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Billy Chaise group Music » Jazz » Fusion » Jazz-Rock
Hej guys I,m looks Billy Chaise jazz group. If somebody have this fantastic albums please upload asap! Thanks in advance!
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Dear JBC members!

I would like to know your opinion on the establishment of our Club section of the sale/exchange of CD/vinyl records (LP's) from their collections. Do we need a section in our club or not? Leave your opinions in the comments. Thanks in advance.
All sales list can put here in comments.
1957,1961,1962: Benny Goodman - The Complete Benny Goodman In Moscow Music » Jazz » Swing
1957,1961,1962: Benny Goodman - The Complete Benny Goodman In Moscow
Artist: Benny Goodman
Album: The Complete Benny Goodman In Moscow 2CD
Label: American Jazz Classics
Years: 1957,1961,1962; release: 2014
Quality: MP3@320 kbps
Size: CD1-179 mb; CD2-142 mb
Total time: CD1-75:00; CD2-64:05


This release contains all known recordings from Benny Goodman's successful performances in Moscow, Russia, during 1962. These historic shows mark the very first time an American jazz musician was invited to tour that country. To the 21 tracks appearing on the original Benny Goodman in Moscow (RCA Victor LOC-6008) 2-LP album, it's been added seven extra tracks recorded during the same performances but not included on the original LPs nor on any other CD release of this set. Four of them come from the soundtrack of a rare Newsreel film made during the first Moscow performances, and one comes from a rare broadcast made in Georgia, ex-Soviet Union. The latter five songs appear here on CD for the first time ever. As a further bonus, three rare performances by the same orchestra recorded during the same months as the Moscow concerts, and two complete shows taken from TV shows that have also never previously appeared on CD.
1960: Charlie Rouse - Takin' Care Of Business Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
1960: Charlie Rouse - Takin' Care Of Business
Artist: Charlie Rouse
Album: Takin' Care Of Business
Label: OJCCD -491-2 [Riverside Jazzland JLP 19]
Year: 1960; Release: 1990
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 320 kBit/s
Time: 37:45
Size: 85 MB (
AMG rating: 1960: Charlie Rouse - Takin' Care Of Business

Charlie Rouse's debut as a leader (not counting his earlier work co-leading Les Jazz Modes with the great French horn player Julius Watkins) was made for Jazzland and is available as an OJC CD. The distinctive tenor saxophonist, who had just started a decade-long stint as a member of the Thelonious Monk Quartet, teams up with trumpeter Blue Mitchell, pianist Walter Bishop Jr., bassist Earl May, and drummer Art Taylor. Together they perform straight-ahead material including Rouse's own uptempo "Upptankt," the standard "They Didn't Believe Me," and songs by Mitchell, Kenny Drew, and Randy Weston. A fine modern mainstream jam session-flavored set.
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
1990: Drink Small - The Blues Doctor Music » Blues
1990: Drink Small - The Blues Doctor
Artist: Drink Small
Album: The Blues Doctor
Label: Ichiban ICH 1062
Year: 1990
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 320 kBit/s
Time: 40:15
Size: 89 MB
AMG rating: 1990: Drink Small - The Blues Doctor

1990: Drink Small - The Blues Doctor

Drink's own special blend of Delta, Chicago, and Carolina blues, it includes some band stuff, some solo stuff. Particularly wonderful is Drink's rich, gospel-influenced bass voice. A truly unique artist sharing his unique point of view, Drink includes a couple of saucy items ("Tittie Man" and "Baby, Leave Your Panties Home") along with covers of "Little Red Rooster" and "Stormy Monday Blues."
~ Niles J. Frantz, All Music Guide
1961-1962: Hank Crawford - From The Heart Music » Soul » Soul-Jazz
1961-1962: Hank Crawford - From The Heart
Artist: Hank Crawford
Album: From The Heart
Label: Atlantic Records (Catalog#: SD 1387)
Format: FLAC, LP- Rip
Years: 1961-1962
Size: 260MB
Time: 38:48

Warm and laidback soul jazz from the great Hank Crawford cut in a relaxed mode that makes the set feel like some of the late nite smokers on the Prestige label at the time! Hank's alto work is perfectly placed on the set, and he's working with fellow Ray Charles bandmember David Fathead Newman on tenor plus John Hunt and Phil Guilbeau on trumpets, and Leroy Cooper on baritone sax plus guitar from Sonny Forrest on two tracks. Titles include "The Peeper", "Sherri", "Sweet Cakes", "Don't Cry Baby", "What Will I Tell My Heart", and "But On The Other Hand". ~ Dusty Groove, Inc.

Recorded in 1962 with most of the same band that made Soul Clinic, Hank Crawford turns in a simmering, deep soul performance that draws in equal parts from Ray Charles' R&B, James Moody's blues and Duke Ellington's swing. Accompanied by Texas tenor giant David "Fathead" Newman, baritone saxophonist Leroy Cooper, trumpeters John Hunt and Phil Guilbeau, bassist Edgar Willis and drummer Bruno Carr (with Sonny Forrest on guitar on three tracks), Crawford follows the soul-blues Muse into the night on this set. His four originals, including "Stoney Lonesome," "The Peeper" and "Sherri," are high points, so are his readings of Percy Mayfield's classic "But on the Other Hand," and Charles' "Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand." The bookends on the set are the Unger-Bernie-Johnson blues finger-popper "Don't Cry Baby" and the elegant, melancholy ballad "What Will I Tell My Heart." From the Heart features Crawford digging deep into the Memphis tradition for expression. His own playing is exceptional as is that of Newman. These solos are as notable for their restraint in the service of melody as they are for their depth of expression. This is an early highpoint for Crawford. ~ Thom Jurek, All Music Guide.
1947: Fats Navarro - Complete Last Studio Session Music » Jazz » BeBop
1947: Fats Navarro - Complete Last Studio Session
Artist: Fats Navarro
Album: Complete Last Studio Session
Label: RLR
Year: 1947; Release: 2009
Quality: my cd > flac (full scans)
Duration 01:18:25

Digitally remastered collection containing the great Fats Navarro's last studio session, included here in its entirety for the first time ever!! Featuring Don Lanphere, Al Haig, Tommy Potter and Max Roach. Navarro would die shortly after on July 7, 1950, at the age of 26. As a bonus, an unissued broadcast from the Caf Society recorded just a few days before Fats' disappearance and two rare jam sessions from a 1947 broadcast have been added.
~ Editorial Reviews,
1961, 1962: George Russell - Ezz-thetics [Bonus Tracks] Music » Jazz » BeBop » Post-bop
1961, 1962: George Russell - Ezz-thetics [Bonus Tracks]
Artist: George Russell
Album: Ezz-thetics [Bonus Tracks]
Label: Riverside RCD-30188-25
Year: 1961, 1962; Release: 2007
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 320 kBit/s
Time: 55:36
Size: 142 MB (
AMG Rating: 1961, 1962: George Russell - Ezz-thetics [Bonus Tracks]

1961, 1962: George Russell - Ezz-thetics [Bonus Tracks]
This is a true classic. Composer/pianist George Russell gathered together a very versatile group of talents (trumpeter Don Ellis, trombonist Dave Baker, Eric Dolphy on alto and bass clarinet, bassist Steve Swallow, and drummer Joe Hunt) to explore three of his originals, "'Round Midnight" (which is given an extraordinary treatment by Dolphy), Miles Davis' "Nardis," and David Baker's "Honesty." The music is post-bop and although using ideas from avant-garde jazz, it does not fall into any simple category. The improvising is at a very high level and the frameworks (which include free and stop-time sections) really inspire the players. Highly recommended. [Riverside's 2007 reissue included two bonus tracks.]
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
1991: The Ward Marston Piano Trio - You Are Unforgettable Music » Jazz » Fusion » Jazz-Pop

1991: The Ward Marston Piano Trio - You Are Unforgettable
Artist: The Ward Marston Piano Trio
Album: You Are Unforgettable-Nat King Cole Hits
Label: Nesak International CD N2-19512
Year: 1991
Format, bitrate: MP3, 320 kb/s
Time: 32:13
Size: 79.1MB

Great songs are hard to create and the odds are against most charted songs becoming standards. Incredibly, most Nat King Cole hits have becomes standards - songs that are recorded and played over and over. You'll love the instrumental interpretation that Ward Marston and his trio give this music. Everyone will recognize these melodies. Ward Marston, though blind since birth, has appeared with his trio at the White House, Carlye Hotel, and all over Europe. Ward, who have especially influenced by Nat King Cole's styling, included vocals of a song Nat King Cole recorded only once, in the early forties, "This Will Make You Laugh". We know that this special recording will become one of your favorites. ~ Editorial Reviews,
1969: Duke Pearson - How Insensitive Music » Soul » Soul-Jazz
1969: Duke Pearson - How Insensitive
Artist: Duke Pearson
Album: How Insensitive
Label: Blue Note
Year: 1969; release: 1989
Quality: MP3@320 kbps
Size: 77,9 mb
Total time: 34:26

Another bold step forward in the too-short career of Duke Pearson and one of the last few records before his untimely death! The session departs from previous Pearson work by using vocals on most tracks sometimes a solo singer, either Andy Bey or Flora Purim, and sometimes a larger chorus, in the manner of vocal jazz experiments on records by Donald Byrd or Max Roach. Duke himself plays electric piano on the set, bringing in a moody undercurrent that sets the whole thing on edge and which makes even the simplest of vocal performances shine like a dark jewel in the night. Airto plays percussion on the set, and there's also some nice Brazilian rhythms that filter in and out of the tunes on titles that include "Sandelia Dela", "Lamento", "Cristo Redentor", "My Love Waits", and "Tears".
1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.
1961: Norman Mapp - Jazz Ain't Nothin' But Soul + Bonus Tracks Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
1961: Norman Mapp - Jazz Ain't Nothin' But Soul + Bonus Tracks
Artist: Norman Mapp
Album: Jazz Ain't Nothin' But Soul + Bonus Tracks
Label: Fresh Sound FSRCD 693
Year: 1961; Release: 2012
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 320 kBit/s
Time: 56:46
Size: 108 MB (w.i.s)

Discovered by Dinah Washington in a Harlem nightclub, Norman Mapp (1928-1988) was a singer and composer whose public renown never quite matched either his talent or the high regard in which he was held within the jazz community. That much is clear from even a cursory glance at the personnel on these fine sessions from the start of the Sixties. They include such notables as trumpeter Clark Terry, multi-reedman Seldon Powell, pianist Tommy Flanagan and drummer Dave Bailey, who do so much to showcase Mapp at his best here.
The singer wrote eight of the ten tunes on Jazz Aint Nothin But Soul, his most celebrated album, investing the music with the warmth, taste and sensitivity for which he was celebrated. Both as accompanist and as soloists, Terry, Powell and Flanagan respond inventively to the singer and the material, creating a gem of its kind.
As a bonus, three tracks from We Paid Our Dues with Seldon Powells quartet and its leaders vastly under-rated tenor in Lesterian mode, are included.
~ Fresh Sound Records
1996: Graham Haynes - Transition Music » Jazz » Fusion
1996: Graham Haynes - TransitionArtist: Graham Haynes
Album: Transition
Format: FLAC (cue+log+scans)
Label: The Cross With The Circle
Time: 57:00
Size: 189, 149 MB

REPOST with new links

Where Miles Davis left off in the recording studio just before his death, cornetist Graham Haynes picks up, continuing to explore the controversial marriage between mainstream jazz and hip-hop rhythms. With the swipe of a scratch turntable, John Coltrane's "Transition" is sent reeling into the hip-hop age (who is to say that the ever-curious Coltrane wouldn't be dabbling in hip-hop if he were still alive?), as do a number of Haynes originals. Yet Haynes also has other fusions and revivals on his mind, sometimes reaching back to Miles' nearly forgotten mid-'70s "jungle band" for fuel. "Walidiya" throws Middle Eastern vocals and a sitar into a lengthy, mesmerizing procession, overseen by Haynes' far-off cornet and Steve Williamson's soprano sax. Haynes even successfully revives one of Miles' least-imitated experiments, the wah-wah-pedal trumpet (or in this case, cornet), on "Mars Triangle Jupiter" and "Freestylin.'"
~ Richard S. Ginell, All Music Guide
1962: Sonny Rollins - What's New? Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
1962: Sonny Rollins - What's New?
Artist: Sonny Rollins
Album: What's New?
Label: RCA Victor
Year: 1962; Release: 2000
Format: Flac
Time: 43:26
Size: 301mb

This excellent album deserves to be reissued in full on CD but some of its music remains out-of-print. Many of these songs find Sonny Rollins utilizing the Latin rhythms of Candido in addition to his regular quartet members (guitarist Jim Hall, bassist Bob Cranshaw and drummer Ben Riley) and, on the calypso "Brownskin Girl," a vocal chorus interacts with the group. The highpoint is a lengthy "If Ever I Would Leave You" that is quite exciting. This underrated music is well worth an extensive search. ~ Scott Yarrow, All Music Guide
1956: Eddie Costa / Vinnie Burke Trio Music » Jazz » Mainstream
1956: Eddie Costa / Vinnie Burke Trio
Artists: Eddie Costa & Vinnie Burke
Album: Eddie Costa / Vinnie Burke Trio
Label: Jubilee/EMI
Year: 1956; release: 2011
Quality: MP3@320 kbps
Size: 86, 2 mb
Total time: 38:20

A spare and sweet little set from the team of Eddie Costa and Vinnie Burke one of the best of the east coast chamber jazz groups of the mid 50s! The pair's trio has Eddie on piano and vibes, Vinnie on bass, and Nick Stabulas on drums all working together to craft light, rhythmic versions of tunes that really change them up rhythmically working in the most playful mode of the time to freely create over the top of familiar numbers that include "Fascinating Rhythm", "It Could Happen To You", "Sweet & Lovely", "Yesterdays", and "Let's Do It". The set also features two nice originals "Unison Blues" and "Pile Driver".
1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.
1968: Fania All Stars - Live At The Red Garter, Vol. 2 Music » Jazz » Latin » Afro-Cuban Jazz
1968: Fania All Stars - Live At The Red Garter, Vol. 2
Artist: Fania All Stars
Album: Live At The Red Garter, Vol. 2
Label: Fania Allstars SLP 364
Year: 1968; Release: 1972
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 320 kBit/s
Time: 30:55
Size: 72 MB
AMG Rating: 1968: Fania All Stars - Live At The Red Garter, Vol. 2

The second of two Live at the Red Garter volumes mirrored the first, presenting a powerful lineup of Latin virtuosos packed onto one stage and boasting an energy output that must've blown fans out of the club and onto the street in short order. The group intersperses long improvisational workouts with a short number or two, Ray Barretto introducing the first, his own "Son Cuero y Boogaloo," which gets the album off to a swinging start with the chorus leading the show. Larry Harlow's "Noche" is also excellent, a brassy, slow-grind number with heavy Cuban influence that elicits plenty of solos, led by Harlow himself on piano, as well as a great vocal chorus that winds the track to its long conclusion with a large climax. Unlike any other Latin jam session, Fania All-Stars demonstrated from the beginning that they were not only fluent with any Latin form (of course), but could also take on R&B and jazz to rank with the best there, as well. (For the former, the two-minute "Red Garter Strut" evinces all the strut of a top-tier funk band; for the latter, check out Charlie Palmieri's "Kikapoo Joy Juice.")
~John Bush, All Music Guide
1956: Chet Baker - Conservatorio Cherubini Complete Concert Music » Jazz » BeBop » West Coast Jazz
1956: Chet Baker - Conservatorio Cherubini Complete Concert
Artist: Chet Baker
Album: Conservatorio Cherubini Complete Concert 2 CD SET
Label: Phoenix 131531
Year: 1956; Release: 2011
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 320 kBit/s
Time: 2:18:13
Size: 239 MB (w.s.)

Fireworks In Firenze; a landmark release from Chet Bakers infamous European Tour. Featuring the Chet Baker Quintet's Complete January 24, 1956 Conservatorio Cherubini Concert for the first time ever on CD.

This phenomenal double-CD includes the first ever digital recording of Chet Bakers legendary performance at the Conservatorio Cherubini in Firenze, Italy on the afternoon and evening of January 24, 1956. Although Baker performed material during these two sets that wasnt recorded, our edition contains all eight of the tracks that were recorded live from these excellent concerts and originally released on two rare albums by the Replica label.

In addition to the outstanding music above this release also contains 10 bonus tracks that pertain to the same period of time as Bakers Conservatorio Cherubini Concert. These performances are extremely important both for the exquisite quality of the music and great historical significance. They feature Chet Baker with such important musicians as Caterina Valente, the Kurt Edelhagen Orchestra, Al Cohn, Bob Brookmeyer and Gerry Mulligan. Over 138 Minutes of Music.
~ Fresh Sound Records
1954: Joe Puma - East Coast Jazz, Vol 03 Music » Jazz » BeBop » Cool
1954: Joe Puma - East Coast Jazz, Vol 03
Artist: Joe Puma
Album: East Coast Jazz, Vol 03
Label: London
Year: 1954
Format, bitrate: Flac (LP-rip)
Time: 27:38
Size: 138mb

One of the best records ever from guitarist Joe Puma a player who offered his talents as a sideman on many great sessions of the 50s, but who really shines here as a leader on his own! Puma's got a clean, clear, careful touch on the strings one that reminds us a lot of Tal Farlow on his best Verve albums of the 50s but with a sound that's even more focused, and which is often awash in these amazing harmonics! The record features a bit of extra rhythm guitar from Barry Galbraith playing in a mode that's got a softer swing than a piano, which might get in the way of Puma plus vibes from Don Elliott, bass from Vinnie Burke, and drums from Ted Sommer. The mix of vibes and two guitars is about as heavenly as you can imagine light and fluid, but still with plenty of sharper notes on Puma's solos and tracks include the originals "Loris", "A Little Rainy", and "Pumatic" plus "What Is There To Say" and "Liza".
1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.
1975: Archie Shepp - Mariamar Music » Jazz » Modern Jazz » Avantgarde
1975: Archie Shepp - Mariamar
Artist: Archie Shepp
Album: Mariamar
Label: Atomic 76810
Year: 1975; Release: 2009
Format, bitrate: mp3@320kbps
Time: 57:08
Size: 113 MB (

This release contains Archie Shepp's complete October 16, 1975 Rome session, presented here for first time ever on Cd. Recorded in a sextet format, the date features Charles Greenlee on a trombone as well as a mixture of Italian and brazilian musicians. To the five titles of that session , has benn added "Tropical", taped by the same formation on September 28, 1975 , the same day Shepp recorded three long titles with his America Quintet.
~ Jazz Messengers
1999 : Paris Combo - Living Room Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
1999 : Paris Combo - Living Room
Artist: Paris Combo
Album: Living Room
Label: Boucherie Productions - Universal
Year: 1999; release: 2002
Genre: Vocal Jazz / Pop-Jazz / Swing
Format, bitrate: MP3 @320 kbps CBR
Time: 46mn
Size: 104 MB

The French have always had a seductive way of combining words and music, from the chansons of Josquin de Prez to the operas of Bizet to the torch songs of Edith Piaf. Paris Combo continues this beguiling tradition with its sly combination of cabaret music, gypsy jazz, and avant-garde surrealism. Chanteuse Belle du Berry, who has that charming French mixture of vamp and little girl in her delivery, leads the group. Her voice is supple and expressive -- soaring, sliding, swooping, and moaning. Though the lyrics, all penned by du Barry, are in French (and no English translation is provided in the liner notes), her captivating performance breaks down all language barriers. Australian David Lewis does some fine, sensitive work on piano and trumpet. In the gorgeous ballad "Sous la Lune" (Under the Moon), he places the bell of his trumpet in a bowl of water and gurgles out a tender solo. The effect is eerily beautiful, without a trace of gimmickry. His inside-the-piano work on "L'Avenir Incertain du Titanic" (The Uncertain Future of the Titanic) gives the piece a sense of impending disaster that James Cameron could only dream of. Guitarist Potzi ripples off some Django Reinhardt-inspired riffs. In "Mobil'homme" he does a dead-on impression of the Middle Eastern oud on his guitar. Madagascar native Mano Razanajato turns in some inspired work on bass. He also lends his cool vocals to many of the songs. Franois Franois' percussion work is colorful and solid. Living Room is a strong release with tons of appeal. ~ Peggy Latkovich, All Music Guide
1961: Buddy DeFranco / Tommy Gumina Quartet - Presenting Music » Jazz » Mainstream
1961: Buddy DeFranco / Tommy Gumina Quartet - Presenting
Artists: Buddy DeFranco & Tommy Gumina
Album: Presenting
Label: Mercury
Year: 1961; release: 2011
Quiality: MP3@320 kbps
Size: 80,6 mb
Total time: 35:45

For a period in the early '60s, clarinetist Buddy DeFranco teamed up on a regular basis with Tommy Gumina, one of the few jazz accordionists. With bassist Bill Plummer and drummer John Guerin completing the quartet, DeFranco and Gumina indulge in some fine playing on their first of four LPs together for Mercury; none of the sets have reappeared on CD. The ten numbers (seven standards and three originals) are all concise, under five minutes in length; the sound of Gumina's accordion is an acquired taste, but he keeps the proceedings swinging and proves to be a fine match for DeFranco's fluid clarinet. ~ Scott Yanow, All Muasic Guide
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