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Jazz Blues Club » Articles for 24.10.2008
Doris Day - Day By Night Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
Doris Day - Day By Night
Artist: Doris Day
Album: Day By Night
US Release Date: 11 November 1957
Label: Columbia Records
Format: mp3 256 kbps
Size: 72 MB

In the autumn of 1957, Doris returned to the studio ready to recreate the magic experienced during the Day by Day recording sessions. Weston remained faithful to the winning formula of his previous release by again using understated arrangements, which let listeners feel the sheer intensity and sincerity of Doriss vocals. This is shown to great effect on Dream a Little Dream of Me (a later pop hit for Mama Cass in the 1960s) and You Do Something to Me.

When released the album failed to impact on the American charts but like its predecessor received warm approval from Doriss peers, fans and critics. A stereo version of the album wasn't issued until 1959.
John Surman/Howard Moody - Rain on the Window Music » Jazz » Modern Jazz » Avantgarde
John Surman/Howard Moody - Rain on the Window
Artists: John Surman/Howard Moody
Album: Rain on the Window
Label: ECM
Year: 2008
Genre: Jazz, Avant-Garde
Format: MP3@320 kbps
Time: 50:12
Size: 113 MB

This may come as a surpise, an ECM record recorded in a church, in this case a church in Oslo. Surmans playing is as usual light, fluent and dextrous he seems to be enjoying the space that he has created, not as electric as "Road to St. Ives" or "Private Cities" this is Surman returning to his very English routes.
When Surman and Moody stretch themselves the result is beguiling, Moody's church organ never sounds overpowing as some recordings do, and this makes for a rether pleasant sound. Although this is definately note religious music, it benefits from the ambience of being recoded in a church due no doubt to Manfred Eichers expertise at recording events like this. The tracks on this are very short, which seems to be the trend with ECM at the moment. Surman plays his baritone sax and bass clarinet magnificently with a few Garbarek intonations and Moody playing interweaves with delicate fluidity which means that although this is an album that needs a few listens to appreciate. It is, nonetheless well worth it! ~

Eric Dolphy- Other Aspects ( Complete Dolphy Project ) Music » Jazz » Modern Jazz » Avantgarde
Eric Dolphy- Other Aspects ( Complete Dolphy Project )
Artist : Eric Dolphy
Album : Other Aspects
Label / # : Blue Note CDP 7480412
Format: FLAC (CD>EAC 0.99>FLAC 1.2.1) + MP3 (CD>EAC 0.99>LAME3.98) VBR,V 2
Size : 200 MB / 65 MB

! !

Third step to Dolphy's Heaven ...
Review by Al Campbell :
Other Aspects is unlike any other title in Eric Dolphy's catalog. The startling 15-minute composition "Jim Crow," recorded in 1962 with an unidentified rhythm section and operatic singer, shows his embracing of 20th century classical composition. Strong Indian influence is heard on 1960's "Improvisations and Tukras," featuring Dolphy's flute mixed with tabla and tamboura. The final three pieces were also recorded in 1960: "Inner Flight 1 and 2" are solo flute pieces, while "Dolphy'n" is a collaboration with bassist Ron Carter featuring Dolphy on alto. This music remained in the private collection of Dolphy's friend Hale Smith until the recordings were handed over to Blue Note in 1985. While Other Aspects is fascinating, and in its own way essential, it should be one of the final discs obtained for your Dolphy library ( c.AMG ) Good Luck !
Preservation Hall Jazz Band Shake That Thing Music » Jazz » Traditional Jazz
Preservation Hall Jazz Band  Shake That Thing
Artist: Preservation Hall Jazz Band
Album: Shake That Thing
Label: Preservation Hall Recordings
Year: 2004
Genre: Jazz, Dixieland
Format: MP3@320 kbps
Time: 45:24
Size: 104 MB

Featuring an expanded lineup of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Shake That Thing is a joyous celebration of over 40 years of New Orleans jazz tradition. Adding such New Orleans jazz luminaries as trumpeter Leroy Jones, clarinetist Dr. Michael White, and drummer Shannon Powell, the band powers through several standards and traditional tunes that easily rate as some of the most raucous, funky, and happy tracks to come out of Preservation Hall. From Don Vappie's patois vocals on "Eh la Bas" to the gospel-meets-street beat of "His Eye Is on the Sparrow," most of the various New Orleans musical styles are covered here. This is relevant, rootsy jazz that deserves to be heard well beyond the confines of the institution it sprang from. (Matt Collar)
Doris Day - Biography Biography
Doris Day - Biography

Doris Day - By The Light Of The Silver Moon Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
Doris Day - By The Light Of The Silver Moon
Artist: Doris Day
Album: By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
US Release Date: 13 March 1953
Label: Columbia Records
Format: mp3 256 kbps (LP-rip)
Size: 38 MB

1952 just EP and single releases. 1953 first album project after a gap of one year. First project of year. 30 Jan, 13 & 20 Feb 1953.

Part of this movie's charm were the sing-along songs that featured throughout it. Doris thankfully chose to re-record these in the studio for this best-selling LP.
Keith Jarrett - At The Blue Note CD IV Music » Jazz » Modern Jazz
 Keith Jarrett - At The Blue Note CD IV
Artist:Artist: Keith Jarrett
Album:At The Blue Note CD IV
Quality: MP3@320 kbps
Size: 60+57 mb

In June 1994 over three extraordinary nights at the celebrated Blue Note in New York City, Keith Jarrett's Standards Trio took American jazz to new heights. Keith Jarrett At The Blue Note - The Complete Recordings (over six CDs) captures every tune from every set from every night - a unique documentation of one of this decade's greatest performances.
These wonderful discs contain some of the most beautiful moments in trio jazz ever recorded. Keith Jarrett has hinted at this level of jazz on previous releases & hasnt really reached the same
dizzy heights achieved here. Thats not to say his other cd's arent good. Its just the music here is so good that anything thats followed cant compete.
But where to start. Anywhere really, as you can dip in here & there & still find excellant jazz.
My personel favourite is 'I Fall In Love Too Easily' which start so fragile but transcends into 'The Fire Within' which holds you in such an intense rapture you hope the song doesnt end. Being on disc 5 its very tempting to ingnore the final disc as you will want to hear this song again & again but you'll be missing out on more great jazz.
How did Keith Jarrett follow this. Well, in my view he hasnt.....yet. But I will continue to listen to his music in the hope he will again achieve the power & passion his playing is here.
NB This also makes a perfect companion to his Sun Bear concerts box set.
Michael Brecker - Pilgrimage 2007 Music » Jazz » Modern Jazz
Michael Brecker - Pilgrimage 2007
Artist: Michael Brecker
Album: Pilgrimage
Label: Heads Up
Year: 2007
Quality: MP3@320 kbps
Size: 155 mb
Total time: 77:46

Given the heartbreaking context in which this album was released -- this was the final recording by saxophonist Michael Brecker, who died of myelodysplastic syndrome and leukemia only a few months before its release -- there might be a certain temptation to cut it some slack for sentimental reasons. However, leniency is hardly needed. Leading a group comprised of jaw-dropping talents (pianists Herbie Hancock and Brad Mehldau, guitarist Pat Metheny, bassist John Patitucci, drummer Jack DeJohnette) and playing for the first time a program consisting entirely of original compositions, Brecker delivers an emotionally rich and startlingly powerful album of straight-ahead modern jazz that will stand as his musical epitaph and will effectively confound anyone who has ever been tempted to dismiss him as a mere jazz-pop fusioneer. It will also frustrate anyone looking for maudlin emotion or even any obvious product of existential angst; the only concession to sentiment here is on the title of a ballad, "When Can I Kiss You Again?," a quote from Brecker's teenage son during a period in his treatment when his family was not allowed to touch him. But even that track, with its unusual chord progression and sometimes rather arid solos, retains a core of tough-mindedness within the tenderness. Most of the rest of the program consists of uptempo and medium-tempo burners that swing with a powerful sense of urgency and life, and precious little foreshadowing of the tragedy that all involved knew was soon to come. This is a brilliant and inspiring album -- and would be whether or not it had anything to do with the death of one of the great figures in American jazz. ~ Rick Anderson, All Music Guide

Joe Bushkin & His Piano and Orchestra - Midnight Rhapsody Music » Jazz » Mainstream
Joe Bushkin & His Piano and Orchestra - Midnight Rhapsody
Artist - Joe Bushkin
Album - Midnight Rhapsody
Label - Capitol
Year - 1958
Quality - MP3@256 kbps (LP-rip)
Size - 64,4 mb
Total time - 35:48


With "Midnight Rhapsody," the title song from his 1955 solo LP, Bushkin scored a minor hit over the years he authored a handful of original songs, including the novelties "There'll Be a Hot Time in the Town of Berlin" and "Ain't Been the Same Since the Beatles," but would remain far better known as a performer than as a composer.
Luciana Souza - New Bossa Nova (2007) Music » Jazz » Latin » Bossa Nova
Luciana Souza - New Bossa Nova (2007)
Artist: Luciana Souza
Album: New Bossa Nova
Label: Verve
Year: 2007
Genre: Bossa Nova
Format, bitrate: AAC, 320kb/s
Size: 129,7MB
For her sixth recording and first on a major label (Verve), Luciana Souza's concept of "new bossa nova" is melding Brazilian rhythms onto adult contemporary folk-pop MOR songs. She sings lyrics exclusively in English. The stamp of Joni Mitchell, aided and abetted by producer Larry Klein, makes this image unmistakable immediately from the first tune, Joni's "Down to You." Souza sounds exactly like Mitchell in her melancholic phrasing during "Were You Blind That Day" and "You and the Girl." She is more herself on the closer, the straight Brazilian classic by Jobim "Waters of March," the Sting-penned minimalistic romantic pleader "When We Dance," and the lone non-Latin silken-tinged "Satellite." High-level musicianship from the pristine, crystalline tones of pianist Edward Simon, restrained guitarist Romero Lubambo, and occasional saxophonist Chris Potter raises the quality a hundredfold. The tunes range from slow to midtempo; overall, this is a sultry program of romantic ballads and softly toned introspective tracks. Source material comes from the aforementioned authors and lesser-known compositions from Leonard Cohen, Steely Dan's Walter Becker and Donald Fagen, Becker with Klein, Randy Newman, Michael McDonald, and Brian Wilson. Perhaps the selection that will draw most attention is James Taylor's "Never Die Young," with Souza and Taylor singing separate lines and in unison during the latter part of the piece. After having tackled poems of Elizabeth Bishop and Pablo Neruda, along with the Brazilian music of her homeland, this recording marks a change for Souza. It is similar to Herbie Hancock's Gershwin's World in a belief that established music needs to be either modified or updated. Souza's voice is nearly perfect, thoughtful, sweet, and beautiful, and that alone should win her new fans. Whether previous devotees can be sold by this new direction is something only time will tell. Michael G. Nastos.All Music Guide
Bob Wilber & Kenny Davern Traveling: Live In Sori and San Marino (1999) Music » Jazz » Traditional Jazz
Bob Wilber & Kenny Davern  Traveling: Live In Sori and San Marino (1999)

Artist: Bob Wilber & Kenny Davern
Album: Traveling: Live In Sori and San Marino
Label: Musica Jazz [MJCD 1126]
Year: 1999
Genre: Jazz
Format, bitrate: MP3@320 kbps
Time: 73:28
Size: 85+70.5 Mb

This "Traveling" unites Wilber and Davern for their Live In Sori and San Marino, in the tradition of the great series of Soprano Summit and Summit Reunion recordings. This eminently satisfying CD is a prime example of that special chemistry that has always existed between Kenny Davern and Bob Wilber....This particular recording, which was made after Bob and Kenny played together at the March of Jazz festival at Clearwater Beach, Florida in the Spring of 1997, is among their best and certainly one of their most distinctive.
- Black Coffee (2002) Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
  -  Black Coffee  (2002)
Artist:Anna Buturlina
Album: Black Coffee
Year: , 2002
Format, APE
Size: 301 mb


Anna Buturlina - the best Russian jazz singer!
Joe Henderson - Lush Life, The Music Of Billy Strayhorn Music » Jazz » BeBop » Post-bop
Joe Henderson - Lush Life, The Music Of Billy StrayhornArtist: Joe Henderson
Album: Lush Life, The Music of Billy Strayhorn
Year: 1991
Label: Verve
Quality: mp3 @320 kbps + all covers
Size: 144 mb

With the release of this CD, the executives at Verve and their marketing staff proved that yes, indeed, jazz can sell. The veteran tenor Joe Henderson has had a distinctive sound and style of his own ever since he first entered the jazz major leagues yet he has spent long periods in relative obscurity before reaching his current status as a jazz superstar. As for the music on his "comeback" disc, it does deserve all of the hype. Henderson performs ten of Billy Strayhorn's most enduring compositions in a variety of settings ranging from a full quintet with trumpeter Wynton Marsalis and duets with pianist Stephen Scott, bassist Christian McBride, and drummer Gregory Hutchinson to an unaccompanied solo exploration of "Lush Life." This memorable outing succeeded both artistically and commercially and is highly recommended.
Sam Most - The Amazing Music » Jazz » BeBop » Cool
Sam Most - The Amazing

Artist: Sam Most
Album: The Amazing
Label: Bethlehem BCP78
Year: 1957
Genre: bop
Format, bitrate: mp3, 320kbs
Time: 31 min
Size: 66,36MB

A compelling Bethlehem set from reedman Sam Most -- a date that's possibly his most sophisticated session for the label, thanks to arrangements from producer Teddy Charles! Charles sets up Most in a "with strings" format here -- but one that's a bit more laidback than usual -- as the tunes are somewhat long for the setting, and often feature Sam's solos snaking out wonderfully on flute, tenor, and a bit of clarinet. Jimmy Raney plays a bit of guitar on the record, but the main charm comes from the interplay between Most's reeds and the strings -- which really comes off with a dark sort of sound overall, one that clearly marks Charles' presence on the record. Titles include "Lover Man", "When Your Lover Has Gone", "Alone Together", "Softly As In A Morning Sunrise", and "You Stepped Out Of A Dream". (Heavy red label pressing. Cover has some light wear and some seam splitting, with some yellowed tape on a few seams.) 1996-2008, Dusty Groove America, Inc.
Sam Most - Musically Yours Music » Jazz » Swing
Sam Most - Musically Yours

Artist: Sam Most
Album: Musically Yours
Label: Bethlehem BCP6008
Year: 1956
Genre: Jazz Bop
Format, bitrate: mp3, 320kbs
Time: 43:30 min
Size: 93,31MB

A surprisingly nice album of tracks from reed player Sam Most. The group's a nicely stripped-down one, and features Bob Dorough on piano, Bill Crow on bass, and Joe Morello on drums. Most plays flute, as usual, but also offers up some incredible clarinet playing -- with archly-crafted solos that really swing, but with kind of an arch modernist tone -- in the manner of some of Jimmy Guiffre's best rhythm-bound work of the 50s. Titles include "Obvious Conclusion", "Stella By Starlight", "Two For Three", and "House Of Bread Blues".
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