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Jazz Blues Club
1968: Mel Torme - A Day In The Life Of Bonnie And Clyde Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
1968: Mel Torme - A Day In The Life Of Bonnie And Clyde
Artist: Mel Torme
Album: A Day In The Life Of Bonnie And Clyde
Label: Liberty
Year: 1968
Quality: MP3@320 kbps (LP-rip)
Size: 63,3 mb
Total time: 29:44

A Day in the Life of Bonnie and Clyde is a 1968 studio album by Mel Tormé. It was released during a wave of renewed interest in the crime duo Bonnie and Clyde following the release of the 1967 film Bonnie and Clyde. With the exception of the title track, an original song by Tormé, the album mostly consists of covers of popular songs from the late 1920s and early 1930s, around the period when the real-life Bonnie and Clyde were committing their bank robberies. (Another exception is "I Concentrate on You", a Cole Porter song from 1940.)
1957: Dave Pell - I Had The Craziest Dream Cool, West Coast Jazz
1957: Dave Pell - I Had The Craziest Dream
Artist: Dave Pell
Album: I Had The Craziest Dream
Label: Capitol Records
Year: 1955-1957 Released: 1998
Format: bitrate: mp3@320kbps
Time: 48:53
Size: 121Mb
AMG rating: *****

The Dave Pell Octet was the epitome of mid-'50s West Coast jazz. With its tight arrangements, concise performances (usually around three minutes long despite the rise of the LP), soft tones, and distinctive brand of restrained swing, Pell's ensemble was a perfect representative of cool jazz. The ensemble originally was part of the Les Brown Big Band, gaining an independent life of its own in 1955. This valuable reissue CD from 1998 has all of the first 13 selections that Pell recorded for Capitol -- eight from 1955 and the remainder from 1957 -- plus four titles (one previously unissued) led by trumpeter Don Fagerquist with a similar band in 1955 (one of only two opportunities that the underrated great had to head his own date). Dave Pell's four-horn, four-rhythm group includes Fagerquist, either Bob Gordon or Ronny Lang on baritone, the leader on tenor, trombonist Ray Sims, guitarist Tony Rizzi, pianist Paul Smith, drummer Jack Sperling, and one of three bassists. The Fagerquist group differs in that, instead of a trombone, he featured three tenors (Pell, Zoot Sims, and Bill Holman). The arrangements (by Marty Paich, Wes Hensel, Shorty Rogers, Bill Holman, Jack Montrose, and Andre Previn) put an emphasis on melody, subtle surprises, and light swing, even at faster tempos. Basic originals alternate with updated versions of standards (mostly from the swing era). Of the soloists, Fagerquist and Rizzi come off best, although Pell also fares quite well. Although this style of West Coast jazz is largely extinct decades later (other than the notable Phil Norman Tentet), the music still sounds quite fresh and timeless. The Dave Pell Octet's many other recordings (for Trend, Kapp, Atlantic, Victor, and Coral) are out of print, so grab this valuable CD while you can. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide.
1963: Sammy Davis Jr. - Salutes The Stars Of The London Palladium Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
1963: Sammy Davis Jr. - Salutes The Stars Of The London Palladium
Artist: Sammy Davis Jr.
Album: Salutes The Stars Of The London Palladium
Label: Collectors' Choice Music
Year: 1963; release: 2004
Quality: MP3@320 kbps
Size: 80,8 mb
Total time: 41:25

Fresh from a landmark five-week season at the Palladium in London, Sammy Davis, Jr. recorded an anthology paying homage to other luminaries who had graced the stage of the venerable venue. Clearly enthused by the warm reception he had received, Davis extended his stay in London long enough to cut a dozen selections that had been made famous by an eclectic variety of entertainers from both sides of the Atlantic. After a brief spoken "Introduction By Sammy Davis, Jr.," the vocalist eases into a midtempo finger-poppin' reading of "My Kind of Girl," a concurrently popular tune made famous by British balladeer Matt Monro. Without the guidance of Davis' usual musical director, Marty Paich, many of the nuances in his presentation are not enhanced. Not to worry, as Davis is unmistakably inspired throughout. The Peter Knight-arranged introduction to Duke Ellington's "Sophisticated Lady" is distinctive, foreshadowing a similarly dramatic style and sound incorporated into Knight's work on the Moody Blues' Days of Future Passed (1967) -- especially the prominently cascading woodwinds. Davis glides into a heartfelt rendering of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" as the orchestration dances around the supple and emotive lead. Contrasting the ballads are a few swinging affairs, notably the humorous introduction to "Ballin' the Jack." Once Davis gets the tempo "nice and comfortable," he turns the track into a rousing barnburner, backed by a hearty brass section punctuating the score. Representing Frank Sinatra's contributions to the Palladium is "This Is My Love," an interesting choice as it is one of Ol' Blue Eyes' lesser-known pieces from the No One Cares (1959) collection. Another standout performance is the laid-back groove of "Lazy River," as it retains much of the same affable melodic bounce of the Mills Brothers' original. Davis would never revisit the concept of Salutes the Stars of the London Palladium, making this anthology one of the most diverse efforts from Sammy Davis, Jr.'s Reprise catalog. ~ Lindsay Planer, All Music Guide
1981: Tal Farlow - Chromatic Palette Music » Jazz » BeBop » Cool
1981: Tal Farlow - Chromatic Palette
Artist: Tal Farlow
Album: Chromatic Palette
Year: 1981; release: 1994
Label: Concord Jazz
Format: mp3, 320 Kbps
Total Time: 37:34
Total Size: 85,00 Mb
AMG rating: ****
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This album is most notable for the interplay between veteran guitarist Tal Farlow and pianist Tommy Flanagan. With bassist Gary Mazzaroppi completing the trio, the musicians perform Tal's "Blue Art, Too" (based on a blues), plus seven superior standards, including "Nuages," "If I Were a Bell" and "St. Thomas." In general, the music is on the relaxed side but there is plenty of inner heat to be felt on the fine set. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
1956/1959: Coleman Hawkins / Zoot Sims / Phil Woods - Saxes Inc. / Trombone Scene Swing, Mainstream
1956/1959: Coleman Hawkins / Zoot Sims / Phil Woods - Saxes Inc. / Trombone SceneArtist: Coleman Hawkins / Zoot Sims / Phil Woods
Album: Saxes Inc. / Trombone Scene (2 LPs on 1 CD)
Label: Lonehill Jazz
Year: 1956-1959
Release: 2007
Format, bitrate: mp3, 320kb/s
Time: 70:15
Size: 161 mb (with full scans)
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Two different albums are reissued in full on this CD, both of which manage to be historical curiosities and quite musical. The first 11 selections were originally issued as with the same title of Saxes Inc., featuring Bob Prince's arrangements for ten to thirteen saxophonists and a rhythm section. Most notable among the soloists are Coleman Hawkins (who is featured on two numbers), Phil Woods, Herb Geller, Al Cohn and Zoot Sims, although all of the saxophonists have opportunities to be heard in brief statements. It does seem unfortunate that all of the selections clock in at under five minutes and all but two are briefer than four. The second half of this CD was originally titled Trombone Scene and it is slightly less ambitious, featuring just five trombonists with a rhythm section. There is a bit more time for individual personalities to emerge with Jimmy Cleveland (who is just on three numbers), Urbie Green, Eddie Bert and Jimmy Knepper being the biggest names. On both projects, the music is boppish, very much in the modern mainstream of the mid-'50s, and worth hearing.
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
1952-1953: Dave Brubeck Quartet - Jazz At The Black Hawk Music » Jazz » BeBop » Cool
1952-1953: Dave Brubeck Quartet - Jazz At The Black Hawk
Artist: Dave Brubeck Quartet
Album: Jazz At The Black Hawk
Label: Fantasy
Year: 1952-1953, Released: 1953
Format: bitrate: mp3@320kbps (LP-rip)
Time: 37:29
Size: 82,8 Mb
AMG rating: ****/*

After the Dave Brubeck Octet disbanded in 1949, Brubeck founded the Dave Brubeck Trio. The group quickly earned popularity in the San Francisco area, and later reformed and then expanded into a quartet. Paul Desmond became the fourth member of the group, spurring the Dave Brubeck Quartet. Playing together for more than a decade, the quartet included a range of members over the years.
1999: Evan Christopher, Spanky Davis, Wycliffe Gordon, Mark Shane, Jack Lesberg, Jackie Williams - The Sidney Bechet Society Jam Session Concert Music » Jazz » Traditional Jazz » Dixieland

1999: Evan Christopher, Spanky Davis, Wycliffe Gordon, Mark Shane, Jack Lesberg, Jackie Williams - The Sidney Bechet Society Jam Session Concert
Artist: Evan Christopher, Spanky Davis, Wycliffe Gordon, Mark Shane, Jack Lesberg, Jackie Williams
Album: The Sidney Bechet Society Jam Session Concert
Label: Nagel Heyer Records
Year: 1999; release: 2001
Format, bitrate: mp3, 320 kbps
Time: 01:13:49
Size: 163 mb

The Sidney Bechet Society has been performing since 1997 with changing personnel, and this live concert, recorded in 1999, features an impressive collection of players. There is considerable diversity of experience represented here, with old-timers Spanky Davis on trumpet and Jack Lesburg on bass joined by younger performers, all attesting to the timelessness of the music. The group jams through generally well-known tunes mostly associated with the great Sidney Bechet, and they often succeed in putting their own stamp on them. Wycliffe Gordon is by any standard the standout performer, with his talking trombone working up a sweat, rumbling down and dirty with incredible use of the plunger. His solos alone are worth the price of the album, and when he rips and roars on "Basin Street Blues," the gates of heaven open at least a crack. Gordon has absorbed his Vic Dickenson and Tricky Sam Nanton and translated them through his own personality, leading to some compelling treats. With surprisingly good sound quality for a live gig and some fine contributions from every member of the group, this recording should please admirers of Sidney Bechet and anyone else who enjoys the sound of traditional jazz played by some outstanding players at the turn of the century. The legacy of the great clarinetist lives on through the efforts of his admirers. ~ Steve Loewy, All Music Guide
1953-1956: Chet Baker - The Complete Pacific Jazz Studio Recordings Of The Chet Baker Quartet With Russ Freeman Vol.1-3 Music » Jazz » BeBop » Cool
1953-1956: Chet Baker - The Complete Pacific Jazz Studio Recordings Of The Chet Baker Quartet With Russ Freeman Vol.1-3
Artist: Chet Baker
Album: The Complete Pacific Jazz Studio Recordings Of The Chet Baker Quartet With Russ Freeman Vol.1-3
Label: Mosaic Records
Years: 1953-1956 Released: 1989
Format: bitrate: mp3@320kbps
Time: 02:58:28
Size: CD1:159Mb, CD2:146Mb, CD3:91,7Mb, Scans: 42,9Mb
AMG rating: *****

This essential four-LP box set features trumpeter Chet Baker leading his own group during the 1953-1956 period (shortly after the breakup of the Gerry Mulligan Quartet) with pianist Russ Freeman, either Bob Whitlock, Carson Smith, Joe Mondragon, Jimmy Bond, or Leroy Vinnegar on bass, and Bobby White, Larry Bunker, Shelly Manne, Bob Neel, Peter Littman, or Lawrence Marable on drums. Baker is heard at his coolest (mostly before he became influenced by Miles Davis); some of the later selections also feature his first recorded vocals. Because the Mosaic box sets are limited editions, they should be acquired as soon as possible. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide.
1949: Edmond Hall, Vic Dickenson, Ruby Braff - Dixieland Main Stem. New Orleans Music » Jazz » Traditional Jazz » New Orleans Jazz
1949: Edmond Hall, Vic Dickenson, Ruby Braff - Dixieland Main Stem. New Orleans
Artists: Edmond Hall, Vic Dickenson, Ruby Braff
Album: Dixieland Main Stem. New Orleans
Label: Regent
Year: 1949
Quality: MP3@320 kbps (LP-rip)
Size: 70,5 mb
Total time: 24:18

Amongst the glitter and modern splendor of neon in downtown New Orleans today lies the memory of jazz aborning! The town that gave birth to the turbulent jazz and blues of the turn of the Century still favors its own native brand of Dixieland music. Night clubs up and down the brightly lit main stem pour forth a barrage of tailgate trombone sounds, shouting trumpets, and waving clarinets, in a nightly tribute to Americas unique musical art form . . . Jazz! Featured on the enclosed album are some oldsters and some youngsters, biending instruments in concert of Dixieland-inspired jazz. EDMUND HALL, superb clarinetist has been a stalwart of jazz groups for over 25 years. VIC DICKENSON, famous for his humorously "growling trombone sound, is a similar veteran, as are KEN KERSEY, pianist who came to first fame in the 1930s with John Kirbys band, and JIMMY CRAWFORD, drum star of the early Swing era Jimmy Lunceford band. RUBY BRAFF, recent addition to the Jazz ranks, has become a fast favorite for his lyric mainstream style. ~ from liner note
1984: Chet Baker - Blues For A Reason Music » Jazz » BeBop » Cool
1984: Chet Baker - Blues For A Reason
Artist: Chet Baker
Album: Blues For A Reason
Label: Criss Cross Jazz 1010 CD
Year: 1984, release: 2001
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 320 kBit/s
Time: 57:33
Size: 80 MB
AMG rating: ****/*

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This combination works quite well. For what might have been the only time in their careers, trumpeter Chet Baker and tenor-saxophonist Warne Marsh were teamed together in a quintet (which also included pianist Hod O'Brien, bassist Cecil McBee and drummer Eddie Gladden) for this Criss Cross session. The CD reissue adds two alternate takes to the original six songs which consist of "If You Could See Me Now," "Imagination," Marsh's "Well Spoken" and three Baker originals. Recommended.
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
1969: Dizzy Gillespie - Its My Way Music » Jazz » Latin » Afro-Cuban Jazz
1969: Dizzy Gillespie - Its My Way
Artist: Dizzy Gillespie
Album: Its My Way
Label: Solid State
Year: 1969
Quality: MP3@320 kbps (LP-rip)
Size: 76,5 mb
Total time: 34:41

The album contains four tracks that were pop hits of the day. On these tracks, it seems that either Diz told himself, or someone told him, "Look -- the people who want to hear these tracks will just get confused if you play too much jazz on them. They want to hear the melody. Play the melody and some tasteful flourishes. Pretend you're Al Hirt." Fortunately, they get the worst one out of the way first -- "Galveston", a perfectly good song, but not at all conducive to a jazz treatment. In fact, the sax section that opens the track is almost aggressively bad, as if to say, "We know this is a travesty and we're reveling in it." The next tune, "This Girl's (sic) in Love with You", at least gives Diz something more to work with, and the third, "Games People Play", features some kick-ass sax by Jerome Richardson, who tears the hell out of the simple chord progression. Side A closes with two actual jazz tunes -- "Magic Tree" and "Whatever Possess'd Me" -- on which Dizzy suddenly becomes himself, or a somewhat subdued, Hugh Masakela-like version of himself. Side B opens with the fourth pop tune, "Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine In", which has some more very nice sax; this is followed by a lovely, slinky version of "Besame Mucho". Next comes the old standard "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter", which gets a pleasant, easy-swinging treatment; the album then ends with two Gillespie originals -- a bossa nova called "Exotica", and a decent but not outstanding update of "Birk's Works".
1964: Joe Williams - Me And The Blues Music » Jazz » Vocal Jazz
1964: Joe Williams - Me And The Blues
Artist: Joe Williams
Album: Me And The Blues
Label: RCA
Year: 1963 Released: 1995
Format: bitrate: mp3@320kbps
Time: 43:27
Size: 84,0Mb
AMG rating: ****/*

This recording features singer Joe Williams backed by a studio orchestra headed and arranged by Jimmy Jones. Williams mostly sticks to blues-oriented material but there is a surprising amount of mood variation on the dozen selections along with short solos by trumpeters Thad Jones and Clark Terry, altoist Phil Woods, and Seldon Powell on tenor; Ben Webster has a guest spot on "Rocks in My Bed." Williams, heard at the peak of his powers, is at his best on "Me and the Blues," "Rocks in My Bed," "Work Song," and "Kansas City." ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide.
1968: Shirley Scott & Clark Terry - Soul Duo Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
1968: Shirley Scott & Clark Terry - Soul Duo
Artist: Shirley Scott & Clark Terry
Album: Soul Duo
Label: Impulse! Records
Year: 1966 Released: 1968
Format: bitrate: mp3@320kbps (LP-rip)
Time: 37:36
Size: 85,3 Mb
AMG rating: ****

This is one of organist Shirley Scott's lesser-known Impulse LPs (not yet reissued on CD), a quartet outing with flugelhornist Clark Terry, drummer Mickey Roker and either George Duvivier or Bob Cranshaw on bass. Together they perform four Scott originals, a pair of C.T.'s compositions, the swinging "Until I Met You" and the standard "Heat Wave." Although not playing with the force that Stanley Turrentine exhibited when jamming with the organist, Clark Terry adds humor and a wistfulness to the date that easily compensates. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide.
1997: Charles Earland - Cookin' With The Mighty Burner Soul-Jazz, Funk-Jazz
1997: Charles Earland - Cookin' With The Mighty Burner
Artist: Charles Earland
Album: Cookin' With The Mighty Burner
Label: Highnote Records
Year: 1997; release: 1999
Format: bitrate: mp3@320kbps
Time: 57:32
Size: 134 Mb
AMG rating: ****/*

Organist Earland is known far and wide as one of the more inventive, awe-inspiring, soul-sending practitioners of the B-3. On this set, he still sounds like the man to beat, but in many instances he instead allows his bandmates to shine. Those mates include younger firebrands (trumpeter Jim Rotundi and saxophonist Eric Alexander), as well as longtime sidemen (guitarist Melvin Sparks and drummer Bobby Durham), helped by percussionist Gary Fritz. Of course, when Earland wants to burn, he can, and does on many occasions. He recapitulates a piece from Front Burner which was titled "Mom & Dad," but is re-named "Seven of Nine." It's a modal cooker in 10/8 that is even more relentless than the original with a reworked head for the horns. Earland leads the way on Carole King's half-speed "Will You Love Me Tomorrow," but the trumpet and tenor, separately or together, inspire the charge on other cuts; Rotundi quite naturally on "Seven Steps to Heaven," "Milestones," and "Stella By Starlight." Alexander is really hitting his stride, getting fluttery and animated on "Seven Steps" and "Seven of Nine." And Sparks, who is woefully underdocumented these days, proves why he is still one of the all-time greats. His shimmering chords on "Milestones" and fleet single lines in the middle of "Seven Steps" provide plenty of evidence for this contention. At first you think this is a head-solo-tail fest, with the first four cuts running true to predictable form. But then Earland steps forward, turns up the heat, and things cook along nicely until the end. This is one of Earland's better efforts in the last ten years of his life, consistent from start to finish. The burner is in the house, and mightier than ever. ~ Michael G. Nastos, All Music Guide.
1957: Eddie Barclay Et Son Grand Orchestre Et Voila! Music » Jazz » Big Band
1957: Eddie Barclay Et Son Grand Orchestre  Et Voila!
Artist: Eddie Barclay Et Son Grand Orchestre
Album: Et Voila!
Label: Barclay
Year: 1957; release: 1958
Quality: MP3@320 kbps (LP-rip)
Size: 73,6 mb
Total time: 34:41

Eddie Barclay was a French piano player turned record mogul whose flamboyant flair made him a celebrity in his homeland. Born Edouard Ruault in 1921, Barclay was a cocktail jazz pianist before founding Blue Star Records, the first of several small labels that he would oversee in the '50s. In 1960 he consolidated his labels under the Barclay name. The label rose to prominence, licensing U.S. releases and building a strong stable of French stars. Charles Aznavour, Eddy Mitchell, Henri Salvador, Frank Alamo, Nicoletta, and Jacques Brel were all Barclay recording artists. In 1979 he sold Barclay Records to PolyGram. Always a colorful and flamboyant character, he went on to some celebrity as a party host to France's biggest stars. Barclay passed away in May of 2005 at the age of 84. ~ Wade Kergan, All Music, All Music Guide
1954: Clifford Brown - Best Coast Jazz BeBop, Cool
1954: Clifford Brown - Best Coast Jazz
Artist: Clifford Brown
Album: Best Coast Jazz
Label: Emarcy Records
Year: 1954; release: 1990
Format: bitrate: mp3@320kbps
Time: 36:58
Size: 90,5Mb
AMG rating: ****/*

The music on this out-of-print Trip LP has been reissued on CD, most notably in a ten-CD set of Clifford Brown's EmArcy recordings. This particular album features an all-star group with trumpeter Brown, the altos of Herb Geller and Joe Maini, Walter Benton on tenor, pianist Kenny Drew, bassist Curtis Counce and drummer Max Roach. They perform two lengthy numbers, a medium-tempo blues "Coronado" and the ballad "You Go to My Head." "Coronado" is climaxed by an exciting tradeoff by the four horns that gets down to two beats apiece! "You Go to My Head" has fine solos all around but Brownie's closing statement cuts everyone. ~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide.
1947-1957: The Complete Verve/Clef Charlie Ventura & Flip Phillips Studio Sessions 6CD Swing, Mainstream
1947-1957: The Complete Verve/Clef Charlie Ventura & Flip Phillips Studio Sessions 6CD
Artists: Charlie Ventura & Flip Phillips
Album: The Complete Verve/Clef Charlie Ventura & Flip Phillips Studio Sessions
Label: Mosaic
Year: 1947-1957; release: 1998
Format, bitrate: MP3@320 kbps
Time: 63:11 66:43 64:37 72:03 68:08 66:40
Size: 152+159+154+172+162+161 Mb
REPOST with new links from Mr.bolle-ii

Although they were never major influences, both Flip Phillips and Charlie Ventura had their moments of fame and were entertaining and hard-swinging tenor saxophonists. This 1998 limited-edition six-CD box set from Mosaic is typically wondrous with quite a few little-heard gems included among the 116 selections (five previously unreleased, three of which are alternate takes). The first two CDs feature Charlie Ventura during 1951-1954, right after his "Bop for the People" band broke up. His seven sessions include a heated quintet with trumpeter Conte Candoli ("Bugle Call Rag" is a highlight), five separate quartets (with such notable players as pianists Marty Napoleon and Dave McKenna plus Buddy Rich), and a nonet date that has a few short solos from trumpeter Charlie Shavers and trombonist Kai Winding. Singer Mary Ann McCall is fine on five songs, although four less interesting numbers feature the Blentones, an indifferent vocal group. Ventura is heard on alto, baritone, and his booming bass sax in addition to his trademark tenor, and was still in his prime. Flip Phillips is featured on the last four CDs on 16 sessions dating from 1947-1954, and one in 1957. He is actually a sideman on sets headed by trombonist Tommy Turk, guitarist Nick Esposito, and Buddy Rich (starring on the latter). Otherwise, Flip is largely the star, supported by trumpeters Howard McGhee, Harry "Sweets" Edison, and Charlie Shavers, trombonist Bill Harris, pianists Hank Jones, Mickey Crane, Dick Hyman, Lou Levy, and Oscar Peterson, bassist Ray Brown, and drummers J.C. Heard, Shelly Manne, Max Roach, Jo Jones, and Rich, among others. With the exception of the Buddy Rich date (which is live), all of the music clocks in around three minutes apiece, so the musicians make expert use of their limited space. Highly recommended to bop and mainstream fans; get this very valuable set while you can.
~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
1961: Art Farme - Perception Music » Jazz » BeBop » Hard-bop
1961: Art Farme - Perception
Artist: Art Farmer
Album: Perception
Year: 1961; release: 1964
Label: Argo
Format: mp3, 320 Kbps (LP-rip)
Total Time: 33:57
Total Size: 66.74 Mb
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This 1964 release of a 1961 date with pianist Harold Mabern, drummer Ron McCurdy, and bassist Tommy Williams is a breezy affair, a stark contrast to the hard bop that was still pervasive at that time. Farmer had fully developed his sensual and lyrical style by this time, and was making records with Benny Golson when he led this date. The set features two fine originals, which are notable because Farmer didn't compose much: the elegant and spring-like "Punsu" and "Kayin," a breezy West Coast affair. Farmer had given up the trumpet completely by this time and concentrated all of his efforts on the flügelhorn. Its large, warm tone and rounded sound fit perfectly with Farmer's penchant for the exploration of melodic modes within a given tune. On "Lullaby of the Leaves," Farmer's lead into the melody prefigures his solo by moving both off key and off beat to shape a large conical center in the tune. On Ray Bryant's "Tonk," Farmer swings out of the blues and into a shimmering solo all around a triplet figure in B flat. Mabern does far more than comp his way through the changes here, extending his chord voicings to let Farmer fall inside the cracks and nest. This is a gorgeous record, full of light and airiness; it showcases the depth rather than the breadth of Farmer's contribution. ~ Thom Jurek., All Music Guide
2011: The SWR Big Band And Syd Lawrence Orchestra - World's Biggest Big Band: Live At Theaterhaus, Stuttgart Music » Jazz » Big Band
2011: The SWR Big Band And Syd Lawrence Orchestra - World's Biggest Big Band: Live At Theaterhaus, Stuttgart
Artist: The SWR Big Band And The Syd Lawrence Orchestra
Album: World's Biggest Big Band (Live At Theaterhaus, Stuttgart)
Label: Hänssler Classic
Year: 2011
Format, bitrate: Mp3, 320 kBit/s
Time: 53:39
Size: 129.42 MB (full scans @300 dpi)
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Recently voted "Best Big Band in the Land" for the 11th consecutive year, Chris Dean's SYD LAWRENCE ORCHESTRA continues to thrill audiences in Concert Halls, Theatres, and Music Festivals all over Europe. Renowned for its exciting blend of high-octane Big Band Swing and Classic Dance Music, the Orchestra's repertoire ranges from the wartime million sellers of the legendary Glenn Miller through the era of the great Count Basie Orchestra to the hit songs of Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald. Count Basie himself described the Syd Lawrence Orchestra as "So good it should be BANNED!" Our current program features the Grammy Nominated SWR Big Band, together with the swinging Syd Lawrence Orchestra ina delicious assortment of specially created new arrangements - twice the energy, twice the fun! Don't miss the thrilling meeting in full on Jazz!

Here you will meet the full force of two top big bands! The result is music as a whole body experience. On August 18th 2012 SYD Laurence Orchestra from England and SWR Big Band will swing together under the artistic direction of Chris Dean as part of the Musiktage Südliche Weinstrasse in Bad Bergzabern. The Force of the two bands is simply stunning, listening to them feed each others lines is pure pleasure: This is more than just a concert, this is an event!
1933-1941: Chu Berry - Classic Chu Berry Columbia & Victor Sessions Vol.1-7 Swing, Mainstream, Vocal Jazz
1933-1941: Chu Berry - Classic Chu Berry Columbia & Victor Sessions Vol.1-7
Artist: Chu Berry
Album: Classic Chu Berry Columbia & Victor Sessions 7CD
Label: Mosaic Records
Years: 1933-1941, Released: 2007
Format: bitrate: mp3@320kbps
Time: 08:37:42
Size: CD1:160Mb, CD2:158Mb, CD3:150Mb,
CD4:151Mb, CD5:144Mb, CD6: 148Mb, CD7 & Scans: 161Mb

This is a comprehensive collection with countless pivotal sessions. It features 203 separate recordings on seven CDs and collects both the sessions led by Chu Berry and other sessions where he contributed significantly as a sideman. You can study his remarkable surefootedness as a soloist; remember an era where evolution in the music was running rampant and Chu Berry's tenor saxophone was one of the things making it run.
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