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Jazz Blues Club » Articles for 27.10.2008
Various Artists - What'S Jazz: Modern Jazz (2002) Music » Jazz
Various Artists - What'S Jazz: Modern Jazz (2002)

Artist: Various Artists
Album: What'S Jazz: Modern Jazz
Label: Warner
Year: 2002
Genre: Jazz
Format, bitrate: mp3, 320kb/s
Size: 143,7MB

What Is Jazz???
Ron Blake - Shayari (2008) Music » Jazz » BeBop » Post-bop
Ron Blake - Shayari (2008)

Artist:Ron Blake
Label: Mack Avenue Records
Quality:mp3,bitrate: VBR
Size: 86 mb
Total time: 69:00

"Tenor saxophonist Ron Blake makes large statements utilizing small groups on his latest Mack Avenue release, offering 13 diverse and creative duo and trio recordings. Although Virgin Island native Blake's name is the one on the cover here, co-credit truly should have gone to pianist and producer Michael Cain, who appears on every track, wrote or co-wrote some of the music, and guides it all as much as Blake does. The two work beautifully together, and although Shayari probably would have played just as splendidly if Blake and Cain were the only two musicians on it, its A-list of guests -- bassist (and former employer) Christian McBride, drummer Jack DeJohnette, violinist Regina Carter, and percussionist Gilmar Gomes -- brings vital flavorings to the tracks on which the guests appear. While it's still often tempting to play "spot the influences" in Blake's playing, he's clearly emerged as his own man here: his solos bear a light but forceful touch; his phrasing is smart and absorbing, often boldly leaving the confines he's set up for himself to see what might lie on the other side. For his part, Cain's ornate solos and fills add multiple dimensions to the tunes. At times one might long for the players to cut loose more than they do -- and sometimes, as on the playful "Atonement" and Cain's "76," DeJohnette does run with it, not bothering to wait for Blake and Cain to keep up -- but Blake always keeps things moving quickly, deceptively so at times. On his composition "Of Kindred Souls," which Roy Hargrove covered some 15 years earlier with Blake along for the ride as a bandmember, Carter's violin (the only track on which she appears, unfortunately) is used sparingly but effectively, and McBride, as always, adds depth to his two spots, particularly the skippy, Latin-tinged "Teddy," a Bobby Hutcherson tune. Gomes is probably the least known of the guest contributors, his unobtrusive percussion serving more of a sprinkling than the full-on attack of DeJohnette's drums. But he is undeniably an essential component of his three tracks: on the album-opening "Waltz for Gwen," which Blake cut previously on his 2000 debut as a leader, then playing alto, the Brazilian Gomes heads instinctively south as Blake blows authoritatively and sensually and Cain dabbles in the blues. All of this is put forth in a sparkling, closely recorded manner that should finally establish the name Ron Blake -- and the name Michael Cain -- as a jazz force to be reckoned with. " ~ Jeff Tamarkin, AMG
Elvin Jones - Elvin! (1995) Music » Jazz » BeBop » Post-bop
Elvin Jones - Elvin! (1995)Artist: Elvin Jones
Album: Elvin!
Label: Original Jazz Classics
Year: 1995 [Orig Year: July 11, 1961]
Genre: Jazz, Post-Bop
Format, bitrate: MP3@320 kbps
Time: 38:12
Size: 85.4 Mb

Fusion_85! !

Recorded when Elvin Jones was still a member of the legendary John Coltrane quartet (along with McCoy Tyner and Jimmy Garrison), ELVIN! is surprising in its lack of resemblance to the music that quartet was doing at the time. While Coltrane was increasingly leaning toward avant garde explorations, Jones took the opposite route as a leader by creating a program of smoothly swinging bop.
Elvin formed a sextet for the date starring his brothers--pianist Hank and cornetist Thad--along with a bassist, tenor saxophonist, and flutist. Elvin keeps the rhythm steady for much of the album (seldom erupting into the intense polyrhythmic thunder he was famous for with Coltrane), but the approach serves the music nicely. This is classy music that, while not groundbreaking, holds up very well.
Gato Barbieri - Latino America (1973-74) Music » Jazz » Latin
Gato Barbieri - Latino America (1973-74)
Artist: Gato Barbieri
Album: Latino America I-II
Label: Impulse! (1997)
Format: FLAC + mp3 (320k/s)
Size: 393+447 (flac) & 137+145 (mp3) & scans
Total playing: 61:22 + 65:22

Released in the wake of the commercial success of his comeback, Que Pasa, Latino America is a double-disc that combines Gato Barbieri's first two albums for a major label. Both records were recorded in the early '70s, largely in Brazil and Argentina, and they have been remastered by Ed Michel, the original producer of these sessions. In addition to all of the material from the two albums -- including four tracks that have been restored to thier full extended length -- Latino America contains five previously unreleased tracks. Barbieri's smooth fusion of jazz and South American rhythms have rarely sounded as fresh or alive as they do here, making it one of the more vital collections in his catalog. -- by Leo Stanley, AMG
Andrew Hill Jazzpar Octet + 1: The Day The World Stood Still Music » Jazz » Modern Jazz » Avantgarde
Andrew Hill Jazzpar Octet + 1: The Day The World Stood StillArtist: Andrew Hill
Album: The Day The World Stood Still
Year: 2004
Label: Stunt Records
Quality: mp3 @320 kbps

Every year the Danish Jazzpar Prize is awarded to a jazz musician selected by the Jazzpar Committee, and a series of concerts is produced to celebrate and showcase the artist. In 2003, Andrew Hill was selected for the award. Stunt Records, a Danish label, has issued a selection of these live performances at venues in Denmark and Sweden.
Pianist and composer Andrew Hills trio with bassist Scott Colley and drummer Nasheet Waits is featured with a stellar group of European horn players on this freewheeling set of Hill compositions. Andrew Hill has been a uniquely individual artist on the scene since his classic Blue Note recordings in the 1960s. His approaches to rhythm and harmony are unorthodox, even now. This means his music can be challenging, but also quite invigorating and energizing. The music on this disc bristles with the energy typical of free jazz. There are moments of wild abandon but also moments of reflection, questioning, and beauty...
Delta Moon - Live (2003) Music » Blues
Delta Moon - Live (2003)

Artist: Delta Moon
Album: Live
Label: Delta Moon Records
Year: rec.Feb 21, 2003
Format: MP3 @ 320 Kb
Time: 58:43
Size: 95.4+36.1 Mb

"" "Delta Moon". . .

Clark Terry & Thelonious Monk - In Orbit (1958) Music » Jazz » BeBop
Clark Terry & Thelonious Monk - In Orbit (1958)Artists: Clark Terry Quartet with Thelonious Monk
Album: In Orbit
Label: Riverside/OJC
Year: 1958, release 1992
Format, bitrate: MP3@320 kbit/s
Time: 0.48:28
Size: 111 MB
AMG Rating: Clark Terry & Thelonious Monk - In Orbit (1958)

( ) , ...

One of Thelonious Monk's rare appearances as a sideman is on this quartet set led by flugelhornist Clark Terry. With bassist Sam Jones and drummer Philly Joe Jones, Terry and pianist Monk perform a set that surprisingly has only one Monk song ("Let's Cool One"). Among the high points of this spirited, boppish date are Terry's "One Foot in the Gutter" and "Argentia." ~ Review by Scott Yanow, AMG.
Bobo Stenson, Anders Jormin & Paul Motian - Goodbye (2005) Music » Jazz » Modern Jazz » Avantgarde
Bobo Stenson, Anders Jormin & Paul Motian - Goodbye (2005)
Artists: Bobo Stenson, Anders Jormin & Paul Motian
Album: Goodbye
Label: ECM
Year: 2005
Format, bitrate: mp3 320 kbit/s
Size: 86+78 MB

Goodbye is one of, if not the most expansive and diverse collections pianist Bobo Stenson has ever released. This is his first ECM release in five years. Paul Motian takes over the drum chair vacated by Jon Christensen, and his shimmering, deep listening and subtlety add to the excellence and sheer quiet beauty of this recording. Goodbye is more a recording of songs than jazz pieces -- at least in a traditional sense. This trio doesn't swing, they play, they slowly dance through the lyric pieces found here.
Tete Montoliu - Lunch in L.A. (1979) Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
Tete Montoliu - Lunch in L.A. (1979)
Artist: Tete Montoliu
Album: Lunch in L.A.
Label: Contemporary / OJC
Year: 1979
Format, bitrate: MP3@192 kbit/s
Size: 62 MB

For what was probably his only session for an American label, the great pianist Tete Montoliu is heard in top form on a couple of basic originals ("Blues Before Lunch" and "Blues After Lunch"), "Airegin," "Sophisticated Lady" and a lengthy "I Want to Talk About You." On "Put Your Little Foot Right Out," he matches wits quite effectively with Chick Corea for a piano duet. ~ Review by Scott Yanow,
Cal Tjader - Guarabe (1977) Music » Jazz » Latin
Cal Tjader - Guarabe (1977)Artist: Cal Tjader
Album: Guarabe
Label: Fantasy
Release: 1977
Genre: Latin Jazz
Format, bitrate: mp3, 320 kBit/s
Size: 82,2mb

During this period, the influential Latin-jazz pioneer was leading a hornless quintet/sextet that included Clare Fischer\'s electric piano as a key part of the band's sound. With guitarist Bob Redfield, bassist Rob Fisher, drummer Pete Riso, the talented (but at the time obscure) percussionist Poncho Sanchez and Carmelo Garcia on timbales keeping the proceedings heated, Tjader's group livens up such numbers as "This Masquerade". -- Scott Yanow at AMG
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