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Jazz Blues Club » Articles for 07.04.2008
Sonny Stitt Quartet - Don't Call Me Bird! Music » Jazz » BeBop » Post-bop
Sonny Stitt Quartet - Don't Call Me Bird!
Artist: Sonny Stitt
Album: Don't Call Me Bird!
Label: Verve, Fresh Sounds
Release Date: 1959, 2007
Format: MP3@320
Size: 147 MB
Time: 64:45

This combines Stitt's two albums from 1959 "Saxophone Supremacy" and "Sonny Stitt Swings the Most". His Quartet includes Lou Levy, Leroy Vinnegar, and Mel Lewis. Excellent music!
Eric Dolphy - Conversations (1963) Music » Jazz » Modern Jazz
Eric Dolphy - Conversations (1963) Artist - Eric Dolphy
Album - Conversations
Audio CD: June 28, 2004
Original Release Date: May 1963
Label: Fresh Sounds Records
Quality: MP3@320 kbit/s
Size: 77,4 MB
Time: 33:47

, , , "" - Eric Dolphy.

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Rabih Abou-Khalil – Odd Times (1997) Music » Jazz » Fusion
Rabih Abou-Khalil – Odd Times (1997)
Artist: Rabih Abou-Khalil
Album: Odd Times
Year: 1997
Label: Enja
Genre: Jazz
Format: mp3/320 kbps
Size: 95,7 mb + 24,9 mb

- . , , , , .
Louis Prima - Complete Capitol Recordings Box Set (8 CD) Music » Blues » Rhythm-n-Blues
Louis Prima  - Complete Capitol Recordings Box Set (8 CD)
Artist: Louis Prima - 4 CD, Kelly Smith 2 CD, Sam Butera 2 CD
Album: Complete Capitol Recordings
Label: Bear Family
Release: 1995
Genre: Jazz
Size: 942
Time: 17:20:44
Format/Bitrate: AAC;320kb/s

50-. 70- . 90- , . 30 , , 50 .
Box Set , , .
Complete Capitol Recordings allmusic

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Mulatu Astatke – Ethiopiques, vol.4 Music » Soul » Soul-Jazz
Mulatu Astatke – Ethiopiques, vol.4Artist: Mulatu Astatke
Album: Ethiopiques, vol.4: Ethio Jazz & Musique Instrumentale
Years: 1969/1974, release - 2006
Label: Buda Musique
Genre: Jazz, Country, Folk
Format: mp3/320 kbps
Size: 93 mb
Total time - 65:38

AMG Rating: Mulatu Astatke – Ethiopiques, vol.4

, , - . - . , , , . . , , . , ? , , . , 60-. , . , , "-". - - , , , , .
R.Crumb & His Cheap Suit Serenaders - Singin' in the Bathtub Music » Jazz » Traditional Jazz
R.Crumb & His Cheap Suit Serenaders - Singin' in the BathtubArtist: R.Crumb
Album: Singin' in the Bathtub
Year: 1993
Label: Shanachie
Format: MP3 @ 192 kbps
Size: 54,4 mb
Total time - 41:59
AMG Rating: R.Crumb & His Cheap Suit Serenaders - Singin' in the Bathtub

In the late '70s the Cheap Suit Serenaders--fronted by comix legend Robert Crumb but also featuring fellow old-time music artistes Robert Armstrong, Bob Brozman, Al Dodge, Tom Marion, and Terry Zwigoff (who would later produce a whole film on Crumb)--were the only group around who would even think about still producing 78s. After all, that's where all their favorite music came from. Those platters are now highly collectible, but their albums live on, reissued on CD. Singing in the Bathtub collects some of their best work--humorous originals such as "Suits Crybaby Blues" and plenty of covers of tunes from obscure 78s. Their playing is flawless (you probably haven't heard the steel guitar, banjo mandolin, or musical saw played with such virtuosity as here), the tunes are mostly fun and spirited, and the music styles are varied. In the hands of the Cheap Suits, old-time music is alive and well. -- Jason Verlinde
Lou Donaldson - The Time Is Right (1959) Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
Lou Donaldson - The Time Is Right (1959)Artist: Lou Donaldson
Album: The Time Is Right
Year: 1959
Label: Blue Note
Format: MP3 @320 kbps
Size: 92 mb (, with 5% File Recovery)

For the Jazz world, 1959 was a pivotal year, with the recording of "Kind of Blue", "Giants Steps" (recorded in May 1959), Mingus recording "Ah Um", the appearance of Ornette Coleman in NY, and recordings by Cecil Taylor and Sun Ra, that did not get wide attention but pointed in the direction of change. It was also in that year that Martin luther King travelled to India to study Ghandi's legacy, and the year in which the TV documentary "The Hate that Hate Produced", about the Nation of Islam, brought Malcolm X into public awareness. But for Lou Donaldson, 1959 was a time to present his developing style that came from Charlie Parker, and became more persoanl as time went by. A year earlier he recorded "Blues Walk" which showed him to be one of bluesier and smoother alto players around, and he stuck with this line of playing for the rest of his career. (continued -->)
Rosemary Clooney With The Buddy Cole Trio - Swing Around Rosie (1957) Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
Rosemary Clooney With The Buddy Cole Trio - Swing Around Rosie (1957)
Artist: Rosemary Clooney eith The Buddy Cole Trio
Album: Swing Around Rosie
Year: 1957
Label: Coral
Format, bitrate: mp3 320 Kbps
Time: 28:56
Size: 68 Mb

Swing Around Rosie is a wonderful Rosemary Clooney CD. I am baffled as to why this is out of print; it's a very good album. The sound quality is excellent and the artwork reflects good judgment. The Buddy Cole Trio plays magnificently, too. (Review by Matthew G. Sherwin -
1954-1956: Brownie: The Complete EmArcy Recordings of Clifford Brown Hard-bop, Brown Clifford
1954-1956: Brownie: The Complete EmArcy Recordings of Clifford BrownArtist: Clifford Brown
Album: Brownie: The Complete EmArcy Recordings of Clifford Brown
Label: EmArcy (838 306-2)
Years: 1954-56
Format, bitrate: MP3@320 kbit/s
Size: 10 CD + 1 Bonus Disc
AMG Rating: 1954-1956: Brownie: The Complete EmArcy Recordings of Clifford Brown

Although undoubtedly an expensive acquisition, this ten-CD set is perfectly done and contains dozens of gems. The remarkable but short-lived trumpeter Clifford Brown has the second half of his career fully documented (other than his final performance) and he is showcased in a wide variety of settings. The bulk of the numbers are of Brownie's quintet with co-leader and drummer Max Roach, either Harold Land or Sonny Rollins on tenor, pianist Richie Powell, and bassist George Morrow (including some previously unheard alternate takes), but there is also much more. Brown stars at several jam sessions (including a meeting with fellow trumpeters Clark Terry and Maynard Ferguson), accompanies such singers as Dinah Washington, Helen Merrill, and Sarah Vaughan, and is backed by strings on one date. Everything is here, including classic versions of "Parisian Thoroughfare," "Joy Spring," "Daahoud," "Coronado," a ridiculously fast "Move," "Portrait of Jenny," "Cherokee," "Sandu," "I'll Remember April," and "What Is This Thing Called Love?" Get this set while it stays in print. -- Review by Scott Yanow, AMG.
Stephane Grappelli & Claude Bolling - First Class (1993) Music » Jazz » Swing
Stephane Grappelli & Claude Bolling - First Class (1993)
Artist: Stephane Grappelli & Claude Bolling
Album: First Class
Label: Fremeaux
Orig Year: 1993
Street Date: Jun 10, 2003
Mono/Stereo: Stereo
Format/Bitrate: MP3/320 kbit/s
Size: 151 MB

First Class, Stephane Grappelli Claude Bolling Big Band. smile

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Dave Weckl - Master Plan (1990) Music » Jazz » Fusion
Dave Weckl - Master Plan (1990)Artist: Dave Weckl
Album: Master Plan
Release: 1990
Label: GRP Records
Genre: Jazz-Rock, Funk, Fusion
Format: MP3/320 kbps & APE (image+cue+log+covers)
Time: 48:21
Size: MP3 - 110 mb; APE ~ 315 MB + 5% rec.

Dave Weckl . 20 , .
Chick Corea All Stars Big-Band.

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Doug Carn - Infant Eyes (1971) Music » Jazz » Fusion
Doug Carn - Infant Eyes (1971)
Artist: Doug Carn
Album: Infant Eyes
Label: Black Jazz BJ-3
Year: 1971
Quality: orig. rip @ FLAC & scans
Size: 97,6 MB x 3 + 46, 5 MB
AMG Rating: Doug Carn - Infant Eyes (1971) Doug Carn - Infant Eyes (1971)

Eric Kloss & The Rhythm Section (1969-70) Music » Jazz » BeBop » Post-bop
Eric Kloss & The Rhythm Section (1969-70)Artist: Eric Kloss
Album: Eric Kloss & The Rhythm Section
Label: Prestige PRLP-76
Years: 1969-1970
Quality: orig. rip @ FLAC & scans
Size: 97,6 MB x 5 + 40 MB
AMG Rating: Eric Kloss & The Rhythm Section (1969-70) Eric Kloss & The Rhythm Section (1969-70)

Whatever happened to Eric Kloss? A brilliant player by the time he was 20, Kloss has largely disappeared from the jazz scene since his string of excellent recordings (mostly for Prestige and Muse) stopped in 1981. This particular CD reissue has two complete albums (To Hear Is to See and Consciousness) that feature Kloss with the Miles Davis rhythm section of the period (keyboardist Chick Corea, electric bassist Dave Holland, and drummer Jack DeJohnette); the second session also has innovative guitarist Pat Martino. It is to Eric Kloss' great credit that he keeps up with his more famous sidemen on the adventurous program, which is comprised of his seven originals and one song apiece by Pat Martino, Joni Mitchell, and Donovan ("Sunshine Superman"). The music blends together aspects of the avant-garde and fusion and rewards repeated listenings. -- Review by Scott Yanow, AMG.
Sarah Vaughan - After Hours At The London House (1958) Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
Sarah Vaughan - After Hours At The London House (1958)Artist: Sarah Vaughan
Album: After Hours At The London House (Live)
Year: 1958
Label: Mercury
Format, bitrate: MP3@320 Kbps
Time: 38:07
Size: 91,8 MB

Seven months after Mercury recorded Sarah Vaughan in a live setting for the surprisingly successful At Mr. Kelly's, the label planned another date with the microphones for the night of March 7, 1958. This time, however, instead of setting up at Mr. Kelly's (although she was booked for three shows that night), the producers invited a small group of friends and well-wishers to another Chicago club, London House, for an after-hours session. Vaughan expanded her trio with a quartet of Count Basie titans, including trumpeter Thad Jones and tenor Frank Wess, and as if the settings weren't challenging enough already, decided to record a set that, in true after-hours fashion, was completely improvised. (The cover photo even shows her studying a sheet as she sings.) Although the results are certainly far looser and more relaxed than a studio date, Vaughan and the instrumentalists don't shine as expected. Vaughan in particular plays it safe with this material, drawing out her cozy ballads with interpretive ease, but never taking them as far as she could in a more stable setting. The format breaks down completely on the final song, "Thanks for the Memory," when Vaughan misreads a lyric, puzzles over it for a few seconds, restarts the number, flubs it again, starts over one more time, and finally wraps up after seven minutes by declaring the session -- while still singing, of course -- "the most craziest, upsettin', down-sided recording date I ever had in my life." (Review by John Bush - AMG)
New York Voices - Sing! Sing! Sing! (2000) Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
New York Voices - Sing! Sing! Sing! (2000)
Artists: New York Voices
Album: Sing! Sing! Sing!
Label: Concord
Year: 2000
Quality: MP3@320kb/s
Size: 82,0 mb + 79,8 mb
Total time: 63:22

New York Voices ( , , Manhattan Transfers Singers Unlimited) , 1987 .
. , R&B, -.
Sing! Sing! Sing! . .
Stephane Grappelli - At the Winery (1980) Music » Jazz » Swing
Stephane Grappelli - At the Winery (1980)
Artist: Stephane Grappelli
Album: At the Winery (Live)
Label: Concord Records
Year: 1980
Quality/Bitrate: MP3 320 Kbps
Size: 95,78 + 6,96 MB

This album corresponds well with the DVD of Grappelli in San Francisco. Many of the same tunes are played, although Etheridge replaces Diz Dizley on rhythm guitar (an improvement in my opinion). Recorded live at the Paul Mason Winery in Saratoga, California in September of 1980, Grappelli here is 72 years old and playing as superbly as ever. It's quite fitting that Grappelli played at the winery at this point in his life, since he aged like a fine wine and produced some of his greatest work as a senior citizen.
Bireli Lagrene - Gipsy Project: Just The Way You Are (2007) Music » Jazz » Swing
Bireli Lagrene - Gipsy Project: Just The Way You Are (2007)
Artist: Bireli Lagrene
Album: Just The Way You Are
Label: Sony BMG
Year: 2007
Genre: Jazz, style: Swing
Quality/Bitrate: Mp3 320 Kbps
Size: 95,78 +50,70 MB

On his latest release, Bireli Lagrene proves again why peers, critics and fans consider him to be the world's most versatile jazz guitarist. Just The Way You Are, Dreyfus Jazz (DRY-CD-36908), teams Lagrene for the fourth time with his world-renowned Gipsy Project band to create a stunning fusion of musical styles encompassing jazz fusion and contemporary jazz guitar, the Gypsy swing style created by Django Reinhardt and other musical influences ranging from rock, pop and country.
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