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Bill Chase group Music » Jazz » Fusion » Jazz-Rock
Hej guys I,m looks Bill Chase jazz group. If somebody have this fantastic albums please upload asap! Thanks in advance!
1954: Earl Hines and His Esquire All Stars Featuring Dicky Wells - Live Broadcasts From The Hangover Club Swing, Mainstream
1954: Earl Hines and His Esquire All Stars Featuring Dicky Wells - Live Broadcasts From The   Hangover Club
Artists: Earl Hines and His Esquire All Stars Featuring Dicky Wells
Album: Live Broadcasts From The Hangover Club
Label: Storyville Records
Year: 1964; release: 2000
Quality: MP3@320 kbps
Size: 154 mb
Total time: 71:27

The notes don't explain how the Earl Hines sextet at San Francisco's Club Hangover became the "Esquire All Stars" in 1954, but they notably include Dicky Wells, who takes typical solos on half the titles. Neither the recording nor a piano that clearly had known better days unfortunately does justice to the leader, who is mostly under-recorded in this collection drawn from four broadcasts. The balance tends to favor drummer Eddie Burns and one of those appalling announcers so common on radio at that time, but considerable amount of enjoyable music nevertheless survives, along with six performances not previously on LP. Gene Redd, an erratic trumpet player, shows surprising power and technique at times and also plays capable vibes on "C Jam Blues." The following "Low Down Blues" is a satisfying performance with a flavor Wells recaptured in his 1958-59 recordings. New versions of "St. Louis Blues," "Rosetta," and "Piano Man" all offer evidence of Hines's spotaniety and the "unflinching inevitability" Max Harrison refers to in his notes. ~ Stanley Dance, Jazz time

For this CD, the music is taken from six radio broadcasts all emanating from San Francisco's Club Hangover; six of the 16 selections were previously unissued. The great pianist Earl Hines' band at this point in time was mostly obscure with only trombonist Dicky Wells being well-known. The other musicians (Gene Redd on trumpet with cameos on tenor and vibes, tenor saxophonist Morris Lane, bassist Carl Pruitt and drummer Eddie Burns) fare well without creating anything too memorable. The repertoire includes swing standards and a few lesser-knownHines originals ("Sleepwalking," "Jump for Joy," "Hot Soup" and "Low Down Blues"), avoiding the dixieland standards that would soon dominate Hines' song list for the next few years. An interesting and formerly rare set but not quite essential; this particular group would not last long. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
2006: Walter Malosetti - Relax Music » Jazz » Mainstream
2006: Walter Malosetti -  Relax
Artist: Walter Malosetti
Album: Relax
Label: Phantom
Release: 2006
Format, bitrate: MP3@192 kps
Time: 47:10
Size: 62.2 mb

Walter Malosetti grew up in a field of music, taking his first guitar from a very early. While the current stylistics of their environment was more folk, he began to play jazz who listened on the radio. Louis Armstrong, Django Reinhardt and the numerous orchestras in jazz of the time became his greatest influences.
Since the 1950s began to appear in the Argentine Jazz circuit forming part of the most important orchestras such as the old guard, Jazz Band, California Ramblers, The Georgians Jazz Band and years later, the Buenos Aires Big Band, Satch and Swing Club quartets among others.
In 1983 and 1986 he gives concerts with Swing 39 and the Orchestra of camera of the Bank Foundation may, directed by maestro Mario Benzecri, in the Auditorium of Belgrano and Golden Hall of the teatro Coln of Buenos Aires. respectively.
2006: Christian McBride - New York Time Music » Jazz » Mainstream
2006: Christian McBride - New York Time
Artist: Christian McBrid
Album: New York Time
Year: 2006
Label: Chesky Records
Format: mp3 320 Kps
Total Time: 59:04
Total Size: 117,10 Mb

Having spent most of his time since the late '90s re-appropriating pop, funk, rock, and fusion elements into his progressive jazz albums, bassist Christian McBride makes a joyously off the cuff return to straight-ahead acoustic jazz on 2006's New York Time. Working here with the seasoned rhythm section giants of pianist Cedar Walton and drummer Jimmy Cobb as well as an equally engaging contemporary, tenor saxophonist Javon Jackson, McBride has crafted a back-to-basics album that, while firmly in the mainstream jazz tradition, works to remind listeners why they dug him in the first place. New York Time is as creatively inspired, forward-thinking, and unexpected as 2000's Sci-Fi and 2003's Vertical Vision are with their mix of electronic-funk and angular, postmodern jazz, and McBride can't escape the fact that his true gift is for swaggering, double-breasted, no holds barred, late-night, straight-ahead modern jazz. Primarily, it's his big, full, commanding double-bass tone that not only drives his bandmates forward, but buoys them on fat swells of sound. It's that natural acoustic tone and earthy pulse of McBride that fit so well with this kind of no-fuss jazz. It's also that sound, paired with the soulfully urbane and elegantly muscular chops of Walton, Cobb, and Jackson, that makes New York Time a jazz lover's dream. ~ Matt Collar, All Music Guide
2010: Doron Raphaeli - Horse Of Passion Music » Jazz » Fusion
2010: Doron Raphaeli - Horse Of Passion
Artist: Doron Raphaeli
Album: Horse Of Passion
Label: High Fidelity Records
Year: 2010 ; Release: 2011
Format, bitrate: mp3, 320kbps
Time: 50:52min
Size: 117 mb

A debut show presenting Israeli, African and Ethnic Latin Jazz original materials from a new released album, "Horse of Passion", created in collaboration with pianist Hod Moshonov and bass player Ran Levi. They will be joined on stage with a fine array of musicians who also participated in the production of this album.
1977: Herbie Hancock - V.S.O.P. Post-bop, Fusion, Funk-Jazz
1977: Herbie Hancock - V.S.O.P.
Artist: Herbie Hancock
Album: V.S.O.P.
Label: Legacy / Sony Music Japan
Year: 1977;Release:2013
Format, bitrate: Flac & MP3 @320kbps
Time: 01:26:35
Size: Disc 1 - 233.91 MB;100.39 MB
Size: Disc 2 - 251.72 MB;108.28 MB
AMG Rating: 1977: Herbie Hancock - V.S.O.P.

*2013 Japan Blu-spec 2-CD Edition*

V.S.O.P. is a landmark album in the history of jazz, though not at all in the way it was intended. George Wein organized a Herbie Hancock retrospective concert at the 1977 Newport Jazz Festival in New York where three bands from Hancock's past and present -- the 1965-1968 Miles Davis Quintet with Freddie Hubbard deputizing for the indisposed Miles, the 1969-1973 sextet, and Hancock's then-current jazz-funk outfit -- would share the stage. As things turned out, it was the Miles band reunion that grabbed most of the attention, leading to several tours which in turn inspired a whole generation of young musicians (led by Wynton Marsalis) to turn their backs upon electronics and make bop-grounded acoustic jazz the lingua franca of jazz for the rest of the 20th century. This is not the outcome the forward-looking Hancock would have preferred, but you cannot deny that he, Hubbard, Wayne Shorter, Ron Carter and Tony Williams sound marvelously in sync with each other, playing in a free-flowing, post-bop style none of them had touched in years. (Hancock is actually playing a Yamaha electric grand piano, not an acoustic grand -- there's a substantial sonic difference, yet one that went unremarked upon by otherwise-watchful purists at the time). The concert also turned out to be a farewell to the great Hancock Sextet (which has yet to reunite on records); this group actually made the most absorbing, adventurous music of that evening, with trumpeter Eddie Henderson laying a more credible claim to Miles' pithy idiom than Hubbard had earlier. The sextet plays only two numbers: "Toys" and "You'll Know When You Get There." It's a pity there isn't more. The two-LP set concludes with a somewhat disappointing jazz-funk set from a post-Headhunters edition band with Bennie Maupin and Paul Jackson as holdovers. They don't quite raise the temperature, or the complexity level as high as earlier Hancock jazz-funk outfits. The contrast between Hancock's present on this given day and his illustrious past was no doubt used as ammunition by the back-to-bop crowd to proclaim that "fusion" has got to go, which was unfair. The reverberations from this concert continue to this day.
~ Richard S. Ginell, All music Guide
1955: Beverly Kenney - Beverly Kenney Sings For Johnny Smith Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
1955: Beverly Kenney - Beverly Kenney Sings For Johnny Smith
Artist: Beverly Kenney
Album: Beverly Kenney Sings For Johnny Smith
Label: Toshiba EMI
Year: 1955
Format, bitrate: mp3@320kbps
Time: 30:35
Size: 50,2 Mb

Beverly Kenney was one of the most promising new jazz singers of the mid-'50s. Unfortunately, she did not live long and recorded just three albums as a leader. This particular CD reissue, a quartet date with guitarist Johnny Smith, pianist Bob Pancoast, bassist Knobby Totah, and drummer Mousie Alexander, is a real gem, with Kenney heard in top form. Her version of "Destination Moon" is quite delightful, and other highlights include "Tis' Autumn," "Almost Like Being in Love," "There Will Never Be Another You," and "Snuggled on Your Shoulder," even if "Ball and Chain" (a renamed "Sweet Lorraine") does not quite cut it. Beverly Kenney had great potential and deserves to be remembered today. This reissue from the Spanish Fresh Sound label is highly recommended.
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide.
1958: Earl Hines / Cozy Cole - Earl's Backroom And Cozy's Caravan Swing, Mainstream
1958: Earl Hines / Cozy Cole - Earl's Backroom And Cozy's Caravan
Artists: Earl Hines / Cozy Cole
Album: Earl's Backroom And Cozy's Caravan
Label: Limelight
Year: 1958; release: 1989
Quality: MP3@320 kbps
Size: 90,1 mb
Total time: 39:27

This CD of material originally recorded by Stanley Dance in 1958 features quite a few obscure -- but talented -- players. On half of the program, the Earl Hines Quartet showcases the great pianist (who was in a long period of critical neglect) and the forgotten tenor and baritonist Curtis Lowe. The other session has drummer Cozy Cole leading a group of complete unknowns: trumpeter Lou Jones, Phatz Morris on the unusual double of trombone and harmonica, tenor saxophonist Boe McCain, pianist June Cole, guitarist Dicky Thompson and bassist Pete Compo. They come up with interesting ideas on a blues, "Caravan" and "Margie."
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
1970: Dreams - Dreams Fusion, Jazz-Rock
1970: Dreams - Dreams
Artist: Dreams
Album: Dreams
Label:Legacy/Sony BMG
Year:1970; Release:1992
Genre:Crossover Jazz,Fusion,Post-Bop,Jazz-Rock
Format, bitrate:Flac & MP3 @320kbps
Size:297 MB;103.34 MB

This is an interesting early album for what would be some fusion notables: Randy and Michael Brecker, Billy Cobham and John Abercrombie. Style style owes quite a bit to early jazz rock pioneers Blood Sweat and Tears, and maybe a bit to Chicago. While the performances are excellent, it's the songs themselves that leave this listener wanting. All the songs were written by either bassist Doug Lubahn or keyboardist/guitarist Jeff Kent. The arrangements are all very loose. I would say too loose. I think some written horn arrangements would have added power to all of the pieces.Still, this album is a pleasant work of vocal based jazz fusion. A treat for fans of the genre. ~

Although Dreams is a legendary pioneer jazz-rock group that included such young players as trumpeter Randy Brecker, guitarist John Abercrombie, drummer Billy Cobham and the 19-year old tenor Michael Brecker, its music has dated very badly. This CD reissue finds solos being de-emphasized in favor of erratic and often unlistenable vocals. While trombonist Barry Rogers had a feeling for jazz, the remainder of the group (singer Edward Vernon, keyboardist-guitarist-vocalist Jeff Kent and bassist-vocalist Doug Lubahn) weighs down the recording with mundane pop sensibilities. Only a spirited "New York" and the 14-minute "Dream Suite" allow the horns a chance to blow a bit and even there the results are quite forgettable and disappointing. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
1960: Bob Crosby - Bob Crosby's Great Hits Music » Jazz » Traditional Jazz » Dixieland
1960: Bob Crosby - Bob Crosby's Great Hits
Artist:Bob Crosby
Album: Bob Crosby's Great Hits
Label:Dot Records LP DLP-3278
Year: 1960; release:1964
Format, bitrate: MP3 320 kbps
Time: 38:24
Size: 86.7MB

Crosbys band stood out from the pack, its Dixieland style generally considered passe at the time. The band compensated, however, with a stellar lineup (including trumpeter Yank Lawson) and an enthusiasm for the freer Dixieland style. Gil Rodin (tenor and alto sax) ran the show as music director and business manager. Clarinetist Matty Matlock and bass player Bob Haggart arranged for the group, the latter writing much of their material including Whats New? (originally Im Free) as a trumpet solo for Billy Butterfield.
1981: Woody Herman - Live in Chicago Music » Jazz » Big Band
1981: Woody Herman - Live in Chicago
Artist: Woody Herman
Album: Live In Chicago
Label: Status
Year: recorded in Chicago, 03/06/1981
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 320 kBit/s (my rip)
Time: 01:01:35
Size: 145 MB (Artwork:front-inside-back)

This is the original CD, issued in 1990 as STATUS #105. In 2004 Status did a re-issue of this cd, with another cover.

S(born May 16, 1913, Milwaukee, Wis., U.S.died Oct. 29, 1987, Los Angeles, Calif.) U.S. clarinetist, saxophonist, singer, and leader of one of the most popular big bands in jazz. Herman formed his first band in 1936. Known as The Band That Plays the Blues, the group had a hit in 1939 with Woodchopper's Ball. His 1940s bands, the Thundering Herds, evolved into powerful and colourful ensembles that combined a light rhythm-section sound with explosive, forward-looking arrangements. He led his bands almost continuously for more than 50 years, and in them many notable jazz musicians gained early professional exposure.
1975: Jimmy Raney - The Influence Music » Jazz » BeBop » Cool
1975: Jimmy Raney - The Influence
Artist: Jimmy Raney
Album: The Influence
Label: Xanadu Records
Year: 1975; release: 2006
Quality: MP3@320 kbps
Size: 89 mb
Total time: 38:13

After barely being on records at all from 1957-1974 (just three albums of material and only one and a half albums during 1958-1973), the great guitarist Jimmy Raney had several opportunities to record for Xanadu between 1975-1976. His debut for the label consists of six trio numbers with bassist Sam Jones and drummer Billy Higgins, along with a couple of unaccompanied solos: "The End of a Love Affair" and his original and somewhat free-form "Suzanne," which (via overdubbing) has two guitars. Otherwise, the set sticks to trio standards, with Raney swinging hard with his distinctive cool tone on such numbers as "I Love You," "It Could Happen to You," and "There Will Never Be Another You." Recommended but not yet available on CD.
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
1965: Freddie McCoy - Spider Man Music » Soul » Soul-Jazz
1965: Freddie McCoy - Spider Man
Artist: Freddie McCoy
Album: Spider Man
Label: Prestige/Universal (Japan)
Year: 1965; Release:2012
Format, bitrate: Flac / Mp3, 320 kBit/s
Time: 30:28
Size: 179.67 MB / 83.45 MB

A striking little set from vibesman Freddie McCoy not just for the cool superhero image on the front cover, but also for the tight grooves underneath! The album's one of McCoy's most unified for Prestige as all tracks feature a core quartet with Freddie on vibes, Charlie Wilson on piano, Steve Davis on bass, and Rudy Lawless on drums not your usual Prestige players, and all musicians who really make the album sparkle! There's a bold soul jazz vibe running through the set similar to some of Freddie's other work, but a bit more open too and titles include a groovy take on "Girl From Ipanema", plus the soul jazz classics "Speak Out, Deagan!" and "Hav' Mercy" as well as the cuts "Yesterdays" and "Spider Man". ~ 1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.
2014: Fred Hersch Trio - Floating Music » Jazz » Modern Jazz
2014: Fred Hersch Trio - Floating
Artist: Fred Hersch Trio
Album: Floating
Label: Palmetto Records
Year: 2014
Format, bitrate: mp3, 320kbps
Time: 58:31
Size: 134MB

There's no arguing the considerable merits of pianist Fred Hersch's Alive at the Vanguard (Palmetto Records, 2012) or his Alone at the Vanguard (Palmetto Records, 2011), trio and solo efforts respectively, both recorded live at the legendary Village Vanguard, home of so many classic live sets. Hersch is at the height of his artistic powers in the place. It seems a consensus opinion that "Live" is better, an idea that has picked up credibility with the technical evolution resulting in very nearly studio quality sound for the documentation of concert recordings. No more murky sonics injected with those "tinkling ice, background chatter" crowd noises that can be heard on so many of the live offerings from yesteryear.

But let's not downplay the studio, especially in Hersch's case. His Whirl (Palmetto Records 2010) isn't Hersch's most lauded recordingthat accolade probably goes to his ambitious larger ensemble offering Leaves of Grass (Palmetto Records, 2005). But Whirl is a studio piano trio recording put together to perfection to simulate a tight live set. And Floating is more of that, with the same trioHersch joined by John Hebert on bass and drummer Eric McPhersongoing even deep in that mode of operation.

The trio opens with a touchstone, the familiar "You and the Night and the Music," laid down in an unfamiliar wayspiced up and rollicking. Saucy. A version to bring a smile, that gives way to the title tune, a Hersch original. The sound is a fluid, frictionless momentum that does indeed evoke the sensation of weightlessness, of notes floating on clouds. Music played on the moon.

Hersch is a marvelous tune-smith, writing in a variety of styles and moods, while maintaining the cohesion of the "set." "West Virginia Rose," dedicated to Hersch's mother and grandmother, plays with Appalachian themes. "Home Fries" slides down south to Louisiana with its second line New Orleans feel, and is dedicated to bassist Hebert, who hails from the Baton Rouge. The trio really lets go and lets it rip on the tune, before moving into the wistful, delicately drawn "Far Away," a piece that Hersch wrote for the late Israeli pianist Shimrit Shoshan. The pianist's touch here is deft and delicate beside McPherson's subtle brushwork and Hebert's steady, dreamy patience on the bass.

Three more distinctive originals are played out before the trio shifts back to the familiar, with a gorgeous, understated version of Lerner and Lowes' "If Ever I Would Leave You," and then closing with Thelonious Monk's "Let's Cool One," sounding refined and playful and devil-may-care on this perfect close out to a superb piano trio set.
~ Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz
1978: Larry Coryell & Philip Catherine - Splendid Music » Jazz » Fusion » Contemporary Jazz

1978: Larry Coryell & Philip Catherine - Splendid
Artists: Larry Coryell & Philip Catherine
Album: Splendid
Label: Wounded Bird Records
Genre: Contemporary Jazz, Fusion, Post-Bop
Format,bitrate:Flac & Mp3 @320kbps
Size: 240.64 MB;98.69 MB

The companion to Twin House proves to be just as good as the first. This session is a bit more experimental than the first and includes the always reliable Joachim Kühn on piano ("Dues Xango"). Like their first effort, it is not just their remarkable technique that makes this a worthy effort, but also the energetic compositions. Splendid is just as good, if not better, than Twin House, hence, both are recommended.~ Robert Taylor, All Musoc Guide

Acoustic duets between Larry Coryell and Philip Catherine recorded with a style that's much more intimate and personal than some of the previous recordings by either player! Although Coryell first rose to fame at the end of the 60s with his fuzzy approach to jazz fusion, he's clearly mellowed here nicely with age and has a nice sense of space and color, that's only further augmented by Catherine's always-great range of sounds and styles. Joachim Kuhn plays acoustic piano on one track, but all other information is from both players on 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars, plus a bit of work by Catherine on a fretless electric. Titles include "No More Booze", "Deux Xango", "Snowshadows", "One Plus Two Blues", "Father Christmas", "A Quiet Day In Spring", and "The Train & The River". 1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.
1972: Houston Person - Broken Windows, Empty Hallways Music » Soul » Soul-Jazz
1972: Houston Person - Broken Windows, Empty Hallways
Artist: Houston Person
Album: Broken Windows, Empty Hallways
Label: Prestige Records (Catalog#: PRST-10044) US
Released: 1972
Format: FLAC, LP- Rip
Time: 37:17
Size: 232MB

This is the tenth Album by Houston Person released on Prestige Records.

This LP in many ways is atypical of the earlier albums Houston released in the mid to late sixties. In the early seventies he started moving away from smaller combos towards larger groups with a range of musical charts and at times orchestral arrangements. Jazz as we know it was under the pressure of newer forms of music; Rock and Pop music were dominating. Some musicians started to dabble in Free Jazz, Fusion and Funk. As a result many jazz artists including Houston turned their attention to interpreting some of the more popular tunes of the day. This album is one such an attempt to claw back some interest in jazz. Some jazz critics have denounced these explorations as direct commercial exploits. Forty years have passed and jazz aficionados are returning to this period with newer ears. Broken Windows, Empty Hallways contains a unique assortment of tunes, mostly pop oriented with only one penned by Houston Bleecker Street and another by Thelonious Monk Let's Call This. Houston steps up grandly to the challenge adding further richness to his powerful soulful tenor readings. This is especially noticeable when launching into some of the ballads. He seems to be able blow a lot more freely on his solos leaving main development of rhythm to rest of the players. This is enhanced by the orchestral arrangements of Billy Ver Planck and the musical scores of Ozzie Cadena who also contributes a tune Moan Er-uh Lisa. Houston is joined by some fine musicians including Joe Wilder & Victor Paz on trumpet, organist Ernest Hayes, Hubert Laws on flute & tenor, Cedar Walton on piano and drummer Grady Tate; to name a few. In time with repeated listens this album will prove to be of great merit amongst the rest of Houstons vast discography. Enjoy!
1994: Eddie Condon - The Complete CBS Recordings of Eddie Condon & His All Stars Music » Jazz » Traditional Jazz » Dixieland
1994: Eddie Condon - The Complete CBS Recordings of Eddie Condon & His All Stars
Artist: Eddie Condon
Album: The Complete CBS Recordings of Eddie Condon & His All Stars
Label: Mosaic
Year: 1953-1962
Release: 1994
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 320 kBit/s
Time: CD1-63:05/CD2-54:22/CD3-69:18
Time: CD4-58:27/CD5-47:33
Size: CD1-141.8MB/CD2-123.6MB/CD3-157.9MB (Scans-2.9MB)
Size: CD4-136.3MB/CD5-112.3MB (Scans-2.2MB)

This is the Condon gang at its best. In my opinion, the music is the ultimate expression of the dixieland genre -- New York by way of Chicago stye. The soloists are superb: creative and melodic. The music is relaxed, informal, and lots of fun. I wish there were more recordings.
1958: Harry Edison & Lester Young - Going For Myself... Music » Jazz » BeBop » Cool
1958: Harry Edison & Lester Young - Going For Myself...
Artist: Harry Edison / Lester Young
Album: Going For Myself...
Label: Verve & Lone Hill Jazz
Year: 1958; release: 2012
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 320 kBit/s
Time: 75:50
Size: 182 MB
AMG rating: 1958: Harry Edison & Lester Young - Going For Myself...

This is one of the later outings by Lester Young - even the original liner notes acknowledge the uneven and at times quite erratic quality of his playing. That might put the non-fans of this CD, so I'd like them to consider themselves warned.
HOWEVER there are several moments of pure Pres, with Harry "Sweets" Edison at the very top of his game and other musicians (Peterson, Ellis, Brown...) giving some nice contributions as well.
Pres play clarinet on St. Tropez (the album cut as well as the alternate take), which is always interesting... Although that track has some of the more erratic moments.
~ By Nikica Gilic,
1966: The Paul Horn Quintet Here's That Rainy Day Music » Jazz » Fusion » Crossover Jazz
1966: The Paul Horn Quintet  Here's That Rainy Day
Artist: The Paul Horn Quintet
Album: Here's That Rainy Day
Label: RCA Victor
Year: 1966; release: 1977
Quality: MP3@320 kbps (LP-rip)
Size: 63,1 mb
Total time: 31:30
Very nice music for a romantic evening!

A sweet and mellow set from flutist Paul Horn with a sad, sleepy, and wonderfully late nite feel! Ralph Carmichael arranged and conducted the set and most of the tracks feature the Ralph Carmichael Singers in the background, singing in a really moody style that adds a nice edge to the tunes. The record's the kind we might have passed up years ago, thinking it a snoozer but we love it's dark tension, and really appreciate some of the additional instrumental touches, like vibes by Lynn Blessing, piano by Mike Lang, and bass by Bill Plummer. Titles include "Girl Talk", "Moment To Moment", "Ecstasy", "Laura", and "The Shadow Of Your Smile". 1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.
1953-1954: Art Tatum - Solo Masterpieces Vol. 2 Classic Jazz, Stride
1953-1954: Art Tatum - Solo Masterpieces Vol. 2
Artist:Art Tatum
Album:Solo Masterpieces Vol. 2
Label: Pablo Records LP 2310-729
Year:1953-54; release:1975
Format, bitrate: MP3, 320 kbps (LP-rip)
Time: 38:27
Size: 85.2MB

The second of eight CDs in this series of solo performances taken from four marathon record sessions has among its highlights "Elegy," "This Can't Be Love" and "Tea for Two," but in qeneral this series lacks the excitement of Tatum's earliest recordings. Excellent but somewhat predictable performances by the classic virtuoso. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
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