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Jazz Blues Club
1963: Lambert, Hendricks and Bavan - Havin`A Ball At The Village Gate Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
 1963: Lambert, Hendricks and Bavan - Havin`A Ball At The Village Gate
     Artists: Lambert, Hendricks and Bavan
     Album: Havin`A Ball At The Village Gate
     Label: RCA Victor
     Year: 1963
     Quality: MP3@320 kbps
     Size: 91,4 mb
     Total time: 39:57

     This is the third and last album from Lambert, Hendricks and Bavan's brief run, and like its predecessors, it's a live gig. By now, though, the trio's resilience and fire seem to have worn just a bit thin, and the intonation of the ensembles sometimes goes astray. The ever-ebullient Jon Hendricks is in the freshest voice, particularly in his call-and-response solos on the Jimmy Rushing specialty "Rusty Dusty Blues." Yolande Bavan's accented voice is a bit of a hindrance on the solos, and while the ensemble blend isn't bad, one has to conclude that she was not as seamless a match for her male partners as was her predecessor, Annie Ross. Hendricks's take on "Three Blind Mice" (the mice were drunk) is kind of funny, and Dave Lambert has a droll, somewhat updated go at the English music hall ditty, "With 'Er 'Ead Tucked Underneath 'Er Arm." There are some revisits to the repertoire of LH&R, "Jumpin' at the Woodside," "It's Sand, Man!" - neither of which challenge the originals. However, with some fine bop solos from Thad Jones on cornet and flugelhorn and Booker Ervin on tenor sax threading through the set, and the enthusiastic Hendricks emceeing the show, fans of the group can have a pretty good time with this. ~ Richard S. Ginell, All Music Guide
1957: Ray Anthony And His Orchestra – This Could Be The Night Music » Jazz » Big Band
1957: Ray Anthony And His Orchestra – This Could Be The Night
     Artist: Ray Anthony And His Orchestra
     Album: This Could Be The Night
     Label: MGM Records
     Year: 1957
     Quality: MP3@320 kbps (LP-rip)
     Size: 74,5 mb
     Total time:33:05

      Ray Anthony took decent trumpet chops, Cary Grant-like looks, and a relentless energy for self-promotion and turned them into a long and prosperous series of music business enterprises. Anthony began leading his own big band in the western Pennsylvania area before being snatched up by Glenn Miller at the height of the Miller Band's popularity. During World War II, Anthony joined the Navy and led his own band, touring and entertaining troops throughout the Pacific for several years.

     After returning from the war, Anthony formed his own big band and battled for business in a diminishing market. His biggest hit came in 1954, when, after bugging Jack Webb for months to get him to release the recording rights, he recorded a cover of the theme to Webb's cop show, Dragnet. He also earned a Top 10 hit with a dance tune that sparked a craze even shorter-lived than the Macarena: The Bunny Hop. Anthony's rockin' cover of "Peter Gunn" was the probably the best-selling single recording of that tune.

     Anthony also won a place in the hearts of exotica lovers by marrying buxom B-movie queen Mamie Van Doren. Anthony was a real entrepeneur, running a web of businesses that included a music publishing house, contracted bands (he bought out Billy May's short-lived big band when it folded), an a nightclub in Hollywood. Anthony was also a regular of the Las Vegas circuit, with an act that featured a stand-up comedian and a line of girl singers that included Vicki Carr at one time.

1957-1958: Bobby Hackett & Jack Teagarden - Off-Minor Music » Jazz » Traditional Jazz
1957-1958: Bobby Hackett & Jack Teagarden - Off-Minor
     Artists: Bobby Hackett & Jack Teagarden
     Album: Off-Minor
     Label: Viper's Nest
     Years: !957-58 ; Release:1995
     Format, bitrate:MP3 320kbps
     Size: 96MB

     Although cornetist Bobby Hackett gets top billing, this budget CD is actually split between live sessions headed by Hackett in 1957 and trombonist Jack Teagarden in 1958. The six Hackett selections feature a very interesting group consisting of the leader, Dick Cary (the main arranger) on piano and alto horn, Ernie Caceres doubling on baritone and clarinet, Tom Gwaltney on clarinet and vibes, the tuba of John Dengler and drummer Buzzy Drootin. Although their versions of "Fidgety Feet" and "Royal Garden Blues" are typical Dixieland rousers, "Caravan" (which features Cary's peck horn in the lead), Duke Ellington's "Lady of the Lavender Mist" and the pianist's original "Handle with Cary" are much more modern than one would expect. In addition the vibes-piano-tuba-drums rhythm section does a fine job with Thelonious Monk's "Off Minor"; it is a pity that Hackett sat out on that song. The latter half of the CD features Jack Teagarden's regular group of the period (with the exciting trumpeter Dick Oakley, clarinetist Jerry Fuller, pianist Don Ewell, bassist Stan Puls and drummer Ronnie Gelb) running through four Dixieland warhorses with spirit and drive. The trumpeter who trades off with Oakley on "Royal Garden Blues" is probably Bobby Hackett. This is a recommended acquisition for trad jazz fans.
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
2005: Franco Cerri & Gianni Basso – Take the "A" Train Music » Jazz » Fusion » Crossover Jazz

2005: Franco Cerri & Gianni Basso – Take the "A" Train
     Artists: Franco Cerri & Gianni Basso
     Album: Take the "A" Train
     Label: VideoRadio – VR CD 000589
     Year: 2005; release: 2009
     Format mp3, bitrate: 320 kbps
     Time: 39:33
     Size: 88,26 mb

     Gianni Basso was one of the lights who began shining on the European jazz scene following the end of World War II. He began as a clarinetist and first played professionally in Germany and Belgium in the late '40s with the Raoul Falsan Big Band. By the beginning of the next decade, he was established as a commercial "GB" or "general business" player in Milan, but one with a steady presence at jazz events, including some of the early Italian attempts at post-fascist festivals. From about 1954, a collaboration with trumpeter and composer Oscar Valdambrini began that resembled the relationship between Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn, minus the former man's household-name status. Basso studied music in the busy northern city of Turin, where Valdambrini was a homeboy. It was more than just two Italian lads growing up with a fascination for American jazz -- this was a case of a tenor saxophone and trumpet finding each other. This led to all manner of musical possibilities, most notably the easy-to-maneuver-and-feed small combo (not that feeding anyone in Italy is a problem, ever).
     The partners' group was without a doubt the most popular jazz band in Italy in the '50s, accompanying many touring stars such as Billie Holiday, Lionel Hampton, Gerry Mulligan, Slide Hampton, and Chet Baker. The engaging style of tenor saxophonist Stan Getz was the primary goal Basso set for himself in terms of having a main man on the saxophone. His many subsequent recordings provide documentation of how he discovered Sonny Rollins and developed his own style from these sources to the point where the Verve label signed him and a top-notch singer such as Sarah Vaughan wanted a Basso baste as sauce on her 1984 serving entitled Mystery of Man.
In the late '70s he founded the band Saxes Machine and subsequently fronted the Gianni Basso Big Band. In his senior years he settled into the comfort of the Rome studio scene, still playing in clubs and enjoying his growing historical stature on the European jazz scene. Even free jazz fans like him now.
~ Eugene Chadbourne
1928-1948: VA-Moonlight Serenade - 20 Great Big Band Hits Music » Jazz » Big Band

1928-1948: VA-Moonlight Serenade - 20 Great Big Band Hits
     Artists: Various
     Album: Moonlight Serenade-20 Great Big Band Hits
     Label: Big Band Era CD-70190
     Year:1928-1948; release: 2001
     Format, bitrate: MP3 320KPS
     Time: 60:57
     Size: 150.3MB

     Moonlight Serenade is a collection of moon-related songs from classic American pop. This may not seem so odd, but then take a look at the track listing. The artists appear in alphabetical order, starting with Gene Austin and ending at Margaret Whiting, with everyone from Ella Fitzgerald to Roy Rogers in between. Despite the unusual method of selecting artists, this is a pretty uniform moon album that mostly concentrates on ballads. Anyone looking for this type of theme album should give this a chance; it is not bad.
~ Bradley Torreano, All Music Guide
1929-1953: Hot Lips Page - The Hot Lips Page Collection (2CD) Swing, Mainstream, Vocal Jazz
1929-1953: Hot Lips Page - The Hot Lips Page Collection   (2CD)
     Artist: Hot Lips Page
     Album: The Hot Lips Page Collection 1929-53
     Label: Acrobat Records
     Years: 1929-1953; release: 2015
     Quality: MP3@320 kbps
     Size: 144 mb; 141 mb
     Total time: 71:36; 71:55

     Oran ‘Hot Lips’ Page was a jazz trumpeter, vocalist and bandleader whose extrovert and exciting style allied to his showmanship made him a popular performer with audiences and fellow musicians alike, equally at home as a sideman in other leaders’ ensembles or leading his own bands. He started playing professionally in his native Texas, where he worked with top blues performers during the ‘20s, before becoming a feature of the Kansas City scene with Walter Page and Bennie Moten in the early ‘30s. He would probably have had an even more illustrious career had he not left the Count Basie band after a short stay during the ‘30s to go solo, but as it was he became a ubiquitous fixture of the jazz scene during the ‘40s, recording with a variety of line-ups and was especially popular for his ability to thrive in impromptu jam sessions. This great value 46-track collection brings together recordings with a wide selection of ensembles, both as sideman and leader, during the quarter century that comprised his main recording career, from his first recordings in 1929 through to some R&B flavoured material he recorded in the year or two before his premature death in 1954 at the age of 46. Not surprisingly, given the regard in which he was held, it features performances by some of the top names in the genre with whom he recorded, including Artie Shaw, Ben Webster, Billie Holiday, Albert Ammons, Big Joe Turner, Eddie Condon, Sidney Bechet and many more. It’s an entertaining overview of a musician who has not received the attention that he deserves.
~ Acrobat Records
2008: Jens Wendelboe Big Band - Fresh Heat Music » Jazz » Big Band » Modern Big Band
2008: Jens Wendelboe Big Band - Fresh Heat
     Artist: Jens Wendelboe Big Band
     Album: Fresh Heat
     Label: Rosa records
     Year: 2008; Release Date: 2012
     Quality: Bitrate: My cd > mp3-320
     Total Time: 55:18
     Total Size: 127,44 mb (with full scans)

     A superb follow-up to his well-received Inspirations, Vol. 1 (Rosa, 2010) ensemble excursion, veteran trombonist, band leader, and award-winning Norwegian composer/arranger, Jens Wendelboe unleashes a little Fresh Heat from The Jens Wendleboe Big Band. The disc features contemporary interpretations of classic compositions by trumpeter Clifford Brown, saxophonist Joe Henderson, and bassist Steve Swallow, along with several originals. Wendelboe—who grew up listening to the energetic sounds of the pop group Blood, Sweat & Tears (of which he is now a member), Chicago, and Tower of Power—became a convert to the brassy side of music, a sensibility influencing his arrangements and producing the "snappy, fresh and hot" contemporary sound on this burner of an album.
1977: Milt Hinton, Bob Rosengarden and Hank Jones - The Trio Music » Jazz » Mainstream
1977: Milt Hinton, Bob Rosengarden and Hank Jones - The Trio
     Artists: Milt Hinton, Bob Rosengarden and Hank Jones
     Album: The Trio
     Label: Chiaroscuro Records
     Year: 1977; release: 2003
     Quality: Bitrate:My cd > mp3-320
     Total Time: 42:49
     Total Size: 110mb (with full scans)

     In an article published in the Village Voice a couple of years ago Gary Giddins traced a history of recorded jazz in song, year by year, and Hank Jones’ solo “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning” was pegged as the noteworthy performance of 1977. As his rhythm section lays out, Jones tinkles his piano as if prompting a dream sequence, then leaves the song behind as he performs one harmonic digression after another before returning to the tune with an almost-barrelhouse jauntiness. “Utterly lovely,” in Giddins’s description, and out-of-print at the time the article was written, now that song and the album on which it appeared have been reissued on CD.
     Solo Jones is the exception on The Trio. Forgive the slight to drummer Bobby Rosengarden whose contribution is subtle enough to be missed or perfectly, correctly unobtrusive, but Jones and bassist Milt Hinton are the show, as Hinton’s rock-solid pizzicato walks with an unwaveringly confident gait, allowing Jones to dance back and forth across the keys.
     On Hinton’s own “Mona’s Feeling Lonely," Jones comps modestly in support as the bassist pulls lead notes from the middle and lower registers before delicately handing the melody off to Jones. And all does not swing gently. “‘S Wonderful” is fast out of the box, with Hinton moving up and down the neck of the bass and Rosengarden clicking along on his snare, while “I’ll Remember April” is attacked in a hot, headlong rush, fueled by double-time drumming at the outset.
     Ultimately this trio approached each song, whether popular standard or original composition, with respect, taste, and musicianship of the highest order. More than 25 years later, with Milt Hinton gone in the interim, the loveliness and grace of the trio’s melodies and the camaraderie palpable in their playing carries on.
~ Jeff Stockton, All About Jazz
1961 / 1963: Wes Montgomery - Complete Live At Jorgies Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
1961 / 1963: Wes Montgomery - Complete Live At Jorgies
     Artist: Wes Montgomery
     Album: Complete Live At Jorgies
     Years: 1961 / 1963; release: 2001
     Label: Definitive Records
     Format: mp3, 320, Kbps
     Total Time: 60:04
     Total Size: 146,16 Mb

     It's really too bad that the Definitive label did such a shoddy job of editing Complete Live at Jorgies. For starters, with no explanation this fine 1961 gig featuring Wes Montgomery with the Montgomery Brothers (and Billy Hart on drums) is split into two parts so the label can insert a 1963 studio date with Billy Taylor, Grady Tate, and Ben Tucker. Eric Mills' equally crummy liner notes tell you that this was done but offers no reason why. While all the music here is very fine indeed, the split is inexcusable because jazz gigs depend on momentum to come across, especially on a recording. That beautiful versions of "All of You" and "Summertime" are separated from a pair of set closers like "Starlight" and "'Round Midnight" is unthinkable. While the inserted session from 1963 has its own charms -- most notably "There Will Never Be Another You," with Montgomery's subtleties being engaged wholesale by Taylor's remarkable right-hand work and Tate's soulful drumming -- it nonetheless pales in comparison to the taut intensity of the live show that precedes it and proceeds from it.
~ Thom Jurek, All Music Guide
1956: Osie Johnson and His Orchestra – A Bit Of the Blues Mainstream, Vocal Jazz
1956: Osie Johnson and His Orchestra – A Bit Of the Blues
     Artist: Osie Johnson and His Orchestra
     Album: A Bit Of the Blues
     Label: RCA Victor
     Year: 1956; release: 1972
     Style: Jazz-blues
     Quality: MP3@320 kbps (LP-rip)
     Size: 71,6 mb
     Total time: 30:52
James "Osie" Johnson was a jazz drummer, arranger and singer.

     A rare vocal session from Osie Johnson – an artist who's much better known for his instrumental work on the drums! The set's actually got a pretty great sound – with Osie singing in a style that's got the same mix of jazz and blues that was being used by Joe Williams at the time, and which really seems to suite Osie's confidently humble style of singing. Arrangements are by Manny Albam, with players that include Hal McKusick, Al Cohn, and Hank Jones – and titles include "The Rhinoceros", "Ninety Eight Cents", "That's What I Get", "Hey Let The Sin Juice Flow", "If I'd Been On My Way", and "Baby Let Me Wear Your Hat".
© 1996-2015, Dusty Groove, Inc.
1968: Ella Fitzgerald – Live from the Cave Super Club Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
 1968: Ella Fitzgerald – Live from the Cave Super Club
     Artist: Ella Fitzgerald
     Album: Live from the Cave Super Club – May 19 1968
     Label: Jazz Band
     Year: 1968; release; 1999
     Quality: MP3@320 kbps
     Size: 129 mb
     Total time: 56:06

     Live From The Cave Supper Club, Vancouver B.C. Canada, May 19, 1968 album for sale by Ella Fitzgerald was released Apr 13, 1999 on the Jazz Band label. Personnel includes: Ella Fitzgerald (vocals); Fraser McPherson Big Band; Tee Carson Trio. Live From The Cave Supper Club, Vancouver B.C. Canada, May 19, 1968 CD music contains a single disc with 14 songs.

     14 tracks recorded in Vancouver, BC w. Live From The Cave Supper Club, Vancouver B.C. Canada, May 19, 1968 songs the Fraser McPherson Big Band & The Tee Carson Trio, "I'm Beginning To See The Light", "Girl Talk" & "Gone With The Wind"
1962: Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen - Midnight In Moscow Music » Jazz » Traditional Jazz
1962: Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen - Midnight In Moscow
     Artist: Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen
     Album: Midnight In Moscow
     Label: PYE Records Stereo LP SPL-30001
     Year: 1962(1984)
     Format, bitrate: MP3 320KPS
     Time: 42:47
     Size: 100.2MB

     Kenny Ball's surprise hit of "Midnight in Moscow" in 1962 helped accelerate the trad jazz movement in England. Already a popular trumpeter, Ball's hit briefly made him an internationally known figure. This LP mostly has infectious versions of Dixieland standards featuring Ball, trombonist Johnny Bennett and clarinetist Dave Jones. ~ All Music Guide Scott Yanow
1965: Various Artists - 1965 All Star Jam Session Swing, Mainstream
1965: Various Artists  - 1965 All Star Jam Session
     Artists: VA
     Album: 1965 All Star Jam Session
     Label: LRC Ltd. / Groove Merchant Records
     Year: 1065; release: 1995
     Quality: MP3@320 kbps
     Size: 139 mb
     Total time: 63:36

1965 All Star Jam Session by Buck Clayton, Benny Waters, Joe Turner, Jimmy Woode, Jr., Kenny Clarke, Vic Dickenson

     Benny Waters played with several major-league bands but never became a household name. Here he's mostly in a 30s-Hawkins bag and very persuasive. The ever-elegant Buck Clayton trumpet is more exuberant than usual. Joe Turner is not the KC blues singer but the underrated seldom-heard stride pianist, demonstrating how many brilliant musicians persisted through lengthy, admirable careers without being properly noticed. Dickenson is in fine form, and Kenny Clarke, one of the founders of bebop drumming, fits in splendidly, invoking Jo Jones and Sid Catlett. There are no notes at all, and the violinist added on the last few numbers is unidentified very likely Stuff Smith.
~ Martin Berger,
1947/1953: Gerry Mulligan/Stan Hasselgard/Red Norvo - Walking Shoes Music » Jazz » BeBop » Cool
1947/1953: Gerry Mulligan/Stan Hasselgard/Red Norvo - Walking Shoes
     Artists: Gerry Mulligan/Stan Hasselgard/Red Norvo
     Album: Walking Shoes
     Label: Capitol Jazz Classics
     Years: 1947/1953; release: 1972
     Quality: MP3@320 kbps (LP-rip)
     Size: 98,8 mb
     Total time: 40:50

     The Gerry Mulligan Tentette (which features Chet Baker's trumpet and the leader's baritone) is heard on eight selections in 1953. In addition, although Mulligan's name heads this LP (which is subtitled Capitol Jazz Classics Vol. 4), the other numbers are unrelated but classic in their own way. The bop clarinetist Stan Hasselgard is heard at his peak on four numbers with a sextet that includes vibraphonist Red Norvo and guitarist Barney Kessel while the Red Norvo Septet of 1947 (with a young Dexter Gordon on tenor) performs "Bop!" and a memorable version of "I'll Follow You."
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

     An early cooker from Gerry Mulligan – working here with a real birth of the cool-styled group that includes Chet Baker and Pete Candoli on trumpets, Bud Shank on alto, John Graas on French horn, Bob Enevoldsen on trombone, and Chico Hamilton on drums – a really wonderful group that has a swing that's might lighter than you might guess from its size! The set is nicely arranged throughout – an early example of Gerry's powers in this respect – with plenty of thought in each tune, yet never so much so that the proceedings get too academic. Titles include "Rocker", "Walking Shoes", "Simbah", "Ontet", "Westwood Walk", "A Ballad", "Taking A Chance On Love", and "Flash". © 1996-2015, Dusty Groove, Inc.
1956-1959: Red Nichols - The All Time Hits Of Red Nichols & The Five Pennies Music » Jazz » Traditional Jazz » Dixieland

1956-1959: Red Nichols -  The All Time Hits Of Red Nichols & The Five Pennies
     Artist: Red Nichols
     Album:The All Time Hits Of Red Nichols & The Five Pennies
     Label: Capitol Records Stereo LP ST-1803
     Years: 1956-1959
     Format, bitrate: MP3, 320 kbps
     Time: 34:22
     Size:81.4 MB

     Throughout the 1950s, cornetist Red Nichols usually utilized a sextet which he called his Five Pennies. On this LP of material taken from sessions for Capitol, Nichols is heard on all but one of the ten numbers with groups having from ten to fourteen pieces. This rendition of "Battle Hymn of the Republic" is a true classic, using a brilliant arrangement that investigates the warhorse at three different tempoes; a similar approach given "When the Saints Go Marching In" is much less successful. Other highlights include "Margie," "Ida," "Sweet as Apple Cider," "Avalon" and "Indiana." This important music deserves to be reissued on CD. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
1955: Ruby Braff - Swinging With Ruby Braff Music » Jazz » Mainstream
1955: Ruby Braff - Swinging With Ruby Braff
     Artist: Ruby Braff
     Album: Swinging With Ruby Braff
     Label: Jazztone Records
     Year: 1955
     Quality: MP3@320 kbps (LP-rip)
     Size: 126 mb
     Total time: 54:35

     This out-of-print LP (part of which has been reissued on CD by the collector's label Jazz Connoisseur) features trumpeter Ruby Braff playing mainstream jazz. The music ranges from swing (with touches of Dixieland) to cool and is notable for showcasing the obscure but talented tenor Sam Margolis (who often recalls late-period Lester Young) and trombonist Billy Byers (who is better-known as an arranger); the fine rhythm section consists of pianist Marty Napoleon, bassist Milt Hinton and drummer Jo Jones. Braff is not as forceful on the set as usual but he is in generally fine form on such numbers as the ad-lib "Only a Blues," "In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree," "I'm Shooting High" and "Love Me or Leave Me." ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
1974: Dick Hyman Plays Keyboard Classics of the Nostalgia Years Music » Jazz » Mainstream

1974: Dick Hyman Plays Keyboard Classics of the Nostalgia Years
     Artist:Dick Hyman
     Album:Plays Keyboard Classics of the Nostalgia Years
     Label: Cadence Records Stereo LP's CA-2001
     Genre: Piano Jazz
     Format, bitrate: MP3, 320 kbps
     Time: LP1-29:03 LP2-29:53
     Size: LP1-65.6MB LP2-71.9MB

     Dick Hyman selected 22 songs for this collection, most of which were written in the early part of the 20th century, including novelty works and pop songs that were once popular but have long fallen from favor. Rather than improvise upon them, the pianist chose to research the original versions and play them as written. As a result, the pieces are allowed to stand on their own merits and one can appreciate what drew Hyman to them in the first place. Zez Confrey is the most widely represented composer (Hyman also dedicated an entire RCA album to Confrey's music) with five selections, the best known of which are the challenging "Kitten on the Keys" and "Dizzy Fingers." Bix Beiderbecke's "In a Mist" and "Candlelights" are likely the most widely appreciated songs by mainstream jazz pianists, so it is refreshing to hear them as they were conceived. Hyman also explores neglected works by George Gershwin, Rube Bloom, Nacio Herb Brown, and less familiar composers with equal enthusiasm. One nice surprise is his rendition of Eubie Blake's "Dicty's on Seventh Avenue," a difficult work that dates from the latter years of the ragtime great's career (and its composer was still playing it in concert near the end of his long life). While the lack of improvisation may disappoint some jazz fans, this two-record set will provide an excellent starting point for budding jazz pianists to study these overlooked gems. ~ Ken Dryden, All Music Guide
1954: Marian McPartland - Marian McPartland At The Hickory House Music » Jazz » Mainstream
1954: Marian McPartland - Marian McPartland At The Hickory House
     Artist: Marian McPartland
     Album: Marian McPartland At The Hickory House
     Label: Capitol/Toshiba
     Year: 1954; release: 2009
     Quality: MP3@320 kbps
     Size: 84,4 mb
     Total time: 37:28

     This import CD reissues long unavailable At the Hickory House originally issued on a Capitol LP, featuring Marian McPartland with bassist Bill Crowand drummer Joe Morello in what are supposedly live performances recorded during her long tenure leading the house trio at the Hickory House, but they are actually studio recordings. Unfortunately, George Simon's liner notes and the composer credits (though most are easy to identify) are omitted as well from this likely bootleg. Following lively swinging takes of "I Hear Music" and "Tickle Toe," both an uncredited cellist and harpist are added to a mellow "Street of Dreams." A decidedly Latin take of "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off" features Morello's fine brushwork. "Lush Life" is early evidence of McPartland's mastery of ballads. She also sparkles on the now infrequently heard standard "Moon Song." Although the rather strong hiss from the master tapes is distracting at times, fans of Marian McPartland will want to add this highly recommended CD to their collections. ~ Ken Dryden, All Music Guide
1958-1965: Cozy Cole & Alan Hartwell's Big Band - 24 Original Cozy Cole Hits! Music » Jazz » Swing
1958-1965: Cozy Cole & Alan Hartwell's Big Band - 24 Original Cozy Cole Hits!
     Artists: Cozy Cole & Alan Hartwell's Big Band
     Album: 24 Original Cozy Cole Hits!
     Label: Love Records
     Years: 1958-1965; release: 2000
     Quality: MP3@320 kbps
     Size: 147 mb
     Total time: 64:59
Holiday of Swing!

     Lyrical is a word sometimes used to describe Cozy Cole's drumming style because his melodious technique goes far beyond mere beat-keeping. The recordings that appeared under his name in the late '50s and '60s are mostly big-band jazz instrumentals that emphasize the drums. "Topsy II," a remake of an old Benny Goodman tune, became a left-field hit on the pop and R&B charts in 1958, introducing the veteran Cole to a new generation of listeners and presaging the rise of rock & roll drummers such as Sandy Nelson and Preston Epps. Cozy Cole Hits assembles 24 of Cole's recordings for the Love and Coral labels from 1958-1965, including all of his chart hits from the period. In addition to "Topsy II" and its many sequels, Cole steps behind the microphone to sing "Ol' Man Mose," covers Sandy Nelson's "Let There Be Drums," and is joined by a girl group that sings the praises of the "Rockin' Drummer." Most of the music follows in the big-band style of "Topsy II," but several of Cole's later recordings are clearly aimed at the rock & roll audience. Love Records is still in operation and owns Cole's masters, so Cozy Cole Hits is a legitimate release created from the original tapes. However, because it was produced in small quantities, it is available only as a CD-R with poor-quality inserts. The cheap appearance may lead some buyers to assume that their copy of Cozy Cole Hits is a counterfeit or a bootleg, when actually it is the official product as sold through major retailers and directly from Love Records. ~ Greg Adams, All Music Guide
1957: Harry James – Wild About Harry Music » Jazz » Big Band
1957: Harry James – Wild About Harry
     Artist: Harry James
     Album: Wild About Harry
     Label: Capitol
     Year: 1957
     Quality: MP3@320 kbps (LP-rip)
     Total time: 35:32

     By 1957, Harry James was in an artistic rut. Although he would occasionally try to come up with fresh material, he never did regain the stature he had in the 1940s. This Capitol LP mostly contains material arranged by Ernie Wilkins and the result is that the James band often sounds like Count Basie's. Buddy Rich's drumming helps uplift the band, altoist Willie Smith, tenorman Corky Corcoran and trombonist Herbie Harper have some good spots and James is in good form but the music is not all that memorable.
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
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