, Dean plays alto sax, saxello and electric piano and is aided by a group of musicians which includes two additional Soft Machine members, Mike Ratledge on organ and electric piano and Roy Babbington on string bass. One of Dean's compositions on Just Us, "Neo-Caliban Grides," was actually recorded by the Softs, however, in spite of the obvious parallels, Dean's group is by no means a Soft Machine knock off. The absence of drummer/vocalist Robert Wyatt and bassist Hugh Hopper reduces both the rock element and the experimental electronics, while the presence of the additional musicians -- especially Marc Charig on cornet -- gives Dean's group a fuller sound and one that is much more in the jazz tradition. Charig's contributions on horn and those of an electric guitarist on several tracks, invite some obvious comparisons with the Miles Davis electric band of the Bitches Brew era. And with the extraordinary recording by the Davis group having been released only two years earlier in 1969, its influence on hip young British jazz players would have been substantial. Dean's prominent use of the electric keyboards also provides an obvious parallel with the contemporaneous Davis group. AMG Review by William Tilland
Keith Tippett - Friday The Thirteenth Music » Jazz » Modern Jazz » Avantgarde
Keith Tippett - Friday The ThirteenthArtist: Keith Tippett
Album: Friday The Thirteenth
Label: Voiceprint
Year: 1997
Format, bitrate: mp3, 196kb/s
Size: 87MB
Time: 47:32

British pianist Keith Tippett toured Japan in 1997. Recorded live on June 13, 1997 (a Friday, of course) in Sendai, Friday the 13th was first issued as a Japan-only item, but Voiceprint (via its subsidiary La Cooka Ratcha) gave it an international release. This CD is comprised of one 48-minute solo performance. Rarely has Tippett been in better shape than on that evening. He begins his improvisation with waves of thunderous bass notes, building motion in time, reaching deafening decibel levels. Moving inside the piano, he places objects on the strings and plays with resonances, becoming quieter. Jazzy chord progressions break in at times, only to be toyed with and hacked to pieces. Tippett's stamina is often his force and here again he uses large amounts of energy to drive the piece forward with exhilarating results. His mastery of the instrument is comparable to Cecil Taylor's. Stronger than Une Croix dans l'Océan for reasons that are difficult to express (so much energy and focus!), Friday the 13th is simply a stellar performance from one of the most melodious free improv pianists around.
AMG Review by François Couture
Phil Woods - Here's To My Lady Music » Jazz » BeBop » Post-bop
Phil Woods - Here's To My LadyArtist: Phil Woods
Album: Here's To My Lady
Quality: mp3 @ 256 kbps
Label: Chesky

Altoist Phil Woods took a rare vacation from playing with his regular group to collaborate with pianist Tommy Flanagan, bassist George Mraz and drummer Kenny Washington on this fine straight-ahead quartet date. The 13 selections are fairly concise (clocking in between 3-7 minutes apiece) and most of the material (other than "Canadian Sunset,""Yours Is My Heart Alone,""Blue and Sentimental" and Bill Evans' classic "Waltz for Debby") consists of either obscurities or recent originals. A special bonus is that Woods plays his appealing clarinet on three numbers. Highlights include "Charles Christopher" (a tribute to Charlie Parker), "Butter" and Hal Galper's"Just Us."
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
BaBa Blues - Deep Down In The Mirror Music » Blues » European blues
BaBa Blues - Deep Down In The MirrorArtist: Baba Blues
Album: Deep Down In The Mirror
Year: 2005
Bitrate: mp3@320
Covers: Yes
Label: rub-a-dub records
Size: 125 mb

The scandinavian duo BABA BLUES from Sweden is famous for on stage sounding like a whole big band going on - with the minimalistic settings of voice, harmonica and two acoustic guitars put into a PA-system. No machines or synthesisers, just pure handmade music…
BABA BLUES has recorded five full length albums - the latest Deep down in the mirror in 2005. All albums are recorded at the Rub-a-Dub Records & Studios and distributed by Border Music.BABA BLUES is the ultimate blues band and has performed all over Scandinavia and abroad.More about BABA BLUES at there you can find photos.
Phil Woods, Tommy Flanagan, Red Mitchell - Three For All (1981) Music » Jazz » BeBop
Phil Woods, Tommy Flanagan, Red Mitchell - Three For All (1981)Artists: Phil Woods, Tommy Flanagan, Red Mitchell
Album: Three For All
Label: Enja / Rhino
Year: 1981, release 1989
Format, bitrate: MP3@320 kbit/s
Time: 0.40:20
Size: 92 MB
AMG rating: ****

. , ...

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Kenny Drew Trio - Impressions (1988) Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
Kenny Drew Trio - Impressions (1988)
Artist: Kenny Drew Trio
Album: Impressions
Label: Alfa Jazz
Release: 1988
Format/Bitrate: MP3/320 kbit/s
Size: 133 MB

Kenny Drew

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Kenny Drew Trio - Falling Leaves (1990) Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
Kenny Drew Trio - Falling Leaves (1990) Artist: Kenny Drew Trio
Album: Falling Leaves
Label: Limetree
Release Date: Nov 28, 1997
Format/Bitrate: MP3/320 kbit/s
Size: 152 MB
Time: 67:25

live Kenny Drew Trio. - Lewis Nash (drums) George Mraz (bass)

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Benny Carter - Elegy in Blue (1994) Music » Jazz
Benny Carter - Elegy in Blue (1994)
Artist: Benny Carter
Album: Elegy in Blue
Release Date: 1994
Label: Music Masters
Format/Bitrate: MP3/320 kbit/s
Size: 158 MB
Time: 68:58

Benny Carter Ray Brown, Harry "Sweets" Edison, Jeff Hamilton, Cedar Walton Mundell Lowe
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